Saturday, October 31, 2009

queen bee story realized on video

thanks to XuXu for sending in a video clip to my yahoo account which had a collection of black latex women in pile cavorting with one in a clear latex catsuit.

now as its its an 8mb file and lifted from a DVD i'm not posting it although i would like to know where its from so i can direct readers to buy it. i wonder what else is on the DVD?

it hits me that this one scene looks like the end of 'Queen Bee Becomes A Drone'. a great story by my favourite authoress 'Thrall' and last seen on here although it maybe found elsewhere too.

pitty they didn't contact the writer as it would be a very straight forward fetish story to realise on film.


perfect masks

these were created by a photographer / artist a few years back. i found the scans in an old folder while looking through my back ups.

i believe they are scilicon and hard to see out of if my memory of the article that went with it is anything to go by. has anyone seen them before? more info?

one story i remember about the image bellow is that it was published in a french fashion magazine and they were promptly contacted by various modeling agencies to sign the model. except of course there was no real model.

i wonder if thats a solution to the aging models? simply make a perfect scilicon mask which they can wear. now there's a story around those ideas just begging to be written imho.


this explains a lot

a scanned clipping sent in that sheds some light on a few things related to BDSM and fetishes.

and maybe why painful high heels are still worn? or corsets even?

i do also wonder about tattoo'ing although i have no personal experience with them.

click to enlarge.

comments? experiences?


another "secret origins"

another memory came back to me recently as i was wondering just how i got here with this all encompasing fetish. i've previously detailed the old smooth skin wetsuit experience and it wasn't till i noticed all the stretch material knee boots around this fall that it click in me and i remembered back to when i was about 10 or so.

there was a weekend rumage sale place under a library in my old home town and i found a pair of extremely small - yet a perfect fit for me at the time - thick slightly stretchy plastic 60's black gogo boots.

i loved them and wore them constantly at home and even to bed. even when i was told not too and i hid them under a pair of down booties and would wear them around. an early start to my heel training?

the feel of the plastic on my bare feet and also up my calfs was something totally new, something alien and so fetishistic. admittedly it wasn't for years later that i would know what the term was. it was also the way when plastic and rubber makes you sweat a bit and it makes the material bind to you which also had a perverse appeal.

of course a 2 inch block heel was like 3 or maybe even 4 at such an age.

i think the boots were thrown out when i wasn't looking as i can't remember what happened too them.

last year or so i found what i think were the same pair on ebay and they look amazing with the smell and texture bringing back the memories and it wasn't until i spotted boots somewhat similar on the streets that i put two and two together. i bet even then i was wondering if those boots were sold that went all the way up my thigh and had a much higher heel.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

japanese doll

she's pretty and convincing.

the short section at the end is the best part and most dollish. now why didn't anyone think to take a sharpie to her and give her some joints?


chome suited 2

this just in - a ribbed metal body. no other information on the designer or when it was made was included. click to enlarge it to full size as its a pretty large scan from a magazine.

anyone know more or have seen it before? links please.


target still has them

and them i mean black shiny leggings of course - at 12.99$...

and if you look to the left of the page you will also see metallic gold and silver ones just like AA at a fraction of the price which 29.99$.

compared to the black shiny ones which seem to exist in a multiple of design, fabrics and manufacturers, the metallic ones don't really get spotted in the streets at all. even in the uk the land of shiny black. or maybe i'm just not going to the right parties?


sometimes there's no difference

between second life and real life. as my latex addiction and clothing collection grows i think the gap is closing for me.

here's an amusing commercial for Kit Kat that must of cost them all of 15$ to film.

what a boring first and second life. the star trek poster gives it away now doesn't it? (meow)


two new issues to feed your imagination

are now available to browse and download from the web. first is the ongoing Medusariffic where i make a brief appearance.

then there's the very very dollish imagery from Lorie Arley Chic Today.

wonder when they'll do an issue dedicated to latex? maybe i should write them.


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

chrome suited

i was sent this snap awhile back and with the recent flood of mannequin images it prompted me to look at the elements of a mannequin.

this is a rather amazing stylised basic shape and when i saw it i wondered how possible would it be to make it a wearable item? assuming of course your the right size?

actually i've been saying the same thing ever since i saw the Allen Jones sculptures and bronze idealised body which i've done an entry about already with the photo here. something custom made would fit...

there's also the almost art deco silver halloween mask i still have thats sadly starting to fall apart and which i've never seem to be able to find a better or even simply a matching one. they all seem to be pretty flat in character and detailing these days.

thinking back to my childhood again i think it may stem from seeing an old cardboard dress form in a local antique shop. it wasn't complex, although it fitted together amazingly well and i dreamed of being able to wear it, or trapped within it. not as a brown old cardboard but as a corset like ridged chrome metal.


agalmatophilia comes to mainstream USA pt 2

assuming you've not run out and bought Novembers Playboy already, here's the rest of the series.

so wonder how many new agalmatophilic's there are now thanks to these photo's?


meanwhile somewhere in Second Life

well work has slowed down enough that i can breath a bit easier now and get back up to speed with blogging and also revisit Second Life which i hadn't really been in since sometime in august.

i'm floating around, doing some modeling for HybridZ so i can get the new outfit like you see me wearing in the photo but in black. why you ask? well i now have all the elements in real life latex to pretty well match it in black.

buying it all new in pink would just be a waste of money when i can buy more latex outfits for day to day wear.

hmmm lets see - ballet boots - check, skirt - check, latex tights - check, gloves - check, and most recently from Elena's Latex on ebay - the inflatable hood.

now my plan for last year or so is to be totally sealed into an outfit RLV'd to the extreme with a wind up key. RLV has moved on so it offers more control. my aim and desire is to be totally reduced to a wind up doll in second life with a limited number of phrases to communicate with.

people who see me won't know if i am actually some sort of bot or if there's someone in there.... they can still interact with me, like a doll. wind my key and they can get me to dance or other things as a previous key by JaneDoe used too do.

now i have some ideas on how to do all this and absolutely no scripting or RLV coding skills. so anyone who wants to help please send me an email or msg here or in world. there is a product in there somewhere which could be sold too.

once its sealed on, thats all i will be inworld - a wind up rubber doll.


Saturday, October 24, 2009

agalmatophilia comes to mainstream USA pt 1

thanks to Novembers issue of Playboy which published a long photospread of Victoria's Secret model Alina Puscau.

its an amazing series of photo's and there's five more to be posted next week. its one of those shoots that have been hinted at from Helmet Newton in Vogue to some mannequin makers own photo's where they have the real model posing intimately with their plastic sister.

what's really curious is timing as i found a captioned photo that i rewrote the text for which these photo's seem to be the follow on too. i'll share that source image one day although the text may just stay for close online friends as it has a certain ritual and invocation element too it imho.

i think the complete series will be just begging for a story to be written for them.


mannequins in bondage

shot in London yesterday by Blackice who said:

Didn't get over to Selfridges as I had a meetings take up my day there. I did spot these mannequins in various forms of leather bondage clothing and straps in the windows of designer lingerie on my way through Covenant Garden. Sorry I totally forgot the name, although its a pretty famous one. They were also restrained to the floor of the window. I did ask if I could shoot from within the shop for a better angle and they said no - sorry these are all I managed to get.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

a fashion dilemma circa 2000

from where else - england - sent in by a regular reader to this blog and from a really mainstream women's magazine.

i just admire that she's wearing such a complete outfit to work.


why is kink better in black and white?

or some sort of monochrome duotone.

does the media dictate the subject? both are favourite images of mine.


fantastic rubber's catsuit

as found on youtube.

never seen a video which was vertical within a horizontal window? looks great and their corsets are 'Art' imho.


total rubber control

thanks to Jesse for the find which is another video from Rubbers Finest

this looks to be an essential element if you were ever to recreate a real life Bane Suit from Evil Dolly's legendary novelette.

wonder if she's writing anything new?


vintage fetish covers from England

Monday, October 19, 2009

perfect for winter!!!

seems i wasn't the only one thinking along these lines and they got there first. its a latex puffa jacket which is perfect for winter or even fall. i saw it mentioned on Rubberpal's forum.

its made by VLatex and can be custom ordered in different sizes. i've seen puffa jackets in various styles - some making you look like the Michelin Man which of course could be your own special fetish in itself.

from what little news there is on the new product it appears the seams are stitched so it should really last for years and years. hmm something to add to my Christmas list or will i see about getting the more insect like shell coat made?


sweet dreams are

best when sleeping in a latex catsuit with a big puffy down duvet cover and of course a bedroom with heating tuned _just_ right to allow all this. personally i have a black queen sized latex duvet cover and normal sheets to sleep in and in two months time it will be a full year i've been sleeping like that. my latex conditioning continues at speed.

this lovely little video clip was found on Russia's RuBear site and if you look at the link bellow it you can download a longer full video resolution wmv file.

enjoy and sweet dreams! ;-)


Thursday, October 15, 2009

the invisible rubberdoll story

more fetish models are appearing in major mainstream music videos and short films now. here's Markus Schulz - Do You Dream (Official Music Video) with model and fetish icon RubberDoll.

and some behind the scenes 'making of'.


any bets whose up next for a music video? Rubber Sisters perchance?


weird heels in the fashion press

seems all the fashion magazines are picking up on the weird heels being featured on the runways and my question of course is where do you buy them? do i need to wait for pleaser to make some rough knock offs?

i'm still after a pair of high heels with a clear lucite wedge - i know i saw them somewhere once...

the image to the left was an profile pict on High Heel Place. i've signed up but so far no confirmation yet.

another thing i'm desperate to find thanks to some proding by a friend in Toronto is the correct and professional padding for ballet boots. apparently dance stores sell them for actual ballet slippers and they're the best way to stay comfortably on tip toes in the boots.


stand up vac case

i found this on concious objects blog and just had to republish them here as they illustrate a vacume bed set up that stands up by itself.

its very close to the idea i had for a vacume bed doll box which i'll have made one day. mine would be an actual case, probably with a memory foam backing and a little stand a few inches off the ground so i would be centered in the case. there's more elements too my blue sky designs although nothings really committed to paper or anywhere near ordering.

its definitely added to my 'List B' which of course is approaching very quickly as i am almost through 'List A'.


a shop tour

found on

amazing masks and even more amazing suits. i can just see the possibilities of full body mannequins using their rubber techniques. or maybe there are some there already?

i wonder if they'd offer me a job as one?


Saturday, October 10, 2009

bar flyer found on street in brighton, uk

which explains its condition. interesting i think that is an attractive woman coat in chocolate. who is it appealing too? chocolate lovers? do they do warm chocolate wrestling? who gets to clean up ;-)

or is this a cross over from the Messy Fun / Splosh fetish into mainstream friday night clubbing?


Thursday, October 08, 2009

thanks for Roen (again)

for another great find on youtube.

i bet it works even better on a tall caucasian woman with 50's styled jane Russel bra


sweet dreams are made of this

my fiction writing career is somewhat stilted. i have the ideas, the outlines of stories and just can't seem to write a fully fleshed out story with all the characterizations and detailing.

one story i was playing with is the idea of a dream doll coming to make me into one of her kind and lo and behold this arrived in my inbox and pretty well illustrates it exactly.

still i do need to get more of it down on paper because as it is, a few paragraphs isn't really a story now is it? oh and its from an advert for a mattress btw.


pencils at the ready

assuming people still actually use pencils that is.

i've had one major latex designer offer up an item for the latex doll fetish story competition and will be pursuing more leads soon. its been a busy couple of weeks and i'm almost caught up now.

if you are a latex designer and want to contribute to the prizes then please email me.


Monday, October 05, 2009

she's better in color

i have never ever seen betty page in color until i happened upon this image.

are there more in the series? is this the only one? post any links in comments and share.

love her heels as always.


it could of been a virus

or maybe it is in a different way...?

its a word document i found linked too on one of the doll fetish related groups on yahoo called juicyjuicyjuicy-anime-bimbo-doll-hypno.doc. i've heard that word documents have been used in the pass to executable viruses, none the less i took a risk and ended up opening it up to find the Juicy Movie link at a file storage site.

the large video file is close to five min long flashing at very high speed photo's and anime clips of doll like women as well as cosplay. if nothing else its a good collection of images in one file.

has anyone seen and played this before? do you need to be japanese for it to work?


now on youtube

thanks to Roen for sending in the link. i remember hearing about it but never actually seeing it.

please post in comments if you know of a better quality version.


Saturday, October 03, 2009

good text and great images

can't remember where at the moment. i'll update this entry when i'm really awake and have time.

now one like this about latex...


now for any computer

Drake, the 3D rendering mastermind behind Medusariffic has been experimenting with an interactive comic software for some time.

sadly its windows only so all us Mac or Linux computer owners couldn't enjoy his work. now he's re-done the first comic as a downloadable html zip file that does all the same things with the same content and will open up in any browser.

go check it out at Medusariffic and there's a new issue too - all the way up to no 42!


the beginning of a series?

i have just popped over to MC Stories to see if there was any new doll related fiction on offer and was pleasantly suprised by the start of a new series from In Your Dreams called Barbie Doll.

the details and the emotional resonance are just so - right. i could almost feel jealous of the lead character.

go have a look asap - its that good imho. can't wait for the rest of it to be published.