Friday, February 29, 2008

it is possible to get it that tight

i was sent this link awhile back by VI as he had picked up on the latex and AA legging running meme in my posts. now the curious thing is that these are soft kid leather and not stretch pvc, latex or some lycra hybrid. certainly its another option for people wanting the tight and shiny leg look and have the money to pay for it and live in france too ;-)

for full collection by Jean Claude JITROIS then check out his webpage and specifically fall/winter 2007/2008.

i think i'll stick to latex but it all looks very good.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

in the pink and further along

as i probably said already i'm now in an earlier blog entry, i am swapping between my light pink latex tights and my black skinny jeans for my new years resolution - which is to be half latex all the time from now on. with the tights i've been wearing a skirt over them when at home and otherwise they're hidden by a slacks when at work.

when i get home i immediately put on my chocolate brown latex top and thats how i'll stay till bedtime. not half but pretty well head to toe latex. and you know what? its not hard. really - when i'm home from morning meetings (i freelance and not thankfully in an office all day) i just need to put on the top and its like 'aaaahhh' back to being latex.

its all pretty odd behavior if you look at it from the outside as a suburban GAP wearer but for a wannabe latex doll then its a good sign and a definite step which i don't plan to ever go back on.

so closing on 2 months now and i've stuck to my new years resolution of 1/2 latex all the time and closing in on full latex of sorts the other half of the day. of course it varies based on work loads, client meetings etc but i'm also now making an effort to keep it all on and more importantly visible on the weekends when grocery shopping and whatnot.

sadly i am really getting tired of this top and so my next order of latex has been placed and is being made up. it will include a pair of jodpurs, a pink semi transparent blouse and also a loose, sort of EGL-ish black dress. i just have to wait for it to all arrive. i think the dress will be good as it will work well with my black libidex tights made from ultra thin latex (which reminds me of another entry on latex styles and weights), the light pink pair and the long gloves which i had to send back to the ebay seller as they were way too tight.

all this progress is great and i feel i've made real progress i could barely imagine last year. however i think wearing the pink tights looses its impact by keeping them under a long or even knee length skirt. so to that end i've started to wear them by them selves when at home - like leggings with just the brown top. they're thick enough not to rip unlike the lovely black libidex ones. this way when i see myself in them its a positive re-enforcement of not only the transmutation of myself into latex but as importantly i look down and see dolls legs, hips and waist..


conscious object's video channel

i was directed over to conscious object's livejournal after a tip off by email about one of the entries and realised that i hadn't visited for a long time and that she had been amazingly busy with sourcing and posting interesting videos. this includes the behind the scene making of the video where the mannequins in wedding dresses break out of the window display.

you can either pop over to her journal and have a look too or go direct to her own channel at youtube here.

bellow is one of the recent music videos that looks like it was pulled directly from many realms Legacy of Timeless Beauty. wish they'd had less of the band and more of the process in it. still it's so spot on that you wonder the director or the someone even in the band is reader of this particular genre we're all fans of. if you are its ok, feel free to email me or post comments ;-)

now i wanted to keep the video and others so i had another look around and found a little application that plays back saved FLV videos really well. you can scale it too so it takes up more screen space. its the wimpy standalone FLV Player and it can be downloaded for free from here.

another option which is in the long run much better is a site called which while it has desktop little apps its really all done online. all you do is simply paste the youtube link into it, cross your fingers and pick your output format. then after a fair while - for me anyway - it will offer a converted file to download which is the same youtube video but in a much more usable format for an ipod, divX player etc. i have tried it once and the result was very much better than the direct FLV player.

so here's pet project for someone... make a collection from youtube of all the good clips / music etc related to our rather niche little fetish and save them as AVI's that can then be made into a DVD. or if thats all too much work, then consider the comments for this post for youtube links to start us all off.


Tuesday, February 26, 2008

return of the out planets

a long long time ago, when the internet was slow and 56k modems were considered the fastest you could go and it was all still called 'surfing' there was a company that had a website selling rather rounded alien shapes. there were boots, jackets and strangely scarey but appealing hoods of different sorts.

they disappeared and all i could find of them was a photo from their homepage but a recent find on declared that they were coming back. and in fact there's a blog detailing their re-emergence onto the latex fetish scene and their plans for the future.

also you can of course look at the main page a and with a deft click discover that its possible to sign up to an adult oriented 'Ruberess' gallery by emailing i wonder what mysteries of deep black shiny rubber exist there...... sign me up..


Sunday, February 24, 2008

researched, uploaded but not posted

i keep getting side tracked by work deadlines. one of which i missed on friday as i had meetings in the office all day friday.

though i have done loads of research and gazed deep into my navel to come up with quips, comments and whatnot.

so more to loads to come any day now.

and don't forget you can email me with stories or finds and if not repeated i'll post them


Monday, February 18, 2008

frozen in Grand Central

for all you freeze fans.....


Saturday, February 09, 2008

doll video, suit, group and a sex doll blog

another find on google is this little video from a web site that does these little short news clips. its here. wonder how many new people are either a) repulsed or b) secretly intrigued?

if you want one that will constrict you in heavy pink latex then there's a new design by fast fist - the person who wrote the incredibly kinky and latex saturated epic bondage perils of super girl. the suit itself here is made in australia and is a heavier variant on the existing doll suit vlatex makes.

also new and worth a look is the appropriately titled; realistic sex dolls blog. now for me i do love the light pink latex and of course the entire latex enclosure of catsuit - or more even - but i don't want to look like a badly drawn sex doll or comic. which is my problem with most for the female masks out there as well as the hoods. thats all fine if it works for you but its not my taste at all.

i'd much prefer something that actually makes me look more attractive or doll like that i do presently. either the total doll like mask like the Barbie one Doc Vanderlay did long ago or one that mimic's a mannequin look. actually the later would be really good as i could be a living version of a mannequin i'd pose in windows ;-)


homework for all of you - fashion galleries

i was googling, as i do on fashion and latex leggings and came across a huge stash of fashion images at the telegraph newspaper in the UK.

so many designers! so who have fetish influences and who outrightly use latex in their collection this year?

its your mission - report back in comments.


cosplay cuties

which i found on youtube by accident. not even sure what i was clicking from too but its here.


Monday, February 04, 2008

photographic tips for the non-camera shy

i spotted this book as and advert on F&ART and seemed to think its appropriate to post. maybe i should get it and a digital camera with a timer?

Book Description

Shoot yourself: Sexy self-portraits by everyday women Inspired by a babysitter he surprised in front of the bathroom mirror shooting pictures of herself with his Polaroid, photographer Uwe Ommer decided to put together a book of erotic self-portraits by inexperienced photographers. Arming participants with cameras and basic technical instructions, Ommer asked them to photograph themselves in any way they pleased?liberated, so to speak, from the voyeuristic eye of the photographer. Some chose to use mirrors as they captured their portraits, while others braved the camera without the help of their reflections.

While many subjects required no intervention by Ommer, for others he acted as ?ghost photographer, ? helping them with the lighting and setup; in both cases, the models were free to indulge their inspirations in any ways they pleased?from sexy and provocative to romantic to simply being themselves. The cast of self-portraitists includes a wide range of personalities, from students to artists, actors, stylists, dancers, models, musicians, teachers, and more. This highly original book gives us a rare glimpse at the way everyday women see themselves?or wish they did.

buy it here at

i wonder if there will ever be a myspace, facebook or second life editions?


german designer goes fetish

as much as i am addicted to latex for just being latex and what it does to me - in so many different ways - i'm also really fascinated by how its taken up and experimented with by non fetish designers. generally the photography is much more innovative and the designs more daring. most people won't argue that there's just too much black latex in the 'scene' and really how many latex catsuits in black can you own? two would be one too many.

so on a weekend visit too F&art i saw her entry announcing the new Marcel Ostertag collection and then her report of getting to see it live during berlin fashion week. yes there was a cross over with basic black and colored shinyness.

i did notice that some of the shoe close-ups she captured are my own oxford styled high heels which i still really can't walk in. but at least i now know i'm sitting somewhere on the edge of fetish and fashion once i manage something besides an uneasy shuffle in them.

check out the F&ART blog and the designers homepage for more imagery.

now that you've clicked over to the designers homepage and looked at spring summer 2008 collection, is it just me or does the model just not look right? as if her body size is like a doll version of herself? still i do like the latex-ish dress on the right side of page 10 - very EGL. 


celeb in K+T Latex Leggings

as a follow on to yesterday's entry about silver and latex like leggings, i found this item for sale on ebay in the uk - "As Seen on MARY-KATE & ASHLEY".  wonder if they sell the large carry all too so you can complete the look?

have a look to see more shots of her wearing them as caught by various celeb snappers. 

the leggings still don't look anywhere near as glossy as they could be if they were actual real latex. also my keen bargin hunting spider senses found them cheaper online as per previous entry if you fancy a pair


Sunday, February 03, 2008

paint latex on a singer

and you get Lil' Kim - How Many Licks

are they still a fashion trend?

i was wondering how the fashion trend for metallic and latex leggings was coming along or if it had had in fact totally fizzled out when we entered 2008?

fashion is flakey as we all know. one brief seasons must have is tomorrow's 'OMG your wearing that?!?' so as to be ever vigilant - i pop'd over too the fashion spot forum entry on the subject and picked up where i left off and yes indeed it continues to this day...

from my reading the trend is sustained due to various pop stars and the ready stocking of a range of shininess at American Apparel. AA don't appear to be doing the gold and silver much any more but concentrating on the latex like high waisted leggings in black and more solid dark primary colors blue and green which do look nice and still have that futuristic edge too them.

allot of the chatter on the fashion spot is down to fitting and getting the best brands. few people have tried the AA versions and found them to be baggy at the waist to the point of falling off.

another set of Q's are about the Kova & T latex leggings and if they're any good and how they compare to the AA ones and where of course can you get them from. well one place is at Ron Herman who also have a neat view the products from more angles than anyone else product viewer with enlarged close ups too. click on the link to buy a pair or admire the models thin legs (well compared to mine anyway.

not sure how Kova & T can get away with calling them latex however as obviously they aren't, its like passing off pleather as leather. though i did notice some of the posters looking for real latex leggings.

hasn't the more clued in fetish designers realised that this is a new market they could get into if only they marketed them right and not just to their own clique? if they had they'd be able to sell huge amounts more, supply to a wider range of shops as well as expand the market for other latex clothes and not remain such a little niche interest.

however the silver and gold leggings are no longer hard to find in the UK anyway and a quick look on you will notice they even have there own search categories which is neat and just proves how much more fetishistic they are over there as i had always suspected. US ebay meanwhile has pretty well none currently listed let alone a specific category for them. i did have a look at Top Shop in the UK who did have them but they're all sold out in all sizes.

meanwhile in my googling i came across the entry at polyvore and i'm not exactly sure what the site is, it does have item #31010 as Silver metallic leggings and its complemented with alot of other silver and oh so shiny accessories.

and as a trend they also have a bloglist tag so check out blog toplist's entry for more on leggings, normal, latex and metalics.

of course january/february is traditional sales time and you can pop over to Normal Kamali Leggings are down from $125 to $75 at

if your still shopping for a bargin then one budget option with way less of a shine of any sort are target's version as they seem to be clearing out their stock of more steel grey than shiny silver leggings at 8.49$ - guess its really not their market now is it?


Saturday, February 02, 2008

rockin' girl blogger - by proxy

i was googling myself after visiting the 'never camera shy' Wendy's blog and read her experiences finding herself with google. so i had a go myself and after alot of links - some of them from japan no less - i was surprised to find that i had been mentioned in the fartguide back in august.

not only that, but i had been passed a virtual award by the blog creator's (apparently she's had a few). she wrote:

I would love to pass on this award to Asudem Latex of doll's realm for keeping me updated on topics of the world of dolls and latex. I once reviewd her blog here. Since then I check back every now and then to get inspiration, see the latest fashion spreads including latex or simply feel amused by latex fetishism ♥

the full entry is here.