Saturday, October 28, 2006

Hypnosis is it real or fake? RubberSlave writes...

First I want to introduce my self; my name is RubberSlave Leroux, in SL.
I have met the charming, Asudem. in a nice store selling fetish gear.
As we spoke the topic of hypnosis popped up.

I told Asudem, that I have experiencing, in RL; hypnotic adventures throw my hypnodoom, that really control me.

She asked me how it's like, what exactly I feel and I promised her, to write into her blog my adventure into the realm of hypnosis.

I must add that I was always, a bit submissive and always thought that strong and powerful women are really a turn on. J

Well it all started as a test, I was browsing the net for nice rubber garments, all kind of fetish gear and stumbled on the file of asfr faq here. I read it and as a fetish person, that like all the things that are spoken there, decided to try hypnosis which was something that I never tried.

I started to look in all kind of sites for hypno inductions, hypnodooms, etc. After a while of surfing, collecting and saving quit big amount of files, I have decided that its time to see if hypnosis really works.

I started to listen to all kind of files. Well, can't say I was blanked out, hypnotized mumblings like a zombie or something like that but I didn't give up, I continue my test.

First I was very open minded, I didn't came with the attitude, that it's a bullshit thing. Second, I just played along with the files, means I just was doing what was told but more role playing then actually getting hypnotized.

I assume that if I would have goon to a real hypnotist, she would have taken me into a deep hypnotic state really quick but as someone who never experience hypnosis and tried just files from the net its not so easy.

What did happened is, that in time a strange feeling started in my hands while I was relaxing. I felt like my fingers are touching one each other, although my hands where open wide. The feeling grow bigger and bigger in time, till it felt like my hands are pressed to the bed feeling like they are heavy like stone.

Then one day, I stumbled into a file, that was, I call it "the big success". I listened to it, the feeling at start was as I just described but it got even bigger and then something happened, the file was over, like there was something not right with the file. I remembered only the beginning and then heard the words "wide awake and feeling great".

I didn't understand at first, what happened. I thought that the file is corrupt but then something else happened to me. as I got up from the couch, I felt a strong need to kneel on the floor. Didn't know why but felt like I must do it. so it was kind of useless to fight this need.

I found myself kneeling on the floor, saying the sentence "I'm yours mistress, I'm yours mistress" again and again. while not thinking what I'm doing. I masturbated on the floor keeping repeating the words "I'm yours mistress".

After that I was really shocked of what just happened. I didn't understand how it happened nor why I have done it. I took the mp player and listen again, to the file but this time, without relaxing and with jumps. so if the file is what caused me to do this I wont do it again.

Well, the file was the thing that made me do, what just happened. It was all there. I immediately entered to the site of the hypnodoom, which made this file and bought from her 3 files, that she made for special conditioning and making you ready to become a slave in her dominion.

What happened next, I will write in the next part if Asudem will want me to continue?


Friday, October 27, 2006

dr vanderlay returns...

i finally had a long delayed reply from doc vanderlay last week. seems he's tied up working on a tv show at the moment. last time i had a friend work on a film (sort of the same) they disappeared for almost eight months.

he said appreciated my entries on my blog and was working on more masks. the Paris Hilton sculpture is close to completion and a few others in the works as well.

he added:

" I am thinking about trying silicone version of some of my masks. This will help my molds from deteriorating and it will give the masks a yummy translucent finish.

so keep coming back here and i'll post more information when i have it.


a very busy busy hypnodomme.....

a long time ago - and i mean a really a long time ago - i wrote an email to Mind Mistress asking about being hypnotised to become/feel as if i was made of latex and how long it would take.

she just replied a few days ago.... seems hypnodommes are highly sought after.

she said:

"It would take about 3 sessions to do the first transformation. And I'd need you to fill out a trance request form.

anyone tried such a thing? does it work? please share.


Wednesday, October 25, 2006

i was given drugs in second life....

it was an impromtu party a the kayliwulf kingdom and i happened to make along to it before it wound down. laz was dj'ing live and the music feed in world was vry good for a change. amongst the flashing lights, the sharks swimming underneath the dancefloor, the occasional weird grieffer (a circle of chanting monks and a truck drivng through the dance floor), there was someone there handing out drugs to anyone interested.

it comes as two pills which overides your avatar. i was fascinated so i took a couple... but i dropped one.

what happens is somehow it takes over your avatars movements and speach and lasts for about 45 min or so - depends on the ones you take. so there i was with my av saying i was horny, excited, blissed out etc etc while it danced around the floor thanks to the provided pose balls.

i needed more. well all for professional research of course. ;-)

so i kept bothering the person who was kind enough to share and she gave me a teleport address where i found a drug shack that sells a pretty wide variety of digital hallacinigens for your second life av.

they even offer to cut you in if you will deal murshrooms for them... and there's places in second life you can go pick them too.

scattered around the small shack is various pose balls that mimick drug enduced effects. i wandered around and went upstairs where i found a pose ball and waited to the world to rez for me all the while this weird audio tone played. i did tour around some of the hypno dommes free samplers and i recognised the sound - it was a hemi-sync track. the drug shack itself was a drug!!

another suprise - there's a large photo of famed fetish model Apnea who is currently featured in Marquis magazine number 39.

i could of gone for a really sensational headline like 'fetish model pushes virtual drugs in secondlife'.... and i wanted too, but there's no proof of a connection.

seems images are used from who knows where and put in there too. some are given away or sold.

my other find was a vending machine dispencing images from the Alice in Rubberland.

i do know most of his site are pay for access. so i sent him a note to pointing out my discovery, sort of a joke kinda thing more than a tattle-tale, and also hoping to get him in there as he could design amazing avatars and cosutmes people could wear like his images come to life. no reply as yet.

back downstairs i bought a sampler pack of their main drug. seems there's real hypno effects built into them beyond the various avatar overides. this is done by sound, light, flashing repeating commands and who knows what else.

i've not taken them yet. maybe at a really good party...

will it effect me? i don't know - but have a look at this article from The Register.

Placebo effect causes a natural high

By Lucy Sherriff
Published Wednesday 24th August 2005 16:08 GMT

A brain imaging study, conducted by researchers at the University of Michigan, has revealed that our bodies' natural painkilling system might play a role in the placebo effect.

The researchers injected saline solution into the jaws of 14 healthy male volunteers. The procedure is harmless, but slightly painful, so all were told to expect painkilling medication. Some of the subjects were given real painkillers, others were given placebos.

...continues here

so one day i'll still try them and report back.


and to get dolly dreams?

How to influence your dreams

An interesting study by the British Cheese Board revealed that different cheeses produce different kinds of dreams.
by Peter Archbold, Oct 16, 2006

In 2005, the British Cheese Board carried out a week long experiment which produced some astounding results. The 200 participants were required to eat 20g of cheese each night in an experiment which involved six different types of British cheese.

Cheese contains an amino acid called tryptophan which has been proven to reduce stress and induce sleep. This was reflected in the results which showed that 72% of the participants had a good sleep every night. Red Leicester cheese proved to be the most effective in providing a good sleep, with 83% of Red Leicester eating participants experiencing a good night’s sleep.

None of the participants experienced nightmares but a surprisingly high 67% could remember their dreams. However, the most astonishing finding of this study was that different cheeses tended to induce different types of dreams.

It was revealed that Red Leicester was conducive to dreaming about the past. Over 60% of those eating Red Leicester experienced dreams about childhood or previous family homes.

80% of Stilton eaters experienced particularly strange and vivid dreams.

Those who ate Cheddar cheese were the most likely to dream about celebrities.

The females who ate British Brie tended to experience relaxing dreams while the males who ate this cheese had dreams similar to those experienced by Stilton eaters.

Lancashire cheese tended to induce dreams about work. However, only 30% of those dreams were about the participants’ current jobs. It could therefore be used to give ideas about a change of career.

Crumbly white Cheshire cheese was the exception. The majority of Cheshire cheese induced sleeps were dreamless although 76% of them were recorded as experiencing a good night’s sleep.

© 2006 Copyright Stanza Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

delays, hangs and blogger

sorry for the delay in new entries; blogger has been painfully slow loading too the point its not possible to use.

i thought second life was a pain with all the downtime and updates but last week and up untill now (fingers crossed) blogger has been the same. i checked their own blog and support and seems majors issues afoot.

i did spend a couple of hrs scanning on sunday afternoon only to find out that i couldn't upload the images... poo

then i did upload them before work on monday but couldn't access blogger to write text for them.

so i'm putting this up now so people know whats up and in case it all goes wonky again.


an image found in a second life dungeon...

the mood and tone of it just hits me in the right way....

just the right level of control, domination and submission and need...

for both sides that's how i see all this...

for me anyway; becoming a latex doll as an offering of myself - fragile but needing firm guidance and disciplne for the transformation. encouragment in the training and the submission.

to embrace the latex doll, to be remade, the same but oh so so different.

and extension of mistresses will; a testimatent to her skills and imagination.


Monday, October 23, 2006

hire one model and just buy the rest

well they are cheaper that way now aren't they? ;-)

scan from a london newspaper for energy effeciany. sorry for the quality but it wasn't much better in the paper i was told.

still she does blend in with them so well....


three models, all the same

black is always in, always a safe bet clothing wise. some women just have pairs and pais of black pants/slacks.

another advert scan with three models looking pretty similiar.. in lovely kinky black boots.

sometimes autum is a nice time of year...


poofy dolly dresses from new designer...

from new label Marchesa.... apparently big with the stars who tred down red carpets.

still its very poofy and doll like don't you think?


pale skin and black nails

scan from a UK newspaper magazine section. very pale, very black.... sort of egl from another angle.

is there much egl over there? is it bigger in the UK fashion stores than it is over here?

if you know or spot any then please post a comment.


Monday, October 16, 2006

1900 Mannequin Maker..

from not sure exactly where.... is it a mannequin maker your great great grandfather had? is that how they used to make them? we'll never know but feel free to speculate in comments of course.

maybe its an early tanning booth, a 3D digitiser, teleporter or even a microwave?

email me a story based on it - if good - i'll repost the image and it along side it.


from a new writer: doll_fetish

it was posted in comments and i felt i needed to be seen so i've reposted it here.

Story: Untitled
Writer: Doll_Fetish

It had taken months of work, of false starts, of hiccups, of careful patient modification, but now she thought she was ready to try it. The weekend was cleared, there would be no distractions, the props were all in place.

She stripped, and showered, dried herself then sat in the chair. It was just an ordinary chair, made special in that she only used it when practicing the process, by now, just sitting in it helped her relax, and helped her into the right state of mind. She closed her eyes and started the relaxing exercises. Her breath became deep and regular, her body more and more relaxed.

Without opening her eyes, she reached out and found the headphones and the player. It was all second nature now. The headphones went over her ears, she switched the player on. Soft music flowed into her ears, reinforcing the feeling of relaxation. And then the voice started to speak, it was a soft quiet voice, digitally altered to sound robotic, or at least what she imagined a robotic voice to sound like. They'd tried an ordinary voice, but this was more effective, made the illusion more real.

The voice told her to listen, to absorb. It told her that she was to be re-programmed, re-purposed, and if she wasn't ready for the process to start, to turn off the player. She did nothing.

The voice carried on, it told her that her new purpose was to become a doll, that the voice was there to help her achieve that. Again it told her that if she wasn't ready, she was to turn off the player. Again she did nothing.

The voice told her to drift into a relaxed compliant state, to become more and more receptive, it told her that her mind was changing, that she was losing her will, her ability to think, that the most important thing to do was listen to the voice, to obey what it told her. It cycled around and around reinforcing that she was to listen, that her will was draining out of her, that she was becoming a doll. She lost all track of time.

The voice told her to open her eyes, she blinked, the room was unfocused, it told her to look over at the table, to focus on what was there. She could see the rubber garments laid out, but she couldn't think about them, the voice hadn't told her to think, just to look. It told her that as she was a doll in her mind, she now needed to be transformed into a doll outwardly as well. It told her to turn off the player, go over to the table, pickup the rubber catsuit, return to the chair and turn the player back on. She did all this in a dreamy state, she felt fuzzy and relaxed, it felt good to obey, to follow the instructions, she glowed inside with pleasure when turning the player back on, the voice praised her.

The voice told her that she was a doll, and that the doll should put on the catsuit, it told the doll to talc her legs, to put her feet into the legs one at a time, to pull the rubber up the doll's legs, to work the doll into the catsuit. She obeyed, feeling the rubber encase her body.

It told the doll to polish the rubber, to enjoy the sensation of the hands rubbing over the doll's new skin. The voice instructed the doll to fetch the high heeled rubbed boots and to put them on. It told the doll to lace them up.

It told the doll to stand and walk over to the full length mirror. To look at the doll, to see the doll covered in rubber from neck to foot.

It told the doll that it was still incomplete, that the process wasn't finished yet. The voice told the doll that it needed to take the headphones off, and to plug the player into the speakers on the table. The doll obeyed, whatever the voice said, the doll did.

Now the doll was guided over to the table again, to get the rubber hood. It was told exactly how to put it on, again it was told to look at itself, the voice gave approval that the doll was now covered in completely in rubber. That it now looked like the doll that it was.

The doll returned to the table and picked up the rubber collar, guided by the voice it placed it around its neck and locked it closed. The voice approved. The voice told the doll that it needed to be owned, that all dolls had an owner. That the transformation process was almost complete, that the doll would soon be owned. It told the doll to feel emptiness that it wasn't owned, it told the doll to feel incomplete that it wasn't owned, and the doll obeyed.

It guided the doll across the room to the large open case, and told it to back into it, it told it to secure the straps across itself, at the ankles, calves, thighs, hips, above and below the dolls breasts, it told it to secure the blindfold across its eyes. And to place its arms into the restraints. The doll did as instructed, feeling a sense of rightness and of anticipation, the voice assured the doll that by doing this, it would soon become owned that the process was nearly complete.

The voice paused, while the doll waited in its case. When it spoke again, it told the doll that its owner would come to claim it, and that the doll would obey its owner. It told the doll that it was now completed transformed, that it was a doll and nothing else. It told the doll to wait.

The voice stopped. The doll waited.

A door opened. Footsteps came across the room, something was clipped to the doll's collar. A human voice spoke, and the doll was owned.

silver zentai in public

aurora from unsurprisingly gets out and about in her zentai suits. and she does look great in them.

but she's not alone and if your in europe and specifically london, uk then you can join in with the the zentai project's lot and go on public walkabout in these full enclosure suits.

favorite photo's on the site are the ones in the underground.

if you want to join then go sign up to their yahoo group here.


Sunday, October 15, 2006

the dolls of halloween

its coming up pretty fast. september was too manic and i've just realised its the second week of october all ready,. where did the time go?

so what are people wearing for halloween? any parties? i heard that doll stephanie cleans up locally at competitions with her doll suit and mask..

images are alice in wonderland inspired dress. so kinda egl in nature. must be some other doll-ish costumes out there, links to any are welcomed.


latex toes...

as reviewed by Dark:

The much anticipated parcel arrived in the post. The anticipation actually goes back years when I my consciousness was invaded by the idea of being totally second skinned over in latex. For years now we could buy latex catsuits which could pretty much cover every inch of your skin including some rather well done anatomical hoods. Added to the basic catsuit you could of course have attached gloves, and an anatomical male sheaths and even fill each orifice with a rubber sheath. One of the most amazing developments was the latex mouth as an accessory offered by Rubber's Finest which covered not only lips, but tongue and teeth in rubber. The only thing missing were "toe socks" with individual toes like a glove has fingers.

Leave it to Blackstyle, a German purveyor of fine fetish apparel and gear to come up with the toe sock. They offered them in 4 sizes and only in naughty delicious thick black latex. So the order was placed and now I was about to experience my first ever toe socks of any material. The closet thing for me was a pair of socks which segregated my big from the rest but it was a regular textile product.

I did the rip open the package as quickly as I can routine and got the coveted items in my hands. They are quite tall coming just below my knees. They come powdered inside and out and appeared to me flawlessly molded. I sensed that they would be a tad big and they were. I ordered large 42-45 and I wear a size 9.5 USA men's shoe. But I think maybe the M might be too tight and too tight latex especially when thick and worn "against" fingers and toes becomes painful after a while. Been there done that.

These heavy gauge socks slipped on with little effort. With a bit of coaxing each of my toes found its little rubber enclosure. The thickness of the socks concealed the fact that my toes were a bit short and gave my foot a kind of perfect toed appearance. It did feel a but unusual at first my toes have been touching their entire lives never separated by anything let alone latex. But in about 15 minutes they were completely content and I was wiggling my new black rubber toes. I liked it. The socks were a tad loose in the ankle although with their thickness this does not appear as a fold or a wrinkle. Calves fit like a glove. All in all the fit is fine.

Next I decided to take them for a long test drive. It was just lunchtime and I would wear them till I went to bed. This included working at the PC, and then a meeting outside with a client at their home and fixing a flat tire on my car unsuccessfully and taking a ride with a local cop. Good thing he didn't ask me to take my shoes off 'cause there they were my black rubber toes!

At midnight I took them off and only noticed some mild humidity no sweat... no pools of water. But my feet are not sweaters anyway. They were comfortable to wear and more so than any other footed item I have in my latex closet. So even though I would be wearing shoes or boots, these are the ticket if you want latex fet feet. Two thumbs up and well worth the 42 Euros. They will last a long time and take a lot of wear before failing much, much, much more than my "other socks" of any material.

What will they think of next?

vintage fashions...

sometimes newer isn't always better. these were found on ebay a few weeks ago and sent in. sadly they finished and anyway they were the wrong size....

good retro artwork which would make a fab t-shirt...


comfortable collars...

i bought a sterling silver choker / collar thats pretty well like my eternity collar last week. it has an advantage and a disadvantage.

- its much lighter than the steel eternity one
- but; it has no locking mechanism at all. it sort of twists to open and stays in place with a little tab.

it looks realy good but i am also wondering if it can be worn with latex? i remember that some metals can effect it and i don't want to ruin any of my tops.

if anyone has an eternity collar i'd love to hear about your longer wearing of it... has it been sealed shut?


realisticly rendered sci-fi

well i'd go willingly....

a must must see... but you will have too go look as i won't ruin it for you.


in search of the Tr_Veller

who wrote this definitive fetish story way back....

it will make sense once you realise i'm coming up with ideas in Second Life....


The Factory by Tr_Veller

Lisa stood in the darkest corner she could find, looking across the alleyway at the factory doors shut tightly in front of her. It was an excellent job she had landed with the private investigation company she now worked for and she was very happy to get it. Her boss Mrs Bond had seemed very impressed with her even though she had limited experience of this line of work, only working in a local paper for a short year while studying for her degree. "Hardly a hot bed of intrigue and danger." She thought at the time, but it looked like it was just the sort of thing her new employer was looking for.

After being asked to sort out the paper work, chase up some late payments and do the usual donkey work a new starter had to; here she was. Sitting in the alleyway late at night "more like early in the morning now" she thought to herself, on her first 'proper' assignment. "I have been employed by a local contact, who wishes to remain anonymous." Said Mrs Bond in her usual clipped and formal fashion, "The party in question is concerned about late night activities occurring at a nearby factory, and wishes them to be investigated forthwith."

"You will observe the factory in question and attempt to gather as much information as possible. Do I make myself clear?" said the investigator. "Yes, I understand" replied Lisa, thinking to herself that she felt like saying "Yes, miss." Just like when she was at school again! "Well" thought Lisa, "I'm hardly getting much information out here!" All she has witnessed so far was a steady stream of lorries passing to and fro. Only 1 an hour on average and the lorries weren't even that big, so there can't be much going on in there. "Still," thought Lisa, "I'm being paid to find out, and the money's good, so I better try and get a peak inside."

Feeling glad she has chosen to wear the usual shapeless black sweats that she habitually wore around the house, she made her way across the alleyway. Keeping close to the wall, her lithe figure, hidden under the baggy black clothes made short work of the distance from the entrance of the alley where she had hidden; to the rear. Here she had seen a hidden entrance, and she ran to it, her long hair tied in ponytail slapping gently on her back as she ran. Listening at the door she could hear no nearby movement and thought it safe to try the handle. Surprised she found it unlocked and almost fell into the factory beyond!

"What the hell! Don't they have security around here?" She asked herself, glad of the lucky break though. "At least it's not breaking and entering if I get caught" she thought. Gathering her wits about she looked around carefully and realised that she had stepped onto the factory floor itself, but at the back, behind some large packing crates. She almost had to cover her ears because of the noise of the place, amazed at how loud it was, when there was no noise to be heard outside. Making a quick note in her notepad about the obvious soundproofing in the place, she moved on past the packing crates to get a better look at the factory she had snuck into.

"Oh my God! They're people!" she screamed looking out on to production line for the first time. To her amazed gaze it appeared to be a line of standing people spaced a long distance apart moving on a conveyor belt! Realising that a) she had screamed and b) she was now hiding behind another crate; Lisa looked more closely at the 'people' she could see. Taking her time now, she realised that the 'people' weren't moving at all, but appeared to be mannequins, and the production line just some automated packing device. "Well is that all this is?" Lisa thought to herself in disgust. "My first assignment, and all it is, is some late night clothes-store doll factory!"

Considering her options, Lisa realised that her 'school mistress' employer wouldn't accept her report of her actions to now; and she would have to find out some more about this place before she left. "Maybe they'll turn out to be stolen" Lisa thought, "and this place is repackaging them for dodgy shops" So thinking, she moved closer to the production line, her curiosity growing as she realised that these dolls were not all they appeared to be at first (or in her case, second) glance. Noticing that all the 'dolls' appeared to clothed in a variety of outfits, all made from some form of black material. Reaching the conveyor belt itself, Lisa carefully looked around and could see no one at all.

"This is weird. Is the whole place completely automated?" she wondered "and what the hell are these manne, mane, DOLLS wearing?" Looking closely at the first doll to come past Lisa was amazed to see that it was completely dressed in skin tight Latex! "My God, what kind of kinky place is this?" she said to herself. Lisa had seen Latex clothes before, in those kinky clothes shops you see and sometimes saw a girl wearing a mini-dress or a short skirt made from the material at a student party. She'd always thought her slim figure would suit the skin-tight material, but had always been too scared to try any on. Too scared and also a little repulsed at the thought of the tight, clinging material fitting itself to her natural curves.

Putting aside these thoughts, Lisa took her first close look at the rubber dressed doll and saw it was wearing a black rubber mini-skirt with a shockingly tight thick rubber corset, shoulder length opera gloves and perched on thigh-length, skin tight boots, with an amazingly high 5" heel on them! The doll itself had on some dark and heavy make up, with a black bob wig, the overall effect strikingly sexual and challenging at the same time. "God, how does it stand up? And how do they make a doll to fit in those clothes?" she asked herself. It was then she realised that it wasn't only the clothes that were made from rubber... the doll itself appeared to be made from flesh tone rubber!!

As it moved slowly past her, Lisa still stunned at these revelations, realised that the doll was not free standing but was held onto the conveyor by clamps around its' calves. These were fixed firmly onto the metal based belt itself, with a thick metal rod running up the back to a neck brace holding the doll erect. Lisa also noticed some smaller rods running off the main one at intervals up its' full length but could not fathom a use for them.

At this point Lisa saw the doll moving into a covered area and was amazed to see cutting blades coming out of the walls of the box and efficiently remove all the clothing from the doll. Cutting very rapidly into the garments, peeling away all the layers that covered the doll, the skirt, the corset, the panties hidden underneath, even the boots without apparently cutting the doll itself. It was at this point that Lisa saw a use for at least some of the rods. Two thick shafts levered up under the dolls armpits, and raised it off the ground, the calf clamps being released just as the doll was lifted and the boots cut away from the legs. Lowering the now completely 'naked' doll the calf clamps were quickly reattached and the doll, still erect moved on; while more arms came out of the box and swept the discarded clothing to one side. Leaning further forward, Lisa could see the doll entering a shower area, supposedly to clean it before being packed. She could see no more, as at this point another doll came past, almost knocking her onto the metal conveyor belt herself!

Seeing that she could see no more of the 'production' line from where she was, and assuming that it simply packed the 'naked' dolls away; Lisa decided to investigate further back to try and discover where the dolls came from. Before she moved back though, she realised she could look at the discarded clothing and went over to the waste bin and looked in. The bin was, unsurprisingly, full of rubber wear, and cut into strips. Some of the items though were still relatively intact, and Lisa took some out, curious at the sensation of them and quickly shocked at what she now realised she was holding! The panties she saw removed earlier had a huge rubber dildo and a butt plug built into them!

"What kind of sick perverts are running this show?" Lisa thought, still holding the partially destroyed panties in her hands. Turning them over and over, she realised that the thought of wearing these herself didn't just repulse her, it started to turn her on... "What am I thinking? I couldn't wear something like these! Could I?" Thinking that she would need some form of 'evidence' Lisa decided to keep the panties and maybe show them to her boss to demonstrate what kind of people ran this 'factory'. Packing them into her handbag she quickly moved on, stopping herself from thinking about what she really wanted to do with them.

Moving up the conveyor belt, past a line of dolls all wearing a bizarre mixture of apparel: nuns, babies, nurses, maids and schoolgirls; all wearing rubber and all heavily made up and ready to be stripped by the knives. Getting to the end of the belt, still not seeing anyone else on the factory floor Lisa saw where the dolls came into the factory - through a hatch on the far side of the belt. She saw them lowered by a small crane mechanism onto the conveyor, and quickly clamped on, with the metal rod telescoping out of the metal plate the doll now stood on and fixing itself around the neck of the immobile doll.

Hopping over the conveyor, Lisa tried to get a closer look at the entry hatch but couldn't see in properly, being too short to see over the bottom of the hatch. Quickly deciding to jump onto the conveyor to give herself that extra height to look in, she dropped her handbag on the floor and did just that. Realising that she was moving away from the entrance slowly behind the previous doll, she kept her place in front of the hatch by moving opposite to the conveyor. Just as another doll came out she was about able to see inside and so intent on discovering as much information as she could ("You will observe the factory in question and attempt to gather as much information as possible. Do I make myself clear?" She could hear the words ringing in her mind) she did not realise that she was walking on to the plate that the next doll would stand on.

Just as the doll arrived above her, she realised her mistake and tried to jump out the way. Just as she tried the doll dropped onto her and caused her to lose her balance! Before her shocked eyes, two clamps shot out of the plate and one of them clamped itself to her own calf! Staggering off balance, her left leg fixed to the belt, she put her right foot down directly onto where the other clamp was just opening again, it quickly snapped shut around her mid-calf effectively immobilising her on the conveyor belt. "Christ Almighty! What the hell is happening?!" She screamed. "I'm no frigging doll! Let me go, you stupid machine!"

Lisa quickly leant forward to wrestle with the clamps just as the doll destined for this position fell off the belt and landed on the floor just where she wanted to be right now! As she futilely tugged at the firmly attached clamps Lisa wasn't aware of the thick metal rod telescoping up behind her, the neck loop at the top lying open and ready, so intent on escaping this ridiculous prison. "Let me go! Let me go! Goddamn' you! Will you let me go!" She pounded at the clamps on her legs each fixed by two short lengths of metal to the floor. She couldn't so much as move an inch, and she had to soon! She didn't relish the possibility of facing those knives just ahead!

Standing upright to relieve the pain in her back, Lisa made her second mistake of the night and found this out just as the clamp fixed itself about her neck. Almost choking in shock, Lisa realised that she was now completely immobile only able to move her arms. Feeling the clamp, she found that it had attached itself high on her neck; above the collar line of her sweat top and so high it forced her to stare straight ahead, only able to move her head from side to side. Even that she soon discovered hurt like hell as the collar dug into her neck whenever she moved her head. "Well, this is a hell of a turn up for the books!" She said to herself, "I really had better get some help now. Breaking in or not, I'm not going to end up naked in this place!"

"HELP! Someone HELP!!" Hey!! Is there anyone there?!? Get me off this thing and quick!" Shouting for all she was worth, Lisa came to the sinking realisation that even if there was someone in here, they wouldn't be able to hear her for all the racket the machines were making! Looking just ahead of herself, Lisa saw the doll in front moving into the first box she saw earlier, the one with the knives in. Just as before, she saw the knives quickly divest the doll of all its' clothes, this time a full-length catsuit, just as easily as all the ones before. Only this time, the next 'doll' was her and the clothes were her own!

"Nooooooo!!" she screamed as loud as she could, hoping against all hope that someone would hear her and stop this happening to her. It was no good, inexorably she moved into the first box, the knives coming out and cutting into her clothes. The sound of her sweats being ripped from her and the terror of the knives brushing against her skin paralysed her in shock. She stood completely immobile as the knives ran a blunt edge against her legs and hips, cutting her panties from her, another running up her (thankfully) flat stomach and between her pert breasts, cutting her bra from her and continuing up. Now it cut into the cheap gold necklace she wore; it was a present from her ex-boyfriend, and she wasn't truly sorry to see it go. Looking down she saw that the two rings she wore on her fingers had been removed. The tug at her head showed that the hair band that she tied her long hair back with was pulled out, her long auburn locks tumbling down her back - ironically the only part of her now free.

Being scared out her wits by the close brush with death (as she saw it), she barely felt the two rods lifting her off the belt; and the two clamps on her legs being released while her running shoes and socks were also cut from her immobile body. Just as her feet touched the cold metal plate, the shock of contact woke her from her terror, but too late as the clamps again encircled her calves and she was once again trapped on the conveyor. Only now, she was naked; and her beautiful, slim and athletic figure. The figure that she had been so proud of, the one that even her female employer had openly admired when they first met, was exposed for all to see and she could do nothing about it!

Looking around in this new area for the first time, Lisa realised that there were still no people around anywhere. "It really must be completely automated," she thought, "but why?" Moving on, Lisa now approached the shower box she had glimpsed earlier. "Oh, well" she thought, "it can't be any worse than those knives." Shuddering at the memory of the knives, Lisa braced herself for a shower in the water. As it hit her legs first, she felt an immediate tingling sensation on her skin as the chemicals she was being sprayed with started to work on contact. Shocked by this further revelation Lisa slammed her eyelids shut just as the spray hit her face. For what seemed an age the chemical spray washed over her body and sluiced off into the channels on either side, finally when it stopped Lisa opened her eyes to a sight that almost reduced her to tears.

Her hair, her long and beautiful hair now lay in clumps on the floor, the chemicals were a powerful cleaning agent! They washed all materials off the doll's bodies and this included all the hair on them! She now truly stood naked; her gleaming skull and smooth skin testament to the effectiveness of the chemicals that prepared the dolls for the next stage. Sobbing softly to herself, Lisa felt over her body and realised that she really had lost all her hair. Her head was completely smooth, even her eyebrows and eyelashes had been removed. Feeling further down Lisa felt in front of her vagina and realised that she was bald there as well! Every single hair, every piece of dirt no matter where had been washed from her, and then the chemicals rinsed in a torrent of water, leaving her clean, pure and smooth. "My God, what is all this in aid of? What have they done to me? What is going to happen to me now?" She asked to a noisy and uncaring factory.

Looking ahead she could see the first doll moving into another boxed area, but unlike the earlier ones, this was not enclosed, but consisted of an open cage, with a small crane moving above it. As she watched Lisa was horrified to see a complete skull shaped helmet drop onto the head of the doll in front. It stayed there for the entire time it took the doll to pass through the cage, when it raised, Lisa could see no obvious changes, but then she could only see it from the back. Too soon it was her turn for the treatment, and as she looked on in horror, the helmet was lowered over her head. Completely unable to move and stop it from happening, she felt the helmet stop and lock onto the collar she wore. It very quickly became apparent what the helmet was for as she felt soft implements applying make-up to her face. A thick soft bar was pushed into her mouth and her jaw held tightly fixed by its' base as foundation and blusher were applied to her face, then a thick coating of lipstick to her lips. Mascara and eye shadow followed, Lisa too scared of being stabbed by the implements and blinded, didn't move a muscle and was quickly transformed from clean faced woman into a beautifully made up doll, still completely bald, but her face made to look more sensual than it had ever before!

Not aware of the transformation occurring to her, Lisa was only glad to be able to see and breathe properly again. She wasn't able to see the glistening trails on the top of her bald skull; but soon felt them though. Just as she was about to leave this caged area a short bobbed wig was carefully placed onto her skull by two robot arms and smoothed into place. The glue on her head now becoming apparent as the wig slid smoothly into place and fixed itself permanently to her head. Screaming in shock once again, Lisa's hands shot to her head and tried to pull the wig from her, but the impact adhesive had done its' job well and the wig was now as permanent as her late lamented locks. "Please HELP ME!!!" she screamed again and again "Stop this!! I'm not a doll! Please! I'm NOT a doll!! Don't do this to me, please" she almost sobbed.

As she moved further down the conveyor she looked ahead and saw the next stage of the transformation process - this time it was a very large and completely enclosed box. One without that seemed to have no exit. The site of this stopped Lisa shouting and she looked around again, desperate for someone to help her. Just now she passed in front of a large metal plate on the wall and was able to see herself for the first time...

She looked across and saw a smooth naked doll looking back at her; it's beautifully made up face a picture of pure sexual power, the thick red pouting lips inviting a man to kiss them. The incredibly dark and sensual eyes making the face a mystery that had to be explored. The cheeks apparently curved and shaped to make the whole seem so perfect. The short black bob hairstyle with its' fringe giving the doll a sexual strength she had never seen in a woman; but that woman, or rather that DOLL, was her!

As she watched, the doll reached up and touched its' face, running its' fingers over the inhumanly beautiful features, then running its' fingers through the short black hair. She stopped in shock and realised it was her own hand reaching up and touching her own face, her own hair! She looked at the doll's curves, so smooth with no hair anywhere, looking at it poised and naked, she knew she had to escape and soon - this doll she could see, it was no doll, it was her! "Please help me... please..." she sobbed softly to herself and looked at the doll in the mirror looking sadly back at her, it's striking features marred by the fear that showed through.

Slowly, helplessly moving on, she entered the dark forbidding box and felt herself moved off to one side of the belt, into a cubicle where she stood waiting for what came next. She didn't have long to wait, soft pads enveloped her body from the neck down and a soft flesh toned powder was applied to her all over. Hearing stories of how to dress in tight Latex she guessed what was to come next. She felt two rods raising her arms and feeling defeated she let them be lifted. Looking to her left she saw a long black latex glove being manoeuvred onto her hand by two robot arms. She opened her fingers knowing it was useless to resist the automated machine and saw the glove being pushed onto her hand, then rolled up her arm, finishing just under her arm pit, her entire arm now coated in this cold tight second skin. She looked to her right and saw that arm similarly covered, and now both her arms were held horizontal as a thick latex corset was wrapped around her waist.

The corset was truly a work of art, tightly boned and smooth as only latex can be, no imperfections marred its' lines and the seams were non existent. It suggested a figure woman can only dream of and the half cups bust line only men could imagine! It almost appeared to be made from a single sheet of triple thick latex. So perfect was it, that the edges just seemed to flow into her skin as it was fitted to her and it fitted her curves exactly. At least it fitted at first, because as she stood there held immobile by the machine, she felt a thick thread being worked through the hooks in the back of the corset. The robot arms following their programmed course, tied her into the rubber prison of the corset and started to draw it closed. Her arms now released she was still unable to stop what was being done to her.

Realising what was about to happen no matter what she tried to do, Lisa breathed in deeply and felt her waistline shrinking and at the same time saw her bust apparently growing before her eyes.... Tighter and tighter the corset was tied, the robot arms straining at the pressure of forcing this new figure on her. Finally just as she thought she could take no more, she felt and heard the click-click-click as the locks on the back were fixed into place, locking her into this new body. Completely unable to bend due to the thickness of her prison, Lisa looked over her new figure. She now had an amazing 19" waistline and breasts that gave her the deepest cleavage she could imagine, the nipples erect from the sheer pressure. Lisa felt her rubber prison and was shocked to realise that she enjoyed the sensation of the now warm and flowing skin she now wore. Looking at it closely she saw that because of the pressure on her own body it simply flowed from the latex into her, almost as if they were one and the same...

Her contemplation of the corset was soon interrupted by the next stage of her transformation as she felt herself lifted from the floor and the calf clamps being released. She could still not escape though, as robot arms now held her legs in preparation for the rubber stockings complete with rubber feet she could now see being rolled up her feet and onto her legs. The stockings were shaped to enhance the curve of her already stunning legs and she could feel them tightly clinging to every part of her legs as they were applied, reaching all the way up to just below her crotch. They were so tight they needed no support and clamped themselves to her so completely she doubted she could ever remove them without the aid of those knives!

Looking down again, her defeated attitude changed rapidly as she saw what was being manoeuvred up her rubber clad legs towards her crotch!! Panties just like she had seen before, with the huge rubber dildo and butt plug fitted and now she was being made to accept them! "Argh, Christ! No! Nooooo..... Oh God, Oh God...OH, Oh my GOD!" Lisa squirmed and screamed as the dildo and butt plug was forced mercilessly into her by the unstoppable robot arms! She couldn't believe the sensation of how it felt to be forced to wear this thing and the way the intruders were pushed into her, filling her so completely.

As she squirmed and the robot arms pulled the panties tight over her pert buttocks and around her waist she felt an increasing excitement in her crotch and realised she was wet from the sensation of the massive rubber intruders within her!! She hung there fixed into the cubicle, a rubber doll squirming and pushing at both the implements inside it. It soon felt itself building to a rapid climax... Groaning in excitement Lisa came in a shuddering series of orgasms, each one racking her body and sending wave after wave of excitement through her, she felt herself growing faint from the incredible pleasure of the wonderful doll clothes she was being made to wear. Finally spent, she realised only a few short moments had past and she was still trapped within her prison, slowly being transformed into a Rubber Doll by an uncaring machine, her excitement at the changes occurring within her not noticed by the robots bringing about those changes. Almost completely covered now she couldn't imagine what was to come next.

She didn't have long to wait again, and as she was kept hanging above the ground a pair of the longest, tightest boots she had ever seen were pulled onto her rubber legs by the robot arms. They came all the way to the top of her legs again, completely covering the rubber stockings she wore and putting her into another coating of the wonderful material. Zipped shut by the robots and sealed over at the back, the boots fitted her legs like another skin and no imperfections marred their shiny finish from the incredible 6" spiked heels to the smooth seam at the top where it flowed into her rubber coated leg. Still held above the ground Lisa hung like a rubber mannequin, her entire body from her exposed breasts down to her pointed 6" heeled boots, covered in the smooth black finish of the finest high gloss latex. She was helpless, terrified and excited at what was to come next... As she looked she saw the next layer of Latex approach, held between two robot arms.

A long and flowing black rubber dress was pulled up her legs and another pair of robot arms forced her arms into the long sleeves. The dress was pulled up to her neck and Lisa realised that this was a hobble dress, her legs forced together by the restrictive material of the smooth black skirt. Now completely immobile again, Lisa felt the zip at the back of the dress being pulled up and felt the metal collar she wore being removed from her neck just as the zip sealed her into the dress. She felt another arm running up her back and rightly guessed that some sort of seal was being applied over the zip so as to not spoil her smooth dolls finish. As the dress was sealed onto her Lisa realised that her hands were covered in another partial layer of latex, the sleeves looped over her fingers, sealing the gloves inside and again leaving no hint of where the doll ended and the rubber began.

The collar of the dress she was encased in was high and restrictive but not as much as the metal ring and she now able to look more easily at the changes that had been forced on her body. Looking down she was amazed to see a true hourglass figure! Her body had become something entirely different; she stood there completely smooth from her feet to her neck encased in a single, shiny skin-tight black dress! The hobble dress had forced her rubber legs almost completely together, so that even if she was free she could barely move her feet a few inches at a time! The smooth finish of all the layers she wore underneath meant that she had a fantasy figure of total gloss black, no imperfections apart from the totally erect nipples pushing out, sitting atop her stunning breasts.

She could not believe what she had become, and ran her hands over the dolls body, feeling the tight corset that pulled the dolls waist into the beautiful hourglass shape, the way the material of the dress was pulled tight across her hips making her so completely smooth. She again felt the rubber dildo that was pushed into the doll's vagina and started to excite herself once more. The doll then felt around the back of her perfect body and pushing at the butt plug forced so roughly into it's anus it felt itself growing even more excited. Running its' rubber hands over its' rubber body the doll loved the way it felt and wanted so much to see itself in a mirror

Now complete, the doll was moved from the cubicle and back onto the conveyor belt, this time there was no resistance, the doll was ready for what came next and waited patiently like the rest. As it passed out of the box room, there was another huge metal plate, polished to a mirror finish and the doll was able to see itself in the mirror, complete for the first time. It was amazed and looking in the mirror, ran its' rubber hands through its' own hair, loving the short black cut and then ran its' fingers over its' perfect face, marvelling at the look of its' features, so perfect and inhumanly beautiful! Running its' hands down its' smooth, black and stunning rubber figure the doll could imagine nothing else better than being the toy of its' new owner, ready to play any games, and have anything done to it.

The conveyor belt moved down towards the packing crates and a robot arm picked up the dolls and carefully placed each one into a long black crate. Each crate was filled with a human-form mould, so that the doll inside could not move in transit. Curiously, if anyone took the time to look, they would notice that each crate although tightly sealed had air holes, as if something inside needed to breathe.

"Well there's another one for the market, and I gotta say that's the best we've had so far! You deserve a bonus for getting that one to us." Said the man looking over the production line from the office above.

"Always a pleasure to help my friends, and even more of a pleasure to receive those lovely cheques", replied the woman, smiling down at the new doll now being packed, "remember to make it out to: Mrs J. Bond. I have to square my accounts you know?"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

second life to real life

well a bit of an update on my Second Life.

its all been good and sad at the same time

i was given a new skin - my own bleached down and permanent doll make up by roen in a very intense ritualistic scene. seeing myself with the new skin which made me look like one of her dolls - was simply nothing less than amazing... it really effected me deeply and was really looking forward to all the other stages of the training and transformation.

i've also started to model in my new timelock gothic doll case (created by Wanda Goodnight) in the Kayliwulf Kingdom fetish shop. i'm officially a model there clocking up the hrs as i leave my computer on for torrenting so its a fair number. i don't paid of course, just after 20hrs i get a new outfit. so loads of virtual latex for me.

ask nicely an i may share with any readers ;-)

laz the owner/creator designs it all himself so my plan is with his help to reproduce my real latex in second life. the first such item was the latex body i purchased from Austria via ebay. mixed with the libidex tights its the outfit i have on part of the time. they've introduced a new semi transparent line and i have a catsuit there that matches my far east one here.

likewise i've managed to convince the creator of the amethyst collar which all the latex dolls wear with these yummy commands built into it to reshape mine so it matches the eternity collar i own.

some more pleading with another vendor and my 5" heeled shoes are a pretty good match too..

sad news starts with the realization that people can be rude, vulgar idiots in SL as in RL. maybe more so as they have more animosity

i have gotten hassle for doing all this in RL as in SL... some people freak, don't get it or whatever... and i was warned by one domme in there too.

also people who may like it all, roll play but without the experience or skill that a real latex fetishist or domme has. it took me awhile to find that out... but i'm learning and 'inoculated' as someone said.

feelings can be hurt anywhere..... and i am still very cut up about it all especially as the planned training and transformations have evaporated.


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

a stash of flicker finds by roen..

seems its set so you can't save the images but that doesn't stop you from doing a screen grab....

they are here, here, here, here, and finally here

so are there more out there? if so please email me links and i can post them... - its good to share don't you know?


another doll model: Gemma Ward

is the first one realy her body or has she been attached to a mannequin? i really can't tell at all.

the second must of been inspired by her doll like looks....

please email in any other finds like this as there must be legions of them out there.

meanwhile the number of women who have the actual figure fo barbie is estimated to be 1 in 100,000...


rubber dolls on show in japan

i doubt i'll make it....

any readers from japan going?


i didn't get to the Skin Two Ball this year....

...but in a way i did thanks to black ice's shot.

seems there's photo studios in SL which can have both posses, lighting and backgrounds loaded into them. this is my first try and i think it came out really really well. all i needed wa a wide empty shot of the location, in this case before the party got going at TG friday night part of the ball weekend.

it seem to be pretty fiddly, and it took me way longer than planned but now i can say i was there. maybe SL needs to get advertising and a portal into some clubs with video projectors and computers? like a window into the virtual world.


Wednesday, October 04, 2006

yet more trouble for speaking your mind online... Metro & State
October 1, 2006

Schools punishing kids for what they say online
Critics say policies that extend to posts from home computers are unconstitutional
By Rebecca Neal

A growing number of school officials in the Indianapolis area are trying to punish students for Internet commentary they deem inappropriate -- including postings on home computers -- drawing outrage from teens and free-speech advocates.

One student has been expelled at one school, another suspended. One school district has warned students they are legally responsible for postings; another will vote on a similar policy this month.

"Kids look at the Internet as today's restroom wall," said Steve Dillon, director of student services for Carmel Clay Schools. "They need to learn that some things are not acceptable anywhere."

continues here

stories with images

its so lovely... and it can be found
here. and a couple more here and here


rubber dolls never age....

although apparently the rubber sisters are only a year old according to an email they just sent me:

The 1st Anniversary of the Rubbersisters Homepage

Monica & Jacline!!!

Today Fetish is a big part of our life, it makes it much more colourful. Our idea is, to inspirate us and other people.

We´ll use this oppurtunity to send many thanks to all our friends, members and sponsors there have supported us the last year.

So we´ll continue our work!! Feel free and tell us, what you want to see or to know from the Rubbersisters.

Many Kisses Monica and Jacline

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

in from the Dark....

or from Dark in reality but i liked the title. anyway Dark emailed me and i have permission to share it in public as its a very revealing to hear his personal experiences.

he wrote:

Thanks for the reply. Although your blog is very revealing... even as a scrap book.. the things which interest you enough to post.. the images.. etc.. these all do speak for you in a sense and give us readers a feel for who you are without explicit narrative.

But, heck, we readers, are lazy and reading between lines and drawing conclusions from images and fiction and so forth is not only hard work, but can really give the wrong impression...

I have experience with trying to hook up with kinky people when the internet thing fist offered this possibility. I don't know how long you have been into the net and the fetish thing and kink and dolls and so on but the net has really given rise to some robust alt cultures which are invisible on the street. But back then it was text based and connecting was very hard. I did reach out to meet some people in the "scene" or interested in kink and most were real disasters. Boy did I misread them.. their characters and their "chemistry". Most people willfull misreprented themselves or weren't skilled enough to do it with words or on the phone... so these blind dates were disasters.

As the net matured for options for kinksters grew by leaps and bounds (pun intended) to the point where e commerce gave us all acess to better and better gear with the click of a mouse. And there were groups and digital pics which was a real break thru because people no longer had to haver their kinky pics processed by a film lab... (possible exposure... even to the board clerks who decide to look at customers snap shots in the will call bin).. but they could snap a digital pic and post it in a profile.. or any pic for that matter. The medium became very robust and it also gave rise to numerous niches like the "rubber doll" thing.

I am not sure how this concept was actually born... but having been interested in rubber for decades I saw nothing like it uintil just a few years ago. By the way my interest predates Allen Jones' work because when I was in London during a college summer vacation I came across two of his books will browsing in a boiok shop and bought them. I also have a lovely series of prints by an artist called Fornicon which is all sorts of B&W drawings of kinky females sex machines.. hard to describe. But the Jones book which includes all of the images YOU have posted of his work.. really "hit me" and made me realize that I was not the only one who obsessed on thiis rubber skin thing and so forth. His mind and mine seemed to be coming from the same place.

When the kinky movement came out with the net ... it was the BDSM crowd that seemed to be getting all the attention. Fetish as in latex was seen as "shallow" dress up and the "real deal" was SM and Ds and transactional "sport like" activities. Fetish was the fashion of kink not really a genre unto itself. But it ws to ME... I dabbled in the NYC scene attending some clubs which I thought were pretty awful. And I did attend the fetish centric Dressing For Pleasure ball where you could see the "latex / dress up / role play" approach was also "there". But the big alt tent puts all the BDSM things together and frankly many people are into SM and latex or bondage. Some people see it all as a great big menu and they like it all! Others seem to have more narrow and niche like preferences like the "rubber doll" thing.

My own theory about where it all came from is as follows. This is based on no actual facts.. just impression as my own mind processed what I saw on the net. Here's my theory.

AIDS brought a lot of people to consider noo body fluid exchange sexual activities.. and this opened up many to the whole kink thing which was sex, but rarely invloved the exchange of body fluids. Even when there was penetrations it was usually mechanical things like dildos and so on.

I suspect that some rubberists.. and why people are into rubber is a long rant.. but these rubberists who find rubber erotic and the holy grail of a rubberists is to be enclosed in it. Once someone finds tight rubber sexy to wear... as gloves, undies.. ior a hood, or stockings... they can't help but wanting a one piece garment to enclose themselves.

For them it IS about sex and there were already blow up sex dolls made of rubber which were used for sex .. why not port the idea from a rubber sex doll over to ME they thought.. and some people have literally bought blow up sex dolls and gotten inside them.. pretty cool actually. These fetish ideas are not unique... as I found out when I discovered Allen Jones... other's minds click like our own... not many.. but enough for it to be a "niche".

Intesect the I want to be inside a rubber skin of a blow up doll with I am submissive and I can be a sex doll for .. the person that would want that doll... but not the doll but the person who is like the doll... a kind layers of mind fucks. I read a story about a girl who discovered her BF's sex doll and decided to play a trick on him and actually get into it. I recall he kept it inflated in a box beneath his bed. So BF comes home and opens the box and she is in the doll suit... and he obviously realizes and loves the idea... was he fantaszing about his GF when he screwed the doll? So he makes love with her as a doll.. she finds it hot hot hot and he loves it. and she becomes his rubber doll. Very short telling of the story and I probably messed it up... but the point is that THAT story seems to be the seen of the rubber doll "meme". Most of the dolls are M2F and that is a whole other thing about gender bending roles in the fetish scene and latent homsexuality and denial.

But the idea od a doll.. something which we play with.. which we dress up (little girls) and which simply takes on the role and the character its owner wants is something which every girl with a Barbie is skilled at. Port that concept to an adult and why not BE a doll and be USED as doll to provide fun and pleasure and "whatever" to the owner of the doll. A dol role is the prehaps the ultimate submissive one... I am here for your "fun"... use me as you see fit. And so the doll "destroys" the real identity and a "iconic" doll... almost like an anime face is the look. And some of these M2F dolls are pretty good... but of no interest to me personally.

As a het male my interests lie in the Female who dolls... It attracts me because I like females who are turned on by being enclosed in latex head to toe.. I find the look infinitely more erotic than the hotest bod stark nakid. That's just me. Is anked Pan Anderson sexy? You betcha.. but rubber enclosed Pam Andersen is sexier... and even more so if she turly loves being that way. So I like females who like to be in rubber... not fashion rubber.. that's OK... and better than fashin jersey or cotton or denin.. my perference would be fashion rubber.. but that is for the street to broadcast that you are a perv... but not HOW you are a perv.

I've probably revealed more about ME than anything else in this email. If you want me to add to your blog... I would be honored. It is a bummer that the NYC scene is so weak fetish wise... Can't figure that one out. But even that.. not every is into fetish parties except in the carnival sense it is nice to be at a big ball with lots of people in rubber gear... You know they are going to be having some fun when the balls over. No?

Do any of you real life friends know about your fetish? Or only online friends? MY life is completely separated by a wall. My "sex lfe / fetish life" is not shared with "casual freinds". I may be odd like that.. but these are two separate worlds. When I go to an event... I don't come away with friends I might meet at Starbucks the next week. I have thought about it from time to time.. and will probably meet some kinky friends at the 11/11 miss ruber world event in NYC... but so far.. despite a long love affair with rubber and enclosure and a whole closet full of the stuff... I can't say I have fetish friends "real time".

But many do... and the social fetish scene is a new thing. It's not JUST being at a masked ball... it is being at a masked ball with your friends.

- so feel free to respond too him in comments.

if there are any other latex or fetish experiences you want to share then send them in and i can post them if they fit.


Monday, October 02, 2006

is kate really a mannequin?

judge for yourself with this photo.... it would explain her acting range.... ;-)

still nice shoes and heel height on her teeny frame.


sugar babes speak out...

an interview with the all girl band 'the sugarbabes' in trashy british tabliod did result in a couple of good things.

they did publicly support real woman's shapes as opposed to rake thin models and plan to continue eating junk food - kebabs in particulas.

the light article which is 'here' has them mixing and matching in black latex...

coincidently Heidi Range is wearing a pencil skirt i plan to get with my next far east order from the company that supplied me with my new catsuit and brown blouse. i think the order will include semi transparent tights, basic pants and the skirt...


i might need to answer emails and update at home

and its another reason i'm worried about my privacy.

The boss is watching your every click...
30 September 2006
Annalee Newitz

IT IS one of the biggest corporate scandals of the year: Hewlett-Packard chairman Patricia Dunn allegedly enlisted private investigators to spy on members of the HP board and several journalists to figure out who was leaking boardroom secrets. The investigators are said to have tricked reps at phone company AT&T into handing over the call records of their targets. Dunn has now resigned and California's Attorney General is considering bringing criminal charges.

While HP's top brass has been grabbing headlines, hundreds of corporations are routinely spying on their employees without attracting media attention. Sometimes companies keep tabs on employees by hiding cameras in lavatories, or tracking company cars using hidden GPS devices. Most often, however, corporate surveillance consists of logging everything employees do on their computers, from instant messaging, to emailing to browsing the web. Such wholesale monitoring is commonplace at firm such as household products maker Procter & Gamble, Bank of America, net giants Yahoo and Google, and healthcare provider Kaiser Permanente. And people are seldom told they are being watched.

Meanwhile, an increasingly mobile workforce is blurring the line between work and private time: log into work computers from home and employers can track what blogs you create, sign into or post to, or what you write on newsgroups, even outside work hours. Suddenly, online private lives are becoming company business. 'continues here'


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