Monday, June 30, 2008

it hit a deep nerve with people

and a considerable number of admirers too is Evil Dolly's story "Eudeamon" which can be downloaded as a word document here.

she describes it as a "near-future, sci fi story, where a reporter investigates a novel form incarceration and gets much more than she bargained for." it has as she says rather modestly 'some latex appeal'.

the latex prison suits from the story have inspired many to make their own versions within secondlife. some of these are totally restrained life viewer enabled following strictly the form and function of the suits in the story. from the look of the Theiry Muggler fashion show above, he used something incredibly similiar on the Paris runway too.

the story's following isn't limited to just secondlife latex fetishists - although there's plenty of those. news just in that Evil Dolly has been approached by an Italian publisher...! and they're interested in translating and publishing that Eudeamon story.

more news when the deal is firmed up and a publishing release date is available.

i wonder what the format will be? a straight story in Italian or an illustrated comic like they do in France? either way my fingers are crossed for her and i hope it comes off. her first fetish story The Boutique is still a favorite.


touring robot fetish

high art has never been kinkier now has it? the theiry muggler gyniod suit has been spotted at different museum shows around the world. once in liverpool and now its in NYC as part of the ongoing superhero costume show.

and art it is imho... though i do wonder how many more people have had the seed planted for an ASFR fetish?

more on the current exhibit here, here and the book on amazon which i may have to get is here.


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

i really wish i had one of these....

a recent correspondence to my google inbox is Peter from a germany and a company called Fantastic Rubber who kindly supplied me with some extra photo's of the Dark or Pure adverting i posted about earlier in the week.

then to my surprise he sent over several photo's of their speciality - a neck and face entry catsuit. it's partly visible on their website where his wife models it.

but these new photos!!! OMG! they made a catsuit thats entered through the face of a hood and turns you into a shiny white jointed living mannequin!!!

click on the images to see them in these in all their super high resolution glory.

now a couple more ideas come to mind to develop the mannequin suit just that much further:

- firstly to have a real mannequin face vacuum formed which could be velcro'd over the wearers actual face, or it could be just inserted carefully under the edges of the open faced hood and held in place that way.
- some sort of shaped eternity collar like idea made from strong plastic or even a strong rubber rubber tube or coated wire. it would be inserted in a discreet piping at the neck and then locked closed. as the only way in is through the neck the collar wouldn't stretch at all and the wearer stuck in it until released...

peter explained their products can be worn for long periods of time...

We made cat-suits with a snug fit by measures for our customers. These cat-suits are from 0.25mm latex and fit like a second skin.

My wife wears very often her suits and every time not only for one day. The longest time she wears one are 4 days and she only pulls the suit off why she must go to her workplace. At this long weekend (easter 2007) it was very hot but she don't sweat very much.

Every morning she takes a shower and runs the water trough the suit. After shower she oils it again with silikon-oil, so the suit slips free over the skin.

and here's a video on their site too which is from Spiegel-TV Extra 6. November 2007.

apparently the vacuum bed it so strong that a person sealed within can be raised totally vertically for display. the open head design makes it much more safe than the ones with just the holes for mouth so i'd imagine someone could be left in it for a rather long time.

i'm currently suggesting a doll version of the suit with doll-joint detail lines like i am assembling in Second Life (tm).

peter said they'll be updating the site with more photos in the next few weeks.

the costs are very reasonable for a totally custom made catsuit at 210 Euro for the turtle-neck version and with the hood its 230 Euros. if you order from them then do tell them you saw it here; as who knows i might have my wishes fulfilled...


Monday, June 23, 2008

a favorite authoress now has a blog

i was revisiting some of the older stories at, rereading a few of my favourites by NanoSlaver which are White Slavery, Thaasophobe and Molly Dolly when i looked over at the fiction by ThrallQueen and noticed there's a new one called Queen Bee Becomes a Drone.

do check it out and all of her stories. they hit me in just a certain way and sum up a very private resonance within me.

then not only did i enjoy the new story, i noticed she has a blog now too!!! happy happy!!

it can be found here.

there's loads of teaser background information on her fetish fiction, images (she like Kumi Monster and Bianca) and a teeny weeny peek in to her secret identity. she's certainly let out more than i have, although i don't think it's really necessary but i can totally relate to her position.

so do pop over to her blog, and read all her back fiction on i think you'll like them.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

goodbye skinny jeans - hello latex leggings

is the headline from nowchic's article bellow:

Spring and summer of 2008 are starting off the new year will a little latex. This latex is surely one you will be able to wear out in public. With the skinny jean seeing its final days, the new and hotter latex legging is making a celebrity debut and our fashion crazy world is ready for this new look.

From young to old, the red carpets are being heated with the introduction of this years skinny jean. The latex legging, very similar to the traditional long footless legging worn in the past few years, is popping up under long shirts and short dresses. With the likes of the Olsen twins, Rihanna and Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, all wearing this tighter than tight legging of plastic, Hollywood has never looked so protected.

It seems this new fashion dare is only currently being worn in the steadfast color of black. With spring on the horizon, there may be an introduction of patterned latex or even pastels to match those light and airy dresses of summer. Only Hollywood will be able to prove the next direction for the latex legging.

It is too early yet to know whether or not this new fashion trend will filter out of Hollywood and into the stores where all fashion minded women will be able to don these slick, black beauties, but one thing is for sure...there is no hiding anything when your pants are made from latex.

meanwhile Stylelist wonders if they're good to wear at any age; with 13 pages to tab through photo's for the reader to cast their judgment. at People they give u a chance to vote if Fergie's look is spot on or way off here. have a guess before you vote....

if your not sure how to wear them, then check Clutch22 for some sample experiments in combining and matching. she does love them as posted here and was inspired by the famed blogger suzie bubbles entries on them.

the reason for the renewed media attention and interest is that they're now drifting down from expensive couture designers into the ready to wear market place for the fall / winter 08 season.

essentially means they'll be a lot easier to find and there's more designers doing them as at the moment K+T are the only ones people are recommending although AA wins for color selection. one site that noticed this is glimmer and glam.

meanwhile Nylon correctly wonders out loud if you'll be wearing latex leggings this summer.

mystyle has an entry on latex leggings and russian model Natalia Vodianova and she certainly has a few pairs both on and off the catwalk.

another designer - Nicky Hilton - has incorporated them into the her naughty, but nice equestrian themed autumn/winter collection as covered at Vogue UK and another report on the fall collection is at lasplash

at Shecky's they look at the leggings from a different pov - wether they are Eco or Anti-Eco. surely real latex leggings would be Eco and its the ones that call themselves latex leggings in look only that fall into the Anti-Eco category? i wonder how long plain tights/pantyhose take to decompose?

so it looks like they will be around for another season or two and with more and less expensive designers making them there will be certainly be a spike in magazine imagery and street sightings in the rest of the year.

which begs the really big question - where are all the real latex designers in all this? a major woman's fashion trend and they've not stepped up to sell the real thing to a wider audience?


they're advertising....

hair curlers in the uk with this white mannequin like woman which appears in posters in hair salons and all over the fashion and style magazines.

definately the start of a fetish story there.

love to see any more photo's from the series of adverts if you spot them?


Friday, June 20, 2008

long term latexification?

i have had emails in the past and conversations in second life/yahoo messenger with other women who are addicted to latex and are wearing it long term or if not then when ever they get a chance. so its just not me!!! (which is good to know and lets me know its more than possible)

some of have been wearing latex be it a base catsuit or underwear for several years now and if any of you are reading, can you post in comments or email me about how you do it?

i'm keen to know if there's any hygiene steps, or routines you do so you don't have any bad skin reactions? 

i've been following a couple of threads on about 'prickly heat' which described to the tee the reaction i had with the new skinny jeans i wore without washing them the day they arrived in the post. though reading the second thread on about a purchase from ebay/far-east seemed to have a same reaction and when i had mine, there was no visible spots or anything - just random feeling of something like a needle put into my thighs. in that case it maybe a chemical reaction on the skin and not the prickly heat.

i can be a very light sleeper and this kept me awake all night and left me a mess the next day. it took about 10 hrs to disappear. i'm also still trying to sleep in latex with no luck at all. 

so you can all see why i want to know how people have managed long term latex wearing without getting anything like this or dry skin or lord forbid a latex allergy.


made into living barbies

thanks to jean-f for the find. its an advertisement for underwear...


this seasons pants

an article from The Mail newspaper in the UK here about this season pant styles for women and low and behold i beat them too the punch by buying back in february this year a pair of latex jodpurs deep chocolate brown.

they are lovely and sort of weird to wear as they're tight from the knee down like a pair of leggings and loose from between the knee to mid bum. so thats all very loose and billowy almost the waist band is a bit too thin imho though for a first go i seem to getting the directions to the designer out in the far east better. either that or i'm being more honest on my measurements...

if your not exactly sure what jodpurs look like then you'll undoubtedly recognise them on kate blanchette in the new Indiana Jones film bellow.

mine are pretty well like those except for the color and of a somewhat thinner latex than i expected. her gloves look fab tooo...


can't concentrate in flat shoes...

i laughed when i saw this article sent to me by Javier. surely its the wrong way around? dumb blondes and high heels and all that?

'I can't concentrate in flat shoes,' explains high-heel addict Victoria Beckham
Last updated at 15:01 15 May 2008

Victoria Beckham's addiction to vertiginous heels doesn't just boost her height, she insists it increases her brain power too.

The 34-year-old, who is never knowingly seen in public without towering stilettos on her feet, says she also avoids the gym because she can't bear to be in trainers.
continues here

the same newspaper has been charting the rise of high heels in this years fashion and in particular have it all down to what they call "The Gwyneth Effect" here.
for more indepth investigation on women's heel trends and whose to blame then follow this link to more articles on the Mail's site.


banner me

simon O was nice enough to make me a banner for his site and here it is. feel free to use it if you like.

if there's any skilled photoshop people (winterrose hint hint) that would like to design a banner then do send them over. no idea what standard sizes are, so i guess just use the normal templates.


Monday, June 16, 2008

new site from a latex designer couple

it seems to be an ideal match to me, a latex designer married to a fetish model.... all those clothes!!! and amazing clothes they are as it's Simon from who is the designer.

his lovely curvy wife Manuela is back now with a new site called Rubber Vita.

she explained in an email:

Many of you know me from my previous homepage and of Latex Manufacture Simon O. – a business that I run together with my husband Simon for many years now.

After quite a long break I felt the urge to take pictures again and the desire to share them – with the members of this website. My special passion for latex has developed during my relationship with my partner. In the meantime I am eager to catch up with everything I have missed before, because this material opened a door to a love life full of unknown pleasures.

In the beginning the fashion aspect was most important, as well as the tight and sexy gloss of the material – only later on I realised the sensual power emanating from this material and the wonderful feeling of latex on my skin. From the time I came to know latex I have always found great pleasure in my partner wearing latex. But only recently I discovered that I get hot if my partner is all wrapped up in latex when things turn erotic. In this case I must not miss a latex hood. I love those hoods and the sensation they give my skin. You could even say that while wearing a hood I lose my inhibitions and it makes me do things I would hardly have done otherwise.

High heels always come with me in my bedroom, simply because I like to use them and enjoy the erotic effect they exert on my partner. This is the reason why my high heel collection is situated in my bedroom – so I always have them at hand.
Well, you will see all the sweet and nasty little things that are happening in the members’ area.

I could not resist high heels, nylons and special sexy clothes even before I came to know latex. I like to use those aids if I want to emphasize my feminine style. I always wear something extravagant, be it hidden or visible, to attract attention. The feeling to be the object of desire in many thoughts and fantasies arouses me a lot and fires my own imagination as well.

In all other aspects I am as normal as anybody else. But I am proud to be a woman, with all the charms and specific features. With the power and the privilege to use those charms. And with the right to enjoy sex and eroticism freely and full of relish.I like well dressed and well groomed men with manners. I have no time for miserly (those are the worst anyway) and cold-hearted people.

I like to attend fetish parties and have ordinary hobbies like reading, horse riding, boating and skiing. I enjoy good meals, I am fond of the company of nice people and I try to enjoy life to the full.

I love the sea, beaches and warm sunny days. I am fond of my family, my horses and, of course, our business Simon O., whereby we are back at the main topic: latex.

It is a central theme for me and has influenced and enriched my life in many positive ways.

Kindes Regards Manuela

so while i've not had my photo shoot yet (although it was a new years resolution), do pop over to have a look both at Manuela's site and Simon O's yummy designs though do keep in mind that its NSFW...


so many captioned images

i've been moaning about the lack of fetish fiction for some time now, and even more so for my (and your) particular tastes.

so earlier i was happy to discover a thread at Stuck Posing Forum where people uploaded images and added text later. here's some of the images i personally liked.

if you want to know the little stories that went with them then head over to the thread here.

oh and if you do have any fiction and would like to see it here then do send it in.


Saturday, June 14, 2008

the full version

part 1 - the body against

as found and posted in comments by luccloud on the original entry.

its on youtube bellow and not the best resolution but if you go to you can download both videos in a much clearer form in mp4 format.


Wednesday, June 11, 2008

and then another comes along

no, not busses or taxi's, but rather updates at the only real depot for asf/doll fiction these days The Legacy of Timeless Beauty Archive. i've not had a chance to catch up as yet due to busy week running up to a work trip and then the work trip itself which is thankfully over now.

which also got me wondering. does anyone remember Robot Doll's ASFR site? if so what happened to him/her and it?


so cork wedges can look good...

well i've always avoided them but recently - two weeks ago in fact - i spotted these and noticed the overall heel matched my 5 inch standard so decided to get them.

now i was never very keen on cork wedges in the past as they were too 70's, though i think its the black patent upper and the more exaggerated arch from the much higher heel that makes the shoes for me.

they're almost broken in now too.


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

the magic of the attic

i found this photo somewhere on the web and i needed to share it with you all to get your opinion on what it represents.

for me it has a certain resonance and its all to do about the mysteries of old houses and attics. very much a plot for asfr/doll fiction, it embodies a lost world of corsets, mannequins, dolls and dressing up.

or is that just me?


another doll music video

a major find by airfan! this video by Estonian singer Kerli hits an entire tick list of doll related fetish elements and the music's not too bad. for a complete collection of screen grabs then go here.

it doesn't seem to be on youtube as yet but better still you can download a full resolution video file directly from rapidshare here. it really is a must and i'm just wondering how much i'd like to be stuck in her position.