Tuesday, March 30, 2010

too busy with work again...

sorry for the delays in updates. i'm stacked waaaay up with entries to do and links to post.

hoping to get loads done this Easter Weekend.


sci-fi B movie kink

does it have a stronger resonance for me as it was an old film i probably saw on late night tv?

has there been more recent films with such overt kink? i had really high hopes for House of Wax, sadly not to pass.


less expensive than latex

one complaint i hear a lot in world (thats Second Life for those who aren't in world) is the cost of latex in the real world. they love the look of in world but its big step from buying 2$ worth of virtual latex to more than an hundred from an online shop or even in an actual store.

a suggestion i make pretty often is - have they tried latex like leggings or if more into dolling then try a zentai suit. they come in different cuts and styles as well as materials.

here's a lovely one in a light pink semi transparent stretchy material.

and don't be afraid to ask for customizations - like zips ands and no hoods. there's rarely any extra charges. do shop around as different sellers are priced all over the place. as they say 'what the market' will bare. also they're cheap enough you can take sharpies too them and totally doll them up. more fun if your in it and someone else adds all those details too you..

also i've not looked into it but apparently you can take your SL Linden$ out of the world and spend it on real things. one day a a keen latex designer or even shop will realize that there's all these people loving virtual latex and yet the only real latex they've ever tried is a surgical glove (that might be entirely another fetish however) and that its a vast potential market..


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

now with added photos!

long time fetish writer BradP is back in action at the The Doll Collective . it seems he's gotten over his writing block with aid of a cascade of photo's provided by Erin_G that have inspired him to start writing again.

here's a couple of shorter captioned sequences:

of course as always click on the images to see them at full resolution - otherwise it will be very hard to read the text.

my favorite so far is a series of 4 images which were only recently added. you'll have to join the The Doll Collective yahoo group to see them. please do make sure you leave positive feedback - it takes a few mins and its what keeps us creative types and bloggers going.

he explained:

"I do have enough pics and rough-draft ideas to keep me going every Monday on this for the next four weeks at least, just with the pics Erin has sent me, and what the DollCollective has now. I presume that Erin has more pictures--she says she's a fiend about this stuff, and has a backlog of thousands more pics where those came from.

So I don't think "every Monday for the foreseeable future" is too bold a guess. ^__^ I like doing this.
And thanks for the positive feedback, I do appreciate it."

so another site that will get updated regularly. mondays just got a bit better ;-)


something for next winter

not that this winter has actually ended, its more of a project that i can discuss with latex designers.

it looks great as it is - though for me it would be perfect in latex. though i kinda like the more bold structure and volume of the other one i blogged about earlier.

oh and if you want to buy it as it is then go to ebay uk here for close to $200.


Kate Moss says so

or at least dresses so - it must be still in fashion to wear latex or leather like leggings? she also has her own label now with 'Top Shop'. notice the combo of classic black court heels and the leggings.

meanwhile they're still being worn to trend up celebrities look as illustrated by a very light piece in the UK 's kinkiest newspaper 'The Daily Mail' here. note her before and after photo's in the article now that she's slimmed down considerably.

please post any comments and sightings for this trend from where-ever you are in the world. the trend which is now becoming a wardrobe staple in some cities. and really we shouldn't be surprised as its just another way to wear black slacks.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

SL rlv experts or even expert shoppers needed

i'm still in Second Life, i was back to modeling at Powers of Creation and having pop'd over to the new Doll Island to say hello to a friend, she made sure i was wearing at RLV (Restrained Life Relay) and had me sucked into and trapped in a new case she designed.

the outfit was not purposely doll based, however it is SL version of my Fantastic Rubber Mannequin suit combined with basic molded stockings and a pair of classic black 5" court shoes.

so i'm stuck again. trapped in a case that says 'permanent doll' as you can see. i think Kit Lacy set the time to 300hrs and then realised it wasn't enough and added another 200. i don't think she wants to release me.

what i've been wanting to do for ages in SL is with RLV devices, keys or whatever is to totally automate myself. reduce my av to a remote controlled puppet to be controlled by passerbys or the key holders. there's a short list of specifications i'd like, so if you interested in helping me in this then please email or post in comments.

i don't think i will be let out of the case unless i have been reduced to this automatic rubber doll.


ps; is the blogger page looking odd? the sidebar is now at the bottom?

from an old screen grab

i was sorting through some old images trying to find some very specific ASFR images and found a photo collection from a music video. must of been some time ago and pre-youtube or pre "good" youtube encoding.

again its not a great song, although the set design and costumes are interesting. a pity its a bit blurry. the seat she sits in looks like it made of black balloons? wonder where one gets those?


the mad scientist's corner...

a photograph from another 'art' series which fits all to well into the doll fetish and transformation mythos. wow - i've must have been caught up with my sleep at last to use such complex words and concepts ;-)

thanks to Xetal for the find. strangely i had actually seen them before but didn't know the whole story as they looked like paper mache sculptures coated with way too much paint. in fact there's models under all there.

the complete series can be found here.

it looks like the in between stage where the mad scientist / doll maker has frozen the subject and applied the nanobot or magical paint. as it slowly dries into the subject it plastifies - replacing the persons skin, making them a doll.


Monday, March 08, 2010

the costumes i like

can't say much for the music.

the best seems to be the natural semi transparent jacket. its not on camera long enough to see it properly at youtube resolution. wonder where its from?

and it will play at 720p, although i have no idea how to download it at that res. anyone done this before?

video was mentioned on Rubberist.net FYI.


PS: managed it - close ups bellow. still no idea who made it.

transformed into a mannequin?

this is Leona Lewis before.

this is her after for a photo shoot in a UK magazine:

full article on her make over and her now flat stomach is here.


puppet women drink diet coke

or so this UK billboard would suggest. its actually a promotion for online retailer ASOS. not sure of the specifics. though i do fine it both curious and kinky that a puppet doll woman is used.

maybe ASOS is actually run by evil doll makers and if you drink coke (diet) and wear their clothes some fantastical magic will happen and ZAP your one of their dolls. or they're just selling dolls now?

as likely the models have priced themselves out of the game?


Friday, March 05, 2010

well quizzes don't lie now don't they?

i did this after seeing it on another bloggers site and had a go being totally honest and there results are:

You Are Bettie Page

Girl next door with a wild streak

You're a famous beauty - with unique look

And the people like you are cultish about it

is anyone surprised? oh and i did the what type of shoe are u and came back with slinky high heels. so there might well be something to these questionnaires.


Wednesday, March 03, 2010

part one of - everything you wanted to know

about the politics of mannequins. thanks to bea who sent me in the link to the article here .


latex is so in daaaaarling...

according the the UK press. thanks to Will for sending the link to me and for a few others who followed on.

Must have fabric? Ladies, it's latex
Jasmine Gardner Jasmine Gardner

Let's play word association. If I say: “latex”, what would you say? “Fetish” or “S&M”?

Wrong answer. Try: “couture” or even “Topshop”, because now there's nothing seedy about latex and, in fact, thanks to a slew of celebrities such as models Heidi Klum and Kelly Brook, singer Katherine Jenkins and Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger deciding to swaddle themselves in the rubber stuff and a host of designers sending latex down the catwalks, it is suddenly the latest celebrity trend — and has even hit the high street, thanks to Topshop, which has included five latex items in its high fashion “Unique” line. (There's a pencil skirt and leggings, each £130; cycling shorts, £110; a bandeau top, £80, and hair bobbles, £3 — in case you fancy adding rubber to your wardrobe.)

the story continues here


now i guess that would make me a super trendy wouldn't it? who would of thought it? wonder if plushies are next as fake fur technology material advances?

there's also a report on a UK television news program here for those who are in the UK and can see it, otherwise this direct link should be fine for the rest of the world.

actually i thought the green military top on the presenter looked rather good, baring his funny walk away from the shop that does suggestively look like he indulged in some other item...


shiny policewomen

new uniforms for policewomen? would you go willingly?

sort of two or three fetishes combined. sadly the video looks a bit flat contrast wise - lacks the deep contasting gloss they should have. maybe the people who made it weren't fetishists?