Thursday, November 30, 2006

Dov hits 32,000....

if your not a fan of illustrator Dov Sherman, then get over to his Deviantart page here asap. it has gorgeous, lush and kinky illustrated single pages and strips of people being transformed into all manner of living dolls and mannequins.

he even did a special 'thank you' illustration for his hits reaching 32,000 which is downloadable and can be used as a wallpaper. though on current check he's up to 40,000..

well wishes and hope he keeps up the amazing work


PS: check out his favourites too as there's loads of doll-ish ones in there too.

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

rubber doll weekend approaches....

RWR 2008 will be a weekend gathering for rubberdoll fetishists from
all over the world. RWR 2008 Will be April 11-13, 2008, at the Hyatt
Regency Hotel in Minneapolis, MN.

Rooms at the Hyatt are $158 per night after taxes and the registration fee for the weekend is $60. We will have our own floor of the hotel, with easy access to the conference activity area.

Activities include a vendor room, demos and panels on rubberdollism, dungeon parties on both nights hosted by Mistress Amanda Wildfyre and private room parties will be ongoing on the RWR floor.

There will also be excursions to local fetish clubs.

Minimum dresscode is head-to-tow rubber/latex in the RWR conference
area! RWR is open to ALL GG female, TG female and TV male rubberdolls
regardless of orientation. Dominant dolls/dollmakers are welcome and
encouraged to attend, but you must adhere to the dresscode, too!


Monday, November 27, 2006

nice shoes...

fetish is relentlessly being drip fed into mainstream thanks in part to pop videos and performers looking for some sort of 'edge'. now i wonder wear she got her ballet heels and if she ever wears them elsewhere....


Saturday, November 25, 2006

white zentai's arrived

finally after my initial order back in september and various drama's and heartaches within secondlife, my white zentai suit arrived from the far east. sadly not in time for halloween though.

my plan.... such as it is, was to somehow to transfer my avatar's makeup design from second life (pictured) onto the lycra zentai suit. so i could litterly wear my avatar in real life. like the idea of getting a full latex doll heavy rubber outfit from those darth vader cultists with in SL to a fetish party, but more me a real me.

to recap if you've missed something: simply put i'm doing my best to restrict my dressin in second life to the items i own in real life.

sometimes even wearing both at the same time. so anything you'll see me in there i do own. i know i'm being pretty limited in there - a place dedicated to shopping for the most part it seems. but i am sort of training myself. thats how i see it anyway.

slowly burning my avatar and my virtual latex wearing into my teeny silly dolly head... hehe...

now that i have it, i'm not sure the best way to proceed and open t suggestions. i know zentai suits are pretty cheap but i don't want to needlessly waste one now do i?

please post any real experiences with ink, special pens or whatever on lycra or other fabrics. or even other ways i could do this?


legacy updated

i noticed the main depository of fetish fiction of our special interest group here has had a big update.

sadly barely anything in the way of doll stories.

so anyone still writing them?


mannequin shoot in vogue italia

part of an amazing fashion spread with a living mannequin. can't tell for sure how much photoshop work was done on model Lily Donaldson or if it was all makeup?

whatever it was she certianly fits the part too a tee...

a complete set can be found on concious object's blog here who in turn found it on another blog. i'm just posting one image here, for the rest you'll need to click those links.


Friday, November 24, 2006

so popular it now has its own domain

leading fetish story archive gromet's plaza testiment to the interest in my own personal fetish (and of course yours as well based on the number of hits this blog) has a new spin off site:

gromet's still holds all the main stories and catergories but when you click the ones in the doll stories section you are led off to its new domain.

the site features a break down of types of stories, the codings and featured links which includes this very blog...


from 4"s to....

i am still heel training and in the last week or so i was digging through my closet and made a find i had totally forgot about. a pair of 4 3/4" black pvc knee boots. now i must of bought them in the spring, online when my boot obsession full took hold but i guess i had problems wearing them or they were too tight or something. not sure.

my staple boots are getting loose on my ankles and calfs. and one of the decidely erotic aspects besides the heel height of the boots is the feeling on your legs of the tight material encasing them so.

i tried them on and wow - they fit well and i could walk in them.

the months and months of wearing thr 4"s have indeed prepared me for higher heels. ok so not th 5"s or the ballet boots as yet.... a start none the less.

so i'm slowly going to phase out my 4"s, as comfy and as nice as they are, and move onto the new ultra shiny pvc knee boots.

oh and did i mention they look hot? ;-)


from a scan to a find to a google find

first there was this scan sent in from the uk. not sure what the story is or what its for but the pose was very dolly imho and the dress skirt likewise.

then thanks the jeandoll came a photo shot of a window display from H+M. seems the doll trend has hit mainstream womans clothes shops:

after a bit of googling by jeandoll she managed to find a photo of the oufit online. but how much does it cost and does it come in latex??? i guess thats next years version.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

trends in fashion

from the recent UK vogue issue. this is from the small supplement that came with it - i think it was pushing motor razor (tm) cell phones.

two items caught my eye; that a serious big league designer is now doing melissa like plastic shoes and also that corsets are still in fashion as illustrated by the metal haute couture one

perfect for all those asfr fetishist out there.... and if you don't know what asfr is then check out winterrose's excellent FAQ here. and if you don't know what a FAQ is or wonder if you should give a FAQ then click here for a wiki definition. what a wiki is, i can't really say :P


doll photo sets

most of the images i find come from art or fashion spreads and the occasional illustrations done by digital artist. (please please email me any finds!)

another catergory which i've not really explored is the pay photo series. this is not the same thing as a fetish or misstresses pay subscription site, rather sets of images are sold in several different ways. download or dvds by post.

a recent addition to light speedimages is a living doll collection. he mainly dealt with painted women in all sorts of ways - like the iconic scene from james bond's 'goldfinger' or even the green slave woman from the original star trek.

all cds cost 19.95US$ and contain a minimum of 100 images!

but go explore his site as even if you don't want to part with any money, his galleries are extremely generous in their samples and image size. you may never look of a can of paint the same way again.... ;-)


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

sometimes i inspire people...

...and sometimes people use that inspiration too show me what they would like to do to me

here's a couple from TSG with original artwork from TOM.

would i submit too it? i think i might just.....


Thursday, November 16, 2006

second life role play chat logs into stories?

as you will all know i am spending a chunk of my online time in second life. mainly modelling in Kaliwulf Kingdom in my own very own latexification doll case made by the talented Wanda Goodnight. i keep on bumping into readers there too. actually some of them hunt me down to say hello and ask a few questions or make a few proposals...

at this rate i might have to get an office set up like Wired has done.

occasionally i do get out and have been seeing various misstresses, doll enthusiasts and a hypnotist or two. some of these result in very yummy and wet scenes.... so i save the chat logs to re-read.

now the idea i'm playing with and i have a part 2 done already by writer evil dolly, is to pass the chat logs onto good writers to use them as a guidelines and basis for a fetish story.

i really want to get the first scene sorted out asap and then i can post 1 and 2 at once.

if your interested then please email me and i can send it over.


where do you spend your online time?

i'm thinking of another survey about where people spend time when they're online but i bet i only know a few of them.

so far the catergories are:

- yahoo
- msm
- aol
- myspace
- facebook
- secondlife
- world of warcraft

are there more i should add to the list?


recommend a fetish blog.....

top fetish magazine Skin Two is looking for recommendations for non commercial fetish blogs. check out their little request on their main homepage here. or simply email the editor Tim directly at:

oh and its of course.. ;-)


Friday, November 10, 2006

models in a barbie world

with photoshop being a core tool in most photographers arsenal, more and more of them are experimenting with doing composit shots using different backgrounds.

here's one photo sequence of models in doll houses and the res can be found here.

many thanks to Bauble Headz for the find. she also does fiction here.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

GQ latex spread part 2

and there's a definate reference to Allen Jones in the remainder of the spread.



bloody brides and maids in london

thanks to blackice and model egl Saya for the shot of her at the recent Halloween Torture Garden.

she wasn't alone however, the bloody bride theme was worn by alot of people. but i bet she was the cutest.


GQ latex spread part 1

as posted here previously, the recent issue of GQ in the UK had latex on the cover of the magazine along with an extensive spread inside. now this is a really really glossy, upmarket and mainstream men's magazine, and not a mens sex mag.

here's the first part. it seems the latex is more weather and rain proofing in the shots.... still the GAP isn't selling latex yet.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

skin two ball people 2006

i had set the task for black ice to shoot any living dolls he saw at the Skin Two Ball Weekend and he said he did... but someone or something happend to his compact flash card wallet in his camera bag: all 4 cards with 600+ shots were lost.

these included some posed shots of Stephanie and another living doll from south africa.

he did send these over as he thought they'd be of interest and were a few of the final 200 shots still in his camera.

a couple with a woman wearing an eternity collar. she wears it all the time and just takes the frount loop off when she's at work. and she's a teacher.

a woman whose in a serious fetish relationship. she was hooded and blind and wears an eternity collar for the last four years. i believe it has been sealed on.

an enthusaistic couple from the states who wanted to be shot and they had interesting contact lenses. no idea how the woman could see as the place was dimly lit already. i mentioned my planned article on doll fetishes and this site (she has one of your magnetic cards now btw) and she was very excited and relayed 'you don't know how deep that runs in me' - or some variation there on. also offered to pose for a portrait/shoot for the article.

he said he's uploading more to the Skin Two Gallery site so will post the link in this entry when i hear back with all the details.

anyone go?


a new story of a tattoo's by John Shiny

an exclusive to dolls realm....

After the artist cleaned and prepped the skin, he set the gun to work
drawing the outline of the figure onto her skin. It was her first
tattoo and she already felt the pain getting to her. She wanted a Chinese
character for 'Strength' between her shoulder blades and she didn’t
want to be a wimp about it. The tattoo parlor, which also served as a
piercing salon, was a relatively new one to the strip of bars and low-end
apartments which lined the street.
Jenna and Rei were here because they had gotten drunk at the bar
across the street and, on a dare, Rei had challenged Jenna to get a tattoo.
Jenna had stormed in and after only a few minutes and some yelling with
Rei, she had chosen an almost design off the wall.
Besides regular ink at this place, they used one called ‘Gloss’. It
was applied like regular ink, but left a bright shiny color behind which
would never fade and always keep a high shine. Jenna wanted that ink
because she wanted it to stand out, to rub it in her friend’s face how
cool and tough she was.
Now, she reeled in pain as she lay on her stomach as the outline of
the character was affixed into her skin. The instruction from the tattoo
artist of ‘Hold Still’ wasn’t helping. The funny music from the stereo
in the room wasn’t distracting her enough either.
After 45 minutes of pain, the artist paused long enough to switch
guns. This one would apply the thick black ink to the inside of the
outline. When the pain stopped the second time, she felt the adrenaline
high. The artist applied a large bandage and asked her to come back
tomorrow to remove the bandage and to inspect the work. The two girls
stumbled out and home to sleep it off.

Jenna returned the next day and lay on the same bench. She grimaced
as the bandage was pulled away and inspected for infection. She stood
up and looked at it in a pair of mirrors held up by the artist. The
black ink didn’t act like a typical tattoo ink which lay below the skin.
This ink was much thicker and besides sealing itself below the skin,
there was also quite a bit on top which made the tattoo look a little
like raised paint. It made the symbol clean and beautiful but something
about it made Jenna feel funny. Maybe it was the booze from last night,
but the symbol didn’t look right somehow. Jenna shook it off, smiled
and said thank you. The artist smiled and simply said "You'll come back
when you need something else done."
Jenna smiled and nodded, "I will."

Rei was a college student who Jenna had lived with for only a few
months after finding an ad in the local paper about a roommate wanted for
an apartment. After living with Rei for a while, Jenna had concluded
one thing. Rei always seemed much cooler than Jenna was. She would
disappear at nights sometimes and Jenna was never asked along. Rei was
always a little snobby, but it was just enough to make Jenna think that
maybe Rei _was_ better than her. So when Rei asked Jenna if she wanted
to go for a drink, Jenna had jumped at the opportunity.
Just one night later, they had met at a local coffee shop.
Jenna wore a black tank top, so she could surprise her friend with how cool
her new tattoo was. Rei was surprised at the tattoo alright; after
all, she could read Chinese. "Why did you have the word 'Obedience'
tattooed into you, I thought you wanted the word 'Strength'?" she asked with
a confused look on her face.
Jenna panicked and explained that the word 'Strength' was what she had
asked for. Jenna was shaking with anger and began to cry. Rei hugged
and consoled her, telling her it was still a really nice tattoo and
hardly anyone would ever really know what it meant.
Jenna sat in shock at what had happened, she didn’t know what to do.
“If you’re that upset, you should go confront the artist about what
happened.” Rei said. Jenna thought she was right. She paid and left,
headed to her butcher’s hideout.

Jenna stood in the entrance to the parlor and said she wanted to speak
to the artist who had vandalized her. She was led by the girl at the
desk to the back studio where the artist sat cleaning his tools.
"I'm going to sue you for what you did to me." Jenna said shaking upon
seeing the fat slob.
"No you won't" said the artist.
Jenna felt dizzy but quickly recovered. She was outraged at his
"Don't you feel any guilt about what you did?" she yelled.
"Keep your voice down." said the artist.
Jenna felt dizzy once more and grabbed the doorframe to steady
herself. Jenna took a deep breath and spoke again, this time without yelling.
"I'm going to let everyone know what horrible..."
"Stop talking and sit down" the artist said.
Jenna sat down across from the artist without saying another word.
Something was wrong and Jenna wasn’t fully sure what yet.
"You liked what happened to you and you'd do it all over again." said
the artist.
Jenna rolled her neck as another wave of dizziness hit her. As she
recovered she began thinking and had to admit, she had liked the whole
experience about getting the tattoo. She liked the rush and knew she
would want another one. She couldn’t reconcile her feelings with her
reason though. It didn’t make sense, she didn’t even get the tattoo she
wanted. It didn’t bother her that ‘Obedience’ would forever mark her
body. A few minutes ago she had been mad at this man for violating her,
and now she felt confused about what to do.
"Do you want another one?" he asked.
"Yes..." Jenna said surprised at her own admission. The artist stood
up and turned on the stereo in the room and the strange music started
once more.
At that moment, Jenna felt weak and lost conscientious.

Jenna awoke with a start in her bedroom. Her small bedroom was
sparely decorated and her queen-sized bed took up most of the room. She was
sweating from the nightmare she had about getting tattooed by that mad
man again. She looked at the time and realized she was late for work.
She swept the covers aside to reveal she still wore her clothes from
the day before. She couldn’t remember how she got there.
Jenna knew she had to find out later. She stood up, stripped, and
made a dash for the bathroom. Once inside, she looked at her ‘label’ over
her shoulder in the mirror. She didn’t like what it said but she liked
how it looked. It was sexy, regardless of what the symbol meant. She
showered and made a dash back to the bedroom, but when she passed by
Rei’s room, it was empty. Jenna wondered where she was while she dressed
in a suit, and headed to the office.
Jenna worked for a large company as an accountant. It was not a
glamorous life but it paid the bills. It also allowed her to stay a little
on the wild side since she didn't have to do any work at home.
She was only a year out of college and she still loved going out and
The day progressed like any other. She went in, did work, had lunch,
did work... at 3:00, she fainted.

Jenna felt several people standing over her when she came to.
She felt like she had a fever and was sweating. Everyone in the office
was worried about her and her boss told her to go home for the day.
Jenna agreed that it was probably a good idea.
On the way home, Jenna passed by the tattoo parlor and felt she needed
to stop there. She didn’t know why, but she wanted to go inside. She
exited the car and entered the parlor, once again asking to see the
"Oh good, you came." he said as she entered, as if expecting her.
"What did you do to me?" Jenna asked.
The artist remained silent and simply gestured to a nearby chair while
he turned on the music once more. Jenna sat down and the artist pulled
out his tattoo gun once more.
"Pull up your sleeves." the artist said.
Jenna complied, "Please don't tattoo me again; what are you going to
do to me now?"
The gun went on and the artist grabbed Jenna's arm. He had quickly
drawn two lines, about an inch apart, around her wrist in pink ‘Gloss’
ink. Jenna squirmed in pain and he firmly held her arm down. He then
picked up another gun and began to fill them in with black ‘Gloss’ ink.
Jenna grunted and whined because she found she could not move her arm
away from him. Once one arm was finished, the artist moved to the other
arm, repeating the same procedure.
Once the artist was done, he grabbed both arms and inspected them.
Two unbroken bands of shiny black encircled her wrists outlined in the
faintest pink line. They were permanent cuffs than Jenna would have
trouble hiding, unlike her current tattoo, and Jenna began to worry and
Another person entered the room. She was lean and scary looking. She
wore a black tank top and camo pants. Her hair was bluish-purple and
she was pierced everywhere. She more medical gloves and carried a tray.
She set the tray down, and Jenna could see it had a long needle and two
pair of silver rings which were hinged open. One pair was large and
round, and the other was very small D-shaped rings.
The woman sat and looked at Jenna's tear-stained face.
"This will just be a moment." she said with a smile.
The woman took Jenna's arm and pinched the newly inked skin.
She slid the needle through effortlessly and in a quick one-handed
motion, slipped the needle out and one of the small rings in. With a faint
'click' the halves of the ring were pushed together, making it a
seamless ring. The woman then slid a large ring through the small ring and
with a louder 'click', it also was locked in place. The procedure was
repeated on the other arm.
"There we go, a nice set of permanent bondage cuffs for you.
You will not tell anyone where you got these or who did this to you,
otherwise everyone will want a pair. You feel mad about this now, but by
tomorrow morning, you'll get into it."
Jenna shook off the dizziness which affected her once more and the
first shaky words out of Jenna's mouth were 'I understand.'
Jenna was dumbfounded and shocked. She stood up slowly and swept her
sleeves down trying to cover her new cuffs, left the building, and
walked to the car. Once inside, she began to cry. She could not believe
what was happening to her. She cried for 20 minutes before starting the
engine and driving home.
She crashed on the couch and cried some more. She was so confused.
She was being forced to receive all this body modification but deep
down, she loved it. She liked being forced to do it. She wasn’t ‘Strong’
she really was ‘Obedient’. Jenna lay there all evening, unable to
move, sick with herself. The last thing she remembered before sinking into
sleep was the glint of the moonlight off her wrists and the silver
rings which dangled from them.

Jenna awoke the next morning on the couch with the sun on her face.
She sat up and brushed her hair back from her face. The rings on her
wrists jingled and what had been a restful sleep was now rocked back by
reality. She sat with her arms on her legs, looking at her new cuffs
and feeling the rings dangle from them.
"I can't go to work like this..." Jenna said.
Jenna called in sick. She summoned the energy to stand, and strip and
go into the shower. The hot water cascaded down her body and she just
let the water flow over her, trying to wash away all the strange things
that had happened in the last two day. She put her hands on the wall
in front of her and looked at her new decorations. In a strange way,
she thought she liked them. They were terribly and maliciously done
without her consent, but they were sexy. She had never tried bondage
before, but she was permanently into it now...
She imagined that her hands were bound to the wall via the rings
through her skin. That turned her on.
She soaped up and rinsed off. She couldn't believe that 24 hours ago
she had been that angry at the artist for doing this to her. She stood
naked in the mirror looking at her reflection. She felt sexy. Jenna
went to her closet to find something to wear. She wasn't going to work
and so she skipped the suits. She went straight for her club clothes.
The only piece of clothes she owned which matched her cuffs was a pair
of black PVC pants which she pulled on. She pulled out a pink hologram
tank top and pulled that on over her head. She looked in the mirror
and she felt better. The cuffs didn't look out of place anymore.
Jenna decided that she had been wrong about the cuffs and that she
really liked them. She would apologize to the people at the tattoo parlor
and tell them how she really felt.
She pulled on a pair of high-heels and grabbed her keys. She passed
by Rei’s bedroom only to find her roommate still wasn’t there. It
hadn’t been touched in two days now and Jenna hadn’t seen Rei since the
coffee shop. Jenna decided to call her cell phone later and make sure
everything was ok.
In a flash she was in her car and soon she was at the tattoo
parlor. When she entered, the assistant at the door smiled and said, "You
look in a better mood today."
"I am, I'm sorry for all the trouble I caused." Jenna said. "I want
to tell the artist too."
Jenna was led to the back room where the artist sat at his desk
sketching on a piece of paper. The funny music played again in the
"I'm sorry for my outburst about my first tattoo, and I like the
choices you’ve made for me." Jenna hesitated and then confessed, “They...
They make me horny.”
The artist looked up and saw Jenna and smiled. "I knew you would be."
Jenna was confused. "Why?"
"Jenna, I have a confession to make. You’ve been brainwashed. The
music that you hear makes your mind pliable when you’re under stress and
when you were in all the pain from being tattooed, your under a lot of
stress. You never heard me whispering how obedient you would be
because you were in so much pain, but your subconscious mind molded your
psyche to match. Your changes are permanent. Your tattoo cannot be
removed and you cannot resist obeying people now. If you think back over the
last few days, you've done everything anyone has asked of you, without
knowing why. The control over you is so great, you cannot remember
getting that you fainted on command at the time I specified. You even
feel good about those cuffs because Brianna said you would."
Jenna was getting nervous. She finally realized what was happening.
She was trapped.
"W-What are you going to do to me?" she said, her lips quivering.
"I have a customer who wants to see you become this... The artist
picked up the pad he had been working on at the desk and held up
a sketch for Jenna to see. She gasped, and backed toward the door.
"No no Jenna, come here and lie down on the bench and we'll get
started. This will take a while. It’s a good thing you stopped by early
this morning. We'll have plenty of time to get quite a bit done."
Jenna obeyed and lay down on bench on her back.
The artist smiled and said "I'm to make this a surprise for you.
Go to sleep." Jenna instantly blacked out once more.

Jenna awoke in the sheets of her bed. She had had a wonderful dream
that was fading quickly that she could not remember now. She smiled and
stretched. She noticed her legs felt stiff. She rubbed her eyes,
hearing the clink from the rings on her wrists, and flipped off the covers.
Jenna looked down and realized she was totally naked. The memories of
the previous day came rushing back as she looked down at her legs.
From the top of her thigh, down to her toes, her legs were shiny black,
covered in shiny black rubber. She reached out and touched them, feeling
the same sensations, as if it was real skin, on her leg, and the alien
feel of rubber on her fingertips. At her ankles the blackness was
broken by a set of cuffs, similar to those on her wrists, edged with pink
and had two rings which pierced the skin and hung down on either side.
At the top of her legs, the black was finished cleanly by a pink
border. A pink line ran up the back from her heels to the top of the
leggings. Between her legs, the hair on her pussy was gone, apparently waxed
Jenna didn't know exactly what to do, and then the phone rang.
She didn't answer and the machine picked up.
"Hello, you have reached voice mail of Jenna and Rei, please leave a
message after the beep."
"Jenna, it’s your boss John, I was calling to seen how you were
feeling because I want you to come in today. We need to finish the numbers
on the project and you know them best. You're probably already on your
way in. Thanks!"
Jenna groaned and swung her legs over the bed. If her boss wanted her
to go in, she better get showering. As she headed to the shower and
heard the rings on her wrists and ankles jingle, she realized she would
need to hide her new adornments. As she lathered and rinsed, she
thought about what to wear. As she dried off her rubbery legs, she thought
about pants and then an idea came to her out of the blue.
She entered the bedroom and opened her closet. She pulled out a tunic
top, which was very trendy right now, and pulled this over her naked
body. She slipped a wide belt around her waist and cinched it closed.
She pulled on a pair of high heeled boots which matched and looked in
the mirror.
Jenna looked like a whore. She was totally naked under the thin top
and her shiny black legs only accented her legs and boots. Her hair was
still damp and was starting to get frizzy and big. She looked trampy,
like she walked right out of 80’s as a prostitute. Jenna couldn't find
anything wrong with this and grabbed her bag to head directly to work.

"You’re fired Jenna!"
Jenna stormed out of the boss’s office and headed for the front door.
She had done exactly what he had asked. She had come in. She started
working. He had called her into his office and told her that what she
was wearing was inappropriate for the workplace. She responded saying
she hadn't seen anything wrong with it. He had said he didn't want to
see anything like that on her at work.
That's when she took off the top.
As she stormed out of the office naked, upset and embarrassed, she got
a few catcalls from some of the males and looks of disgust from the
female employee’s. For some reason, both made her feel good. She wasn't
like them anymore, the tattoo artist had seen to that. She was
different now and she couldn't live amongst these people anymore.
She gave quite a show to passing motorists as she drove to the tattoo
parlor. It was a small miracle she didn't encounter a police officer.
She entered the tattoo parlor wearing nothing but her boots and asked
to speak to the artist.
The artist gestured her to the bench which she lay down upon.
"How was your work today?" he said with a smile.
"I've been fired and I upset my boss.” She said sadly.
"Good. After today you won't fit in there anymore anyway."
"What do you mean?" Jenna asked. "I don't fit in there now. I wish
you would just hurry up and finish with me."
"Jenna, then from now on, you will stay here until I have completed
your new body. You are a work-in-progress and wish to finish your
transformation. While you are here, you will call me, ‘Sir’ and all the
female assistants, as ‘Lady’"
Jenna blinked and felt dizzy once more. She looked at her Artist and
"When would you like to continue Sir?"
"Right now... strap that gag there into your mouth and please
hold out your arm." he said. For the first time in several days, Jenna
felt totally happy about what was happening. The Artist turned on the
music while Jenna picked up a large rubber penis gag with a rubber
strap attached. She greedily slid its length into her mouth and strapped
it behind her head. She sat on the bench and held out her arms.

Jenna watched in a mix of fear and arousal as her body fell under the
careful ministrations of the Artist. He started by using a brush and
painting on a clear, sticky glue on her arms above the wrist, all the
way to her shoulder. He then pulled up a black tube of rubber over her
arm and in a slow meticulous process, he tightened and stretched the
rubber over her arm until it was sealed tightly and looked like her own
skin. The extra rubber was folded up and glued down. The Artist then
picked up his tattoo gun loaded with pink, and used it to pierce the
layers in the rubber seam and graft them to Jenna skin. When he was done,
a solid line of rubber ran from her wrist to her shoulder. The process
was repeated on her hand using a tight black rubber glove. The edge of
the glove was tattooed into place, making it look seamless with the
cuff. The process was soon repeated on the other arm and soon she had a
pair of sleek, shiny arms to match her legs.
He instructed her to lay on the bench so he could modify her
‘Obedience’ tattoo. Jenna hesitated. She didn’t want him to do anything to it.
It now defined who she was. She rolled over. She had to obey him,
even if that meant he would change her.
He didn’t change her. Instead he first created a circle border in
pink around her tattoo and then outlined the tattoo itself in pink.
Anything left inside the circle was filled in with black.
The Artist went into a nearby closet and pulled out a pair of black
latex hotpants. These were shiny black with large pink ‘O’s where her
pussy and asshole would be. He lay them on a nearby chair and picked up
the brush and glue once more.
She looked at the hot pink openings and knew that soon, they would be
hers. She would be little more than a sex-doll with those holes. They
were grotesque to her feminist sensibilities, but then again, what she
was becoming was the opposite of empowering. She was submitting to the
whim of this man, whos goal is to transform her from free woman to
female dolly. At the same time, she wondered how her new holes would feel.
Once the glue was applied, Jenna was told to stand legs-apart so that
the Artist could work the dildo's in. He roughly pulled the pants up
and worked them in without any lube. Jenna yelped into her gag each
time the dildo took a wrong turn. Jenna felt like her ass was ripping
open as the entire length was forced inside. She screamed in pain and
cried. Once they were seated in place, Jenna collapsed onto the bench to
The artist applied a pink border around the legs and waist of the
hotpants using his tattoo gun while he waited for Brianna. She entered and
set up once more with her needles and a mean-looking piercing gun.
Jenna spread her legs for the fearsome looking piercer and Brianna
began to use her fingertip to work Jenna’s real pussy lips into the pink
rubber folds around the dildos. It felt so good and occasionally Jenna
could feel a finger or two move around inside her.
Brianna noticed Jenna’s inquisitive look and informed her, "They’re
hollow." With that, Jenna could feel a pair of fingers wiggling around
inside her, the fingernails clicking against the solid plastic sides.
The pleasure was building and Jenna tipped her head back and was about
to moan.
Brianna's piercing gun sent a metal ring through her pussy lips
and the rubber, and it came out as a scream… then another scream... and
another.... A few minutes later, Jenna's pussy was pierced with 5
metal rings on either side.
Brianna stood up, smiling at her work, "Those dildos aren't going
anywhere." she said. "Let’s do the boots next." she said to the Artist who
left the room.
He returned with a pair of ballet boot with 8 inch heels. Jenna was
ordered to sit so the boots could pulled up onto each foot. Each boot
was entirely smooth, with no laces, zips, or any other entry aid.
Brianna and the Artist applied glue to Jenna’s foot then wasted no time
trying to get the boots on. One person pulled on the boot while the other
pushed from the bottom, forcing Jenna's feet deep into the toe of each
boot. Jenna's toes were pressed down while raising her heels up. The
process was repeated with Jenna's other foot and a pink border applied
to the top edge and soon Jenna’s feet were permanently sealed in. She
would never be able to take a step larger than 8 inches from now on.
Jenna began to cry, "I've been crippled" she thought to herself.
Brianna knelt down and swept the hair back from Jenna’s face. Jenna
and Brianna’s eyes came together and Brianna said, “If you think this is
bad, you better know that when you’re done, you’ll barely be human
anymore.” Jenna stopped crying at the sudden coldness of Brianna tone and
her fate finally sunk in. She would become a work of the Artist and be
sold to a customer. She was nothing more than a commission for him.
Jenna didn’t want to be Jenna anymore. She didn’t want anything about
her old life. She didn’t belong there. She didn’t like the look of
her old tan skin and wished to be totally black rubber. Her rubber body
was artistic. It was a dream of the Artists and she would rather it be
her dream. She wanted to be an obedient rubber dolly.
The Artist came in once more and this time he had a larger item.
It looked like a black rubber top with short sleeves but it was very
stiff, as if it was a piece of medieval armor. He held it up for Jenna
to see and she could see large, rubber cups for her breasts on the
front. Each one had a hole in the tip the size of a silver dollar edged
with a metal ring. He spun it around and there was a large hole in the
back which would expose her ‘Obedience’ tattoo to the world.
She was instructed to put her arms above her head and the Artist and
Brianna applied a layer of glue before they brought the top down firmly
onto her chest. Her breasts were worked into the cups of the top until
her nipples emerged from large holes in the end. The waist and short
sleeves of the top were bordered and sealed in pink like before but
Jenna could barely feel it. Jenna was used to the pain by now.
Jenna was instructed to lean back on the bench once more.
Brianna latched Jenna's arms to hooks on the legs of the chair while
the Artist prepped his gun again.
"This will hurt... a lot..." he said before placing the tip of the gun
to the middle of her nipple. She didn’t believe him. She was a rubber
dolly now and nothing could hurt her.
The needle's tip began a slow spiral which would eventually hit every
square millimeter of skin, turning it from purple flesh to a neon pink
rubber. The nipple shrunk as it responded to the stimulus and the
glossy in did as well and when it set, a smooth pink plastic cap formed
which trapped an aroused nipple inside. Once the entire nipple was
coated, the Artist began to spiral out from the pink to the skin which had
tightened and was now exposed.
But all Jenna could feel was white hot pain.
She couldn't move, her back was arched and she screamed into the gag.
Every muscle in her body was tensed and her mind wouldn't let her
muscles go slack. It was overwhelmed and felt nothing but pain. Her eyes
had slammed shut and refused to open.
The pain stopped, and Jenna's body hit the bench. She was loopy from
the adrenaline and even though the Artist had been working for only a
few minutes, she felt like it had been hours and she needed to sleep.
The process was repeated on the other nipple and once again she
writhed in pain. Before it could stop again Jenna blacked out.

Jenna awoke, still in a daze. Her jaw ached from the gag. Her body
ached from the work that had been done to her. She was hot. She opened
her eyes and tried to stand, but instead found herself chained to the
chair still. She planted her stiletto heel into the floor and with
great effort managed to slide her rubberized body back up into a better
As she got her bearings, she looked into a dingy mirror which sat
opposite her on the wall. She blinked and couldn't believe the sight
before her.
From the neck down, she was encased in black rubber. No original,
exposed skin was left. Her pussy was held open by the dildos inside her
and the edges of the opening were ringed with pink plastic.
Her nipples had been coated entirely pink, but while she slept they had
been pierced with two very large heavy rings.
The Artist came in, looked refreshed and happy. “It must be morning.”
Jenna thought
"Today is your last day. I promise you it will be short and
relatively painless compared to yesterday. Hold still.”
Jenna didn't move as he unhooked her hands from the chair. She rubbed
her sore wrists while the Artist moved to unhook her gag. The large
cock came free from her mouth and she sputtered and coughed. She closed
her mouth which only made her jaw feel worse.
The artist pulled out a set of electric clippers and began shaving off
Jenna's hair. She didn't cry as her long locks fell to the ground.
She wanted to finish what had been started. The Artist then used a razor
and shaved her head clean, before toweling it off.
"Last piece, and then just a few touches." he said. "You’ll be very
pretty when you’re done."
He went to the backroom and returned with a hood and a pink rubber
item. The hood was black rubber and had stylized facial features drawn on
it. Jenna thought it looked like the face of a sex doll. Despite its
black skin it had pink painted cheeks, black eyes with blue eye shadow,
and large pink lips puckered together as if blowing a kiss.
The Artist turned the mask inside out to reveal a dildo inside the
mask. He place the tip on her lips and without ordering her to, she
impaled herself on the entire shaft. He pulled down the mask tightly over
her head and then spent almost 5 minutes arranging it onto her face.
Jenna's lips and teeth were forced into grooves on the surface of the
dildo. Little short tubes came to rest in her nose. The eyes of the
mask were large tinted lenses which allowed her to see in the relatively
bright room, but would be totally useless in low light. The
Artist pressed a finger between the mask's puckered lips and Jenna
could feel her mouth being forced open, just a little, to accept the
“I almost forgot” he said opening a nearby drawer and pulling out a
pink and black posture collar. “If you notice, I didn’t glue the mask to
your head because of the specifications of the customer, but I need it
to be held in place. This collar will help.” He wrapped the collar
around her neck and slipped the clasps together. He then used a wrench
to tighten it until it was so snug Jenna couldn’t move her head.
Once that was done he picked up the pink rubber piece and held it up.
It was a molded rubber wig, cut into a short bob, and the Artist place
it on Jenna's head.
The Artist got up and went to his toolbox and when he moved
Jenna could see herself in the mirror. She was a black and pink rubber
dolly. She looked made for sex. She also looked exactly like the
drawing that the artist had revealed to her earlier.
The artist returned with a rag, an unlabeled bottle, and his tattoo
gun. The air hose attached to the tattoo gun was unhooked and connected
to a small valve at the base of Jenna's breasts. Within seconds, her
breasts began filling with air. As the metal rings which lined the
edges of her nipple openings met the rings in her nipples, the force of her
expanding breasts caused her nipples to be pulled out and stretched.
Jenna just sat there. She felt the pain, but to react to it would be
wrong. Pain was a human thing to feel and she didn't feel human
anymore. She looked like a doll and she was being treated like a doll. She
must be a Doll.
"Stand up."
Jenna stood and the Artist used the unmarked bottle and rag to polish
Jenna's rubber body. He polished every inch, leaving her glossy and
shiny. It carried away the drool and tears which had marked the painful
end of her human existence and made her feel like a new Dolly.
The artist began the finishing touches on the doll.
"You cannot speak." Jenna's mind no longer knew how to talk.
"You cannot do anything unless ordered." Jenna felt her will to do
anything except obey disappear.
"You love the fact you are a Dolly." Jenna felt flush with happiness
of becoming a doll.

She heard the door to the shop open and a familiar voice ask to see
her new toy. A pair of high heels clicked down the hallway and
Jenna watched as her friend Rei entered the room.
Rei smiled at her. "This was almost too easy. I make you my
roommate, I get you drunk, I talk you into getting a tattoo, I pick the place,
and poof! Now you’re my obedience slave." Rei walked around the
standing Dolly. "You do good work!" she said to the Artist.
"Thank you, she's not my first. Can I interest you in a tattoo?" he
said smiling.
Rei smiled back, "No thank you, but depending on how well my new doll
works out, I might be interested in another purchase."
"I look forward to that. Give me your keys and I'll pull your car
around back."
Rei handed the man her keys and he left though the front. Rei turned
to Jenna and looked into her masked face. Rei ran a hand own the
Doll’s rubber face and neck.
"You are no longer my friend, and are instead my obedient toy."
Jenna felt her feelings toward Rei change. She would now do anything
she was told.
"You are bisexual now and which to fulfill any sexual desire I wish of
you. You also feel horny all the time."
Jenna felt her pussy become warm and moist almost instantly.
“When you wear this mask, you are my Dolly named ‘Pink’ and you do not
remember anything from your life as Jenna. If the mask ever comes off,
you will become Jenna once more and be embarrassed by everything you
alter ego will have done. You will be embarrassed at being only a
partial dolly and wish to be masked once more. You will never want to be a
human being again.”
The Dolly felt something inside draining away and Pink felt complete
and happy.
The backroom door opened and the Artist stepped through. "Follow me
Pink." said Rei. Pink took her mincing steps as a doll out the back
door and into the car when she was loaded into the trunk and driven off to
a new life.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

sometimes i do inspire people...

to come out of the closet, to try different things and be creative and rarely to speak their minds.

one such person has started a blog on hypnosis and bdsm and its the domination and hypnosis blog

go check it out.

there's been a real and very definate need for someone to step up and talk openly about this subject. so many masters and mistresses either keep it secret or just ignore it all together.


just make up and a good hair dresser

from a news site:

Today's External Woman -Paint & Illusion...Or Reality?

This photo was taken at a competition in June.

The competition was between 9 women who had to  have makeovers, where they had every possible beauty treatment available to them over a period of time.

Look at the before and after to bottom.

Conclusion  - there are no homely women, only poor women...... if you only have the money....

padding for a doll box..

i found one of these at the mall in some cheesy way overpriced gimick shop and loved the feeling of them. so i did what i always do - not buy it then but check ebay to see if they're there cheaper.

of course they were... and can be found here.

think of it a lycra coated bean bag but with a couple of differences: the lycra material is pretty pervy and smooth by itself (like high priced lycra tights) and the beans are replaced with teeny weeny little plastic beads not much larger than sand it seems.

so it finally arrived this morning and i was able to have a fondle of it... its pretty close to how i remember it but i think the surface isn't as 'slick' as the one in the mall.

my idea was thus... wonder what a bed covered with them would be like. padded lined case for a doll? i'd just sink into them and not want out.


retro 60's italian film with frozen women

the 60's seems to be a hot bed of kinky films - if you can find them... normally they play late at night on some obscure channel. thanks to zapped! for the find

these stills are from the italian film "Se tutte le donne del mondo" also known as:


(1966) pop chic spy action; Italian/USA co-production in English language shot in Rio de Janiero; directed by Arduino Maiuri and Harry Levin; starring Mike Connors (about a year before he became MANNIX) Dorothy Provine Raf Vallone Terry-Thomas Margaret Lee Nicoletta Machiavelli Marilu Tolo and Beverly Adams; a spy goes to Brazil to stop a mad scientist bend on world domination with his sterilization satellite; original Italian title SE TUTTE LE DONNE DEL MONDO... (If All The Women in The World...); also known as OPERATION PARADISE;

and one copy is from Video Search of Miami - available here.

anyone seen it? its notable for having women frozen and stored in glass cases... yummy.


Wednesday, November 01, 2006

more to the page....

i had an email from someone who just realised that there was more than one page to this blog.

YES!!! its TRUE!!!

the blogger automatically shifts the months posts along into previous months.

previous entries lists aren't complete either, so best to go month by month too.

so if you did miss something or only read the visible page then dive into the archive, there's almost a year of content.


Hypnosis the path to enlightenment or....?

Hypnosis the path to enlightenment or…
How to get a girl in 5 easy steps or..
What does this button do…?

Seriously this is something close to my heart, some basic and not so basic information on hypnosis in relation to the more kinky and fetish related lifestyles.

I will start with the basics before we get into the fun stuff so please bare with me.

On the most simplified level a good definition of hypnosis is a shift of awareness hypnosis works its as simple as that it works. Now that iss a pretty outlandish statement so let me proof positive that first.

Everyone who has read a book, newspaper, story online or erotic fiction, anyone who has listened to a speech, to music or watched a movie and become emotional, elation, happiness, sadness.. By the very nature your awareness shifted your mind acted on the stimuli becoming more suggestable being drawn into the movie or book, feeling for the characters, you on the most basic of levels were hypnotised.

Once you get passed that simple idea we can continue.

My past, i'm a semi professional hypnotist and Master (I say semi professional because I don't do it for money) pretty much when I started out as a Master, with my first explorations into the kinky side of life. A natural talent for hypnosis, hypnotic domination, my specialty became online training and hypnosis but I have also enjoyed alot of real world fun stuff.

About 10% of the people can be hypnotised easily 40% with a little work and 50% with alot of effort, I have not met anyone in 12 years I couldn't hypnotise.

What is impossible ? You can't tell someone they can fly then expect them to flap there wings and fly away, you cant usually order someone to kill themselves or do themselves actual physical harm. A soft limit exists where by your mind rebels against any act or instruction that goes against your nature or harms you (I call it soft because you can get past that although its something I will not teach anyone).

What is possible ? With an honest person who is willing to explore this with you, pretty much there is no boundaries.

Examples of past help (these examples are given with permission names changed) A 34 year old woman Jane, she had never had an orgasm in her life, no man had ever been able to help her when she was 15 her boyfriend wanted to have sex. They played around in the room next to where the parents were sleeping. She became so frightened of making a noise while he had his fun it created a barrier, all her relationships since then she would throw off or totally freak out when becoming close to orgasm. After spending 3 days with her online much to her disbelief well lets just say she his having alot of fun now. How did I do it, I regressed her into her past and temporarily replaced that event with a decision that she was waiting for the right man to come along and that is why she couldn't orgasm, so when I brought her back to present day I was able to tell her to go to her bedroom and well the rest is history.

I will not say it was easy it wasn't, I tried many approaches.

A girl (not my first) who came to me as a submissive wishing to be a pony girl, now we are not talking about the play pony girls we are talking a girl who wanted her voice box destroyed, her legs broken and reformed so that she could never walk upright again, I could take no part of that, but with alot of talking, what I did do was temporarily convince her mind that her voice box was gone and that she could not walk upright.

A lovely career girl working for a great legal firm, no boyfriend no want or need but was having deep longings and desires to be a doll, this was totally at odds with her career and was making her depressed and harming her whole life, with training I managed to create a doll persona within her, at work she was even more focused more energy but when she got home, her mind would go blank, clothes would come off replaced with a latex dolly uniform and she could live that life.

How real can it be: Completely 100% life changing real, the human mind is a wonderful device and on a very basic level your replacing real stimulus with an illusion but if your good enough, a simple test I did once was a command word for a girl. When she heard it she would experience one of her most romantic fantasies, being made love too in the middle of a forest by a knight, when she woke from it, it had been so real to her it took her 10 minutes of confusion wondering how she got back to her house.

Yes both permanent aswell as temporary is possible, you can make a person forget there name change there likes or desires BUT it takes work and honesty (more about it later)

Now on to the serious part There is alot of pretenders out there, if you try this don't blame yourself if it fails, I see it far too often, far too easy to blame the sub/pet/slave.

There is also alot of total and complete bitches/bastards, these are the ones who are selfish and deceptive, they don't care about you, they will use generic mp3 files on there site, "how to be a success" "how to get ahead in life" these mp3's don't work on too many but they catch the suggestable ones, the very ones that need more care..

LLE and other organisations run by power mad and ego trippers who will get you to pay there bills, who will turn you into a drone then send you out to give those same mp3's your friend, to spread the word, its a cult full of preening ego Mistress and Masters.

(I've personally heard of girls being taken then giving those mp3's to there sister and mother)

Not only do they focus on subs/slaves/suggestables they also go after Masters and Mistress to add to there "stable"

I personally class them as worse than goreans (not the roleplay ones the real lifestylers).

All the time it feeds the ego of the "leader" to take these people, to use them financially, mentally and physically.

A person who lies to you who gets you involved by deception is selfish and deceptive you will be in trouble.

I would never use generic mp3's or lie, yes I know the idea of being taken is very erotic, as is the idea of mind control and such But remember, when your in so deep your sending your whole paycheck to a person when you no longer eat or live except for them, when you quit your job, cut yourself off from all loved ones and friends when your living for someone who has not the slightest interest in your happiness, why should she be when she can with a word fool you that your ecstatic and in bliss.

Let me explain something to you that is very important, there isn't that many really good Hypnosis experts who specialise in this field and even less who do it for the good of the sub/slave/suggestable.

There is some who are good, whose first concern will be your mental health, who will spend time with you talk to you, explore your desires and then explain was is going to happen, make sure its what you want, what you desire. Who will be focused on your needs when you get to that point where you can't think of them yourself, who will work on feedback from you not assumptions or a script, who can and will take you so deep you loose yourself but they are there holding you and keeping you safe.

Very like a good Master, a slave gives themselves completely to you, to be a good Master you haveto return the favour, they put you first, they give you the greatest gift ever themselves and that is priceless, a good Master will be paying that back for the rest of his life if he is honest and genuine.

My advice is this, be very wary of mp3 gifts from "happy" sources, be careful, for hypnosis to work in a healthy way, to safely explore your desires and needs it hasto be a very personal journey between you and the hypnotist.

A good hypnodom will want to know you, what you want who you are, and will NEVER rush you.

Every girl, woman, boy and man i've helped and explored hypnosis and submission with has been unique and thus every session is also unique.

Thanks to Asudem for her permission to post this.

If you want to know more (this is really only scratching the surface) my contact details are given here.

yahoo pyros24uk

well its official, it is a kinky trend

according to the middle classes organ the daily mail in thier article here.

they use part of the same shoot which i previously posted as an advertisment scan froma fashion magazine.

one reader commented:

"Anyone who wants to get noticed in the media these days just has to put on something in rubber or leather and the papers go crazy over the pics. Fetish is so mainstream these days and is the mainstay choice for anything even mildly sexually provocative in advertising, from cars to bank accounts.

- Kas, Wiltshire"

so anyone in the UK can add to this? and will they notice the doll trend.... ;-)