Friday, April 28, 2006

a new pole - please make your voice heard

Where did your interest in becoming a doll arise from?
no idea in the slightist
playing with barbie or other dolls
seeing mannequins on display
seeing beautiful models in magazines
from my existing latex fetish
from my zentai suit fetish
seeing images internet sites
reading internet fiction about it
its just developing now by visiting this site regularly
Free polls from

multiple items can be selected. so please enter.


50,000 + hits... and now with metatags.... ;-)

well its finally happened and much sooner than i thought - i've hit 50,100-ish page views of my teeny corner of the internet and really i've only been up since december.

i've also just put in some metatags so hoping that will increase search engine visibility and all that. if anyone has suggestions for keywords to use and those not to use, then please post as i'm new too all this.

and hoping my tights get here tommorrow as i'd really like to wear them all weekend.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

my favourite winterrose images

are posted above. i like the sureal dreaminess of the sandra bullock image and the weirdness of the one with the real doll pinning down the schoolgirl to convert her. something about that 2nd one, a vision of dolls coming and taking me to make me on of them is soo hot... please, please make more like that? x

he explained in a comment:

" The bulk of my fetish photomanipulation work, ASFR, Dolly and Mind Control, resides over on The Hypnopics Collective now, where lots of mind control oriented photoshop artists tend to hang out and do their thing.

They've more recently instituted registration in order to prevent attacks by hostile users and cover our butts there from prosecution, however the site is still free, and the sheer amount of work there is staggering.

My own galleries in the albums there range over the last 8 years of my photoshop works, fetish-wise. There's stuff you used to only be able to see on a now defunct site by the name of There's even a few non-adult images in there too. You might try stopping by.

That said, the link to the collective itself ishere
The link to my galleries there is here

WARNING: THESE IMAGES BY AND LARGE ARE NOT SAFE FOR WORK. That said, some of the relevant pics there you might be interested in here are:

Becoming the Doll here

Conversion Key here

Dolly Induction here

Eddie Maddox' Hypno-Transform Show here

Sandra Bullock as 'Simply Sumptuous' here

The Prepon Ragdolly Sans Button Eyes here

Dollhouse - June 2010 here

WinterTech Persocons 002 here

WinterTech - So Many Dolls here

WinterTech Persocons 001 here"

enjoy and leave compliments for him in comments!!


Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Legacy of Timeless Beauty - RIP?

seems the updates at legacy come slower and slower each time. i'm wondering if the golden age of asfr / doll / mannequin fiction is long over now?

was it the tired cliche's that killed it all off or the advent of graphic and image heavy net sites and pay fetish models?

who knows..., but its still a great archive to be revisited again. so submit your favourite stories and authors in the comments. ones that tipped you off into all this doll play....

and i'll add mine in there too.


stories can be hypnotic too...

i have been reading up abit on some of the hypnosis sites. and one hypnodomme-type argues that stories can be hypnotic if they pull you in and allows for visualising of a different space and feeling.

so it gave me a thought - anyone care to write a short story thats hypnotic for the reader? i think its all about description, timing and pacing too. doesn't have too be very long either.

i noticed manneq's comments have a certian _something_ too them which i think fits the idea.

so post in comments or email me


Sunday, April 23, 2006

EGL pop video from japan - cute!!!

i found this link somewhere - been a few days now so can't even remember - but its very simply made and yet it hits alot of spots for dollers. that and she's just soo cute. you can easily imagine boxing her up and taking her home with you to play with.

Nana Kitade apparently did some of the music for full metal alchemist - a rather good anime series. from the photo she dresses in cute EGL style and love those heels! a photoblog image archive is here here and if you want to interact with other fans then try the forum here.

so its even more dolls from japan.... enjoy


a visual guide for heel heights

i've been looking for this image for awhile now, finally here it is.

it's a handy guide to see how the angle changes depending on different heel heights. whats not said is what size shoe is used as a smaller shoe would have more of an angle than one three sizes up.

for people who don't read french or metric, the measurements from left to right are 2", 3 1/4", 4", 4 3/4", 6 1/4" and 8 inches. so i'm just past the 4th one and have two more on the chart to go... wonder if ballet boots will ever become fashionable?


where did all the kinky shoes go?

several people have sent me in links for various kinky shoes and boots. thanks for those. on closer examination they all seem to be coming from china and are of the 'pleaser' brand. all thats different is the website they come from.

so what happened to all the lovely kinky boots? who makes the good ones? recommendations please.

as you can see from the image, they do go back a long way. must be collecting dust in closests all over the place.

'pleaser's' seem to be ok but they're generally pretty cheap and need alot of breaking in to make them wearable for daily use. i'm still slowly working on mine with nightly and weekend wearing.


video featuring glossy frozen doll....

thanks to Xrated for this find from the Living Mannequin Circle video archive section. its a music video of uncertian origins. the main archive is here while the actual clip which requires apple's quicktime can be had here. the main homepage is the well known if you didn't know...

rated 5/5 the video is 'Cabas - Mi Bombon' (Doll Face only version) (3.76 MB, 0:45) - A man dreams about his girlfriend being a doll, and the model/actress has a coating of shiny makeup to make her look the part. effect is really good and wonder how it was done.


Saturday, April 22, 2006

doll shoot on america's next top supermodel....

thanks dosman for the email as i totally missed it, well i never watch it anyway so that would explain it. anyway this past week episode 8 had all the wannabe's acting and modeling as dolls in a variety of different poses at situations:

"Tyra Mail arrives, reading, "Some say models are brainless, living dolls. Are you?" The girls soon arrive at the next photo shoot for Pantene. They'll be dressed up as different types of dolls and photographed by Pascal Demeester. Joanie will be a ventriloquist's doll, Sara a teen doll, Furonda a rag doll, Jade a mannequin, Brooke a glamour doll, Nnenna a baby doll and Danielle a marionette."

the homepage can be found here. and they have video clips and fourteen shots.

i got all excited and rushed over to the site, but now that i've looked through the photo's a couple of times i think the models aren't very good and the shots lack something too.

but its good that the doll meme is totally out there and its for Pantene which means a serious and wide ranging print campaign. please let me know when its out and if you see it in print.

if it was me doing the styling or art direction i'd kink it up alot more. their skin could of been done up with more makeup for example. put them in wigs for more artificial look. generally just alot more imho.

still its widing it all and middle america will see it and go... hmm... i think i like!


barbie photoshopped...

another find from my collection. no information on it at all.

its pretty cool idea, and if anyone is good with photoshop then you could do it to other photo's with their own barbie.

also please, please, please send stuff in - news, first hand experiences, wishes, dreams, desires as well as any pictures. but meandering, obsessive, self indulgent comments will be deleted.


More Jones....

i found another scan on some backed up cdrs.

lovely isn't she? ...and she's art too. wonder how much she's worth now? ;-)

so i could just get a mannequin i like, dress her up all kinky like and call her 'art' when anyone comes by. certianly would be a conversation starter don't you think? fun could be had offering to undress her and swap her clothes with any art lovers... and making them pose in her place.....


Friday, April 21, 2006

marketing, dress up or just plain fun?

during one of my more recent googling's i found a cool hub site that list a whole lot of dressing up of avatars here. some are fashion oriente while others are more fantasy creatures.

categories include: Animals, Bears Boys, Cartoons, Anime, Celebrities, Dolls & Toys, Faces, Fantasy, Fashion, Food, Funny Girls, Historical, Kids, Makeovers, Movies & TV, Robots, Politics, Real People, Toddlers & Babies and others.

seems some are made by fans and enthusiasts while others are cunning ploys by stores and fashion houses to sell you loads of stuff.

still its all good fun if you don't buy anything.


dollmaking dvd from 'Benson'....

noted black and white illustrator 'benson' has created a 60 minute dvd of a womans transformation into a living doll which is available from Fetish Live shop site here but probably elsewhere too.

from just looking at the cover sleeve and what little information there is on the shop site, it seems to be less fetish and more hardcore bdge. a site with his bio and some covers of his books you can get an idea what the dvd might well be like here.

has anyone seen it? apparently its part 1 of....


ehow to self hypnosis....

this was sent it along with a kind email by TL asking how i was getting on. here.

essentialy it seems to be a step by step guide for self hypnosis. i'm going to give it a go and see what happens. but if anyone has some dolly hypno scripts please email them too me?

if anyone else is trying this type of thing on themselves or with a friend or two then please email me about it. i'd love to hear how your getting on and how deep into the transformation you've gotten.

it will encourage me and if you aok it to post, its bound to inspire some more people out there. ;-)


Tuesday, April 18, 2006

if anime girls were real....

some cool spreads combining anime / manga styled artwork with models made over as living characters from an unknown uk fashion magazine. big anime eyes and all. thanks blackice for finding these.

not sure if they look hot or creepy, but its really well done.


OMG! viral marketing embraces doll transformation...

its almost like a dream or one of the better pieces of doll fiction. a girl is in her bedroom, surrounded by alot of plush toys and girly things talking on the phone, an ooze drips out of a sea shell and something creaps up her leg and totally transforms her.

apparently its a viral marketing campaign for a new pair of running shoes from Adidas for their Adicolor campaign. it certianly hits all the buttons of transformation and doll fetishes as well as zentai suit lovers.

a small version can be found at here while after a bit of search a basic site with various res version - including ipod and psp video - is here

it has a cool soundtrack and so amazingly well done you wonder how they hit the nail so squarely on the head. maybe they visit this blog?

do not do anything else but hit those links right now!!!


Saturday, April 15, 2006

a photographer and his doll like muse

antone pavlov is a photographer with his very own private muse which he describes as a 'living sex doll'. they coloborate together to make scarey black and white 'dysmorphic sexual imagery' according to Skin Two Online.

limited edition 'fine art' prints are available from their website here, but even if you can't afford the £300 prints you can see all the images here. cheaper and smaller prints are available and so far there's only ten in the series.

so doll fetish that are labeled 'art' are worth alot of money.... wonder how much a pair of rubber sisters are worth if they were boxed up in plastic display tubes... ;-)


heels are like so in at the moment....

...according to an article in the New York Times which can be found right here and joining is painless btw.

specifically high heels with thick platforms are apparently the way to go. shoes that one could imagine on a pole dancer in a strip club have been given a paris couture designer make over and those super high price tags to go with them.

quote: "Christian Louboutin platforms called Miss Marple. "When I got there, five women were buzzing around the same pair," said Ms. Oser, who bought the shoes, for $710. Later she saw the same style on eBay for $1,500."

the image above is frome ebay and was about 1,000US$ when i grabbed the image. now personally a grand would get me a serious collection of latex from europe and a pair of platforms from some online shoe shop...


Friday, April 14, 2006

google me this

for some reason i decided to google my blog and i found and besides finding it at the top of the list, there were also recommendations and even a review 'The Week In Porn' would you believe?

they said:

Doll’s Realm
Filed in Fleshbot Wednesday January 11, 2006

Just ogling the images found on masking and rubber dolly sites is enough to give some of us a thrill—or the willies, or sometimes even that nice combination of both. But for the purist, the Doll’s Realm blog provides even more for the masking enthusiast, complete with links to music to dollify by, images of humanoid mannequins for inspiration, and a little Rubbersisters stalkerati action for good measure. It’s not for those who want to fuck Barbie; after all, there’s a million porn sites for that. It’s about being Barbie, hopefully while getting fucked. V. Blue


and that was before i figured out how to install a counter. i'm in two minds about it. on one hand its good exposure and people get to see it, on the other hand i don't want to get it pulled down for some violation of links or bandwidth issues. hmm...


balloons for all and for all some fun

balloons are probably the first contact anyone ever had with actual latex. true?

when growing up i had a certian affinity too them and would rub them up agains my body and wonder what it would be like to have skin made of the same thin glossy and slick materail. i think i managed to get one on my foot one day and marvelled how it just so totally changed my skin.

it wasn't until several years ago i got my first molded latex skirt given too me as a sort of joke by a friend - but damn i was hooked and all those memories came flooding back.

anyway, here's a couple of links to sites where you can buy for a pretty reasonable cost imho balloons you can actually climb into and be sealed into if you like. one is here and the other one is here. although i think there's probably a few more out there somewhere.

there's some great balloon fetish stories by rubberbando, but not sure where they are besides on my hard drive. might be a yahoo group as well.

also i think there was some of the bugs bunny cartoons that had balloons or being painted in latex in them too.


seasonal humour

lets get messy...

something i was always told not to do when growing up is was to play in the mud. its not hygenic, its messy... blah, blah, blah..... but there's something primal, some sort of visceral attraction to getting naked an jumping into thick gooey, mud.

once we were on a vacation in an area with a high tide that when it was low would reveal a plain of mud flats. think it was nova scotia in canada where they have a really huge change between tide. the mud was deep brown and thick, like chocolate jello pudding. i so wanted to get into my bathing suit and jump into it. but it was just a stop to use the toilet and get some gas so i wasn't able too. and how do you breach the idea to your parents? the mess would of been incredible in the car.

later that night in the motel there was a peice on the local news about people tabogonning down these mud flats. let me tell you i was so jealous.

another time in college, there was some sort of festival which means no classes but various optional activities. in one large room where i had previously seen the totally psychotic 'up with people' perform a wrestling pit was set up, and they didn't have any mud but was given fine white plaster to use by the art department. again another opportunity was lost as i was asked to work that day.

i did manage to get a couple of handfulls of the dried remains of the plaster and secretly at home when my parents were away got it to soak and becoming soft again. i coated my entire body with it in the bathtub, even deep into my hair and let it dry...

just remembering that now i should really try that again. ;-)

another idea is to use slime that you could get in those small pastic buckets as toys. above is an image by cheyco leiderman who had access too alot of it. make sure you click on it as it opens up to a really large sized scan.

apparently if you have some skills its possible to make it up yourself here. of coure the japanese who are very slick with all their fetishs have dvds of this already here


where can if find....

5" heeled leather boots??

picture i think is from way back on ebay.

but can anyone point to a site or somewhere?

ok, so i'm still like a newborn foal on my new 5"'s but i say plan for the future!!


Myspace for latex discussions and dollies

i've just discovered myspace. ok, so i'm a bit slow.... and i've not set up a profile yet. personally i'd rather just do this blog - before specific people start asking.

one profile i spotted is model and writer Victoria Blue here who moderates a group which keeps an eye peeled on stylish latex designers here. go check it out.

her profile shot is above. now how hot and barbie like is that!!?


40,000 and counting...

i just checked the counter and its now over 40,000!! wow - i must be popular.....

are people passing on my url at all and what are friends comments on it?


Thursday, April 13, 2006

if barbie had flat feet she'd be wearing...

these sporty running shoes from the brazillian company 'melissa' that made the other ones i'm after.

i totally missed them when they were in the shops but thanks to the old standby ebay, there's several different styles and colours out there.

here's a couple in pink and clear soft material. plastic shoes for a plastic girl. now just how cute is that?

or am i just fixated with the idea that if barbie wore plastic shoes and boots, then so should i? when i was younger (well much younger) i would stick my fingers in her little plastic shoes and boots...

maybe i should get a pair anyway. i hear they smell of bubblegum!


glossy paperless fetish magazine

as a dedicated latex lover i read a fair number of fetish sites and real magazines like skin two, marquis etc. some are good, some are just glossy photo spreads, some are packed full of advertising you wonder where the actual magazine is you paid good money for and others do a way better job as a simple blog than the name brand digital versions.

but printing and all those overheards are a pain so one enterprising photographer did his own called Sense which can be found here and is up to issue four.

its purely digital and has lush spreads in an easy to browse format.

now i'm probably not alone in wishing it was a hard printed magazine, even if it were a half page size like the old Atomage magazines.


my next stage in latex dollificaiton....

its been how long? two months possibly even three now since i put on the latex panties for daily wear. each morning when i put them on i say to myself 'these make me a latex doll' and when i take them off i think to myself 'even though they are removed i am still latex'

it seems to be all a matter of conditioning. doing it over and over untill its totally natural and totally me.

i'm craving more latex to wear all the time, so as per my plan for once a month large fetish purchase i've ordered a pair of tan-baby pink tights-pantyhose. can't wait for them to arrive. should only be a couple of weeks.

so i'm slowly working my way up. 4" first then 5" heels and then my lower half in pink tight and shiny latex. how yummy is that?

i think with a pair of normal tights on top i could even wear them to work.....

my dollification continues at a pace... and i can't wait!!!


Sunday, April 09, 2006

new shoes are here!!!

good news; after winning them on ebay and having to chase the seller who after two weeks finally posted them - they're here!!

i must say that i've never worn 5' heels before. i've seen them alot in fetish magazines and online in photo's but thats a totally different thing to having to actually wear them.

i'm so glad i've been wearing the black boots with the 4" heels daily thanks to a firm suggestion and encouragement from a certian lovely diva... as it seems you just can't go out and buy these things and expect to be able to wear them especially it you've mainly been wearing flats for awhile.

thanks to my training or 'conditioning' (depends who you ask).... it wasn't too hard to put them on and wear them for a couple of hours. i did this the night they got here and then spent a good 5 hours in them yesterday. today i plan on putting them on soon and not taking them off till bed time. maybe not even then....

one thing you'll notice is that your walk is totally different in heels that high. legs are stiffer with less bending at the knee. it does put you in a more doll set of mind i am finding.

so they're my magic shoes now to help me into the land of dolls.


Friday, April 07, 2006

dolls are getting organised for a meet

steffy the rubber doll let out in her email interview that;

"There is a Doll Convention for the year 2007 in the organizational stages which should be a great thing as nothing like this has been done before. More information should be available soon. "

sounds like something to plan for.


in search of models

'blackice' who has sent me images in the past of both his own work along with interesting clippings just emailed a scan from the new issue of Skin Two - which i've yet to see - with a 1/4 page on his photograhs and an open call for models in his area of southern england for trade for print and trade for cd shoots.

if you click on the image you can read the full text on the scan so i won't retype it here.

his homepage is

he also has designed a small sized doll suit here which he wants to shoot more photographs with as the model he had is too busy - any takers? he's promised to share them once done!!


an interview with a living rubber doll....

Steffy The Rubber Doll contacted me after reading my blog and was happy to supply me with some images and ask my prying questions... enjoy and thanks again steffy xx

- when did you first come across the idea that people can be dolls, how did it strike you

I first encountered the idea in old Centurion magazines where artwork by Eric Stanton was shown along with illustrated transformation stories showing women changing men into female dolls with the use of masks and latex suits. It struck me as something that was really bizarre yet fascinating in a way that it made me want to be the doll. I noted that dolls were to be used as play things for the "owner" (usually female) which can mean just about anything, so this also appealed to me in a big way. Dolls are subservient in the extreme and have no feelings or opinions. They exist to please and pleasure others. The ultimate transformation.

- what were your influences

My development has been influenced by a number of icons of the web and print magazines. Janet Goodyear, The Bizarre Gummifrau, Gwen from the Rubberist magazine, Paula Kendrew of Tanta Fash, John Sutcliff, Jo Hammar, and artists such as Benson, Gernot, Robert Blaney. Since the inception of the web a lot of other sources of information have come into existence. The International Association of Rubberists was an early presence on the web and was a good way for me to be able to discuss issues and information with others on a variety of subjects. I still am active on this site as a moderator / facilitator. has also been most helpful in providing me with my first means of showing my photos on the web in a supporting environment.

- how long have you wanted to be a doll

I've wanted to transform into a doll ever since I saw those Centurion magazines and the illustrations and photos. So that would be about thirty years ago or so.

- what did it take to realise this

When I first saw the pictures etc. there wasn't anyone making or providing means for someone to transform into a doll. The masks were available but that was about it. These masks were costly too as I recall. The realisation of this dream came for me when I saw Peter Czernick's rubber doll pics with the models wearing DEMASK Torpedo Tit Catsuits. An inquiry to Mr Czernich confirmed who supplied the catsuits. I decided to get a suit for myself and see what I could do. That took a while as I am not an "off the rack" fit and after considerable time I finally got the information I needed to order a suit and be confident that it would fit me.

Some dolls also wear a corset to get the waist the right shape. I am lucky in that I don't have to as my waist is very small. I also employ some other methods to enhance my shape as one needs to present a shape that is convincing as a female (assuming that you are not a genetic female to begin with). At the moment there are no "Female Doll Suits" that are all in one allowing the wearer to do the transformation with one garment. There are a number of people who are experimenting with combinations of components from Rubber Sex Dolls and other sources to make up a suit. So you can't go out and buy a ready made suit yet. There are people working on it, and I am told of a German company who has introduced a modified catsuit with an attached mask, but the pics were not very convincing.

- how long have you been dressing as a latex doll

I have been dressing as a doll now for almost seven years. I am always improving my look which is now much better than when I first started. As with anything one does you make incremental changes and improvements to enhance what others see.

- what came first and is more important - the latex or the doll

The latex came first as I have had a love of latex since my early teens. I would have to say that the latex is more important as it allows me to make the items that allow me to become the doll.

- do you change mentally when you wear the doll

Yes. My lady friend Susan said that I acquire a totally different persona when I am dressed. Because I look like a female I act and behave as one. She commented that it was quite eerie how great the change was. It is important to me that everything you see about STEFFY tells you that she is a bona fide Female doll...shape, look, proportions, dress, facial features and most important of all in her actions and behaviour. It is very similar to acting and getting into character. You assume the role of a female doll.

- does the doll wear you

Not sure. I would have to say in some cases yes as it dictates what you will do as others react to you. This would especially be the case when a Domme decides to have the doll do a particular task or action.

- how do people see you as the doll

They tell me that they see me as a stunningly cute and beautiful image (their words) of a fetish female fantasy figure. I always get a little embarrassed when people describe me in these terms as I have never thought of myself in this way.

- how long do you wear the suit

I have worn the suit for periods of up to 20 hours before taking it all off. The suit is the naked doll, usually there are other garments over top to dress the doll. If the suit is settled on my body properly with no stress points or pinching etc I can wear it indefinitely. However, it is a very good idea to remove it to perform personal hygiene on a regular basis if you are planning on a marathon of several days in it. No sense in developing a skin rash or other problem.

It can get very uncomfortable to wear if you get too hot, plus you run the risk of overheating with heat stroke if you are not careful as the body cannot regulate its temperature because the sweat produced to cool you cannot evaporate. When dressed I am usually in several layers of latex and totally enclosed with only openings for my eyes, nose, mouth and ears.

- if there was some sort of magik to turn you right now into the latex doll - would you do it

In my fantasy yes. One dreams of the unobtainable and this would certainly fill that requirement.

thanks again steffy!!


Tuesday, April 04, 2006

another doll survey....

not here but at here

the basis of the discussion and resulting survey is about crossing dressing in rubber and the transformation into a different character through clothes and masks.

dutchbloke2005 started the thread thus:

"i just wondered, is/was there a poll in Iar, explaining the reasons why its almost a trend of males wanting to transform into rubber dolls, seeing the increasing flood of attempts?

at first years ago when i started noticing the upcomming of transformed dolls , i merelly thought it was because Demask had started producing the doll catsuits with torpedo tits and as it was new, many would love to get the latest rubber trend and started to dress up like that. after a while i wanted to try it out myself , and got me a dolly like suit, but it did not arouse me seeing myself like that, so i suppose it s not just in the gear, there are some deeper emotional feelings behind it

i wonder now, if with time there will be new outfit emerging, will all swapp into 'the new thing" since they want to be part of the scene and follow up new it s almost a fashion thing. for myself i found out it doesnt work out for me, so next time i will pass

next thing that puzzled me was there is a reasonable number of males being transformed by their Dom owners, mostly females wanting to transform their male subbies into rubber dolls with all sort of bdsm female dressing and including latex female masks, trying to take their real identity away and force them into a new controlled life. it s part of humilation i believe, denying males their own identity," since males dont have rights". at least i suppose thats what is behind it. my own bdsm interest plays up here" continues....

go check it out.


Monday, April 03, 2006

fun with house hold supplies

i bet its written already and a brownie point to the first person who finds in and posts a link in comments.

saran wrap. there i've said it.

its absolutely the coolist kitchen supply that can be used for fun and games in the bedroom - or anywhere else you can think of ;-)

the image is from deviantart unsurprisingly - someone thought they were being 'artistic' again. there were some others on my hard drive but they just got too rude to be posted here..... just google saran wrap fetish or mummy fetish....

of course please post your first hand experiences with it too. :-)


the two polls which you can still enter

it's still very easy to enter the two polls i've made even if they are not longer on the first visible page of my blog.

the first one is here and asks what people are into and works with buttons so more than one item can be chosen.

the second one here is all about the obvious question of how far do you want to go into the doll.

so if you've not entered or made your voice heard then go check them out. if you have entered them then please do not enter them again as it effects the data.


Saturday, April 01, 2006


it may have been something i did that caused the blog to be offline friday and today. i'm still not 100% either. but there's something about republishing index that needs to be done periodically once a post is made. on friday when i did an post it seemed to get stuck and never offered up that option.

so i'll do that more often in the future and also wonder about making a local back up of it somehow.

one thing that was suggested by email was that the content was upsetting someone but that wasn't the case thank god. there's a little 'flag' thing that people can do that will incure a deletion etc. - don't hit it!

but back to postings as normal.