Tuesday, April 10, 2007

my new shoes!

i finally went ahead and purchased a pair of Melissa shoes with the wedge cut out heel by designer Karim Rashid whose known for his weirdly shaped spacey plastic things. check out his website here with his very Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind navigations system.

and they are just soo amazing!! art that you can really wear! and they smell like bubblegum for a full sense experience.

so just like my barbies did, i now wear plastic shoes regularly. and don't worry they do have pretty high heels - even if they're technically heelless. about 4 inches. so my training continues. i can definately feel it all down the back of my legs now and i'm doin gmy best to keep my toes pointed in a ballet stance when i go to bed at night.

unlike the boots i can just slip them on first thing in the morning too keep my training more comprehensive and complete. i'd love a pair to match in second life if anyone can do it?

my staple wardrobe when i get home now is to put on my latex slacks and move from boots too the new plastic shoes. already wearing my latex panties of course and that's been 14 months now - can you believe it? the slacks are lovely and becoming pretty addicted to them. they're latex but loose and comfortable. counting the days it must been at least a month now since i started to wear them regularly.

yes, i have worn them out a few times when pop-ing to the shops for basic supplies but they're pretty thin and i don't think would hold up to any intense wearing to clubs or parties. definatley a pair of jeans in thicker rubber would be best or the rumoured raw rubber jeans from libidex which i hear are very hard wearing.

seems i'm fashionable again as according to italian vogue the new seasons trends in plastic shoes and dresses. well i still need a pair of latex leggings...



Anonymous said...

Wonderful you get those shoes! I hope you are very happy with they!

Anonymous said...

they're gorgious. With a little thought they could be made for men too.

Anonymous said...

How much did the Melissa's cost? and are they comfortable? respond to My email...thinking about these for My little one

Sir Saezure