Saturday, April 28, 2007

leggings trends is continuing...

i was doing some googling as one does and i started looking to see how the silver and gold lame legging trend was coming along. i've not seen them anywhere yet besides on myself and i've certianly not gone out in them yet.

my net diggings found many fashion follower's blogs endlessly debating about them; and finally caving in and wanting to get a pair just as the other blogger did with the latex leggings back in january.

apparently the different types of shiny pvc, latex and lame leggings are going to continue into the fall / winter of this year. so what i picked up on is just the beginning of the wave - assuming the wave just stays with fashionista's and skinny models.

will a mainstream designer clothes store start selling latex leggings or tights? only time will tell.

oh and has anyone spotted suitably dollish solid tights or leggings? pink or light pink? i heard that its another trend in the making.


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Anonymous said...

I had one sighting on 2nd st and ave B of a young girl ion her 20s looking rather sloppy... no heels... not boots but black and white shiny leggings which were not latex and not shiny enough to be pvc... but they were not from a woven fabric... very odd.

I've seen matte leggings in soho a few times... no heels... and I don't think you will see shiny legs until the sun goes down if at all and only on youngsters out for clubbing and that sort of thing. As cool as it looks... I don't think we'll be seeing much of this. But let's see... they're too hot for summer so it wil have to be for Fall and then who knows.. something old is new again.