Friday, November 25, 2016

now we know where their latex comes from

we knew it was from London but being the EU center of latex, there were a few brands and shops to choose from. recently spotted on FB by a reader it seems Femm____ is sourcing their latex from House of Harlot.

Jpop due wear latex and pose as mannequins... more on their instagram account here

and of course a video: 

do let me know which you like the best of their songs and videos.


it practically writes itself

i've not written it but its a cap i found, loved the image but not the text and was prompted by my current situ in Second Life. meanwhile my head is is somewhere with a photographer who hasn't followed through as yet due to travel and 'flakey models/makeup/hairstylists'.

perhaps i should just offer it to the Rubber Sisters for a few months so i can appear in their productions by proxy? or how about they realise their RL look in SL so everyone can wear them?

btw - thats a massive hint for all you writers to do something with this... 


meanwhile seasonal window in UK

actually it was 2010...


found and updated..

someone elses caption whose image i liked but being me i wanted much more....


text continues:

Just stare deeply into my eyes and your journey into transformation can begin.
Let the light from my eyes wash over your mind so I can make the many indelible changes to you.
You are to be shaped, trimmed, tailored ever so to my designs. My artificial look reproduced in your malleable flesh like so much putty. You’ll never feel a thing - no need for any fear. No pain and henceforth only pleasure is possible as you loose yourself in eyes.

There will be nothing left of you after this you’ll learn, my look will consume you into a freshly minted glossy gynoid.

My soothing voice will continue to saturate your thoughts when your undergoing my upgrade. My unique gift. Orders, commands, routines seep in and become permently etched there. Automated responses will forever now be your core. Oh you may want to revolt, but that simply won’t be possible once activated. Programmed, compliant, automatic and under my command. Isn’t that what you wanted?

All you will hear is my voice. When your permitted to speak even - well that is another deep change I will have executed on your flesh by the time your completed. Laser trimmed and shaped vocal cords to closely match mine. A mere beautiful echo. My technology is beyond your comprehension. Permanent colour embedding where needed from head to toes. Eyes, lips, eyebrows to match the best 5th avenue mannequin. Full denuding including your hair. Your artificial beauty will mirror mine. Your hair synthetic, light and voluminous. Skin tone will be made uniform like all dolls. As if freshly dipped in paint. No blemishes or signs of wear - of your former existence. Another aspect of your humanity taken by me.

Finally before I wake you to your new clockwork submission the chrome that finally shapes and binds you so completely is sealed - welded on. Never able to be removed. Defining and utterly restricting you in oh so many levels.


She approaches to your frozen body. All you can do is blink now your so deep under her control. She taps the center of your forehead and you are ‘off’. Blackness - nothing.

’Tap’ and your conscious returns like a light switch and yet still frozen. You have no idea how much time has passed or even where you are now. You feel no pain from extensive intrusive surgery or ‘moulding’ its healed a long time ago.

Stage one is complete and the skin deep changes are total. Your doing well. All primed for the chrome enclosure that sets you apart from any sign of humanity. This makes you mine.

She opens a case and pulls out the matching mirrored torso to her own elegant yet impossible shape. She splits in in half and shows you the intricate inner details you could never had imagine. A wearable chrome iron lady. You can’t comprehend how you could even fit in it. You try to squirm in horror, to react in anyway but you can’t. Its lined with countless needles which runs up the wearers spine, special array of needles and protrusions for nipples and breasts then bellow - shaped silver extensions for front and back.

When I explained this goes beyond beautifying to you in my image I was purposely remiss in all the details less you object and  break the initial spell; the chrome shell penetrates you oh so thoroughly. This just doesn’t shape you - it makes you a puppet. Oh yes there are now multitude of commands embedded deeply in your mind from the six months you were ‘off’, healing and being programmed then tested. I can freeze you in a classic mannequin pose and leave you “off” for any time I like. You’d never know.

But this is the hardware that enables them so much further. It also brings you pleasure and so much more as it interfaces with your spine and nerves. The two ‘extensions’ bellow - well those are obvious and familiar even too you. You will be self contained no and no longer need to eat or excrecate. So much more room in you to create a wasp waist with all those biological requirements simply no longer needed. This means its also an essential life support so it will never be removed.

An artificial being made you to mirror her and she is now your owner, your now my doll and toy. Your wish has been realised in glossy metal and plastic.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


found this on Samatha deSavoury's Caption blog and the source was here!

now i'm wondering about a tattoo and this would work as a transfer.

well i am a Muse.... (no one got that??)


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Mary Jale's reason for loving rubber

Mary Jale 'I love rubber ,because i feel sexy and strong with especially when i'm fully covered i also love the smell it is the best perfume a rubberlover could have.'

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

a good time to buy latex from England...

 not sure what will happen after the election however.


Tuesday, November 01, 2016

if your in London and like latex...

and any one going please report back. plenty of time to plan and book tickets to fly in special.

or perhaps i'll just send them my head? whats there postal address?