Tuesday, October 24, 2017

its all red... but not much more info

besides all the latex was made by Atsuko Kudo in London.

any london readers who went want to round out what little we know?

or any creative writers take these few photo's and make into an utterly different story (well we don't know what happened so anything really)


Sunday, October 22, 2017

she does get around

from something called Posture Mag issue 4;

click to enlarge even further. looks like new 'hair' as well


Saturday, October 21, 2017

what do you eat when wearing latex?

apparently Sushi... as demonstrated by fetish model Miss Fetilicious.

i've not looked at her blog / site so will do that and send her a hello.


answering my own Q again

was relayed to someone on Facebook about London installation pop up art....

not sure whats happening, were etc - but it is evocative.

any of the UK peeps / readers chip in? better photo's and videos would be lovely.


found in an old magazine

the kinky ideas have been manifested since the 60's.

anyone have similar photo's or perhaps even seen window displays?


Sunday, October 15, 2017

on television no less

anyone have the entire clip or send / post me a link?

was it a real show or faked up in photoshop? mask is much more doll and barbie like than other maskers.


name that designer

very interesting weight and flow to this dress. is it textured? i almost though it was made of old tires.



Saturday, October 14, 2017

periodically i have a google for hypnosis

and a few weeks ago i found Sensual Mistress and there were a fair number of interest. the closest one was a collection by Mistress-Love. she also has a mc stories page here.

so i wrote to the site and her about my blog and interests to see what happened. i heard back from ML and started to share some of my stories / scripts. she liked them and is revising them now to add her specialist experience in hypnosis to make them more 'active'.

to date there's three done, one's title is;

Lovely Lycra Latex Robot Girl 

which started as my wish list from ideas for scripts listed on Warp My Mind, then was viewed and commented on by Hypno Master D who basically said its all possible (search for his name on my blog to come up with the posts and his answers). Then more recently i worked it all into a story (unpublished) using all those elements. 

while back and forthing I had a look at AliExpress and found this at a mere 23$. (there are others and i've not used the image from the link above.)

i think we're both getting them now... 


kinkiest mass market hallowee finds?

preferably online so we can share with the world!

here's a basic white blank face that could be painted or left as it at Spirit Halloween

see what you can find and recommend - etsy custom items are fine as well. post in comments.


inside joke about colours used...

and yes, i will post those stereo images soon... don't worry bi....


Thursday, October 12, 2017

Rubber Sisters are on Facebook so this was just relayed to me

by one of my ardent supporters and contributors who has shot them and filmed them in 3d even.

a trade / exposition in Germany today onwards. i wonder if they have anyone in the suit in the display case. did they have volunteers?


Sunday, October 08, 2017

latex cosplay done so well (sorry no caps - jump in to tell us all where they're from)

if your a motocylcist and head out in latex

you might very well want this headgear....

now let common sense rule for a second; it will be shockingly cold if your wearing a latex catsuit and it offers no protection in an accident. explains why leathers are so thick and padded - for warmth and crash protection.

perhaps it would go better with a bespoke patent leather catsuit with a fur lining...


Sunday, October 01, 2017

unexplored realms on the internet

i tend to only frequent a few places. i am doing my best to be trapped as a doll in second life with aims of being so automated people will think i am just a 'bot, then there's a few blogs i frequent and a minimally contributed to deviant art page here

although i do collect images i like so it could be visiting to check them out or say hello. i am also like seeding ideas and collaborating so please reply to my im's there if you recieved any.

i rarely cross post from there but kigluka's latex cosplay i just had to share. 
she's on twitter here and i am blown away, and a bit jealous. 
now how to i order/ buy posters? 


i've heard the song of course but not the video....

of taylor swifts 'look what you made me do'. love the rows of identical-ish style mannequin / bots. bet the Queens Thrall would love it as well.

i wish someone would make a basic bodysuit with those detailings. images are my full screen size so click to see at full res. the video is on youtube.