Friday, March 23, 2012

slight remixed by me

ok, this isn't there yet but i've been so lax in posting and i know i'm not going to have time to work on it so here it is.

its from Andy Latex's Blog and its a tweaking of her Exotic Things short story.

Exotic things

At her request, you had been serving the countess in the hotel for about a week . She was a stunningly beautiful lady, probably in her early fifties, immaculately dressed and made up, with a tall slim body, bathed in expensive perfume and, much to your secret appreciation, blessed with stunningly enstyled silver hair. She always was clad in such stunning black patent high heeled boots that echo'd hypnotically as she strode through the hotels marbled foyer.

You would admit she was , with her friendly tone and kind nature, the sort of older lady any shy 17 year old would love to be seduced by. So imagine your surprise when your employer tells you, you have been invited to dine with her in her suite that evening. Well at first you are a little shy and reluctant, but when she tells you it is very important to the hotel to keep such clients happy, you except.. There was only one problem. If you were to dine in their suite, you would require a far more formal outfit

“Do not worry about such details”, was your employers answer a strange smile curling her lip, “apparently she has something special she would like to see you in”.

Sweating and trembling, with both nerve and excitement you knock at the penthouse door. An eternity seems to pass before it is opened. And then you are face to face with a vision of beauty the like of which you had never seen before, dressed in a slinky gown of shimmering gold silk. You are lost for words.
“Good evening young man it is so very nice to see you, do come in. My name is Katherine, Countess Von Tessas personal assistant”. Her voice was low and warm.
“Go…good evening…Andrew…..sorry my name is Andrew”, you stammered feeling a fool.
“Hello Andrew, please come”. To you surprise and absolute joy she placed her lips to your cheek, then took your hand and led you through into the large, where 3 other ladies awaited. “Andrew this is, Vanessa, Selina and Fiona . Ladies this is Andrew”.
The 3 ladies, all dressed in similar gowns , came over and greeted you with a warm hellos and light kisses, “Thank you for inviting me,” you say, “Is the countess not here?”
“She will be joining you shortly, but first, if you will please accompany us, the countess has instructed us to help you dress for dinner”. You follow them through the lounge and into a warmly lit dressing room, the scent of perfume filling the air.
“Thank you, it is very kind of the countess”. You say , your heart pounding nervously.
“Not at all, We have 1 and ½ hours until dinner. So Katherine and Selina will have plenty of time to apply you make up whilst Vanessa will help you with your hair”.
At first the words did not register but when they did you nearly fainted, “I’m sorry”, you say, “M..make up? hair I’m sorry I don’t understand”.
“Did your employer not inform you?. It is quite simple, the countess demands that you join her tonight in a fully feminised fashion”, and with that ,as if to hammer the point home, Fiona turned from the mirrored wardrobe, cradling a ,long glossy red dress! .

"First, lets get you out of those clothes. A scented bubble bath is prepared and waiting. Please indulge your senses with the complentary lotions, soaps and hair wash. We prefer the Countesses brand over the paltry offering of the hotel with a smirk" she stated as she revealed the bathroom to be lit by dozens of candles. The room glowed.. "take your time, truely relax and soak away all your tensions... we'll knock when we're ready for you."

Everything then seemed to go into slow motion as he bathed in this sureal place, you did not know which way to turn, there was no way you wanted to be dressed as a girl, but then you knew there was no way out without upsetting the hotels major guest and if she were upset, the consequences would be huge. Not least for you and your much needed job. No you could not resist and so trembling with embarrassment, you surrendered yourself to the froth.

She was right, he was way tense. Eyes closed he drifted in the mountain of bubblebath foam. Golden candle light flickered as time stood still. The scened bath oils relaxing him far more than he could ever imagine.

A gettle bell sounded followed by a voice "we're ready - your gown is on the door, please lightly dry and come to us now". Shaking himself out of the dream state he duely complied wondering "is this how the super rich live? We're a 5 star hotel and the needed to bring everything themselves...?" He presented himself after a light towelling; put on a silver silk bathrob that mirrored Countesses assistant's in all bar colour.

First smoothing a moist cream over your entire, freshly bathed body, the ladies moved with speed and ease to leave your skin smooth and shimmering with a satin sheen. But once seated before the wide mirror and they began your make up, this reassuring speed slowed. Each colour was painstakingly selected from a huge pallet, some were applied but then removed , replaced by a slightly lighter and darker shade.. First they reshaped your brows into perfect arches, before highlighting your eyes blueness, behind a curtain of long jet lashes and a masterpiece of blended smoky shadows, which left them with an sensual lush oriental look. Then they moved onto your lips, the very idea of ever wearing shiny lipgloss had never ever entered your head before that day, but there, as you watched with embarrassment and shame, , the lip brush, rich and moist, slowly and smoothly coated your lips in a film of bright red gloss, leaving them full , pouting and very feminine.

Then with Katherine completing the details, Selina turned her attention to your nails,adding long false ones over top of your own to give you long elegant hands before glossing them a matching shiny red. Mean while all the time this was happening Vanessa had been weaving your hair up into a new long plum red pony tail which, held in place by a diamond clasp, tumbled about your shoulders framing your softly feminine features to perfection. A perfection you could not take in. It had all happened in a daze , and the effect was quite startling. Yes, they were your eyes , your lips and nose ,the face in the mirror was still yours , but highlighted by such immaculate ornate make up, your face was now not that of a boy, but that of a very beautiful girl.

You could not think how long you gaze at that face , but the next thing you knew Fiona had appeared behind you, the glossy crimson red dress in her hands.
You stand to meet her, gazing at the rippling flowing almost liquid dress. As the bodice of the dress is peeled open to reveal an inside as glossy as the rest, Vanessa and Katherine turn you away. It was then as the bodice is wrapped about you that the dresses greatest secret was revealed, the material was strange, sticky, stretchy, slippery but the aroma was unmistakable, rich warm and stunningly sensual., ,it was rubber!! , you were being dressed in bright shiny rubber almost the color of blood. The gown was tight and smooth , taking all 4 ladies to help snap and stretch it into place, and as it enfolded you in its smooth clingy embrace it moulded your body, and shaped your figure , giving you the sexy curves of a girl, so much so in fact that , where the tight glossy rubber had taken up all the soft puppy fat at your chest, it had left nestled in the low cut bodice two beautifully pert tear drop breasts .

“Oh my goodness”, you breathed quietly as you stare at the vision in the mirror, “What have you done”.

“set you free”

Long jet black rubber stockings and classic 5" stiletto high heels complete your transformation and the ladies have a few minutes to spare before leading you into the dinning room. These were taken up by a last coat of gloss to your already heavy lips and a mist of scented silicone polish which left your dress glistening like wet paint. But finally you were ready, each lady kissed you hand and you are led in.

The countess rises from her seat, a smile of delight on her glossy lips. She looks you up and down and takes your hand, “Good evening Andrew. You look perfect. I knew you would”

The evening passed as if nothing was odd at all. The fact that you were a boy, dressed and made up into a girl, all though a very sexy one, did not seem to matter at all. The conversation was simple and charming, you spoke about your work and she about her life and Whether it was you or the champagne as the evening went on even you began to relax. Your tight rubber dress began to feel strangely comfortable, the long pony tail plume felt nice on your bare shoulders and even the gloss on your lips tasted now of cherries. You felt , contented in the countesses company and anyone watching would have seen nothing but two very elegant ladies at dinner. Indeed your position did not enter the conversation until late in the evening .

“Thank you for dinning with me tonight Andrew. You have been beautiful company”. The l countess said. “I do hope I did not embarrass you . You see I adore beauty and when I saw you I knew underneath all that boyishness there was a very beautiful young lady and you are Andrew, you are a very beautiful girl, I hope you know that”

“I must admit it all seamed a little odd at first ,I have never worn anything like it and never had make up on before, but”, you pause, smoothing your hands over the rubber dress, hearing it rustle and squeak “It does feel very nice”.

“I am so glad. Because you see I have been looking for a companion for so long now, someone to look after someone to care for. You are so very beautiful Andrew….But you can be more so, if you let me take you”., she takes a box for Vanessas hand and opens it. She takes out a sparkling neckless, a narrow choker made of diamonds. “There is no key to the lock which closes this collar, once about the wearers neck it remains there as a symbol of possession of submission”, she steps closer, holding the sparkling jewel up to you. But you do not step back. Your eyes fall into hers.

“Take me where?”, you whisper.

“Into femininity Andrew, total femininity and in return I will show you the world, exotic and far away places, exciting and sensual lands, teach you and show you things you have never dreamt of, never imagined”.
“Let me transform you Andrew, transform your body, create it a new, erase your boyishness and clothe you in nothing but femininity. Let me take you as my pet, as my toy, as my living doll”

She added repeated again with more passion and desire in here eyes "my truely.... living... Doll'

“ Join us Andrew”, the ladies all purred gathering behind you, “Join us and let us guide you”.
You look at the collar, you look at the countess, you lick you cherry lips and feel the latex dress on your body, you breath in your aroma,

“From this night, if you surrender you will forever be a girl. My Doll. Do you understand?”

You understand, you do totally. you tremble with nerves…..and Slowly you raise your chin, you feel the pony tail drawn back and moments later the collar clicks shut.

“Thank you countess”, you barely whisper

She grins broadly and her beauties gather around with elegant glasses. "a toast" you share the bubbly drink with them in your own special glass. Etched carved on it is reliefs of goreous women writhing in a group dance. You drink deeply and finish the entire glass. Head is bubbly as the drink.

“You belong to us now Andrew and you are going to be so beautiful.. so perfect, my my Doll, my... Art”.

Suddenly you feel the ladies hands on you, your rubber gown is peeled away and in just your stockings and high heels you are drawn to the table, which is now laid with bowels of fruit and cream and honey. You feel very drowsy. You look to the countess, she is smiling. "Please you would not deny your mistress desert”

"one last thing... signalling her assistant over and opens a silver case with 6 lavish needles in them of varying sizes.

"first your voice is mine' she states a matter of factly as she injects all the contents into your throat's vocal cords through a small hole in the diamond collar that guides the needle home. ' your a doll now so you will have the voice i desire. No hint of masculinity left.

'Now a reshape - two needles used one for each breast. Not to large, a real B' cup verging on c.

Two more are injected in the soles of your feet through further hidden holes in the heels. She declares with a smile '5 inch stillettoes are nothing more than your new 'flats' this will help considerably in achieving the rather permenant erotic arch'

Last two are much large 'Oh these are just bunch of things, specially blended to work with the bath oils you soaked in for thirty minutes. My own recipe'. You will have the skin of a timeless procellin doll.... "

Your try to let out a sound through the haze decending on your mind. The drink was drugged?!!

She notices your wispered squeek. Smiles with deep care in her eyes and voice; 'Don't worry your voice will return - perfect - a new you and of course how else could i make my perfect living doll?' She winks.

You are gently raised and laid in the tables centre. Fruits a re poured upon you, cherries, strawberries, their juice squeezed onto you . A cherry is placed between your lips, “Mine for later”, Vanessa breathes, your heart is pounding you are laid out, covered and displayed and then, then you feel the first smooth run of honey. It would take time, agonising time but soon your entire body was glazed in thick golden honey, it had taken time, but now you belonged to the countess time did not matter…and then the ladies dinned.

the designers love them and the public?

they totally fail to take into account the base. bet they're not a full 5 inches and higher.

busy, busy now - though in a good way.