Sunday, February 03, 2008

are they still a fashion trend?

i was wondering how the fashion trend for metallic and latex leggings was coming along or if it had had in fact totally fizzled out when we entered 2008?

fashion is flakey as we all know. one brief seasons must have is tomorrow's 'OMG your wearing that?!?' so as to be ever vigilant - i pop'd over too the fashion spot forum entry on the subject and picked up where i left off and yes indeed it continues to this day...

from my reading the trend is sustained due to various pop stars and the ready stocking of a range of shininess at American Apparel. AA don't appear to be doing the gold and silver much any more but concentrating on the latex like high waisted leggings in black and more solid dark primary colors blue and green which do look nice and still have that futuristic edge too them.

allot of the chatter on the fashion spot is down to fitting and getting the best brands. few people have tried the AA versions and found them to be baggy at the waist to the point of falling off.

another set of Q's are about the Kova & T latex leggings and if they're any good and how they compare to the AA ones and where of course can you get them from. well one place is at Ron Herman who also have a neat view the products from more angles than anyone else product viewer with enlarged close ups too. click on the link to buy a pair or admire the models thin legs (well compared to mine anyway.

not sure how Kova & T can get away with calling them latex however as obviously they aren't, its like passing off pleather as leather. though i did notice some of the posters looking for real latex leggings.

hasn't the more clued in fetish designers realised that this is a new market they could get into if only they marketed them right and not just to their own clique? if they had they'd be able to sell huge amounts more, supply to a wider range of shops as well as expand the market for other latex clothes and not remain such a little niche interest.

however the silver and gold leggings are no longer hard to find in the UK anyway and a quick look on you will notice they even have there own search categories which is neat and just proves how much more fetishistic they are over there as i had always suspected. US ebay meanwhile has pretty well none currently listed let alone a specific category for them. i did have a look at Top Shop in the UK who did have them but they're all sold out in all sizes.

meanwhile in my googling i came across the entry at polyvore and i'm not exactly sure what the site is, it does have item #31010 as Silver metallic leggings and its complemented with alot of other silver and oh so shiny accessories.

and as a trend they also have a bloglist tag so check out blog toplist's entry for more on leggings, normal, latex and metalics.

of course january/february is traditional sales time and you can pop over to Normal Kamali Leggings are down from $125 to $75 at

if your still shopping for a bargin then one budget option with way less of a shine of any sort are target's version as they seem to be clearing out their stock of more steel grey than shiny silver leggings at 8.49$ - guess its really not their market now is it?



Patrick said...

I don't think you should give up completely. I see that Hot Topic has started carrying the shiny silver and have been pushing them everywhere.
Are they just late to the game? I think the trend is still going.

SanderO said...

I have seen exactly one female in NYC wearing shiny leggings.. gold on Canal street in the afternoon. Whomever is buying them are not wearing them out as far as I can tell.

Anonymous said...


Seen a few in Brighton with the blacks, metallic purple and silver/gold. Mainly at night however mid evening.

Its also bloody cold now so I'm not sure how warm they would be.

There's one girl at a coffee shop I frequent whose almost always in doll pink leggings.


Asudem Latex said...

i think i figured out why the photo's disappeared and i'll know again tomorrow if i've done it again by accident. poop


WendyB said...

Sandero, click the tag "latex" on my blog to see pictures of real peeps in leggings.

Anonymous said...

I definitely need more silver
It makes things better.

Anonymous said...

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