Tuesday, July 31, 2007

a Rubberdoll Cenobite gets dressed

so the title suggests anyway....

and there's loads of clips from the same user.


hypno dolls.... and full moon magik

i keep reading bdsmhypnosis.blogspot.com and getting incredibly envious of what can be done with hypnosis. as u will see from an earlier entry (just use search bar above) i did ask what could be done and it seemed most of my wish list can be which is both thrilling and a bit disturbing at the same time.

so i think i need to focus on one thing with hypnosis for myself before kinda going for too many doll parts at once and that will be feeling and looking to myself as if i'm made from glossy latex. nothing changed 'cept for that. once i'm fixed like that then i can go ahead and explore the other doll elements i want to experience, and well become really.

some hypno people i meet in second life have tried with me and made various progress. i'm not sure but i'm willing to jump back in with renewed commitment and vigor, though what one of them describes sounds more to me like conditioning than hypnosis?

are there people, readers out there who are currently active hypnosis enthuiasts who get turned into another material and also become dolls? please please post in comments.

and my own self training is continuing a pace; i've been in latex slacks for a good four months now and last weekend i put on my short sleeve latex body and i plan to wear that as much as possible. only problem is i forgot to say i wanted snaps at the bottom, so getting in and out of it to use the bathroom is a pain.

i'll get it modified sometime soon but just realised that when i wear it and my slacks together i'm like 80% coated with latex. a major way there even if its mainly at home wearing.

lastly in my thinking and reading about hypnosis, i've been wondering about the idea of magik in it all - maybe there's an element too that and the hypnosis is just a frount.

so anyone who wants to direct energy, cast a spell, or whatnot in my direction to make me feel and look like latex - fire away - i give u total permission to do so.... and its full moon you know... ;-)


kink to sell mobile phones

no, not dolls or mannequins, but zentai suited women.

for an advert from somewhere in europe thanks to JF for the find and the scan.


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

asfr inspired...

first spotted a youtube on concious objects site is the short film about a woman and her mail order fembot... rather than go to youtube, head over to the source at www.thedoll.tv and get it in almost any format imaginable and dowload it too.

according to Wyld Stallyons who created the short (aren't they the band in Bill + Teds film?)

The Doll is a short film about death, desire, and robots; made for boutique lingerie label Lascivious in 2007 by moving image company Wyld Stallyons.

Lascivious approached Wyld Stallyons in late 2006 with the idea of producing a collaborative short film which would act as a viral campaign for them, and also a promotional piece for Wyld Stallyons.

Inspired by the infamous Real Doll sex toys, a token dollop of Greek myth, and countless teenage evenings watching straight-to-video sci-fi b-movies of dubious quality, Wyld Stallyons quickly developed a concept based around the idea of a mail order sex robot, delivered in parts. Once assembled, the robot becomes sentient and takes a shine to its owner's lingerie, with fatal consequences.

The shoot took place with a modest crew over a single day on location in East London, although the key to The Doll’s success is the intensive post-production led by Wyld Stallyon’s director of animation Chris Sayer.

The short film was scored by German musician Hecq, who has collaborated with Wyld Stallyons on a number of projects.

i wonder if there's a feature length film brewing in there somewhere?


Sunday, July 22, 2007

more on barbie

i was googling as i do and found a blog entry from 2004 by scribbling woman all about barbie. check it out here.

and while your at it u can try the quizilla entry on what type of barbie are you here.

i'm a Movie Star Barbie... although i really don't feel like it and its not a scientific test or anything...


*Which Barbie Are You?*

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do rubber dolls live in rubber houses?

sounds like a deep question now doesn't it?

well if you follow the 3XL blog then you will know he has moved into an apartment and is doing a very admirable job of coating almost everything in black latex. check out his progress in this old entry with photo's here.

if you have a budget then you can splurge on proper designer rubber furniture from dutch company Wessemius who do everything from mirrors, stools, light stand and beds out of what appears to be industrial inner tubes. look around the site as there seems to be a couple of versions of it with different galleries available.

my favourite is the couch, though they do have a shower set up that could make a good gothic doll box. their other stuff would go well in a Tim Burton film however...


too fashionable and oooh so expensive

i found some follow up information on the pair of pvc leggings worn by Kate Moss at the mud bath that was this year's Glastonbury music festival at the fart guide who in turn had seen the thread at the stylebubble site.

aren't we so incestious?

anyway it seems they're designer leggings that cost a bomb. even more so now that doller totally sucks against the pound, the euro and even the canadian dollar. if your wealthy enough to get a pair just like Kate's then pop over to Brown's who have a selection of expensive things.

this year Kate Moss launched her own label at populist Top Shop and had the fashionistas complaining that all she did was take her existing wardrobe and do knocks offs of it. or do we call it 'inspiration'?

so maybe this time next year we can get Kate Moss's branded pvc leggings from Top Shop?


Friday, July 20, 2007

tights of every shade, colour and thickness

can be found here at tightsplease, a UK site i stumbled upon when googling for pvc leggings (i still want a decent pair of those or latex ones - hint).

so far i've not seen the aformentioned leggings but a wonderfull selection of tights. pitty the dollar sucks so badly at the moment. still i did get a couple of pairs of the french pink tights last year all the way from France which are lovely though i've really not worn them out yet as they are pretty vibrant and not the barbie colour i thought they'd be.

oh and there's another fashion trend thats definately been brewing for awhile and is reflected on the site and it's solid colour tights in strong colours, some of which are various shades and strengths of pinks. the coming fashion for barbie legs? and i got mine last fall ...


Dollmaker Part 1

from the infamous 'House of Gord' is now available on their online shop here.

from the entry i did about it last year here, he even had life sized doll boxes made which the models are packaged in!

has anyone ordered it and seen it? if so please post in comments or send me an email with a mini review.


retro styled ballet boot film

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

almost glossy leggings..

it seems the fashion mags must have items of silver metalic leggings and black pvc ones are slowly making their way into mainstream fashion shops in the UK. spotted at Top Shop in London were semi gloss black pvc-ish leggings from a thinner material for £18 which are also available on their online shop here.

more leggings from Top Shop - a chain thats in most UK cities - can be found in there general catergory of leggings. notice they mention the silver one in the banner but they don't have them listed. they do have some which are pink and dollish...

meanwhile the main company that had their metalic leggings plastered all over the fashion spreads now do a deeper and shinier black pvc legging in their slighly tackyly named Vegas Legging. personally the name is enough to put me off though when i checked out the local store it was a pretty good PVC as PVC goes. the sparkly ones i'd avoid unless you want to look like a disco ball...


Monday, July 16, 2007

cosplay black pvc maid outfit

thanks to CW for pointing me to these images at www.artificeclothing.com who specialise in PVC clothing and have some really funky and cool photo shoots to illustrate their ever growing line.

as a rule of thumb i'm not too keen on pvc; from past experiences i found the quality to be really variable with most of it being pretty crap and tacky. doesn't help that whats available in pvc is pretty hidious anyway. but Artificice caught my eye and i did an entry about them once before on their 5th Element LeeLou outfit.

too see the full selection of the maid outfit click here.

looking i also thought their stockings here were lovely and had seems too!

now my Q is - why don't they jump on the fashion band wagon and do tights as well as leggings?


Sunday, July 15, 2007

a small selection

of vintage b/w fetish comics. i don't have the entire series and they're so small i can't read them. if you have any more like this please email them to my yahoo address.


- check comments for an archive find of more!

where are all doll stories

well legacy of timeless beauty has done an update finally and there's almost no doll / mannequin stories there.

whats with this ongoing drought? if you have anything you want to share then please please email me and i will generally post it here for all to see.


an ultimate goal in heel training?

way way way off for me, but something to aim for don't you think? maybe someone just has to glue them onto me untill i adapt...


a half a million hits

was reached sometime friday-saturday.

pitty they weren't dollars, quarters or even dimes! then i could buy more latex....


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

high resolution lara's

much much better images of the recent lara croft re-union. did they ever wear black latex outfits like this? or will the new one?

i wonder what happens to the boots and catsuits after the shoot? or were some of the outfit - two parts with a vest and latex leggins? do they get to keep them or even would want too? if you know then please post in comments. given their range of sizes i bet i'd fit into on of them given a chance.


fashion feeds

i was looking around with google for more info on latex leggings and pvc ones for that matter and hit upon a site called buzzfeed.com and it's entry was what i was after.

seems kate moss wore pvc leggings to glastonbury (guess they're easy to wipe the mud off of) but what hit me sidways was on the top 18 links / rss on the subject was two for dollsrealm! now how amazing is that?

its here if you want to have a look at the other ones which basically say alot of the same thing and feed off each other. proud that i contribute more editorial to the subject even if i don't have many commenters with cute public icons in tow.

so does this mean alot of fashionistas are looking at my blog? oh do comment if you found this by accident, didn't freak and stayed...


Friday, July 06, 2007

now available..

i had seen some photo's of bodyhose before - though the homepage wasn't anything besides a holding page. revisiting the site a couple of days ago i notice they are now selling and shipping them.

check out their site here and all the lovely lovely photo's they have.

the price seems to be pretty steep for what they are and like anything on the web there's no way to know what they feel like. are they denier 5 or 45 for example?

other ways to do the same thing are possible too. a lycra body bag is similiar and the far east zentai suit sellers can knock you up something for alot less that comforms to the body like a mummy sack. or of course if your smaller then buying some huge tights would be another way.

still love to hear from anyone who has one and more images can be found at encasementfetish.com preview's.


encouraging heel wearing...

thanks to drscholls new jell inserts 'for her'. check out the funny commercial in the bottom right hand corner here.

guess its not unexpected if your stuck in heels like a few of my YIM chatters.


its all in the make-up; real and digital

i totally missed this when it played on tv and am happy to trip upon it and some related reply posts on youtube.

essentially its the make over of a normal looking woman into a billboard model through a combination of good make-up and a fair bit of photoshop. do check it out bellow.

whats just as interesting if now way more so is the replies that are posted or that show up to the right hand side of the Dove clip including several parodies. this one bellow starts off with a rather horrible webcam shot and and ends up with the result put on a faked up playboy cover.

a silly thought, maybe there are no super models? just us plain janes and its all photoshop and makeup?


dolls wear plastic shoes don't they?

i've become somewhat obsessed by my soft plastic melissa's which i've done entries already (just search in the menu above btw). i pretty well wear them constantly and they're helping me train to be 'stuck' in heels.

now its probably just me, or well maybe not, but its a big thing to me that they are plastic. thinking back i remember very very strongly having a barbie and loads of shoes and just wish so hard i could wear her clothes and fit in her oh so teeny plastic shoes...

so u can see where this is going can't you?

i may not be a baby pink latex doll yet, though if i wear plastic doll shoes all the time... i dunno it just really hits me in a certain way.

last week i found a site in australia that sells them and wow what a range! the site is here. so rather than buy some more latex i went a bit mad and expanded my plastic doll shoe collection rather alot.

i bought four pairs - an open toed dressy pair, beige wedge (sort of mannequin like don't you think?), a basic stiletto and a pair of super gloss black flats which i know effects my heel training but i wanted them so there.

i'll let you know when they arrive and i can get back to buying more latex.


ps; oh and just a note it's been over three months now that i've swapped up from my basic latex panties to latex slacks at home all the time.

now on youtube

the lottery commercial i had done an entry about way back - at least over a year ago - is now on youtube. now i wonder what happend to the masks and the costumes for it?

thanks to Conscious Object for the find and do visit her blog here.