Saturday, September 30, 2006

Friday, September 29, 2006

i wish they had higher heels....

but they were on sale and after abit of fondling of them in the store i just had to have them. so i got them last week and have worn them all day on a couple of days.

they're from sigerson morrison and can be ordered online too 'here' and they're on sale at 1/2 price!!

i ended up with the deep purple ones as they were the best colour option in my size. and they're soooo lovely!!!!

the photo's on their site and above do not do them justice in the slightest. they are in fact glossy rubber and soft and not matt at all. not precisely the acquo boots i'm after but pretty darn close. another thing is that isn't really noticable is how tall they are - unlike alot of boots they do really come up right too the knee.

really worth getting if you want a fashion rain boot thats real rubber you can wear to work....


part 1.... of the Blue Doll

i keep on meeting readers in second life.... people who don't post, comment or email at me at all seem to be far more friendly there.

one new acquaintance is Tizzy Calliope who writes fiction and has been inspired to do a doll one.

part one for your pleasure:

The Blue Doll
Part 1: Transformation

In this chapter: Machine/F, BND, f/o, xfrm

Bella groaned as she awoke in what felt like a painful position. Her jaw and throat ached, her arms and legs felt stretched, and she felt like she'd just had sex in both her pussy and ass with something big ...

She tried to close her mouth. She realized she couldn't — there was a hard plastic object that went into her mouth and down her throat! She tried to pull her arms and legs in close, but they were held in place! She realized that she hadn't had double penetration — there were large round objects inside her pussy and ass, and there was a catheter inside her urethra! On top of it all, she felt like her whole body was encased in something oppressively tight. It also felt like her eyes were sealed shut. She could barely breathe, nor make a sound with her voice, and she squirmed in her helpless position.

Suddenly, her sight was assaulted by a sudden bright light. Bella yelped, and then the glow faded, took focus, showing a side-view of a strange figure covered head to toe in black latex, spreadeagled and cuffed to a stainless steel table. It was definitely female — well, probably female, given that she couldn't see any features. Its face was covered by a mask; two tubes were connected to the mask, and two more were connected to its groin. She tried to crane her head to get a better view, but strangely enough, her field of vision didn't change ...

... and the strange apparition craned its head.

Bella gasped, flinching back. Again, nothing about her field of view changed, but the strange figure did flinch back. She had somehow been given a third-person perspective of herself!

She took a deep breath to try to calm herself down. This was a bit of a chore. When her nerves were halfway settled, she tried to examine the room she was in. Since what she saw didn't actually change when she turned her head, this was also a chore. All she could see was her own bound form, and past that, a set of Venetian blinds with what appeared to be Greek columns in front of it. The strange tubes simply went out of her field of vision. She also noticed that affixed to her feet was a pair of high heels that looked ... rather tall.

She tried to remember how she'd gotten here. She knew that she'd been transported to this strange otherworld called Eros, where virtually everything and anything was at least related in some way to sex. She remembered studiously avoiding the Slavers' Guild until she could register for full citizenship, and then getting a computer and into the local equivalent of the Internet ...

Ah yes, this was all because of her little fetish, wasn't it?

* * * * *
Bella Andrews was twenty years old, slim, five feet tall and with curly brunette hair. She wore glasses, had freckles, and was actually somewhat plain. She'd been just entering her second year at college when the Gateway took her. It hadn't changed her much — there was just some subtle alteration that made her a lot cuter whilst still being able to recognize herself in the mirror, and her breasts were a bit closer to being C-cups than her previous modest B's.

After getting a temporary job at a supermarket and buying herself a used computer, she filled out an online fetish survey. It seemed like the good thing to do at the time. There were people in this strange realm who didn't mind dominating someone the way they did on Earth (i.e. in a fully-controlled situation) instead of just renting a slave (or enslaving someone) and doing whatever they wanted, weren't there?

Back on Earth, Bella had owned ... a few things. She'd gotten her hands on a black latex catsuit, and had often masturbated while wearing it. Once or twice she'd put a vibrator and butt plug in herself, zipped up the suit, and then just lay in the bathtub, letting the pleasure fill her, imagining she'd been taken by some Master and been made into a sex-doll ...

She only tried selfbondage once or twice. It just wasn't the same, and she was too worried about getting stuck in a situation she couldn't get out of without intense embarassment.

During the survey, she'd mentioned fantasies about becoming a doll, and being bound and helpless. The thought of being completely under someone's control turned her on, and she said so.

A few weeks later, she got a phone call. The group that had made the survey wanted to know if she was interested in realizing a few of these fantasies. She blinked, not remembering having given her phone number, but she replied that yes, she was still interested.

Two days later, she remembered going to bed, but that was the last thing she remembered doing of her own free will.

* * * * *
Bella sighed, and lay back heavily. She was dimly aware that she was probably breathing through her nose. Not that she could actually tell particularly what was going through either way, but she noticed that the upper tube leading to her mask twitched a bit as she breathed.

Then the lower tube twitched as well, and there was a sound of running liquid, and Bella felt something flooding her stomach. She squirmed a bit, but then realized it didn't really feel that bad. She hadn't realized how hungry she was — she'd been rather distracted — and now this was providing an ironic sort of relief from that.

Her vision began to fade. She wondered if her "meal" had had some sort of sedative in it, but then realized that whatever was giving her this third-person perspective was simply switching off.

Then she lay there, alone with nothing but what she could hear and feel, and that wasn't much. She wondered how long she'd be able to stand being completely helpless like this, blind and unable to smell or taste anything except rubber, barely able to to hear anything, feeling nothing except the constricting latex. She'd heard some vaguely unpleasant things about what happened to people who'd been in sensory deprivation for too long, and while this wasn't exactly the same, she was already scared and unwilling, and frankly, it felt close enough.

A voice abruptly spoke up in her ears, startling her. "Hello. This is a prerecorded message," it said. It sounded like a man in his thirties, and a bit perfunctory, as if he was glad that he would only need to say this once. "Your age, sex, race, physical dimensions, and sexual orentation are irellevant. You are about to be transformed from a human — or whatever species you were before — into a sex toy. This is distinct from mere slavery in that in several ways, a slave is still considered a person, whereas you cannot free a vibrator, or raise a ring-gag to the status of citizen. I cannot tell you what type of toy you will become, but there are quite a lot of possibilities — as many as there are types of sex toys, in fact. You could become a dildo, or a sybian, or some sort of sex-related furniture. There is a small chance you may even be animate, and still contain a measure of free will and movement. This will be up to whoever has purchased you or decided you should be transformed. Frankly, though, the only way you are likely to be different from any other sex toy toy is that you will have a mind, and thoughts, and emotions, and memories of a time before, when you were still a living being who owned yourself. Oh, and you will still be able to experience orgasm, and you will, whenever you are used," the voice added. "Whatever your ultimate destiny is, welcome to your new life ... such as it is!"

But even as it spoke, Bella knew what was going to happen. She was going to be changed into a sex doll! The thought terrified and startled her, but she also felt herself more turned on than she had ever felt before. She wished, briefly and irrationally, that she could masturbate, or had her vibrator ...

She gasped as both groinal tubes suddenly began buzzing within her pussy and ass. She shuddered, squirming and almost bucking her hips, the sudden pleasure washing all over her body and filling her to the brim. This was beyond just fingering herself, or wearing a latex suit over a par of vibrators, or even any kind of sex. It was as if something had focused on the pleasure centers of her brain and turned them on.

It wasn't long before she came, unable to scream, or even move very much. The vibrations slowly began to die down, and she fainted.

* * * * *
Bella awoke to an unpleasant sensation in her rear, as if a strange liquid was filling it up. She realized after a moment that she was being given an enema. After a few moments, the liquid was pumped out. There were no complaints from her bladder, though; it must have already been emptied by the catheter.

She realized then that her hands were at her sides, and her legs were closer together. She'd been unbound! She tried to get up, but every time she tried to push herself off the table, she suddenly felt far too heavy, and couldn't move herself an inch. She reached up to feel the tubes coming out of the front of her face, then the ones at her groin. Yep, they were definitely going straight into her body, all right ...

There was a sound of running liquid, and then she felt the feeding-tube filling her stomach again. Bella lay back, wondering what it tasted like, or whether it was just as well that there was a rubber tube in between the liquid and her tongue. She sat back with a sigh, placing her hands on her stomach.

After a moment, she realized her fingers were getting numb.

It wasn't just them — she couldn't feel her feet, either. And the numbness was spreading through her arms and legs, up to the rest of her body. She gasped, feeling a gushing sensation in her pussy and rear as well, realizing that whatever it was, it wasn't the feeding-liquid.

Bella knew what was happening now; she was about to undergo the final transformation. She found herself saying goodbye to everything she'd ever known. Even if she ever saw anything she knew again, it would never be in the same way.

Her hearing began to fade as well, such as it was, and she found that her consciousness was fading. She just lay heavily on the table, letting oblivion claim her once more.

End of part 1

and part 2 is 'here' on her website. there's more too come too.


amazing transformation sequence pt 1 +2

it took me awhile but i finally remembered enough of the title of this film to be able to find it on imdb and then too buy my own copy a couple of weeks back.

i saw it as some afternoon cable flick and was entranced by the long transformation sequence. it hit several buttons not at least the gooey coating the lead is given. its all very involved....

and i'm definately not reading stuff into it like i was with Succubus - it is really meant to be deeply kinky... :-)

it has two names which caused the confusion: 'Invasion of the Bee Girls' and 'Graveyard Tramps'. there's another film or two that also has bees in it so i kept renting the wrong one...

its imdb entry is 'here'. its not a highly rated film - it is an exploitative 'bee' film after all. but its worth it just for this scene. there's loads on ebay too for a just few bucks so worth getting even if the print is lousy.

a synopsis from

Never mind that title: any film that wound up on Siskel and Ebert's "guilty pleasures" list can't be that bad. Cult movie stalwart William Smith plays an FBI man investigating reports of a coven of "bee-girls"--women who have taken on the characteristics of bees, and who kill men upon making love. A cute device throughout the film allows us to see the action from a bee's-eye view. The script, by no less than Nicholas Meyer, pokes gentle fun at the conventions of the cheapo-horror genre without ever stooping to cheap parody. Invasion of the Bee Girls was also released as Graveyard Tramps. ~ Hal Erickson, All Movie Guide

i did notice that the computer console used in the shot can also be spotted in a loads of 70's shows like buck rogers for one...


hentai or manga ??

another curious find emailed in. its japanese for sure. wether its a comic, or an anime series i just don't know. maybe even one of those pc games?

i do like anime but really not up on newest series or stuff that i should really be looking at.

so please help out readers, post the best doll or mannequin related series. and yes cut robot dolls would count as some more gothy egl ones too.


is she already a mannequin?

some models just look like mannequins, or living dolls without much makeup or photoshop work needed...

here's a shot of kyle bax sent in..

i so wish i had her body....


Sunday, September 24, 2006

more latex in mainstream magazines

the cover of UK edition of GQ Style has lovely latex clad ladies with what appear to be 15 year old boys in tuxedos... maybe some sort of 'addicted to love' homage?

can someone in the UK get it and tell me more? maybe scans even :-) or i'll be stuck waiting for a month or more for it to appear at tower records.

oh and i flicked through the new 'W' and i think there's more latex in there too. will need to check again and buy it if it is.


spiritual rubber wearing....?

for me the wearing of latex is part of a transformation process. it takes me deeper into the doll i am striving to be. others perhaps its just fashion, a passing trend like rollerskates.

a new section of The International Associate of Rubberists is the Metakink Institute to explore these aspects in a public space.

here's his post on the importance of rituals:

Rituals have been around since the dawn of humanity. The earliest ritual was probably the burying of dead family members.

Rituals are always symbolic in nature and are usually intended to reinforce or solidify the traditions of a community.

Rituals serve to focus the attention of a group on some important idea or event by imbuing it with a ceremonial nature which makes it "special".

The act of participating in a ritual is a statement of affiliation by each participant.

Rituals strengthen the bonding, cohesiveness and unity of the participants.

Rituals can be used to mark and formalize the beginning and end of a particular event or activity. In a Rubber Temple environment, the act of, for example, putting on or taking off special "ceremonial" rubber gloves by all participants could mark the beginning and end of a formal meeting, ceremony or service.

One of the most common rituals is the handshake. Shaking hands whilst wearing rubber gloves by two Rubberists could symbolize unity of purpose. Mimicking the putting on of a rubber glove before shaking could be a secret, esoteric ritual between them in a public place.

The symbolism in a ritual is seldom arbitrarily created by the participants nor dictated by logic or necessity, but is usually proscribed by some superior,higher ranking entity that is external to them.
ataraxia: n. peace of mind; self-acceptance

My catsuit is my personal Temple!
(What is yours?)

so do go join in and add your input there.


from the uk yahoo group.....

Existential Issues with Hypno-play

Heres a thought Tyrrhian posted elsewhere but if anyone here has any input, that would be nice...

"I was going to post this as a question. Then I realised I couldn't
quite formulate one. So I'll post it as experience instead and ask
anyone with a view (or experience) to input.

redcat and I mingle hypno and objectification. We don't just role
play her as a chair, foot stool, whatever: she 'becomes' one.

"This, for her, appears to be a wholly restful experience. She 'goes
away'....into her own being-space and is aware of whatever she is in
the way that that object would be aware of itself. And since foot
stools are probably not very could be described as
voluntary nihilism. She ceases to "be" who she was and is something
else for a while.

"All very well for her (she finds it relaxing and enjoyable): but I
like to know she know occasionally.

"So recently I pulled her back a little. She became whatever she
became....but retained her own awareness as she became it.

"Now I am trying to understand the difference.

"She is clear that it felt different. In some ways a little scarier.
But mainly OK.

"But now she's thinking about how to put the difference into words.

"And that's about it. Comments. Reactions. Anything.



as with so may areas we play in, the going away, the being something else...someone else... is a main part of it.

Its the reason this girl writes so little about personal experiences... this girl doesn't want to connect to what she can
remember too closely as it would shatter the fragile hypnotic illusion that she wasn't there at all!


please post your comments and first hand experiences as both T and redcat do read this blog


Friday, September 22, 2006

problems and successes with hypnosis

i just read an interesting post in objectification_in_the_uk yahoo group here. its not limited to uk people so go have a look and join in.

i'm waiting for an ok to post the intro to the message or it in its entirety but it also reminds me to ask how people are getting on with their hypnotic transformation.

still debating about releasing the lovely script created for me by evil dolly. i have passed it around to a few people in second life so if you find me there feel free too ask.

maybe the best way too proceed is to aim much higher and find someone with a sultry voice to record it and make it public domain? if you know of someone who can help - please email me.


living dolls go to the ball...?

i just was reminded that the Skin Two Rubber Ball in London, England is coming pretty soon - 5th to 8th October in fact.

sadly i won't get there at all as i am saving up my holiday time for a longer trip next spring and of course spending all my spare dollars on latex...

but are there any living latex dolls attending? please post in comments if you know any. maybe you can send in a photo to prove you were there?

for those in the UK you can get a free copy of LateXtra Skin Two Ball special visiting stockists here or emailing your address too:


pamela anderson gets a tan...

another nice find by js - a photo by la chapelle of giant titted pamala anderson being coated with fake tan. think it would be better doing the opposite, coating her with mannequin plastic or love doll latex.


a living doll photo find

from js...

not sure exactly where they were sourced from originally, could be a fashion sequence? or?

thanks and please send me any of you finds, links or scans and i'll put them up...


Monday, September 18, 2006

my letter to the Latex Dolls....

i'll try not to go on about my life in second life and i really need to get back to updating this blog, but what i am hoping it will do is allow me to train myself more and deepen aspects of my doll like dressing and conditioning.

i don't know if this has ever happened before or people doing now. i heard some mention that some companies use it for their orientation.

last week joined the Latex Dolls which are based out of Latexia. they have very very strick dress codes - you have to be in their outfit when in their venues and wear their remote contol 'doll egg' all the time. the look is pretty sevre, very heavy rubber and my guess that it was started by German latex fetishist provede to be spot on. everyone is the same, annoynmous and have numbers. mistresses are accented with red and have M in frount of their number while slaves are blue.

i wonder how hard it would be to recreate thier outfit in real life? i think the hardest and most expensive part would be the chasity belt and yoke. the gas mask, their main feature and the source of the vader like breathing is the british s10 gasmask. pretty common on ebay for about 20$ for those that want to get one... as i did last week...

is there anyone who has made the outfit in real life? i'd think going along to a fetish event and seeing one of them there in all of their heavy rubber and restraints would be totally sureal..... even a bit scarey and dare i say arousing?

as a group of over 100 latex dolls, both slaves and mistresses i'm hoping that some can help me in my real life quest. too that end i've posted the bellow letter to the doll's seperate online forum.

the letter:

Dear Sisters and Mistresses

As some of you maybe aware, I do wear latex in real life daily and am undergoing my own training as detailed in my blog.

I am hoping that my training can be aided and enhanced greatly by your support and commands here. Too that end i would like to complete my wardrobe here which I currently own. This may require some new custom outfits. These will be worn in public spaces.

Roen has ben kind in purchasing me a semitransparent catsuit that is a perfect match for my real one as seen on my blog. Likewise my pink hair is similiar to my new pink wig.

My current wardrobe which needs to be duplicated is:
- baby pink latex tights
- baby pink latex body
- brown latex blouse (on blog)
- clover leaf nipple clamps
- long narrow zippable skirt
- latex panties

Of prime importance for me is my moving on from latex panties too my new latex body which I purchased at the begining of the summer from an austrian ebay seller. Tragically it became far too hot to wear and i suffered drip leakage at work

It is my aim for continued immersion into the world of latex to wear this soon as weather and temperature permits.

Other items i do have which i can use from existing Doll Uniform
- black catsuit
- long gloves
- black knee boots
- cuffs
- ankl cuffs
- eternity collar
- latex hood - molded

I have disovered the gasmask we wear is based on the British S10 and have ordered one online. Its my new dream to have a completed outfit in the real too.

I do not have many $L left so open to ideas on this. Are there any merchants or designers I can be a fetish model for?

I look forward to you kind and firm support in my latexification


if there are any other second lifers out there who can help then just im me 'asudem kasei'. shopping spree's and spare L$'s always welcomed.


Thursday, September 14, 2006

invites for all....

i know for alot of readers this all is just a place to read and look at nice images and videos, but some of you may be interested in roll playing in some way.

so anyone who has emailed me i have sent out a personal invite to second life. hope to see you in there.

i can currently found mainly in Latexia's main store - to find it just do a search for places and teleport there.

you can just sign up for free if your feeling left out but do mention my screen name when you do as i might get some local credits for it. screen name again is Asudem Kasei.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

a rubber doll in the making

thanks blackice for the buying of the linden $'s via ebay seller, i've now managed to get some of my needed assories and clothes to become one of the rubber dolls. they've asked me to join them....

i also now have a working doll box which i can't get out of unless someone opens it from the outside.

so for any second lifers come visit me at concinna on level three.

if anyone wants to contribute some local virtual money or just say hello my name is asudem kasei..

i still need 1550 L$ (about 7$ real money) to fully equipt myself. short of registering all my personal details and credit cards(!) on a system that admitted publicly last week to have had found a major bug that allowed people to access their database, i'd have to work virtually as an 'escort' - yikes! getting latex in the real world is so much easier.


Monday, September 11, 2006

a special doll box just for me..

i'll post some text tommorrow, but i figured i'd get the images up now.


the bubble in Concinna....

i'll post some text tommorrow, but i figured i'd get the images up now.


Sunday, September 10, 2006

2nd day 2nd life

a good chunk of saturday was consumed, litterly evaporated as i toured and chatted with people in 2nd life.

i was a mannequin on a lovely stand for a bit. with more stands came more people. seems i'm not the only one attracted too posing stilll.....

i was given a pair of sexy shoes that gave me a great wiggle too my walk.

i also found a barbi box i could pose in....

sadly i have no local currancy so looking to rent myself as a fetish model or object..... any takers? or donations of clothing etc? (virutal of course)....


the barbie murders....

is a sci-fi story by john varley as described by evil dolly:

"The Barbie Murders by John Varley is a short story about a detective investigating a seperatist Lunar cult. The cultists transform themselves surgically and mentally to perfectly identical, beautiful, sexless Barbie dolls. The problem is that some are being killed, and how do you find a murderer in a place where everyone is the same as everyone else? It's currently available in the compilation The John Varley Reader."


Saturday, September 09, 2006

a second life for some, a 3rd for me...

i was just introduced to the online virtural world Second Life by conscious object's long live journal entry on it here. its a must read.

you can totally costomise your virtual double in any way imaginable or buy upgrades and parts from other second lifers.

concious object certainly founds some yummy dolly and wind up elements to use which i'd love too try. sadly i'm not parting with any credit card numbers to register (or buy) the local money. if anyone wants to donate me some the feel free :-)

i'm really just a newbie there - i made a character last night (above) called Asudem Kasei - but it looks like a fun space. and there's a lot of kinky possibilities. email me and i'll send you a personal invite.

i think when i get used too it - i'll set up a virtual doll house and version of my blog there. well its an idea anyway.

so do go look and its available for windows, mac's and linux systems.


is it a model or a suit?

this image was sent in by 'c c'. does anyone know more about it? can you conform where its from?

he wrote:

I remember I saw it on MarcyAnarchy's zentai site in the late 90's.  I showed the pic to one person and they said it was from creative fun.  I emailed them and never heard back.  So I don't know if it was them or not.  he does have some cat/ latex mask stuff so I don't know if they were confused from that. 

But I would like to really learn a lot more about that suit.

I think it's totally hot and would like to know actually everything about it, how it was made, the model everything.....

just from looking at it i think its a model from the size of the objects its sitting on (floor and side panneling) but i could be wrong.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

the rubber doll in german...

this image was sent to me yesterday and the person who sent it said it was a statue, but look at its amazing waist.

i had seen it before, a few years ago now and remember that it was an actual human being and the this is the homepage.

there's some really intriguing images on the page but the resolution is very low and the layout looks like it was done directly in ms word. i tried google translator and it worked a bit.

does anyone know more about them? or maybe even met them? i will send an email and hopefully be able to interview them.


syncronised dancing girls in latex

in another video from youtube:


in the pink...

my far east latex catsuit arrived and its loooovely...... i wore it last night and i swore i almost didn't want to take it off.

its semi transparent so you can just about see myself through it... but going from a thin black one too a neon pink standard weight latex is a big jump: but well worth it.

i bought it from this seller here.

like alot of other ebayers out there they tend to ramp up the costs of shipping so they can make the actual item look lower. i've seen usb hd cases listed for 1$ with shipping at 15$ for example. its just a little trick some do so live with it and add the two sums together.

some comments:

- they will make to the measurements you send, so make it a bit tighter depending on the body part (there's a formula somewhere) sleeves tend to be really loose.
- if you can afford it then do one set of measurements, get one and then tweak your numbers for a better fit. sell off the one thats not fitting well. you'll cover your costs
- wash it asap!! i wore mine and washed it this morning and the bathtube turned muddy yellow with who knows what. its like the denbar one. who knows what gunk i absorbed....
- there's always more - so don't bit up too high - use bid groups to get one for 60-70$
- they (and other sellers) will do other latex items and combine shipping but designs, styles and colours are basic - see i'm waiting on my chocolate brown blouse.
- it takes them a few weeks to make, so expect it in under a month at the longest.

please feed back any other comments and experiences.


duran duran's 'electric barbarella'

in case you've not seen it.

is it the best doll or asfr song and video?

post any other ones you know about from youtube in comments.


paris hilton has one good side...

and someone assembled a collection of her shots to illustrate the point here.

i guess you got to stick with whats good about you?


Monday, September 04, 2006

louis vutton rubber top.... $1704 !!!

as detailed on The Rubber Betty Blog here.

looks absolutely horrible!!! and its stupidly expensive and not even slightly attractive.

i kinda see what they're going for and in leather it might be ok, but in latex it just doesn't work.

just 'cos you got too much money doesn't mean you have any design sense. just follow what those fashion magazines say....

oh and check out betty's blog, its full of fun rubbey things.


before and after photoshop help?

is there anyone who could do a before and after photoshop for me?

i'd like to see what a woman would look like (naked) before and after the list of surgical changes i have in the entry bellow that i'd personally like. well if i was in the right time, place, person etc. not any time soon for sure.

just drop me an email. or maybe winterrose can help?


the august 'W' latex spread

well most of them anyway. they were hard to scan as W is much larger than normal magazines.

still they are amazing images - it so good to see latex photographed in fashion magazine rather than the same old models over and over again online or in the fetish magazines. they would make yummy posters too if i could get them large enough.


Sunday, September 03, 2006

i'm so fashionable and i didn't even know it...

i just found out that the new issues of 'W' magazine has some latex in it so i ran out and snagged a copy before they put the new issues out. it took some hunting let me tell you. the larger and i do mean larger spread i've scanned a few of and will put up later.

these first couple are from a moody and gothic b/w fashion spread which features a curvey model in latex panties from Demask - who have a shop in town.

so am i ahead of my time or what? :P

i don't need to feel guilty or secretive about my latex panties any more as its all ok 'cos the expensive fashion magazines say its ok now. ;-)

still i think i need a few more pairs...


another doll like model

sent in from scans in a uk paper.

she's soo cute isn't she - all big eyes, white fine skin and round face... a total doll.

if anyone else spots doll like models used in fashion spreads, please scan and email them in :-)


surgery and more to make the doll.....

i've been swapping ideas back and forth with a very supportive and kind person on email and one subject thats developed recently is exploring the stages after i'm in latex all the time and in a relationship with a loving and caring mistress. i wouldn't be working at all and totally supported.

so the questions and kinda of fantasising that came out of it was becoming more and more of a doll with surgery, what would be good and how far i'd go into becoming the doll.

here's a little survey to get peoples tastes for themselves or their own dolls if they were in that secure relationship and space.

this is just a fantasy and i don't recommend you do any of it. but if you have then please write in and share.


what would you have done surgically if you could
a doll logo tattoo'd on your body
breast enlargements
surgical removal of your belly button
surgical removal of your ears
total hair removal for your entire body
tattoo'd doll joints all over your body
permenant tattoo'd normal makeup
permenant tattoo'd of extreme doll makeup
vocal coard shaving for higher voice
full body skin bleaching to make you porcelin white
infibulation: pussy lips cut or abraided and left heal closed
facial surgery and eye widing
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still waiting and waiting...

...for my new semi transparent latex catsuit from the far east ebay seller. i just had an email from them and it should of been sent last week. we'll see.

it maybe really cheap - a 100$-ish with postage but the wait for over a month can be a real killer. mind you i also decided to get a latex blouse from them at the same time. i think it was another 70$ with combined shipping. the style is the same as the one in the photo but in a deep chocolate brown. yummy...

maybe i'll be able to wear it out more? to clubs and possibly to work one day...

i sort of decided to be be more overt in my latex clothes and am looking to spend any xmas money from relatives on a over the knee rain jacket. i've seen them in pvc from reputable designers that look pretty good but not at all in latex. it would have to be lined so it would be warm too. any suggestions?

i may need to order it in october if i want it for christmas though and i would definately be wearing that out and about.