Sunday, December 31, 2017

Bettie Page’s influence

includes a robot version would you believe?

full story can be found here.


Saturday, December 30, 2017

after christmas sales - its just not just white goods and electronics

The wait is over – the Libidex Grand Winter Sale is now on! And what better way to chase your winter blues away than with a real latex bargain from Libidex to cheer you up!

We have some amazing offers at 25%, 30%, 40% and an
eye-popping 50% OFF!

There’s more to choose from on our website than ever before.
You will be pleased to know that our entire range is included in our Grand Winter sale bonanza, including the Hard and Heavy parts I,II and III.
With a huge variety of new kinky items such as inflatables, bodybags, bondage gear, etc, you are bound to find something to get your heart racing.

We’ve also introduced new sizes on some of our most popular items, which are now available in sizes from 2XS to 3XL and 4XL as well as petite and long body lengths.
If you have always wanted shorter or longer arms and legs as an option for catsuits, leggings and tops, your wishes have come true. (Please note this is only available when listed in the product options page, not all items have this option yet.

Please be aware that during the beginning of our sales, it normally takes 5 to 6 weeks to make and despatch items (depending of what items you order)
Usually in the second part of our sale when we get really busy, then it may take up to 8 weeks to send your order – so order soon for a quicker production time.

Delivery time will vary according to your location and is additional to the production time quoted above.
Due to an unprecedentedly busy end of year, our Rapid service will not be available until the end of the sale.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

the miriam dolll comic

another edition spotted and forwarded from the Rubber Cult FB group. totally agree with the thoughts.

still no idea if there's a stash or a complete collection of these somewhere.


shiny, shiny...

and you can have a guess who made it - though with that precession fit over so many exquisite curves; if you guessed Fantastic Rubber - your right!


sort of christmassy with The Nutcracker overtones

there's a friend in SL who was somewhat obsessed with wind up toy soldiers. this is for her (and any others).

and there's another video i remember - anyone can name it - rows of marching pvc clad drones?


Tuesday, December 26, 2017

so what did you get for christmas?

did you buy it yourself or does someone shower you with interesting items?

i'm waiting on a few items and just ordered a night wear in latex from Aliexpress - its here


Monday, December 25, 2017

christmas .....

and NYC's best Christmas displays. sadly heavy use of blank mannequins. here

any too visually dense for my refined aesthetics.


mary jale shares the sounds of... latex

found on a FB page for latex lovers. using some clever app/plug in and it was shared and posted here. here page is rubber doll mary jale. which i didn't know til i searched so better msg her as well.

this ties into my two previous posts. i still want people who are real life latex wearers to comment in their own words what the like / love / addicted too latex


Sunday, December 24, 2017

its ART in other countries

sent in my regular UK contributor who knows Sasha Frolova and follows her on FB and was trying to get to her show in Amsterdam to film/shoot in 3d. (round curves is what 3d is all about - he said)

apparently its worn by a friend and was made for an opera singer??

do look through her past work, sadly no real merch. here sculptural work which is reflected in the dress above totally reminds me of the DA / SL artist who does the B/W sketch rubber based tarot deck i love. will add his name when i remember it - tho do post in comments if you beat me to it.


Saturday, December 23, 2017

not just an excuse to share from the DeMask catalog

i'm currently in Second Life - polling friends inworld who i know or suspect to be real life latex wearers as well to get in their own words the appeal and how it makes them feel for the hypno training / conditioning script idea i'm developing. see earlier post and do chip in.

one thing that i've hit upon and its utterly experienced by me and familiar and its this:

- when you wear latex, the compression of it makes you feel so relaxed, stress melts away and a calmness overtakes you. almost a sacred space -

anyone else? you know where. or email me at

so in talking to a friend there who is even more obssessed with latex than me, she said she's recently been diagnosed as 'being on the spectrum'. then it hit me - is tight latex therapy? and one step further - BD as well? much needed coocooning? i know that special weighted blankets can be made or bought.

anyone else on the spectrum? have a google - but here's one page; deep-pressure-therapy.

perhaps thats my urge, desire to wear latex _all the time_ as it brings me to what most people consider a normal state or something else?


a couple of more from Fetishcimera...

i've written to them but so far no replies. i'd really like to suggest some idea and plot lines.


Friday, December 22, 2017

great design by Libidex

which was worn by Irina Rimes from Moldova wearing at the Media Music Awards 2017. very egl but her music isn't anywhere near the J-Pop style.

being the thorough blogger i am i did track down the video performance and - no, just no.... great look, great dress but i'm not posting it. go find it yourself :P


Thursday, December 21, 2017

february's Rubber Cult in London, UK

real latex wearers only

i'm designing, writing, scripting a new project and i need the help of people who do wear latex in real life - second life doesn't count at all.

what i am after and in your own words - and be please be verbose as possible - is descriptions of the different aspects of latex that you love and include how it makes you feel.

so it could be, shine, tightness, slickness against itself, trans-formative, etc etc.

i can do so much myself but some times i'm too blogger and not lyrical enough in some ways. if that even makes sense?

so post in comments or even email me - yes its in my profile but its  the google account is there but don't check it often.

that's part 1 - then after that's done i'll see how i get on with 2nd part but i suspect more input if nothing more than a different voice and tone will be needed.


another image emailed in

and i like it for various reasons. is it a dolls pov under glass?

don't you think it would make a great poster? they do look like they're up to some evil plot. considering, you can almost see the gears turning as they decide the fate.

according to Black Ice who sent it in - it was posted by a performance artist who frequents at Torture Garden and its from: Vogue italia sept 2011.

any Italian readers who collect Vogue?

which do you prefer, the right or the left?

a picture i found and like for a few reasons.

or just knee in the center and wait for their commands?


Tuesday, December 19, 2017

whats your caption of a Rubber Sister photo?

i'm still trying to encourage people to contribute - though my feeling is its falling on deaf ears. perhaps i should just be badgering for $/£ etc? bitcoins or set up Patreon?

add comment for caption and i have one fermenting as well.


Sunday, December 17, 2017

latex every day for 2018

not my new years resolution yet... its time for a new calendar on Jan 1st so why not be a fetishy one?

i'm seriously thinking of the Fetish Chimera one...

you can order it at Nikitzostore 35 euro's at A3 size (twice normal paper size FYI). i think i'm most likely to order the Fetishchimera one. i've always been a fan of their creative shots.


Friday, December 15, 2017

any metal color you like for your inner robot doll...

you can get one here in a range of sizes and colors!!! (click images to enlarge)

presently under $22 with shipping. buy yours here on AliExpress.

now i'm curious (but can't draw to save my life) is can you take a Sharpie to them an robotise them? a good competition for the blog or my Deviant Art Page?

let me know what you think and if you get one. so far with me they are running true to size - assuming i remember correctly of course.


two up now...

i've not heard back from her in a couple of weeks and she now has two of the mp3's completed and available for purchase.

according to her tumbler feed. she has 55 people liking:

meanwhile and somehow i totally missed it the silver catsuit inspired / hypno master D's confirmation of my wishlist all being 'do-able' is the Lovely Lycra Latex Robot Girl is up as well and can be found here.

both of these have short samples you can listen too online or even download.

or you can try this sample video found on youtube:

if memory serves i've a couple more with her to develop as time permits. i am also working on one which could be seen as a prelude to Doll Thoughts - titled 'Latex Forever' to help with my latex daily wearing goals and to bring me to the point where all i can ever wear or want to wear is latex.


right idea, wrong color and size

i found them on ebay as 'gravity shoes'.  they're here.

other ones come up - just search. sizes all teeny tho. though beware - depending on the search variables you may end up with a lot of golf clubs coming up - really!

could they be recolored / might do as a steampunk look?


more tools to navel gaze....

pretty deep stuff. i go from shallow fashions to deep in a heartbeat.

you'll need to click it to see full size and read text. if probs, i have a blown up and sharpened one here.


Thursday, December 14, 2017

as i keep saying - don't go full fetish; its about mixing and matching

the latex can be the focus or it could be just to accent the overall look. there was a trend a few years ago for latex tights and stockings on the runway that had fashionistas delve into sex shops in search of said accessories.

these images from a magazine and supplied by London latex co and store - Libidex.

if in London you can visit their store front shop in London's Theater district;  Covent Garden at: liberation london.  both the online shop and the store has regular sales btw.

interesting piece of history / gossip - they were first to do a full latex doll suit.


UK photo mag found

according to the regular contributor who did the scans - apparently each monthly photo magazine has some thin excuse to showcase kinky image / nudes. another issue was all about shooting nudes outside.

this issue was a doll shoot for something... poses are great - utterly forgot to make up on the dolls joints.

images are full sized A4 scans so click to view larger


did she ever walk in them?

or just pose?

a rare color shot of Betty Page in killer heels.

and because xmas is coming up soon. a seasonal playboy spread no less.

so what do you all want for Christmas?


Wednesday, December 13, 2017

fetish finds on Alliexpress. way kinky...

after the silver catsuit success, then buying a black pvc version i've been digging around to see what i could find. loving my high waist stretch leather like / pvc leggings. on sale under 10$ with ship and managed to get a 2nd pair still on sale. been pretty well in them for more than a week now.

always good to have a spare one as these 'fast fashions' (bonus Q; what band is that in French) tend appear and disappear. still sad over my Siger Morrison soft rubber low heel boots with tall shaft and i can't find _anyone_ doing them now bar Acquo of Sweden and they're not cheap as they were when common in the 60's and 70's. might as well get leather ones from a designer. check the range and prices  here in their online shop.

my fail with Aliexpress was at least low cost - top bra and bottom of some cyber video game or anime i've never heard of. size was way to small and absolutely no stretch. now i found better one, all in one so i'm considering the bellow.

so still looking around Aliexpress i stumbled upon these silicon masks.... this one dark egl / witch sort of appealed to my fetish kink.

utterly impressed. if she appeared and offered to make me her latex toy.... i doubt i'd refuse.

and the site is knee deep in more tradional EGL and kumguri...

i have no plan to get one of these - they are close to 400$ but i am impressed with the detial. now here's an idea. someone make a film with them....


i have no idea what this is - very much in the Vallery of the Uncanny

any Japanese readers out there care to help out? perhaps even a video?


Tuesday, December 12, 2017

free rubber fetish on Amazon Prime - for your Kindle reader

although very quiet i am discovering and actually meeting readers in SL and DA and they're very creative in what ever media they explore and work in. many appologies to a Second Life friend. work and illness has messed up my life etc since June no less. so not been in world or blogging.

she poked me again and reminded me so here's the links to her  Twitter Feed for regular updates.

up to 4 books in the series. these can be previewed on Amazon and if you have Prime they're free automatically!

here entire series is here.

a snip at 1.33 each or under 4$ for all of them. will add them to my self gifting xmas list. already secured is a pink mp3 player for Doll Thoughts and anything from; Mistress-Love.

if you get the before me - please post a comment / review etc.

and as you may have noticed - the covers are made in Second Life. hmms... perchance she needs a muse.


found them!!!

they were made by German designer Shitake - Follow the Mushroom on Facebook.

and their ESTY store: Follow the mushroom.

though from what i understand they're just used for photo shoots and somewhat involved / labor intensive to make. now rather than just tempt us all they have release how to guide via a deep folder in the FB page. complete sequence is bellow.

also when trying to explain these heels to someone in SL - i accidentally discovered while i have been calling them 'scooped wedges' - that they are also known as 'gravity heels'. makes sense. now if i can only find them in my size - all seem to be teeny chinese sizes.

if anyone knows a latex designer who wants to make them - pls email me. i bet there's others out there for these and low heel or even flat. the last pair i had were the Siger Morrison 'Rain or Shine tall soft rubber boots which i wore to falling apart. they sometime appear on ebay btw.


where or where - anyone know more about these???

were more made? different styles? more photo's?


rubber sisters making more clone dolls...

sent in via a FB feed.

their home page is of course.

the offer still stands (if they read this) for the Doc Vanderlay mask to be posted from the UK photog/writer to them to be loaned/used for a few months and so i can make a guest appearance.

or might as well make a call out to any other web based / fetish models doing photo series who like a guest star? latex fashion designers also welcome. 


Sunday, December 10, 2017

christmas money will get diverted into...

not 100% sure as yet as don't actually have it to hand.

i've been told by a few witnesses that the Feitico Masks are amazing and thin so makes them much more wearable. of course i've never really gotten on with masks or sunglasses or anything so also on my list is more hypnosis to do with Mistress-Love/ that are made purely for 'outing' (lets call it) a latex lover so that slowly adapts to normal day wear in latex.... and more.

there's also a few more items to get from Aliexpress. a dedicated mp3 player for Mistress Love's scripts is one of them. i've re-ordered a size up in the silver ankle boots already - they fit but with no stretch at all over the too of / width of the foot i just couldn't wear them. praying one size up will do the trick.

there's also a full robot (from anime or a game) grey silver lycra catsuit - so going to add that as well.

i'm also considering putting 40$ onto SL$ to pay off a scripter to do what i've been after for years. anyone out there to automate a doll in sl?

so what do you want and praying for?


a christmas advertisement from the UK

12 Days of Christmas with Coco de Mer from Coco de Mer on Vimeo.

you might well want to watch it full screen and yes latex does appear. xx

all i want for christmas

images from a long gone pay site in the uk 'Scarlet Mews' that has just re-appeared on a the models feed on FB. its well timed and seasonal..

now can you guess who i'd like to be in the photo?