Thursday, August 27, 2020

another seasonal aliexpress sale on

i spotted this and its not too bad so went for it along with a rubber wig. won't know till its here to be honest.

 ideally if this was a real profession like the Rubber Sisters, Pandamania etc, one could budget and claim it all back. i'd think i'd get a cast made of my face, then a 'dollified' version mask that could be worn. still its an idea and expensive.

now if budget isn't an issue, the silicon ones are getting insanely detailed. no idea what they're like. anyone? i bet they're heavy. great for a shoot tho. 



anyone know where? how much?

 abstract robot woman silver mask. where? 


new fate in Second Life.....

presently and perhaps long term, Mistress Preachy -

Tuesday, August 25, 2020

anyone looked into, have favourite creators of hypnotic ASMR

 here's a sample. 

i've found a few but not really done a dig deep. 

now if we can get obey mistress love to work in this format...

 please post links to creators, direct them to this page etc, 

 more when i have.