Sunday, April 26, 2015

latex bots in Jupiter Ascending

i just watched the film and spotted several semi background characters - very nice latex gynoids. now for the life of me i can't find any stills of these anywhere.

the film looks great but lacks much life or soul.

its worth a look as something to kill some time. i just can't bring myself to watch or even scrub through it to find the images/stills of the well crypted gyniods.

i wonder what happens to all the costumes? who made them is the next obvious Q.


apparently House of Harlot in London; according to this news item on their site

and now a photo from making of the suit / House of Harlot.


a bronze latex top?

can anyone confirm? was it used in the music video that goes along with it?


Saturday, April 25, 2015

couple of recent image finds

as there's almost no new writing out there....

no comments but loads of stats...

in case anyone (advertisers perhaps) are interested.


Friday, April 24, 2015

never saw the original - massive potential for a rewrite

i have a tendency to visit a range of sites that do captioning of stories - generally based on how good the bloggers captions are in an ideal world or just as important - and definitely how evocative and stylish the images chosen are. so european fashion magazines win out over selfies...

here is a still from a photo captioned story that could use a remix both in images and narrative.

full story is letting-punishment-fit-crime at Samatha de Savory's blog.

by the time i heard back from her the source shoot site had disappeared. anyone have a set they could email to me?


someone forgot the polish

yes its a real news story - no mention of the lack of polish as its all about the tighness of the dress.

check out the in depth reporting from the Daily Mail here.


Saturday, April 18, 2015

and now for some culture...

rocky horror songs performed on stage and filmed in 3d by regular contributor 'blackice'

use a browser other than chrome for the player to work and be able to switch back and forth to 3d in different modes.

oh yes, that is latex on stage....


just some random images i've seen recently i like

Thursday, April 09, 2015

a bit of a maker / latex designer thread brewing

i spotted this and it was a good start as well as the other play possibilities.

of course you could use a whole zentai suit as a base as well. just be sure you use the bandage scissors to remove.


creepy or strangly erotic?

maybe its my mannequin and doll fetish - but i saw this photo and thought.... hmmss.. it would be an interesting mask...

then in my twisted mind with hints of my sub side showing... imagine if there was a special glue with the only remedy being with your mistress and she'd glue it on for.....


Wednesday, April 08, 2015

who wants to be normal.....?

a selfie from Second Life to be....... real?

there's a bit of chatter going on behind the scenes and it involves ideas for this proposed 3d documentary on legendary fetish club in London and how can i appear in it.

the idea is simple and obvious - i'll have a top mask designer replicate my in world look and have it sent to the UK to appear / be filmed. who knows my head could be fedex'd around the world to make appearances here and there.

so for the mask maker, here's the shot. i understand the director is organising it all and might even be used for some fashion shoots as well.

the key elements are - skin tone, eye liner and retina style, light rouged cheeks, and lipstick color and style.  thanks to Roen for making me so many years ago in world.


Tuesday, April 07, 2015

tools for those with twisted hentai desires....

or perhaps just me?

full story here.

someone please get a copy for cult asfr/doll writer Brad Poe..... 


Sunday, April 05, 2015

because its easter....

and they're so cute!!!


formafillia from the 60's thanks to allen jones

‘The artist cannot worry about how someone 

might misconstrue the work’: the pop art 

pioneer on feminism, fashion and his 

favourite Dazed cover

full article is here


20 inch waist in UK's kinkiest paper .....

Model Shrinks Waist to 20 inches....

of course it was an in depth investigative report to find a new angle on the Cinderella movie....

i admire her dedication but for her shape i think its too much given her body type. for me esthetics and balance is important.

i've held off corseting for some time now. yes i've owned them and i could easily get addicted to them. even with the one i had i massively over tightened them. training is more of a slow dedicated regime to achieve the result.

like most of the latex, doll, fetish path i am on; i can do so much myself but really to go as far as I could would be with someone and for someone. after all a doll needs an owner....

what would come out the other end...? timeless latex art


she's living latex art

i just discovered a new latex model / photo sequence... here's a sample. amazingly well photographed as well for super shine.

do visit and subscribe to her at Fetish Chimera. i think she needs to get on with some merchandising.... i'd love a life sized poster of her....


Saturday, April 04, 2015

Hypnotic Haylee's free youtube video - blank and empty

her full site is:

for those of you who don't know there are various plugins for your browser to save youtube videos and you can also use Keep Vid to save videos or MP3s from videos. which i'll be doing right now so i can listen too it later.

she has Q and A's on her blog and one that caught my eye was  Have I ever put someone in a trance using witchcraft?  visit her site and blog to learn more. i love the idea on an enchanted something - that speeds things up when entering subspace/doll space. that it might even be a cursed item mixes perfectly a sense of danger, fear and permanence that hits me just so.

i bet she could make a great doll / latex hypnosis session... i'll be asking.. ;-)


Thursday, April 02, 2015

latex manga doll suit being put on....

and a latex woman making a doll and then returns the favour....

any idea of where the masks are from?