Wednesday, February 28, 2007

the missed anniversary...

i know it was coming up but i wasn't 100% sure. so i went through my old posts and teased out when it was.

and apparently its been one year and two-ish weeks since i started wearing latex panties on a daily basis. well pretty well daily basis

its not really sunk in yet that the goal has been reached and a major step has been accomplished.

so it is really possible and if i can do panties - then how much more and for how long?


Tuesday, February 27, 2007

make up for barbie...


i totally missed this one, could be the flu virus i'm stuck with for the last week or so. i hear its going around all over the place. anyway i had to get an email from conscious object to point me to her last entry here about how MAC cosmetics have an entire new range based on makeup found on the various types of barbies!!

its not even like they're sort of hinting at the doll thing now, its branded and bold statement:

"This Spring, Barbie is hip, happening and all-M·A·C with a modern rebel attitude and fashionable indie style. On lips, cheeks, eyes and skin, Barbie Loves M·A·C, a limited edition colour collection specially created for all you living dolls."

i mean how much more mainstream can it go? besides maybe latex flesh coloured catsuits.

as conscious object noted there's a snag when visiting a department store:

"...and all the employees were wearing identical pink glossy lipstick etc.! And as well as it works in the context of a poster with a model heavily airbrushed so as to look almost plastic, on real people it looked less than flattering. (In fact, they looked very much like Rachel in that episode of Friends where she let Ross put her makeup on for her...kind of stereotypically "hooker" look.) Or maybe they just weren't wearing the right clothes and/or didn't have the right hair to go with it, I don't know?"

if you look at the photo's it seems they have used models who are barely into their teens and the look so works with them but whats the cut off point? do you need to be a makeup artist to be able to apply it? or have barbies matching wardrobe?

MAC's homepage is here for the new range and they also do a MAC themed barbie.

wonder what the other photo's for the makeup look like?

but MAC's not the only cosmetic company going for th super glossy shiny look. the plastic lipstick that I had detailed in an entry last august here, it seems that another firm is going plastic look lips with a rather funky flash homepage with overtones of magic and hypnosis too it. screen grab is bellow and i'll add the link when i can find it.


Monday, February 26, 2007

doll avatars in second life

i was doing one of my random google and blog searches to see if there was any news out there on latex, dolls and the things i'm generally interested in when i fell upon a blog dedicated to fashion in second life and the entry about doll skins here.

two things hit me of course - one that there's actually a fashion magazine for second life and secondly that doll avatars are becoming 'noticed' by them.

actually its not a massive surprise that the doll fetish is manifesting there and very rapidly i may add. after all isn't secondlife just paper dolls with chat? ok, 3D computer rendered and not flat two D paper, but you get the analogy.

and what do paper dolls do besides chat, well they shop and they shop and dress up and if your really like you can get a job posing frozen as a mannequin like i do Kayliwulf Kingdom. they made stands ane everything. but i already had a basic doll packaging tube and now a more elaborate wooden victorian doll case with a time lock on it.

a competition has been running for the last 5 weeks to see who can stay in Kayliwulf and the top 6 models with the highest time will get a photoshoot for the store and be put on billboards throughout second life. wish me luck but there's only a day left.


Sunday, February 25, 2007

london fashion week in latex

a find from not sure where but has a nice collection of images form london fashion week, including latex and even hoods!! (does kim at hoodlovers know?)

its in a foreign language so i can't read it but it's here and more on the text on the t-shirt here. shouldn't it say 'relax' or 'wham' or is that just to retro 80's?

i guess the dress being latex will come in handy when the wearer gets into a cat fight with Naomi... maybe there will be cake, liquids or even mud involved? hehehe... ;-)


more on bob carlos clark dollmaker...

from js a link to his prints for sale. some dolls and loadsss of latex here.

while over at - the premiere resource for latex fetishists - (imho) is a small sampling of images someone has found: picture 1, picture 2, picture 3 and picture 4.



Sunday, February 18, 2007

...some of the kinkier doll stories

have the victim, volunteer or subject encased totally in latex, with just special holes left for their mouth, ass and pussy and left that way for the rest of their lives. not my favorite stories at all but it might be fun to do for a few hours.

i've read a few of these but not saved any of them or can remember the names. feel free to post them and links in comments.

i was pop-ing around latex websites when i found a preview photo set preview at: by photographer Harold a Jahn here.

might be someone's dream come true.... and the suits from H W Designs.


silver in Vogue UK

a recent issue of Vogue UK had several spreads of interest. the space and silver trend continues to be used. guess the future is finally here? where are those jet packs..

nice shot of the American Apparel leggings. mine are gold but i plan on a pair of silver ones. oh maybe track down the glossy black pvc ones too... then switch them to latex when no ones watching....

not since the famous theiry mugler full chrome gyniod has anyone come close to doing anything remotely similiar - untill now. like the shoes too.

last image is that mixing and matching idea i mentioned in another entry. here its taken to an extreme. like some sort of metal chrome bird with shiny black headed space helmet.

sorry for the quality of the scans, i think there's something wrong with my epson.


when asfr and latex dolls collide.....

they'll need some of this to make the suits:

Metal Rubber
Thursday, 15 February 2007

Written by

Despite the name, Metal Rubber “contains just parts per million of metal yet conducts electricity nearly as well as a solid metal.” Its secret? chemical bonds that stretch apart but don’t break.

A Limber Future “Smart skin” holds promise for morphing wings and wearable computers.

Terrible, horrible things can be done to this millimeters-thick patch of shimmering material crafted by chemists at NanoSonic in Blacksburg, Virginia. Twist it, stretch it double, fry it to 200°C, douse it with jet fuel—the stuff survives. After the torment, it snaps like rubber back to its original shape, all the while conducting electricity like solid metal. “Any other material would lose its conductivity,” says Jennifer Hoyt Lalli, NanoSonic’s director of nanocomposites.

The abused substance is called Metal Rubber, and, according to NanoSonic, its particular properties make it unique in the world of material chemistry. As a result, the company’s small office has been flooded with calls from Fortune 500 companies and government agencies eager to test Metal Rubber’s use in everything from artificial muscles to smart clothes to shape-shifting airplane wings.

At this stage, however, NanoSonic is busy meeting the demand for its 12-inch-by-12-inch samples, which take custom-built robots up to three days to create. That’s speedy, if you consider that Metal Rubber, a product of nanotechnology, must be fabricated molecule by molecule.

The manufacturing process, called electrostatic self-assembly, starts with two buckets of water-based solutions—one filled with positively charged metallic ions, the other with oppositely charged elastic polymers. The robot dips a charged substrate (glass, for example) alternately from one bucket to the next. The dipping slowly builds up tight, organized layers of molecules, bonded firmly by opposing charges. Afterward the substrate is removed, leaving a freestanding sheet of Metal Rubber.

With investor interest booming, Metal Rubber could make its commercial debut within a year or so. Although shape-shifting aircraft wings and sensory robotic gloves are on the horizon, Metal Rubber will probably appear first in more humble, practical roles. Abuse-resistant flexible circuits and wires, for instance, could allow you to do terrible, horrible things to your portable electronics—consequence-free.

more on latex leggings from Stylebubble

from a fashion blogger who tries them out after not being too keen on the idea.

09 September 2006

Delving into the Darkside

I have always taken a 'never say never' approach towards fashion only because it is such a fickle world and trends will come around and go around in peaks and troughs. Therefore, when in the 90's, PVC trousers was the height of cool in warehouse raves and I swore they were the ugliest, most disgusting things I had ever seen, I suppose that had to come around and bite me in the ass. When I saw these pictures of fashion sprog, Julia Restoin Roitfeld (daughter of Vogue Paris editor-in-chief, Carine) wearing latex/PVC leggings, I thought to myself 'Well...maybe just maybe....'
continues with more photos on her site here

and do read all the comments to her entry as they're pretty interesting and shows broader interest than i'd imagine there was. but then it is _london_ so they're kinkier over there.

guess i really shouldn't need much more convincing?


junction is back

madbirdCZ the excellent photoshop artist who ran the junction portal is back with galleries and forums.

posted on a related yahoo group:

"Mad Bird" has opened a new doll and mannequin gallery and forums. Right now it's small and humble, but if we're active and engaged it will continue to grow into something great.

Go to to check it out. Now you can make comments, rate pictures too

He also added forums to talk and post your own ideas at

Lets go and be active and get it rolling in style!


latex head and legs

a couple images from a much large spread but these images caught my eyes as the models were wearing latex leggings and accompanied by super glossy bathing caps. not sure if its fashion but it sure is latex ;-)

one thing that does keep coming up with latex in these fashion shoots is that its not full on latex catsuits and dresses. its more of a mixing and matching. accenting the outfit rather than overpowering it. thats also what people are saying about the metalic and black pvc leggings. don't rub them in peoples faces like sienna miller, rather just tease with it.


Saturday, February 17, 2007

new story from evil dolly: Eudeamon

long time email friend 'evil dolly' has made a wonderfull sci-fi story which i've had the privilage to read as she was writing it.

check it out on her story page here.

its very long and not purely kinky but does have rubbery and dolly aspects too it. now since its so long i thought it would make a good first little novel even if she did it at a limited print run herself. harry potter started that way you know.

what do you think? post your comments here and email her too to voice your support. if your in second life then im her as Caliope Mah.

maybe illustrations is the way to go. then i had a neat idea. use second life to illustrate it!! all the characters, costumes and scenes could be done and shot in sl and then used to accompany the novelette. after all people use poser to make comics, maybe someone has done this before?

and do check out her other stories. her first one The Boutique is still one of my favourites of the genre.


more on those rubbery anime wigs

as found by rotwang and posted by black ice who the put it in comments. from what was said he has a couple people looking for them but will order online if they're not successfull.

if you are in the UK you can get them here at the Gadget Shop.

or from amazon in north america here. there seems to be a much broader range of styles and colours available here in the US compared to the UK and its cheaper too. still they have more latex so i guess it balances out in the end.


a little like TGS's stories but with images

after a couple of months, the legacy of timeless beauty archive has had an update.

the site if you never heard of it or visited it before is the main repository these days of fetish fiction involving a range on inanimate transformations be they doll, robot, statues or other.

one story that caught my eye was a simple and straightforward one that reminded me alot of TSG's stories but it had pictures. it was also sadly much shorter but worth having a look at here


the must have silver robot legs...

if anyone besides me is reading the fashion mags; local or international ones, you will have noticed that shiny legs in various shades are the big thing this year.

maybe partly from the insanely price pure gold ones i mentioned in an earlier entry here and the inevitable trickle down effect to the mainstream.

or maybe its just that ASFR is finally taking off?

well thanks for the lead to American Apparel and they're three types of shiny leggings. i went for the gold ones and they are very yummy. the trick is not to wear them by themselves, but with long tops or skirts. effectively they become like tights.

i think i'll go for a silver pair next.

oh and do post in comments if you see these worn anywhere. kinda like where's waldo but with asfr leggings ;-)


Friday, February 16, 2007

more fashion finds

from Julien S who emailed me over the first three. the final one is an advert for haute couture and gyniod maker Theiry Mugler.

this first one would make the starting point for a very good animation or photo retouch. anyone out there that can do it?

second one is done by bob carlos clarke who always did like shiny latex on women and his last exhibition had loads of dolls and robot women in the. a previous entry on his work is here and the pdf of a major illustrated article he did can be found here.

please do email me any images, video clips, links or whatever. don't worry that i may have already had them as its better to get everything in and trim from there.


Thursday, February 15, 2007

another model who ends up very doll like for fashion

sent in by LFC and i tend to agree. i think they were mainly shooting the shoes but its just come out that way. i'd love to have her legs....

a very nice shoe collection. i wonder if she can walk in them?

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

hard foam anime wigs from Woolworths???

regular contributor (there are a very few who do) to this blog and uk fetish photographer/writer black ice spotted this wig on a guy when shooting at the Torture Garden on saturday night. packed with over 1,750 people there was one wearing an anime styled hard-ish foam wig.

reportadly they are on sale or were on sale at Woolworths in the UK but when he tried do find them locally they were sold out. apparently there's several styles and about 20$ (10£).

he's continue to hunt for them as he wants to use them for a photoshoot with a space girl in a silver zentai suit and clear plastic bubble. sounds very cool if he can get all the bits together.


Saturday, February 10, 2007

latex at

i generally scan various story sites and the occassional image site for inspiration and yummy stuff. generally though i don't find much of anything that inspires me or hits my particular collections of kinks.

well the story Backfired by nanoslaver at mcstories posted a couple of weeks ago certainly worked for me.

go check it out - its great! and you'd probably guess i'd go willingly....


black shiny pvc leggings

some quick snaps of mannequins in the window of 'Mango' in Covent Garden - London.

seems shiny black pvc leggings are also 'in' and on display but not available in the actual store as they had sold out. popular...

so thats loads of people wandering around with shiny black pvc and rubber like legs! or will be when its warmer out.

their online shop is hereif anyone wants a pair.

wonder if they'll ever do light or dark pink versions :-)


those gucci riding boots

i was looking around on ebay again for different styled plastic and rubber shoes and boots when i found several listings of gucci boots.

now is it me or are they just plain ugly? i mean they're riding boot styled but actual riding boots are way sexier and shinier imho. the colours pretty bad too. i remember several years ago one riding company made their normal boots but in various jelly bean colours - those were pretty good. these way way less so.

add loads of little logo's all over boots is like some sort of sad need for attention.

it had me wondering about these overpriced designer accesories and clothing - are they really that great or is it the name and the logo that makes it?


Friday, February 09, 2007

is she real or a mannequin?

here's another photo from the same photo shoot and advertising spread. and its a better scan but i still can't decide if she's real or not. is it the makeup or are they purposely using mannequins?

she doesn't have any lines anywhere but that could be fixed with photoshop or just a bit of makeup....


Thursday, February 08, 2007

a new hypnosis blog

something that's been lacking is finally here - a new blog on hypnosis made by both the hypnotist and the subect.

its the bdsm hypnosis blog and it was set up to try to explore all BDSM hypnotic possibilities and are looking for people who want to compare notes.

so far i'm the only one whose posted comments, so do visit to get an indepth perpesctive and first hand account from people who are doing it.

and yes of course i have asked about becoming hypnotised so i am sealed in latex and all my normal clothes are turned into latex too ;-)


Tuesday, February 06, 2007

rubber and dolls on

i've not visited warp my mind in a long time so i thought i'd pop over to see what files are on offer and what ideas are there for possible hypnosis sessions.

here's what's new voting for items i think we'd all like too see made.


rubberdoll transformation
This file causes the listen to develop a strong fetish for rubber clothing...a need to cover themselves in tight shiny black rubber head to toe. The more they listen to the file the stronger it gets. When dressed in rubber their body changes into that of a female rubberdoll...they grow large breasts which are extremely sensitive and they can't stop touching them...their lips become shaped into a red rubber "O"...and they have a burning desire to be used, manipulated, programmed, gagged, and brought down into a deep mindless trance. They become a female rubber object. Shiny and sleek. This file is very addictive and triggers can be used as well.

curse latex doll
curse that makes you want to be a latex doll. makes you want every part of your body covered in flesh coloured latex gives you a desire to have large inflated breasts and to ware a female face mask and wig. you will feel the need to do this and once you become the doll you so need to be you will feel the need to dress like a doll in i pink frilly dress pink heels and to have pink ribons in your hair. and once transformed and dressed you will not be able to move for 1 hour during wich time you will start to feel more and more aroused and turned on by being a doll but you cant move to do anything about it till the time is up. then you have to resist your sexual urge till you are compleatly out of your doll outfit cos if you dont and you reach orgasum while a doll you will again not be able to move for 1 hour.

Curse Doll
Listening to this file would slowly transform the listener into a living doll. First, you would begin to wear more and more makeup, trying to make your skin look artifical and plastic. You would slowly lose control over your facial expressions, lapsing into a vacant and permanent smile with painted red circles on your cheeks. You would try to get your skin as pale and artifical as possible, and wear doll-like clothes. Thinking would become harder and harder; you would forget your name and refer to yourself simply as 'Doll'. Moving would become difficult; your arms and legs would stiffen until they would move only at the joints in awkward, stiff movements. To your eyes, your fingers and toes would fuse together and be impossible to seperate. Eventually, you would transform fully into a doll, unable to move or think without an owner.

Dream Trigger: Mannequin
A Dream Trigger is a special curse, that when a special phrase is spoken before you go to bed, you have a very specific dream that night. You can trigger yourself by speaking the phrase. Dream Tigger: Mannequin is triggered by the phrase "Please stop by the store tommorow." You will dream you go into a clothing store the next day and will be met by an upset employee, "You are late! Come with me!" She takes you into the back and quickly takes off your clothing and as she does, you turn into a mannequin, piece by piece as your skin is exposed. She then takes you apart, puts you in a cart and takes you to the front window. There she puts you back together and dresses you for the window display. While you can still see, hear and feel, your sense of time in distorted, so in what seems like one night you find your self changed from one display to another; formal dresses, swimsuits and lingerie. Eventually, you are placed by the entrance and as you are knocked overby a customer, you wake up just as you hit the floor.

Monday, February 05, 2007

more ads with almost mannequins

maybe i'm being super sensitive or maybe not.
but i'm seeing more mannequin inspired adverts of late.

the close up of the woman on the right has a very sculptural mannequin-ish look too her imho.

the second advert was printed pretty dark with a warm orange lit tinge too it.

when i scanned it in and did auto levels in photoshop it balanced it on normal skin tone values - bingo! - she was a mannequin after all. i can post the corrected image if anyone wants to see the comparison.

maybe they're much easier to work with than real models? (meowwww)

Sunday, February 04, 2007

mannequins in spain are out of work...

two stories about the size '0' backlash thats hitting europe at the moment from the Guardian newspaper: Spanish shop dummies to put on weight and Pressure on stores to fatten up stick-thin mannequins

does that mean that there will be alot of expensive mannequins on sale cheap?


shoes make the dress...

also from a recent issue of a UK fashion magazine are these three shots that are part of a larger spread. i think they were sent to me due to the weird plastic shoes in giant almost circles. i mean who would wear those... still the gold ones would work well with my new gold lame leggings...

the dresses themselves have a flavour of EGL too them i think anyway even if they're not black and lacey.


silver is so in at the moment, so futuristic

scan from a UK fashion magazine that was sent too me. love the silver boots from the 60's in bottom right hand corner.


pink and blue molded latex

i know i'm generally down on molded latex, but for the most part all of i've seen or tried on has been totally crap and not worth wasting money on.

it also has the problem of a colour choice being limited to black, red and semi trans in a god-awful uncomfortable industrial gauge. the only time i really recommend it is if your starting out and need some basics like a skirt, panties or gloves. those are always pretty safe bet even if the quality of molded latex is so low as to be night and day compared too glued sheet clothing. its also generally way cheaper and a way to test the waters too see if you or a friend likes it without feeling awful about making a bad choice.

one of the better molded latex brands is latexa from denmark and they are now doing pink molded latex. or they have been for awhile and i just found out about it..... i see they also have white and a metalic blue. Check out some of the styles here.

i think a pair of shoulder length pink opera gloves are going on my wish list...


clear plastic cases.... shoes as art?

still searching around on ebay with 'clear' and 'plastic' i found these very cool shoe and boot boxes.

they do make sense as something to store them in - beats having a stack of boxes and having to open them one by one to figure out which shoes you put where. also they kinda makes the shoes miniture peices of art. i bet if damien hurst put his name to them they'd definately be worth waaaaay more. maybe thats some project to do. get a bunch of these and have damien hurst sign the cases - bingo anything inside is art!!!

do boxes add value? i bet they do... and the entire clear plastic cases gave me another idea.... wonder just how large i can get one made...


clear plastic cinderella shoes

i was looking around ebay for melissa plastic shoes again - having developed a bit of an obession with them as they're made of plastic. i was looking at all the links kindly sent to me from Brazil but it seems they aren't doing any interesting designs any more. this season is positively dull compare the ones from the last couple of years.

anyway i broadend my search to include any plastic shoes and came across the first pair by disney - would you believe. a second pair from the same seller but i don't think they're disney. both are pretty nice and aren't the stripper high heeled mules and shoes that keep appearing when i do the search.

i don't think i'd get them but they do fascinate me so.

i've been mulling it over since i spotted them and its not the entire cinderella syndrome i bet a few people would be quick to suggest. no, its that they're plastic and molded - manufactured than anything. they're something a mannequin or a doll would wear... and if i put them on would it bring be closer to the doll i so yearn too be?


a model line up....

another find from the UK - this is from an instore magazine form a shopping centre called 'Asda'. it was the january issue which is no longer available and there was nothing on their website. its a clothing brand called 'George'.

guess they only had to pay hourly rates to one model - the others they could just buy....

thanks AS for the super high res scans (click to see if of course).

i bet some photoshopers / manipulators could use it as a story or transformation sequence. if you do the please email me the results and i'll put them up.


Saturday, February 03, 2007

stylists sneak rubber into shoots...

here's the first photo in a spread of olivia wilde from the OC in a fashion magazine and she's wearing latex stockings in them. she looks pretty good but if you look closely you can tell that stockings are the thick and molded ones! possibly the worse type of latex stockings around.

its great that latex is being snuck into fashion spreads but geeze.... get them to wear qaulity latex and not the shittiest type available as its uncomfortable and it will likely turn the wearer off the material.

for more photo's in the series go to olivia's homepage archive here.