Wednesday, July 24, 2019

if you need an image fix

why not visit my Deviant Art page here. 

not so much for my contributed images which i leave for my blog but the favorites. highly tuned and curated almost. you should also be able to see who i follow.


chromed latex

not sure how it was done, but totally impressed. found online.

any information on it?

is it a latex base and chrome metallic plastic panels?

meanwhile i've taken to wearing my aliexpress robot leggings to sleep in with oversized t-shirt. post on those to follow. the detailed printing of lycra etc is getting impressive. how do we get the makers to do a doll jointed catsuit etc?


not dead

fyi - and not been in SL for weeks.

more medical issues. back home and slowly recovering.

however for all SL'ers I am still exceptionally keen on how to preserve myself in world as someones toy, robot, doll etc. any ideas? 

although presently still appearing as a puff of smoke when i log in.