Friday, June 30, 2006

different styles of hypnosis?

i was reading on some site somewhere that there are different styles of hypnosis and wondering if part of my problem is down to attempting to work with ones that are suited to me.

thank you James for making an effort again.

like brads it was of a specific type with direct commands.

what i think i need is something that has no real overt direct command in it, but more of a slowly created rich visual space with things sort of happening to me. then sneak in the commands.

a link to a simple hypnosis test can be found here.

anyone doing any form of hypnosis at all?


Thursday, June 29, 2006

plastic barbie shoes....

i've been sent in some links for the melissa plastic shoes that i had written about previously here.

the ones with the wedge scooped heel are the cutest!! and in pink they are so definately barbie.

if your in australia you should be able to find them in some shops and they also list stockists on the homepage as well as have occasional sales on the site here. the ones created by international designer Karim Rashid (shown) are on sale for 169 aus$

the big find was a store in brazil that does mail order and has the complete line of the melissa shoes which are only partly available in australia. their site is here and it is possible to use google translater to look around it and make a selection. you then need to email them and organise payment with a credit card as the online ordering won't work with foreigners.

but the good news is that they're very, very cheap there even with the shipping and same ones are 80 brazilian money.

i think i'll go for a pink pair to match the catsuit i want to get off ebay ;-)


trapped in heels...

my archers really hurt now when i walk on flat feet first thing the morning, and likewise my calfs are aching too. the back of my upper thighs just bellow by bottom is tense and sore too.

i must be getting pretty close to being stuck in heels. maybe another two months or so?

but there's so little information about this ever so permenant transformation. does anyone have any first hand experience they can share or links they can post in comments? there must be _something_ out there....


Tuesday, June 27, 2006


the counter hit 101,000 hits sometime today and now almost 100 higher. and i thought no one would read my little blog and have any interest in my personal fetish - looks like i was wrong.

several months on and i'm wearing my latex panties almost without a matter of throught, they're just my new wardrobe, likewise with the 4" heeled boots. they're almost part of me now.

i've now have my latex body and i'm on my third full day of having that on. progress is slow but it is progress.

the daily email encouragement and support from a certian fiction writer certianly has helped alot. and now thats she's on a long vacation its slower going.

meanwhile my feet and legs are definately changing, arches are _way_ more pronounced, i tip toe around when not wearing some type of heel and i sleep in a ballet stance with toes pointed down. i'm not sure how long will it take till i'm forever in heels but i think it will be sooner than later.

the knot spell i keep at. after all i have a very large spool of deep emerald green ribbon to work through. it does help i think, sort of encourages and pulls me when energy is down. just that extra little push like an espresso in the morning to get me into my latex and heels. i do hope people are still reading it and thinking of me.

where i'll be in a year or another 100,000 hits? i can't really say... but i'll definately be more of a latex dolly in body and in mind....

..hee hee.. ;-)


Sunday, June 25, 2006

of course it stretches....

i've been corrected by 'cc' who has kindly sent in some images of a sex doll converted into a wearable suit for someone of a larger build.

apparently; 'I'm 5'10 about 200lbs' and 'actually the suit is easy to make just whatever the doll costs, a wetsuit from ebay or thrift store some glue and about 2 hours of time during a day.'

she added 'the longest I've lasted is maybe an hour and a half but it probaly was an hour just seemed like it was that long.
really tight for me, and muscle cramps start, mostly in the hands, the lower body fits great, tight but no to tight, but the upper body, hands and face are really cramped.'

so not too good for long term wearing then it seems.


a latexification system....

i found these on my hard drive back-up'd files. no idea where they're from besides the url on the image.

i often dream of what it would be like to be put into and then trapped in such a complex imposing array, being so totally dependant on machinery to feed and evacuate me,.. sightless, deaf and unable to make even a sound as the relentless machine pumped unknown liquids into me. feeding me, conditioning me, molding me, adapting me to a new life...

what i would be like after its finished changing me? would i be at its mercy for days, weeks or even months?

i would be so different...


what ever happened to madbirdCZ?

here's a favourite image of mine and story from madbirdCZ's site which is now long gone. so what happened too it?

where is he and is he still doing those great manips? i'm posting Kittara's story that goes with it too. hope she doesn't mind.


Another Day In the Toy Pile
©2003 Kittara

I picked up one of my favorite dolls. It was wearing a frilly little pink dress with poofy sleeves and glitter all over from the waistband downward. I pulled apart the velcro holding the back of the dress together and slowly slid the dress off the small figure. Leaving the doll completely naked, I moved on to the next one in the pile.

"Hey, Kristen?" came a voice from the other room.

"Yeah?" I replied as I started to pull the dress off the second doll.

"As soon as I'm done with this homework, you wanna look through the new toy mags with me?" Keri asked as she peeked her head in through my bedroom door.

I nodded happily and then turned back to the half-naked doll in my hand.

I knew it was childish, but I really loved playing with my toys. They somehow made me feel like all my problems were a million miles away. In my little toy world, I had no worries. It didn't matter what problems I had cause the toys never cared. School, family, work... It all made no difference when I was with my toys. I knew that no matter what, I could always count on them. With their simplistic lives of providing happiness to others, I wished I could be one of them.

Keri was the only other thing I could count on. Keri had been my best friend since grade school. We did practically everything together. So when we went away to college, it only made sense that she and I should move in together.

We got ourselves a nice apartment close to the school. It was a fairly large apartment that gave us plenty of space for all the things we wanted to do. I kept my room as the virtual playground with the myriad of dolls, stuffed bears and little trinkets that I had collected over the years. My parents had never understood my obsession with all the inanimate things and I was happy when I was able to move out. I loved the toys and that was all that mattered.

Keri loved playing with the toys almost as much as I did. We had so much fun just letting the worries of the world just melt away. When she'd join me in my room, we'd spend hours just trying different things with the dolls. Eventually we got to the point where we started to experiment with the toys and ourselves. Being a lesbian never really entered my mind, but if you had been an outsider looking in, that's probably how it looked.

Keri always made play time more interesting by bringing in all sorts of different things for us to play with while we both got lost in the worlds of Barbie and Ken. She had always been a bit more adventurous and was more prone to finding new ways for use to experiment with our love of toys.

When she started to bring little sex toys into the mix, things became more and more interesting. Eventually we would pretend that we were different kinds of toys and spend hours playing with each other. The dolls and things would always find their way into the fun though. One time I had been all giggly as I used one of the Barbie dolls as a dildo and began to push it in and out of Keri's wet pussy. She responded by grabbing some kind of vibrator and I'd play like I was some kind of love doll. We'd wear each other out by making us cum over and over. Eventually we'd be so tired that we'd fall asleep intertwined in the big white sheets of my queen sized bed.

It was all in the name of good, harmless fun.

This weekend was going to be special though. It was my birthday on Saturday and I knew that Keri had to have something planned. She always did. There would also be some spectacular addition to my already tremendous toy collection. I spent the entire morning thinking about what kind of doll it would be.

That afternoon, we had been looking through some of our toy collecting magazines, searching for new items to acquire. I also knew that with my birthday coming up, Keri would be looking for a present. We had looked through the entire magazine when we came upon a strange little advertisement in the back for a roleplay wind-up doll key.

"Wind-up doll key? That sounds sooo cool!" I exclaimed.

Keri nodded. "Yep! That's something that we'll have to buy," she noted as she grabbed a post-in note and marked the page for later reference.

We both studied the ad and both of us were fascinated by the item. I placed it on my mental list of things to buy. I'd love being able to play like I was a wind-up doll. Not that pretending I was a Barbie or some kind of latex doll wasn't cool, but this would be something that we hadn't tried before.

The days went by and when Friday rolled around, we made preparations for our two-person party. Keri spent the week getting her school work done early so we'd have the entire weekend to ourselves. My classes were really easy this semester, so I had much less school work to do at home. Keri asked me to make some dinner arrangements so I called one of our favorite Italian restaurants and made reservations for Saturday night. I wanted to make sure that we'd have plenty of time alone before we went out. I wanted to play around with whatever the new birthday toy was before dinner. I figured if we started our pre-party party in the afternoon, we'd have more than enough time to play before we'd have to get dressed for dinner.

I clapped my hands and smiled. It would be the perfect day with our own style of celebration. I couldn't wait for tomorrow.

Saturday morning I woke up ready for a spectacular day. I got out of bed and could hear that Keri was already up, doing something in the kitchen. I stretched and headed to the bathroom to take a shower.

I stripped out of my night shirt and pulled my panties down off my hips, tossing them on the floor next to the door. I rubbed my pussy as I stepped into the shower and turned on the faucet. I stood for a while under the rush of the warm water that flowed over my body. I then grabbed the soap and lathered up my hands. I ran my soapy hands over my B-cup breasts and down my stomach then around to my firm little ass. The shower felt so good that I almost wanted to stay in there longer, but I had a great day ahead of me.

I finished my shower and dried myself off with a big pink towel before wrapping the towel around my chest, tucking the end in the middle of my small cleavage. I grabbed another towel and began to dry my hair before plugging in the blow drier.

After drying and styling my hair, I came back out into the bedroom. I removed the towel and tossed it onto the bed. Heading to the closet, I pulled out my matching pink checker panties and bra, a white t-shirt and a pair of short pink shorts. I began to put my bra and panties on when Keri burst in through the bedroom door completely naked.

"It came!" she exclaimed as I noticed the long, thin box she held in her right hand. Her breasts bounced and jiggled as she ran over to my bed.

I sat down next to the bed and looked at her in surprise. "What came? What is it?" I asked.

She grinned and nudged me in the side. "Your present, you silly! Here, open it."

"I thought we were going to wait until this afternoon?" I said, but was curious to see what it was.

"No, I want to see how you like it," Keri said handing me the box.

Not one to argue with starting our fun early, I took the box. I wondered just what doll it would be as I ripped open the box top and pulled out the item.

It was a long key with a moon-shaped top and a matching self-adhesive keyhole.

I squealed with delight. "Oh Keri! You got the wind-up key!" I was practically bouncing off the walls. I hopped up and down on my heels anxious to try the key out. "Should we try it right now?" I asked with anticipation.

Keri smiled and nodded. "Yeah, but first, here, get yourself into the mood with this," she said as she handed me a long silver dildo.

"Ooohhh, this is going to be fun!" I exclaimed as I pulled my panties aside and placed the dildo into my waiting pussy. I pressed the button on the end and the vibration began to course through me.

"Lets see how this works," Keri said as she pulled out the information on the toy. It was fairly self-explanatory. Place the keyhole anywhere on the potential wind-up doll's body, insert the key and then turn it until the lights on the key began to glow. That was simple enough.

Keri picked up the keyhole and looked at me curiously. "Hmmmm... Where should we put the keyhole?" she wondered.

I sat pondering the possibilities. My belly button? No, that would be awkward. Not my chest either. My pussy? That would be really strange and possibly fun, but I decided against that.

"Let's just be traditional and put it on my back," I said as I unhooked my bra and pulled the straps down off my shoulders. I held my bra against my chest in my hands as Keri picked up the keyhole. She positioned herself behind me and then pressed the keyhole onto my back. It felt strange as she attached it onto my skin. It felt like it had actually been pushed into my back, embedding itself into my spine. It seemed strange but I threw the thought out of my mind.

"Are you ready for the key?" Keri asked with glee.

I nodded in agreement as Keri pulled the key out of the box and placed it into the keyhole on my back. Keri marveled at the fact that it somehow was able to actually go into the keyhole. She then began to turn the key until it locked into place and the lights began to glow.

"Wow!" Keri said as the key began to turn. That's when I shuddered. Something was definitely wrong as my body was starting to feel stiff. I turned my head to say something to Keri, but my voice was gone.

I began to panic as I felt a sucking sensation growing inside me. My eyes went wide as I felt the vibrating dildo was being pulled further into my pussy. I moaned as the vibration got more intense as it moved further up into my vagina.

I looked down and tried to reach for the dildo before it was sucked all the way in, but my arms wouldn't move. They were frozen in front of me, holding my bra in front of my stiffening breasts.

I could feel something strange happening inside me, as if my insides had melted away and then started to rearrange themselves. I could feel things forming in the emptiness of my chest, arms and legs.

My attention was brought back to my crotch as I could feel my pussy lips stretching and then fusing together. My pussy continued to change until both sides had completely merged together, leaving a smooth sexless mound between my legs. The change moved back toward my anus as it quickly smoothed over and sealed itself, just like my pussy had. With my pussy now gone, I had no hope of getting the dildo out as it was trapped inside me. Not that I was really complaining. The muscles in my vagina clamped down on it as they hardened, causing me to orgasm.

The outward changes swept over me quickly. I could feel the skin all over my body getting harder by the second. My body froze completely as my skin began to change color. It dulled to an artificial looking skin tone that took on a slight shine.

I started to feel like parts of my body had been disconnected from my torso. Lines began to form all over my body as I finally realized what was happening. It wasn't a roleplaying key...

"I'm being turned into a real wind-up doll! The key is transforming me!" I thought to myself. I was in heaven as my wish was actually coming true. I didn't know how it was possible, but it was amazing. I was going to be a real live toy!

I couldn't tell what Keri's reaction was as I was still feeling the changes to my body. The joints had finished forming and now my body was moving again. I moved slowly and mechanically where my new joints had formed. I could feel the pins and mechanical rods running through my shoulders and hips as my body moved.

I moaned in pleasure as I could now speak again. "Oooohhhh, a-ma-zing," I said in a slow, mechanical tone.

I leaned over as the final changes worked their way though me. The hardening feeling moved up to my head as my face froze in a sexy, pouty look. My mouth was left slightly open and I felt my eyes change into painted glass as the transformation finished it's work.

I was slowing down now as the key was close to stopping. It turned slowly until the lights dimmed and the key came to a stop. As the lights on the key went out, my body froze in position.

It was done! I could see my reflection in the mirror on the far side of the room and it was spectacular! I had really be changed into a wind-up doll. I could see the lines from my new joints on my arms, legs and around my waist. My skin had taken on an artificial shine and the ultimate sign of my new life, the moon-shaped wind-up key, was sticking out of my back.

Surprised at what happened, Keri slowly reached a hand up to my back. "Wow! It.. it turned you into a wind-up doll!" she exclaimed. She waited for me to reply until she realized that my key had stopped rotating.

"Oh, here..." She grabbed the key and turned it. I shuddered again as my body regained its ability to move.

"That was great!" I replied with my new monotone, mechanical voice. "My wish came true, Keri."
Keri helped me up off the floor as she turned the key a few more times. I moved slowly over to the bed and sat down.

"Please, I need you to play with me," I pleaded to Keri as she came over and sat next to me. She reached behind me and pulled the key out of my back and placed it on the night stand next to the bed. She pushed me back onto the bed and climbed on top of me so my mouth was directly under her pussy.

"Oh, it'll be so great having a real live toy to play with Kristen! I'm going to take such good care of you!" Keri said as she lowered her pussy down to my mouth. My mechanical mind took over as my mouth opened and I started to lick and tease Keri's clit. She moaned as my doll tongue vibrated around her pussy. It was the best feeling ever. For me and for her.

My ultimate dream had come true. I was a toy. I had no worries. No problems. All I had to do was make Keri happy.

It was going to be a fun birthday.


is it the journey or the end..... ?

some days i wish someone could just zap me and make me latex.

other days i enjoy the rituals of putting my freshly cleaned and newly talc'd latex panties on, thinking to myself 'with these i am making myself a latex doll' a the cool tightness embraces by bottom and my now so smooth pussy.

i'm not sure which i want, but i do know i'd like it all to go _alot_ faster.

and not have to worry about work and bills and office politics etc. even being found out at work. i mean latex does smell when it gets warm... so far no ones said anything. but that could be good a/c and that some people in my office not knowing when to stop with the perfume or cologne.

some of those stories on legacy and gromets site just hit me so hard i want to jump into them and be the main character. to be taken out of the world and so changed so much i'd not be human anymore. a step past no return: forever into the latex doll.

am i mad? or just kinky? or is it the pressures of 9-5 (well beyond some days for me) and needing a fantasy escape? if you saw this story you'd put me in the 'mad' catergory.

but is it the journey or the end? i still don't know


the rubber sisters are coming...

i've just had an email from blackice who is a writer and photographer based in the uk. he's aiming to do a doll fetish feature for a magazine in the uk and too that end he met and shot the rubber sisters on friday. he's not gone through the images yet but he's promised me some advanced never seen before samples!!!!!

their homepage is here and the sets of images will likely appear there sometime this year if your a member of their site. but have a visit anyway as there's some preview images scattered around if you know where to click.

so i'm hoping for a nice selection of shots sometime this week...


my new body....

i really spent _too_ much on fetish and doll items last month. mainly shoes and boots. who'd know the post would be so quick to get her after almost a 6 week wait to get the plain 5"s?

so as i said i'm aiming to get one fetish item per month with my 'mad money' or 'doll money' which is more appropriate and i found an austrian latex designer doing catsuits and different coloured bodies pretty cheaply even though the euro to dollar sucks at the moment.

i'm wearing it now and its soo lovely.... tight but not constricting. and most importanly it matches my tights so i'm slowly building up a full doll suit. i plan to wear it to bed tonight and see if i can sleep in it. and then too work tommorrow under my normal clothes and then...

we'll see how long i can wear it.


how to wear a hood??

i've tried stuff on my face and it really don't like it - not even sun glasses. i don't i'd do well with a latex hood although i do love the idea of being totally coated in latex and well that implies a hood now doesn't it?

so i'm open to suggestions on how to train myself to get used too it. a friend suggest wearing a swimming cap as much as possible and even sleeping with it on.

whats your experiences with hoods? do you like them? can you sleep in them too?

here's a new website for those really into hoods: here. creatively titled 'hood lovers' its made by hood enthusiast kim who runs club rub in london. image is from their site and was taken by blackice at the Torture Garden Ball a couple of months ago. total enclosure suit design is from libidex.


Tuesday, June 20, 2006

if your exactly the right size....

it is possible to use a latex sex doll as a costume.

some msgs on yahoo groups recommend the ones here and the results with a different head/mask by angelinadoll at her site here.

for some people its the latex coating and for other its the idea that your wearing and transfomed into an actual sex doll.

me - its definatelty the latex, although the idea of a molded mass produced doll costume is very yummy. maybe some sort of person shaped balloon i could squeeze into which slowly deflates and consumes me in latex....


a fetish as old as the....

i was looking around on wikipedia and i found from some other link the root to my fetish with the roman poem of pygmalion. the description of it all is here. while an english translation can be found here.

pygmalionism relates to statuephilia or agalmatophilia which all of course can be found at leem's site here.

but it doesn't quiet cover the people who want to become the dolls, the mannequins or the statues now does it?


a fun little film

is here. thanks to dosman for sending it in.

it needs quicktime installed and if you have the pro version you can save it to your hard drive.

i won't say much about the story but all the characters have caucasion full head masks with somewhat anime styled black eyes.


Monday, June 19, 2006

the long day of the doll....

the summer solstice is coming up tommorrow and thursday. pagan and other religious types have been using it for rituals and ceremonies for centuries.

i wonder if i should be doing anything special??

my knot spell i'm keeping up with. though not much else is happening.

on those days, just think of and wish me into latex..... ;-)


Saturday, June 17, 2006

a doll story from softi

i started a thread on the mc forums as i was looking for more stories about being converted into a latex doll - like thats a surprise - and softi wrote a yummy story and posted it right there and then.

i'm hoping she can do more...

enjoy and please encourage her in her writing:


Neighborly Love

by softi

Rain always put the damn cable on the fritz. 'Ironic,' thought Liz as she sighed and selected the recorded programs menu. 'Works perfectly when you want to be outside.' She hoped it would be working before "Grey's Anatomy" came on. She flipped through the screens and settled on a Lifetime movie she'd recorded. The commercial looked good. It looked romantic, unlike her life. Not that she should knock her husband or her kids. Just sometimes, it was, well, boring.

*knock* *knock*

Liz turned to the door and sighed. It was Girl Scout Cookie season and the every girl in the neighborhood would stop by her place, knowing she was an easy target. Resistance of Thin Mints and Peanut Butter Patties was futile.

Liz pulled herself out of the sofa and wandered toward the door. 'It better not be Jean.' Liz's neighbor Jean found so many excuses during the day to stop by. Liz wasn't sure she could take that now. If she didn't know better, she'd thing Jean was hitting on her.

'Maybe it's a some hunk come to sweep me off my feet.' Liz felt a little tingly thrill. 'Better not keep him waiting!' She grabbed her wallet off of the foyer table and yanked the door open, fully expecting a a little trooper.

"Hi..." Liz stopped. The girl was taller and more developed than the average Scout. The uniform wasn't motherly either. Black leather and high heeled, calf-length boots weren't the typical soccer-mom look.

"Hi, ma'am, I was looking for Elizabeth McBride?" The woman smiled brightly, like she was about to ask how Liz felt about school funding or saving owls three states over.

"Sorry, don't want any..." Liz pushed the door to close it. Some of her friends had mentioned lingerie parties, which she wouldn't be caught dead at. That kind of thing was private and embarrassing. Did they go door to door now?

The woman put her hand out. "Elizabeth? Great!" She barged past a shocked Liz. "I have such wonderful things to show you!" The woman strode into the living room and placed her bag on the coffee table.

"I, uh..." Liz stepped towards the woman. "Um, please, I don't really..."

"Here's our latest product, the Doll Maker." The woman held up a large piece of latex. "It's a favorite. Why don't you try it on?" She sniffed gently along an arm. "Smells like chocolate and mint."

Liz's mouth dropped open. She and her husband were certainly not... not... deviants. Only seriously bent people would even consider wearing something like that. It was all... shiny, slick, confining. Liz backed up to the stairs. "You need to leave." She looked directly at the woman. "Now!"

The woman gazed back. "It won't hurt to try." She closed with Liz. "Will it?" She ran the fabric through her fingers. "I know you don't want to be naughty." She smiled again. "But we're just trying new things here, and being a little naughty can be fun sometimes." She beckoned to Liz. "Come over here and add some spice to your life. You might enjoy it."

Liz caught her breath. This was too strange to be believed. When did Girl Scouts start selling club clothes? Why did the room smell like chocolate and mint? "Is this the Thin Mints special? All minty chocolate goodness?" Liz said. 'Where did that come from?' Liz shook her head. "OK, enough. Please leave my home, now!" She pointed at the door.

The woman persisted. "Liz, let me show you what an exciting product this is." She stepped within reach of Liz and flicked the fabric against Liz's exposed arm. "You'll love the feel against your naked body."

"No! NO!" Liz backed away. "Please just leave before I call the cops!" She reached towards the phone that should be sitting on top of the counter behind her. Why was her arm tingling?

"No Liz, you need to try this on. It will change your life!" The woman closed again quickly and hugged Liz, holding the soft, slick cloth against Liz's face and neck. "Smell how delicious this outfit is."

Liz stumbled back against the counter, the phone slipping from her fingers. She felt butterflies fluttering down her belly to her suddenly moist pussy. Her nose filled with mint and chocolate.

"You like that?" The woman kept rubbing the soft fabric against Liz's exposed skin. "It's even better against your naked body." She flipped Liz's shirt up and slid the black latex against Liz's smooth belly.

Liz moaned and her knees buckled.

The woman held her against the counter. She pulled Liz's top off and wrapped her arms around the boneless housewife. "It feels wonderful." She leaned in close and whispered in Liz's ear. "It smells wonderful."

Liz could only croon her pleasure. Something in the cloth rubbed her the right way, a very naughty way, that made her hot and wet. She tried to pull back and think of her husband and how she should act, but he had never made her feel like this. Nothing had ever made her feel like this.

"Let go. Try it on. You'll love it, I know." The woman pressed her body against Liz's to hold the garment in place and slid her hands down to unsnap Liz's jeans. She slowly pushed them down. Liz sank to the floor as the slick fabric rubbed the newly exposed skin. "This underwear will interfere with the full effect." The woman unhooked Liz's bra and pulled it off, then reached down to slip off Liz's panties. Liz slipped down, lying on the floor and moaning as the cloth touched her most intimate areas.

"Put it on, Liz."

Liz lay naked, wet and wanton. She had never felt so depraved and exposed. A stranger pressed a dirty outfit against her. It held her libido's attention. A part of her still struggled against the allure, but she was overwhelmed by her desire. She grabbed it.

The soft latex almost slipped through her fingers. She lifted her legs and drew the cloth slowly up. Her cunt sang as the garment cupped her naked pussy lips. Liz lifted her ass to pull the body suit up to her chest. She sat and slid her arms in, letting the woman pull the zipper up her back. Liz tingled all over.

"Stand," the woman directed. Liz stood up, and stayed as straight as she could. "Stay still." Liz felt the latex tight against her skin, cupping her breasts and splitting her pussy lips. She was on the brink of an incredible orgasm. With just a little motion...

But she wasn't supposed to move.

Her clit sang anyways.

"Now for the next piece." The woman walked back to her bag and pulled out a hood.

"No, no, I'm not like this!" Liz cried out. "Don't put that on me!" But her body stayed still, encased in soft plastic and controlled by her pussy's pleasure.

"Shhh." The woman slipped the mask over Liz's head. "It's too late now. Enjoy it."

Liz felt the woman attach the hood to the body suit. Liz felt a little pressure high on her back. Her cunt suddenly spasmed in joy and she nearly collapsed as the orgasm spread in waves through her body, but the suit constricted slightly and helped her stay up. She felt safe and wonderful and controlled. The woman slipped the hood over Liz's head.

"Now for the final piece." Liz couldn't see through the fabric. She stood still because it felt right and good. Something slipped against the back of her neck. She felt a sharp jolt and the world went white.

Was it God?

"Wait a second..." The light adjusted, and Liz could see again. The room came into focus. "Let me try a few settings." Liz felt cold, and pain, and hot, and pleasure. "Looks good."

The woman walked to the phone lying on the counter. Liz tried to turn to see what she was doing, but only Liz's eyes would move. A part of her mind tried to be scared, but it was quickly overcome by searing lust.

"Hi, Jean? Yeah, it's Blanca. She's ready. Come get her. No, it's ok. She'll wait." Blanca hung up. She walked in front of the new toy. "So, your neighbor Jean is on her way." Blanca held up a remote control. "She paid for this, a little device that controls you now, like this." Blanca hit a button and Liz came hard. "That's just a taste." Blanca walked to the coffee table and put it down. She picked up her bag.

"Maybe your husband will get home first and save you." Blanca walked to the door. "Maybe your kids. They might play with you."

"Or maybe Jean will share you with them. I don't care. Goodbye."

Blanca walked out.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

chinese latex catsuit sellers.....?

i was flicking through ebay to kill some time at work ;-) and i found some chinese based sellers (actually via canada) that do actual latex catsuits with hoods too here. so far the zentai suit has been lovely and other people have said the same.

they're very very cheap - 50$ start with 50$ shipping. question is - anyone order and have one? are they worth the risk?

the purple one they list is imho actually a deep pink and clear. cut on the hood may not be too good either but it looks too fit the model very well....

hmm..... a semi clear pink latex catsuit... i could go for one of those... :-)


masuimi max is just a doll...

another net find from sent in too me ; alternative model and burlesque performer masuimi max as a corseted doll. doesn't she look lovely? what huge round eyes and such a teeny waist... cute doesn't sum her up..!!!

maybe she should do a doll routine on stage? her homepage is here.


latex insects and transformations....

i have been sticking to my main fetish; the love of latex and dolls, but this artist has a very unique vision and illustrates it in such a detailed manner i just had to share. some, but not all of them do cross over with my own interests.

his work is all about insect women, latex, bubbles, high heels and thigh boots and can be found at

as i've said elsewhere i do have a fixation about balloons and rob of switzerland (yes there's some kinky people there) pushes the boundry between possibilities and imagination to the utter extreme. several of the drawings i'd just love to jump into and be the women in the scenes; while the other more insecty ones i think are pretty gross and skip over quickly.

there's about 30 pages of preview pictures with two or so free full sized images on each to admire. its possible to both buy the originals or simply subscribe for a little while for full access to them all.

his images also have inspired both german and english writers who create fictions around single or multiple images and can be read starting from here. there's several in there that are my favourite, but i'll let you decide which ones those may be. ;-)

note that the images used above are all with rob's permission.



Wednesday, June 14, 2006

the mysterious Doctor Vandelay....

i found a stash of these images in a yahoo group but had spotted some of them before on ebay. apparently Doctor Vandelay makes and sells them there. they're certianly some of the best doll like masks i've seen so far.

i've tried tracking him down but to no luck and i can't figure out what his ebay id is either.

does anyone know more? Doctor Vandelay are you out there?


kinda stuck.....

writing this hypno script for myself which i'm getting a friend to read and record for me.

i've tried to read brad's doll one for a couple for weeks and it just doesn't do anything too me. :-(

i think its trying to do too much and i'm into the entire of loosing my IQ along the way.

so i'm opening the floor for short phrases and sections that anyone can write and either post in comments or email me.

i'm a very visual and tactile person but resistant to direct orders so saying 'you are xxx' won't work, i need to be guided into a world, a relaxed place. descriptions of the stages of the transformation need to be slow and very visual with evocative details...

for a quick guide i found this article on how to write one but i can't find the original link so will just put it bellow in its entirety.

thanks everyone in advance for your help


"Writing a Custom Self Hypnosis Script
by Richard A Blumenthal, MS, NCC*

True Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is usually thought of as a person listening to an audio tape, mp3, or other mass-produced media, intended to induce a willingness to absorb suggestions centered around a specific topic such as weight loss, stop smoking, etc. Unfortunately, this kind of hypnosis is generally prepared by someone who has never met the person being hypnotized, often presenting unwanted, even unpleasant imagery and suggestions. For example, if you sunburn easily, that last thing you want to hear about is a slow walk on a sunny beach. In this case, the "self" in self hypnosis simply means that you listen to it by yourself!

A true self hypnosis would necessarily be designed and created by the very person who will ultimately use and benefit from it.

Unlike the mass-produced hypnosis, this hypnosis is made for the exact purpose the person wishes, including the precise words and phrases that mean the most to that particular person. The true self hypnosis is thus crafted by the person to suit his or her own needs. The benefits derived could only be accomplished with such a personal, one-of-a-kind hypnosis. In this case, the "self" in self hypnosis really does mean that you are hypnotized by yourself!

Custom Hypnosis Scripts

The form of hypnosis in this discussion entails the use of the spoken word. There are other forms - drug induced, fixation of sensory attention, etc. But for our purpose, let us confine ourselves to the spoken word, which is by far the most popular of modern methods. The hypnosis, therefore, requires the composition of what will be recited to the person, otherwise known as a script. It has been shown in the literature ( Rational Suggestion Therapy ) that the choice of words included in the hypnosis script can have a profound effect on its success in conveying the beneficial ideas to the user. Even if it is written using widely accepted grammar, and just the right jargon to reflect society's opinions on the topic of the hypnosis, this does not guarantee that those words will have any powerful meaning for the person being hypnotized. It must be meaningful to the user, even if to no one else. A fabricated nonsense word fitting no frame of reference to the rest of the world, may be just the thing for the person who made up the word and knows just what it means. This is one of the great advantages of the custom hypnosis script. Particular people, familiar objects, events, routines, etc. peculiar to the person (and possibly no one else) are probably the most effective words to use. Always keep in mind that the aim of the script is to create a supremely meaningful experience for the person from start to finish. Therefore, all elements of the script should be to the taste, vocabulary, and possess a complete resonance with the beliefs of the individual using the hypnosis. As in the sunburn example above, if the imagery is objectionable to the person, it will probably be at that point in the script that the person "turns off" to the hypnosis experience. Likewise, if an objectionable behvioral idea is presented, that idea will either not be acted upon, or may even have some unwanted collateral effect, worsening the sitiuation. However, if the person to be hypnotized can truly say something like, "I wish I could think about this topic using the ideas contained in this hypnosis script.", we would have every reason to anticipate success. Though there is such a thing as "brainwashing", forcing the commission of behaviors and accepting concepts against the will of the person, it is not self hypnosis. In self hypnosis, the user must want to be hypnotized, and must want the ideas presented in the hypnosis, as well.

Having extolled the virtues of custom wording in hypnosis, we may now move on to the common elements found in many hypnosis scripts, regardless of wording. They may be termed in this way: stillness of the physical body; the imagination gateway; suggestion ideation; return to ordinary consciousness.

The Hypnosis Script Elements:

Stillness of the Physical Body

Since hypnotic induction depends on the mind concentrating on an "inner reality", stimulation to the physical body should be at a minimum. Many scripts begin with instructions to relax the various muscles, moving from one group to another. This is called progressive relaxation. However you want to accomplish this "stillness" is your option. The body function of breathing is, of course, one movement that can't be stopped and so it may be used as part of the relaxation, with instructions for slow and rhythmic breathing. Truly, the simple act of giving one's self permission to be still and quiet may suffice,
and prove quite enjoyable to those who lead generally hectic lives.

The Imagination Gateway

This next portion of the hypnosis script is essential, as it provides the entry point into one's inner reality. When the person is engrossed in the imagination and dissociated from the surroundings, the person becomes more suggestible. This is the goal of hypnotic induction, to raise the level of suggestibility. Imagination is not limited to the laws of the physical universe. You may imagine any place, anywhere. Usually, though not necessarily, it is a place where you will feel comfortable and want to return to often. As you construct your scenario, be sure to include all of the five senses, plus movement (or the lack of it). Mention them in the context of the place you are creating and as you touch upon them all, you will find that you have created a rather complete experience.

Remember, this need not be the relaxing lakeside or stroll on the beach that one might expect, unless you want it to be. It all depends on your own free flowing imagination. This is the ultimate in freedom!

Suggestion Ideation

Once you are thoroughly surrounded by your imagined place, it is time to give yourself the ideas you want/need. Though the whole thing takes place within your own mind, we can still call these ideas suggestions because you will hear them spoken to you, even if they are of your own invention. There has been much written about how to word a suggestion - keep it positive and direct, etc. In this case, all it has to be is meaningful to you. It doesn't matter if you use negativity, double negatives, or negative numbers, so long as it makes good sense to you. Suggestions may be thought of as falling into one of two categories: philosophical and behavioral. The philosophical variety would consist of those ideas that form the reasoning behind something that we do or feel, the why. For example, a stop smoking hypnosis may delve into the rationale for quitting - my family is important to me and needs me to be healthy; It is better to live a long life than a short one, etc. The behvioral suggestions would give direct instruction regarding what to feel, or what to do. To continue the smoking example - cigarettes taste like burning garbage and are abhorrent to me.

It may seem unecessary, even artificial to categorize ideas in this way. If it seems so to you, then it is unecessary. In truth, it is best to write any suggestion that you desire.

There is one more type of suggestion worth mentioning. On occasion, it may be useful to trigger some sort of behavior or emotion at the mention of a particular word, or the sight of a particular person, thing, or even imagining a particular symbol.. For example, to combat anxiety, the suggestion might be, "when I say the word 'playful' to myself I will instantly regain my composure and will calmly face the challenges before me." Picturing a symbolic object or person may also be very effective for this purpose. Symbols in themselves have a powerfully hypnotic connection to non-conscious thinking. For more about the non-conscious, please see the article, "What's Hard to Find, but Always With You?"

Closing Your Hypnosis Script

After making the suggestions, it is time to wind down the hypnosis and return to ordinary thinking. You may want to extend the pleasure of relaxation, giving yourself some time to rest. If the hypnosis is to be used just before sleep, you may wish to give yourself instructions on how you want to fall asleep and what time you want to awaken. For other types of hypnosis, you will want to give the instruction to awaken. Many scripts use backward counting to give the mind a chance to prepare for the return. For example, "you will hear counting, moving backward from three to one. When you reach one, you will awaken and return to your ordinary thinking. You are awake."

Recording Your Hypnosis Script

When your script is complete, you will want to record it on a cassette tape, computer file, or other medium. Some people like to have music playing in the backgound. Many do not, finding it a distraction. Also, some people like to look at something hypnotic while listening to their hypnosis. Such pictures are available at the website."

latex women on stage

there was a stage play version of cult 60's spy series 'the avengers' and the costumes were all in latex and pvc. these were the only images i could find. clothing was created by the man behind 'atomage' magazine.

plays program and some small photo's are to be found here

anyone know or can find more about it?


Monday, June 12, 2006

a story with images

but you'll need to click on them to see them at full size. i liked both...


Sunday, June 11, 2006

full moon magic...

another month and another full moon. i've been doing the knot rituals / spells now for over a week. the pile of completed knots are at my nolee's feet surrounded by the silver armband that is a close match to my assembled goddess... in her right had is a loose length of green ribbon cut to the same length as is needed for the spell and her left a silver loop which i'd say connects her to the eternity collar. she's draped elegantly in spare sample peices of latex i had

seems its turning into a little alter ... or so i've been told by someone who knows.

i'm not sure yet if anything i'm doing is working. i'm sort of more convinced about hypnosis than magic. maybe magic is just hypnosis or nlp under a different name.

anyway - its a full moon tonight so you all think of me becoming one with latex.... a latex doll for all too see..

dolly dreams


your mother was a secret latex doll....

its a popular conception that latex fetish is a recent thing, with magazines like skin two, marquis etc pushing the limits of latex fashions.... but this is not true. as far back as the early 70's there were also latex fetishists and they had they're own small b/w magazine called 'atomage'.

it was no where near the magazines as we know them today, closer to readers wifes and magazines like 'shiny' and 'rubberist' but they have their own charm. atomage has their own entry in wikipedia here and an appreciation site with cover scans here.

when rubber and latex was commonly used in manufacturing pre WWII there were alot of people who fell in love with the material back then too... so it might be that your great great grandmother was a latex doll... ;-)


with alot of stitches of course...

a couple of photos from a body paint / art competition from a site who knows where and when...

still nice stitch work.... even if she is a bit creepy.


Saturday, June 10, 2006

the goth doll connection..

is there one? there seems to be alot of different types of goth dolls out there. is it the women buying them or the guys? do they want to be doll themselves? do you know any?

maybe they just trying to rebel against the clean clut blondeness of barbie?

image is from the homepage of be goths dolls here which appear to be very collectable.

more when i know more....


something more....

since the begining of the week i've had an itch i can't scatch. well not a real one, its a metaphor actually... it may have stemmed from wanting to wear the collar and seal it on but deciding against it.

i'm feeling a pull for something permenant. a statement, a sacrifice and a sign of commitment to the latex doll i am becoming.

maybe its the full moon tommorrow, maybe something deep in my soul is crying to be heard. i just really don't know.

i think all of this would be much much easier to do with a loving partner and not having to worry about things like work, rent, food and office politics. as suggested by someone else on email, i just need to wrapped tightly in a corset, ballet boots, gloves etc and left in the basement display case until my body caught up with my pull of my heart.

self conditioning is a very slow process it seems... and i'm making progress - its been over five months now since i put on my latex panties only to remove then too sleep and wash them. likewise my heel training is def moving along at a pace. my arches are hurting when i walk flat footed now.

so i am changing, i am being drawn by something... but somedays i wish it was all happening way faster.


Friday, June 09, 2006

jennifer aniston discarded doll....

was kindly emailed in and i'd have to agree with the sender, she does very much look like a doll discarded and left in a heap on the floor.

is there anyone good at photoshop who can download the image and modify it so she does look like a latex doll or barbie?

i'll post the best results...


more on the book....

much better scans of a feature article on the book in DPI magazine (Designer magazine in Taiwan). The pics are of Natori Satio's masks.

The air mailing fee from Taipei to both the US and the UK is the same at each book is 15 US dollars for airmail. The book itself is 12.5 US dollars ( 399 Taiwan dollars).The total is 27.5 US dollars in each book.

The best way at the moment is to send the cash in US dollars by cash in an envelope wrapped safely. Keep the postal receipt, and scan it, then email it to He will send the books as soon as possible. The process of air mailing is about 1 week.

The address you send the cash to is below the line(also my working studio) :
Sean H. Shiao
2F., No.23, Lane 78, Huaide St.
Beitou District
Taipei City 112, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

The book is now only published in Chinese texts. 288 pages. But only sold in Taiwan and Hong Kong.The book is focus on female mask fetish, also many other desires, such as latex, furvert, ponyplay, robot, doll, breath control, necro...Last month, the book was selected as the focus of the month by Eslite Bookstore, the biggest bookstore in Taiwan. Now i have the plan to translate it into English. ( If time and money allows me to do that)


lets hope he can do an english edition and maybe even a mention for my blog ;-)


myspace or spyspace???

i still don't have a myspace or tribe profile. i've been thinking about it for along time but have other things to do - mainly more research and updating the blog more regularly. this email just came in about myspace and it re-inforced my concern over personal privacy;

Pentagon sets its sights on social networking websites
09 June 2006- Paul Marks

"I AM continually shocked and appalled at the details people voluntarily post online about themselves." So says Jon Callas, chief security officer at PGP, a Silicon Valley-based maker of encryption software. He is far from alone in noticing that fast-growing social networking websites such as MySpace and Friendster are a snoop's dream.

New Scientist has discovered that Pentagon's National Security Agency, which specialises in eavesdropping and code-breaking, is funding research into the mass harvesting of the information that people post about themselves on social networks. And it could harness advances in internet technology - specifically the forthcoming "semantic web" championed by the web standards organisation W3C - to combine data from social networking websites with details such as banking, retail and property records, allowing the NSA to build extensive, all-embracing personal profiles of individuals.

continues here

and this related which sort of concerns me about emailing from work:

Third Of US Companies SpyOn Employee Email

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Big Brother is not only watching but he is also reading your e-mail.
According to a new study, about a third of big companies in the United States and Britain hire employees to read and analyze outbound e-mail as they seek to guard against legal, financial or regulatory risk.

More than a third of U.S. companies surveyed also said their business was hurt by the exposure of sensitive or embarrassing information in the past 12 months, according to the annual study from a company specializing in protecting corporate e-mail at large businesses.

"What folks are concerned about is confidential or sensitive information that is going out," said Gary Steele, chief executive of Cupertino, California-based Proofpoint Inc., which conducted the study along with Forrester Research.

The top concern was protecting the financial privacy and identity of customers followed by compliance issues and a bid to prevent confidential leaks. Businesses ranked monitoring for inappropriate content and attachments as less important.

Steele also said on Friday that more and more companies are employing staff to read outgoing e-mails of workers who typically have no idea their correspondence is being monitored.

"It is not something that is broadcast," Steele said. "There are organizations where employees think they can say whatever they want to say and nobody is going to read it."

The survey gathered responses concerning e-mail security from 406 companies in the United States and the United Kingdom with more than 1,000 employees.

In both regions, 38 percent of respondents said they employed staff to read or otherwise analyze outbound e-mail. In the United States, 44 percent of companies with more than 20,000 employees said they hire workers to snoop on workers' e-mail.

Nearly one in three U.S. companies also said they had fired an employee for violating e-mail policies in the past 12 months and estimated that about 20 percent of outgoing e-mails contain content that poses a legal, financial or regulatory risk.


so thats a few reasons for being very very cautious about any personal details i reveal online...


the strange makeup of serge lutens..

a set of scans from the uk's sunday times magazine about serge lutens' make up and resulting photo's.

don't you think that he make all his models look very alien, doll-like and even artificial? there's definately some inspiration in these images for someone who wants to write some kinky transfomation fiction.

has anyone had professional film or theatre makeup done to them? i've read and seen some accounts on various dvd extras of creature transformations that takes _hours_.... but if your into it, then thats half the fun :-)


westward bound more and more sales....

its really worth signing up to the westward bound email newsletter as they are always having clear outs and sales. i'd say almost monthly now i get an email full of tempting items and really good prices esp with the dollar sucking so.

some do have some discolouring etc but if if your going to wear it out at night then who cares? i mean how many clubs or parties do you know that are held in white brightly lit rooms? yummy mannequins however ;-)

you can sign up to their emails on the main page right hand side here.

this cute outfit and top caught my attention but they have lots more including catsuits and nurses outfits.

oh and if you sign up to libidex's email list they'll keep you updated on offers on their raw rubber range. sadly not jean cuts for women yet...


nice cover....

but shame about the story. i found it for 50 cents in a used book store. not read it as i don't like that genre of fiction. from reading the back it has something too do with murders on halloween.

still the cover is nice.


Thursday, June 08, 2006

dolls as models...

seems to be a test site or a photographic project. not too sure which untill i interview the creator of these images are reproduced here with permission of the photographer.

and the big question is - where are the barbies with nipples from? are they easier to work with than normal model :P

interview with the creator of 31 Station Road:

why did you set up the site?

In "real life" I am a professional glamour photographer and I photograph real naked women all day. So there comes a point when I need to do something else that is fun and takes me away from my everyday work.

The site was set up as a bit of fun, and a little chance at creativity on my days off.

where did you find barbies with nipples? mine don't...

Mine don't either. Barbies have never had nipples. But a little bit of glue and paint can turn them into anything you want. :-)

You might also notice that the men (Action man, GI Joe etc) also have a little extra in some of the photos.

are they easier or harder to work with than models?

They certainly don't ask for as many breaks and will work all night if you need them to.

are there more sequences planned?

At this moment the site is on "hold" as I am working hard in my normal life. As 31 Station Road is a site that is almost a hobby then it has to wait until I have time for setting up new stuff. At this moment I have no plans to do anything specific, but that may change as my work load goes down. If anyone has any suggestions to what they would like to see then I will certainly listen.

do you think there's more interest now with dolls with all the goth ones out as well as the burlesque revival?

I actually wasn't aware that there were Goth dolls on the market. This may be different in the UK (where the site comes from). We may get different dolls.

do you think barbie should be a role model?

Oooooh! I can't answer that one. Barbie is a doll and as you have seen on the site, she can be made to do some wicked things. So it would depend on what kind of roll model you were looking for. :-)