Sunday, September 20, 2009

flashback to key fetish media moment

i have not seen this since i was really young. it stuck with me as you may have guessed....

from my hazy memory i think there's a bit more too it or possibly another episode where agent 99 is frozen as a mannequin too with the aid of ring?


only in London

could you see half naked militaristic models striding down a major road waving banners for a lengerie shop to launch a new bra.

the full story is here in the leading UK kinky newspaper The Daily Mail.

from the photo's it seems they same models end up in the window Selfridges or did they turn them into Mannequins? are they still there? can anyone send some more photo's in?


i wonder how many people enjoyed it?

news just in of a UK mesmerist by the name of Darren Brown who did a TV special where he showed both the studio audience and anyone watching the show a special film he made which he claimed would hypnotise people into being stuck in their chairs.

this was played in the UK and can be seen in an edited version bellow.

so my question is - has it work on you and did you enjoy it?

a whole new group of hypno-fetishists may have been created. ;-)


guess they're still in

as latex like leggings are appearing in UK songstress Pixie Lott's posters and images.


Thursday, September 17, 2009

would you like to be inside or out?

i feel my earliest latex fetish experience was playing with balloon when i was really really young. i was fascinated by the feeling of them and wondered what it was like to be inside one. when i was a bit older and had my own allowance i do remember buying some of different sizes and getting one hand as a fist inside one and then another onto my foot.

i loved the way it so utterly changed my skin to a shiny gloss artificialness.

it wasn't until a friend sent me some style magazines from England that i found out that there was actual latex fashions that could be worn. not just putting a balloon on my foot but full length stockings no less.

i managed to find some larger balloons and experimented a bit with those and the results weren't the same as the photo's from the style magazine. i had to wait till i was able to do a trip to London in college to buy some real latex.

for the question? well both would be amazing.


did they ever look like the advert?

a scan from the back of a comic book or a magazine.

i wonder what they really looked like? did people complain? still i do liker her tall boots.


its broken

i've just notived that my basic counter at the bottom of the page is broken. or something. its technical and can't really tell.

good news is the stat counter thing is still working like a charm and i seem to be averaging now over 3,000 hits a day.

last time i looked i had just past 1,800,000 hits since the counter was put up a post about it so i can figure out approximately how many hits i'm up too if anyone wants too know.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

a quick fix for you image junkies

of fashion photo's with a doll-ish or mannequin edge to them. these were found on a major vein of fetish images on a public french forum. i'll publish the link to it soon once i've worked through them all.

in the meantime enjoy the selection from my critical eye and if you can think up some short captions, email them to me and i'll add them to this entry.


latex aliens in russia

as spotted on 3xl site today and made by RuBear and would you believe that they're at some sort of event for kids!!

wonder what type of impression they made and possibly filled their dreams with? i still remember seeing The Avenger's Emma Peel when i was much much younger and her looks sticking with me still.

for more shots have a look at their gallery.

two things come to mind; can you hire them to abduct you and make you a latex alien too? (there has to be a fetish film in there somewhere) and second - how long before the designers in Second Life knock it off and sell virtual version of these suits? the Slinky Skin bubble hood has been a long time staple in Second Life even if there's no acknowledgment of where it came from.

there has been several attempts to cross worlds from real latex to inworld designers. so far nothing concrete has been established to the best of my knowledge.


Friday, September 11, 2009

model worn latex

from the globe trotting fetish covergirl Kummi Monster. she's selling off spare items here on her livejournal site.

please note that her sale is only going until the end of this weekend (sun) as monday is the last day she will be shipping things out.

she quipped:

i'm selling these pieces because i don't plan on ever wearing them, and they don't really fit me anymore.
i've never been into selling my latex, i enjoy knowing that i have a huge ass collection. i like hoarding stuff. but i'm starting to realize, hoarding stuff that doesn't make me look like an overstuffed sausage is better.

the pieces here are still in pretty damn good shape as far as i know, unless noted. (if someone is actually interested in something then i'll yank it out and give it a good once over to look for any imperfections) plus, i'd be too embarrassed to sell anything that was of bad quality!

oh, and since most of these outfits are made for me, i have no clue about sizing, i don't own measuring tape. i'm like an S or an M or an S/M some even have C but i'm guessing that stands for Custom, not Cow. if i have to, i can always lay stuff down flat to measure. i have one of those rulers that are made out of metal and really hurt when you hit someone with it.


now does this increase the value of the latex or decrease it?

if it doesn't sell she could cut it up into little pieces and sell laminated cards with the swatch/photo like the Jennifer Garner 'Alias' blue latex dress a few years ago. these come up on ebay periodically - which is how i heard of them - if your interested.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

new betty page mask !!!

i was wondering about the current situ re doll masks and looked up my earlier (much much earlier) Doc Vanderlay entry and to my surprise there's a 'not bettie' mask available now with 4hrs to go here.

sorry i would of posted it earlier if i had thought of it.


barbie to be a mannequin this year

or has she been made on already?

like busses, information and random items tend to appear in clumps. this time it was a photo from a cellphone sent in by roving Black Ice who spotted this older mannequin in Liverpool. looks very much like barbie to me.

meanwhile Adel Rootstein mannequins who are known for turning models into mannequins like Diana Dewitt, Pat Cleveland, Agyness Deyn is now making Barbie and Beyonce versions. while Beyonce's will be more humanly realistic, given her ASFR fetish i do wonder if she prefer them sold with a chrome coating?

if your into retro 60's styling then one model that has been made into a mannequin by Adel Rootstein is brit legend Twiggy and you can get most of her on ebay in the UK for £275 here.


thanks to Roen

for the cellphone photo of this novel tape dispenser from Scotch. actually this isn't the photo that was sent, though it was good enough for me to do a google and find out more.

surprised they don't do it in pink. will there be other styles too? more information here.


source of this mask

has anyone seen it or know where its from and its cost? it looks to be one of the more realistic ones which isn't over the top.

with a layer of professional pain and detailing it would work really well i think.


Sunday, September 06, 2009

Friday, September 04, 2009

new dolls to be played with

Pzyche Demonia in SL gave me these photo's a few weeks ago and sadly forgot where they came from originally. with being so locked down in SL at Stones N Rubber and then at Sin Labs i couldn't chat to find out. such is the life of a latex doll in world.

Boy Toy Dolls

Welcome to Inspired by comic book and anime art, and crafted using cutting edge materials, these posable silicone dolls are designed with fun in mind. Boy Toy Dolls are lightweight, easy to maintain, and made of an exclusive, all new silicone material. They have features that cannot be found on any other doll in the world, and yes, of course, they are anatomically correct!

Hand crafted by the creator of RealDoll, through a new sister company of Abyss Creations, Phoenix Studios, these dolls will only be available as limited editions.

being ever so collectable i wonder how long they will stay in 'mint condition' in their original packaging? or will they do what some obsessive comic collectors do and buy two so one can be read with rubber gloves while the other keeps its resale value? :-)


Wednesday, September 02, 2009

the dangers of high heels

as illustrated so well in this educational hospital drama from the UK.

please note there was no injury to the wearer and of course latex catsuit is optional although highly recommended for maximum impact. ;-)


Tuesday, September 01, 2009

...any excuse really

for the UK newspaper The Daily Mail to feature shininess and hits of kink in their pages. in this latest instance its a Battle of Wet Look Leggings.

it comments: Both girls had attempted the tricky trend of wet-look leggings - and while both have enviable legs, the look was achieved with different degrees of success.

hmmm... you will now need to read the insinsive article to find out who managed to look good in this delicate fashion statement. major full page news now isn't it? or i'm just as bad for actually repeating it here?

personally i think they look much better on Fergie:

and thanks to a UK reader who not only spotted these High Waist Wet Look Leggings on sale but also promised to send me a pair. looks like they're all sold out now.

looking forward to getting them and comparing them to the other ones i've bought myself. i've pretty well given up on the idea that there are types out there that match real latex, so i'm just using them now as PJ bottoms to sleep in.