Monday, April 30, 2007

Sunday, April 29, 2007

more about fetish and hypnosis...

and in a very surprising form of two different sites who do podcasts.

for those unfamiliar with the techno jargon babble 'word of the moment', its simply an mp3 file someone made of anything really. instead of listening too it streaming like a radio show, you download it to your computer to listen to it there or stick it on your portable MP3 player. various places allow regular subscriptions to shows to be automatically downloaded as they become available and itunes for one has a category dedicated to different types of podcasts.

this brings me to long running show Fetish Flame which has just done a new podcast with Natasha Strange where they explore hypnosis in fetish and SM. she does have a lovely soft and dreamy voice.... back episodes are archivced and there's one on vacbeds i'll be listening too soon too.

another site that specifically explors hypnosis and mind control is the Realm of Bliss Podcast. it has a basic blog to keep you up todate and link to the site with the mp3s and she's up to four shows!

do check them out and let them know you found their sites covered here.



i've had a few emails from people trying to post comments and couldn't. i don't know why that is but i think google has bought out blogger as they forced me to set up a gmail account.

so you can email the comment to me, or try another browser or do all those things you do when the computer is acting weird - like clear caches and permissions etc.

but to keep commenting and emailing.


Saturday, April 28, 2007

leggings trends is continuing...

i was doing some googling as one does and i started looking to see how the silver and gold lame legging trend was coming along. i've not seen them anywhere yet besides on myself and i've certianly not gone out in them yet.

my net diggings found many fashion follower's blogs endlessly debating about them; and finally caving in and wanting to get a pair just as the other blogger did with the latex leggings back in january.

apparently the different types of shiny pvc, latex and lame leggings are going to continue into the fall / winter of this year. so what i picked up on is just the beginning of the wave - assuming the wave just stays with fashionista's and skinny models.

will a mainstream designer clothes store start selling latex leggings or tights? only time will tell.

oh and has anyone spotted suitably dollish solid tights or leggings? pink or light pink? i heard that its another trend in the making.


somewhere in second life....

a doll has surrendered totally to Mistress Jewell who is remaking her into the perfect rubber doll. both inside and out.

all instant messages will be in character

the doll remains locked up in a secret lair untill Mistress Jewell finishes the transformation, programming and conditioning.

emails of course will be fine.


matchstick girl's plentifull gallery of dolls

i am going to need correspondents for two sites... one is fembotcentrals image gallery and the other is DeviantArt which is positively brimming with doll based fetish artwork and imagery.

if you love any of this stuff then get over immediately and look at _all_ of Matchstick Girls work here while her actual homepage ishere.

she covers a huge range, from little faeries, to alice in wonderland growing to even marry poppins!


Friday, April 27, 2007

rent a wife... a new internet service

sent in my NS; i guessed almost immediately that it was a spoof viral marketing tool for some company.

the first video is the actual commercial and the second the little tv spot on it explaining what it was all about.

i do like the packaging. i'll probably end up with my own one day...


Thursday, April 26, 2007

styled shots

two doll styled shots from JS who was kind enough to respond to my plea for imagery. more were sent in but i don't wan't to post anything too explicite which will cause problems with blogger inc.


bouncey silver latex

definately file under 'weird performance art', but do have a look at the video here. maybe like the vac bed, she's doing something with better sets, but essentially the same as what fetishists do in their own private spaces?


Wednesday, April 25, 2007

please contribute

any images, stories, links or whatever!

it gets pretty lonely doing all this myself and feedback even if its a hello and keep up the good work does help ever so.

email address as always is


three youtube videos....

and only one song i'd ever listen too again _on_ purpose.

but none the less there's loaads of latex in all of them. one very slickly done with some neat ideas.



Tuesday, April 10, 2007

vogue spreads: aliens, clones and dolls

the new issue of Vogue from italy was positively brimming with doll, mannequin and spacey imagery. so much so i'll have to do another session with the scanner sometime soon.

meanwhile here's a some of the advertising spreads that pretty well cover a full series of the x-files in there..


my new shoes!

i finally went ahead and purchased a pair of Melissa shoes with the wedge cut out heel by designer Karim Rashid whose known for his weirdly shaped spacey plastic things. check out his website here with his very Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind navigations system.

and they are just soo amazing!! art that you can really wear! and they smell like bubblegum for a full sense experience.

so just like my barbies did, i now wear plastic shoes regularly. and don't worry they do have pretty high heels - even if they're technically heelless. about 4 inches. so my training continues. i can definately feel it all down the back of my legs now and i'm doin gmy best to keep my toes pointed in a ballet stance when i go to bed at night.

unlike the boots i can just slip them on first thing in the morning too keep my training more comprehensive and complete. i'd love a pair to match in second life if anyone can do it?

my staple wardrobe when i get home now is to put on my latex slacks and move from boots too the new plastic shoes. already wearing my latex panties of course and that's been 14 months now - can you believe it? the slacks are lovely and becoming pretty addicted to them. they're latex but loose and comfortable. counting the days it must been at least a month now since i started to wear them regularly.

yes, i have worn them out a few times when pop-ing to the shops for basic supplies but they're pretty thin and i don't think would hold up to any intense wearing to clubs or parties. definatley a pair of jeans in thicker rubber would be best or the rumoured raw rubber jeans from libidex which i hear are very hard wearing.

seems i'm fashionable again as according to italian vogue the new seasons trends in plastic shoes and dresses. well i still need a pair of latex leggings...


some subtle elements in adverts

back to the one inche thick imported vogue italia with some more observations. here's some adverts that aren't full on doll based but do have elemements in them.

here's a hint for one... heels without heels... just like barbies whose feet are stuck on tippy toes...


part of larger spreads

a couple more images from much larger spreads in the new italian Vogue. a woman in a latex corset bustier top riding a horse - as you do.... and a very dollish pose with lovely long white leather gloves. she needs a glass display case don't you think?

these were the most relevant to my particular fetish. though ex-presidents who love women with really big hair might want to see the entire shoot.