Thursday, October 30, 2008

legacy updated!!

its been a while now. well not to mince words but its been a very very long time between updates. almost three months in total.

there were two stories i really liked. The Professional Collector by Dede and Just One Of The Girls by Dmurk with illustrations (above).

meanwhile over at Fetish Dreams there is a new english story called The Bed by the mysterious PVC loving K. i did a bit of an edit to the copy i saved so its not PVC; rather my obsession Latex.

and there's a new new issue at Medusariffic.

so lots of reading to do.


a fetish video in itself...

thanks to Arseniy for pointing me towards Taiz who make a life cast system for high volume casting for actors and for medical use.  

the site explains:

TAIZ Design’s patent pending Life Cast Systems™ process captures the subtle nuances of the face and its expression in 3D form with unprecedented comfort, speed and accuracy. The facial imprint is created in 20 seconds, recording micro detail of the skin’s pores, muscle tone and tiny wrinkles, as well as the features inside the mouth when open.

Life Cast Systems eliminates the mess, the 45-minute sitting time and the uncomfortable weight of traditional life-casting techniques. The process captures gestures held for only a moment, in essence creating a 3D snapshot. Elegantly designed for a variety of settings, the service and system can cast up to 12 people per hour.

you must go to their webage to see the video!


Tuesday, October 28, 2008

so it is possible to wear a mannequin

thanks to stickysweetie for these amazing finds on youtube which i've never seen before.

now besides being the perfect size, i wonder how it all could be improved upon. maybe a zentai base its sewn or glued onto?


Sunday, October 19, 2008

up to issue 21 now

i really don't know how i totally missed - Drake's Statue Fetish Gallery yahoo Group and its amazing collection of Medusariffic digital magazine which he produces by himself with a 3D modeling package. 

now that i've found it, i was further surprised that not only had i missed it, and no one told me about it but its also now up to 21 issues!! what a find! actually it was 20 issues and the lag between me writing this up and posting it another issue is published.

they comic books with ASFR / Mannequin and / Statues as themes with a regular cast of characters. they can also be found at the new Medusariffic website.

here's one page each of my favorite stories so far.

notice the curious spin on Scooby Doo ....

i've just submitted to Drake my story New Years Resolution about a woman who decides to walk to work for her health, spots a pair of gorgeous shoes in an old department stores window and then...

i'm crossing my fingers that he likes my story enough to make it into a comic.

please please if there is anyone making creating original work, do support them by sending them praise and thanks. as other bloggers know, its a very lonely without any or very little feedback.

one thing that got me thinking and i had this idea just after i entered Second Life - which is this - rather than using expensive and complex (i'd imagine) software to make comics like Drake has done, and a brilliant job doing i'll add. wouldn't it be possible to do something similar inworld by just taking a well conceived sequence of photo's?


melissa does make boots

these were found on ebay in france would yo believe. i didn't even know they made boots.

i'm still eyeing them and deciding wether the euro/dollar exchange rate is worth the risk and costs. still they're not 5"s i'm keeping myself too. so that should count them out immediately.

then i found these Gucci boots at about half price from the 1,295$ original list price. i'm not a label whore so i don't care if they are Gucci or even GAP. they do look totally yummy and would be i'm imagining what the Melissa's be like if they made full length boots.

i'll keep my fingers crossed. maybe i need to write someone a letter.


Saturday, October 18, 2008

never leave the virtual world

i had an offer, well more of a demand sent to me last year. someone wanted to keep me as their doll, keep me housebound and only let me interact with the world through second life. well all the 'demanding' didn't go down to well and the posturing of the guy was just so off i never replied.

the idea of being trapped in a doll case and only interacting through Second Life is a curious one and has if nothing else certain resonances with the film The Matrix.

i was somewhat surprised when i was sent two links. the first is what looks to be a mock up of a possible immersive system you walk into from i-cocoon

seems to be very much developed for arcades and Disneylands of the world. how long before something like this gets to made and then variations for the home? who knows.

the other link i've totally misplaced so if you were the one who sent it in, please resend. essentially it was a video camera / facial mapping system in real time. so instead of your webcam image, it would be your fully photo realistic avatar communicating on screen wether its video or Second Life.

now back to the offer.

i guess its down to the approach and the intent. most people don't understand that. being spanked as one example is humiliating, painful and abusive. if done in the right situation and with the right person then its something totally different. something thrilling and erotic. the guy who sent me that demand really doesn't get it.


Macy's sell them

well i finally caved in and bit the bullet when i discovered that not only does Macy's sell them here at a reasonable price. they're also on sale!

so breaking them in today with a skirt worn on top.

out of the packaging they were very stiff and sticking to themselves. very stiff putting on though loosing up now that i've been in them for an hr. noting at all like latex, or tights or even lycra based leggings.

i'll report back after a few wears but at discounted $19.53 they're are definitely worth getting just so you can wear them now and then.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

i was rejected

though not really a surprise. i was as much testing the waters and was curious how a more mainstream group of bloggers would take Dollsrealm.

here's the reply:

Hi Ausdem,

Thanks for getting in touch with IFB. After reviewing your blog, I see it's got a lot of great content... and I would love to add you, but I'm afraid it might open the gates to other adult sites, and I just don't know if that's where I want to take IFB.

I do hope you understand, and I just want to let you know that I sat with this for a few days, I really considered it, there is a lot of crossover, and these days fetishwear inspires mainstream fashion, I'm just not ready to have adult sites on IFB.

Apologies and kind regards,

J xxxxx

the funny thing is that mainstream fashion has been positively raiding the fetish closet for litterly decades now. Vivienne Westwood's first shop back in 1971 sold latex in the center of the fashionable part of London...


spacey rain boots...

still no modern Acquo boots or any with high heels; but these caught my eye for their color and uniquenes.

the first is cyber meets country farm and was sent in by a reader saying them he purchased a pair for his wife and she loved them. they're Hunter Original and some are still available at 137$ in limited sizing.

the second had considerable sci-fi and ASFR possibilities and was found on Pop Gloss here.

sadly thats all the information there was on them. the link takes you to another site with the same information. a google turns up nothing.


882 and counting..

is the number of photo's of gorgeous shoes on Pop Gloss. the site is simply a collection of images and links to the original site they appear on. a handy way to kill some time but sadly not indexed as well it could be for a research tool.

i was surprised to see several of the ones i own myself, including the various pairs of Melissas and the more recent pigalle like red soled 5.5" high heels. guess i have taste. wendyB's bat wing shoes are also there.

do head over and have a look at both the shoes and boots category for weird and wonderful designs.

a different collection of fanciful shoes worn by models and celebs is here at the stylelist.

meanwhile one photographer in NYC has been stalking NY Fashion week afficionadoes to see if they stay in their towering and stylish heels here. and no they don't. he has the photo's to prove it.


the full movie online

thanks to pye for the find.

its a korean horror film called DollMaster. and you can pretty well guess the plot. as it seems to be an embedded Google video player i'm going to guess it can also be found directly on google video and also possibly downloadable.

not stopping there, it seems Hollywood is in the process of remaking it for an American audience according to the news site here. although dated 2006 its not been released yet so i didn't miss it as previously thought.

i wonder if they dolls will be Barbies or Bratz? or will they stick to the Asian styled one?

on a related tip, here's curious post that outs a few people and gives them a way to cover their interest here.


Thursday, October 09, 2008

if you didn't know already..

barbie is based on a German sex doll.


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

watchmen are coming soon

if you've not seen the poster...

more mainstream exposure to latex. and special thanks to RubberDollMaker for reminding me to post it.


a history of leggings

and how to wear them.

and not


its not liquid latex..

but it looks very similar.

its a leaked teaser image from the new James Bond film.

the scene she's in is a homage to the iconic goldfinger painted woman scene in the hotel at the beginning of the movie. in the new film its oil.

the full story is here.

thanks to Ryd for the email pointing me to it and back to the UK's Daily Mail. what's with this paper? its conservative but full of kinky fashions and imagery?


what was once a girl

is now a mannequin thanks to body paint.


thanks for sending it in. sorry i've lost the email


Monday, October 06, 2008

more blog features?

anyone out there with more experience on how to do html and blogging, can you drop me a note and give me a hand? even any photoshoppers who like to do logo design etc.

i've 'upgraded' the blogger template which now allows for really easy insertion of additional features. this is what was holding me back as before adding new features required editing actual html code into the core of my blog - frankly terrifying for me.

now that i've done this step i was i finally have the

Image Hosted by

animated Gif as hosted by put where it needed to be.

so i'm slowly getting the hang of it all now.

i would love to hear some feedback on features that can be added to blog that you've liked on other blogs so i can pimp up my blog further before its total redesign.


the Secret Garden shoot

with Natalia Vodianova. complete set posted on Kinky Gerlinky Forums by PGL.

they're lovely catsuits and i wonder who makes them or if they were added for the sake of contrast for the shoot?


a Model Says No...

to Silver Leggings...

wonder how she feels about the glossy black ones?


Sunday, October 05, 2008

freaky heels

an interesting collection in the photo bellow from the recent couple of seasons.

i am really really annoyed with myself as i had found a design site with a category on shoes and heels. it was a high style high heel collection and surprisingly i spotted the red soled 5 1/2s i have as well as various pairs of melissa's i own. i am so on the ball... ;-)

where it went? did i book mark it and can't see it now? its out there somewhere on the world wide web, i just don't know where..


EGL light

scan from a UK paper / magazines illustrating the fashion inspiration and cross over from the film The Dutchess.

egl doesn't always have to be black, black and more black.


the start of a story?

surely this image could be a catalyst for those fetish fiction writers to come up with some new doll / mannequin / latex stories?

there's been so few lately and sadly i'm an awful writer so i've not been able to conjure up anything myself.

here's one recent story at the super kinky illustrated site Fetish Dreams. its called The Boots and its by DeXXter. i so wish i could find that shop...

oh and who is she you ask? Cat Deeley - she's a british tv presenter who used to do kids tv shows and was known for wearing a lot of leather; jeans, jackets and skirts. in fact i was told she was known for it. so i wonder like the 7:45 am Pussy Cat Dolls video how all this seeps into the viewers consciousness - creating fetishists for life?


early morning latex...

if you were in the UK and watching early morning TV you'd catch a glimpse on GMTV of the Pussycat Dolls doing one of their songs. (images all clickable)

now i'm not a morning person so my heads barely working at that point till i've had my proper stove top espresso. even then it takes awhile to kick in.

so i wonder what effect seeing the Pussy Cat Dolls dancing around in latex catsuits and latex like leggings at a way to early 7:45 am? will the semi conscious state allow for better selling of goods, be they detergent, political messages or even latex? i do wonder...

maybe one of those HypnoDommes or HypnoMasters can share what they know.

here's a video of the song:

and you can down load a full high res video if you want to see all the close up details of their tight and shininess.

thanks to Dams in SL (who is in France) for pointing me to the Kinky Gerlinky Forums for the video. just enter Pussy Cat Dolls in the search and bingo - 2 pages full of images and videos.


kate moss in pvc

from an issue of VOGUE magazine.

start of the black and white spread with all of them in sequencehere. don't forget that imageshack scales images to fit onto your screen so you can click on it to get the full resolution version.

so where are the shots of her in latex? surely she must know that latex is much better? ;-)


g spot enhancement

thanks to blackice who heard this on BBC Radio One and then sent me the link to a quick surgical procedure called theG Shot. in a really really fast but somewhat expensive visit to a specialist where he/she is given a collagen injection to your Gspot.

the article says:

Specialists claim it enlarges the G-spot to the size of a 10p in width and a quarter of an inch in height. It makes the G-spot easier to find and more sensitive, and so could enhance an orgasm.

Some doctors say there's no evidence that it actually works. But we've been talking to a woman who has had the treatment twice and says it's dramatically improved her sex life.

if you want more information on it then look at their website here. and if your not sure where yours is then look at Lesbian Life at (as like a guy is going to know where it is?).

now this does remind me of several MC stories or ones with an ASFR tint too them. slowly all these fictions are being realized by doctors and scientists.

another one along those lines which i remember reading about but lost the bookmark for was a more complex operation where electrodes are inserted in specific parts of a woman's spine. a little shock of electricity and bam - instant orgasm. you could see how these could both be developed into a remote controlled device.


Miss Bimbo - virtual bimbo training

its an online game aimed at young girls. a form of training or an ironic statement?

from the article:

“The danger is that a nine-year-old girl fails to appreciate the irony and sees the bimbo as a cool role model. Then the game becomes a hazard and a menace.”

Mr Jacquart claims the game teaches children about the real world and is simply harmless fun.

He said: “The game is structured in such a way that it simply mirrors real life in a tongue-in-cheek way. It is not a bad influence for young children. They learn to take care of their bimbos. The missions and goals for the bimbos are morally sound and teach children about the real world.

“If they eat too much chocolate in the game, it is bad for their bimbos’ bodies and their happiness levels compared to if they eat fruit and vegetables, which reinforces positive healthy eating messages.

“The breast operations are just one part of the game and we are not encouraging young girls to have them.”

Mr Evans admitted that the story in the script had been created by “lads” and no professional advice was sought about how girls may interpret issues surrounding weight loss and gain.

Nick Williams, from Shrewsbury, Shropshire, said that he was appalled when he saw his daughters Katie, 9, and Sarah, 14, on the site pondering whether to buy their character breast operations and facelifts.

Mr Williams, 42, said: “I noticed them looking at possible breast operations and facelifts at the game’s plastic surgery clinic.

“It is irresponsible of the site’s creators to be leading young girls astray. They are easily influenced at that age as to what is cool and these are not things they should be encouraged to aspire to before they are old enough to be making up their own minds.”

the full story is The Times and you can decide for yourself by at Miss Bimbo.


Saturday, October 04, 2008

the rubber sisters lead the way

with both masking make-up, photo website and mask design. they truly have been evolving into real rubber dolls at an incredible pace - from the simple Kerry Masks to their new custom made silicon one which is now featured on their website.

they certainly do know what they're doing and their push for the perfect doll look is very inspiring for those that like female masks. if we were to ever to meet i'd definitely volunteer for a photo shoot as a doll with them (hints hints).

for me i'm very much in two minds about the mask idea.

i love the HW Hood with the clear face. i must start getting more used to wearing it rather than just occasionally. the Natori range of silicon masks are stunning in detail and production though from the reports i hear they are very heavy and you can barely look out of them.

personally what i'd really want if i were ever to get one is a mask that was either more beautiful than my own pretty self like some of the mannequins on 5th avenue (my mannequin fetish coming through here) or so totally artificial and exactly like a barbie there's no doubt i would be nothing more than an animated toy. the masks used in the BC Lotto Commercial would be ideal. now if either of those had teeny recessed locks to keep it being worn.... so much the better.


stash of victoria's boots photo's...

can be found at the Kinky Gerlinky Forums. not just a few, but loads of them from different angles. sadly there's only one video clip taken from a cellphone as she passes through the store. really would like to see how she walks in them or anyone else for that matter.

go have a look.


sunday dolls

more data with the aid of the embedded code that Thrall pointed me towards. it seems that the visitors to the blog peak on sunday.

still not been able to figure out how to do all those extra additions to the blog i'd like too do. any experienced bloggers out there who i can ask stupid Q's too?