Tuesday, December 19, 2017

whats your caption of a Rubber Sister photo?

i'm still trying to encourage people to contribute - though my feeling is its falling on deaf ears. perhaps i should just be badgering for $/£ etc? bitcoins or set up Patreon?

add comment for caption and i have one fermenting as well.



Sally Bend said...

Angelica stood there, unable to move, paralyzed by the sensations overwhelming her. Her entire body felt electric. There wasn't a single spot that wasn't thrilling to the caress of rubber.

The suit was already so tight, so restrictive, the addition of the corset and mask left her feeling lightheaded. What was pushing her over the edge, though, was Gretchen's rubber-clad hand. The pressure of its squeaky caress was making her weak in the knees, and every shift of her trembling body just added to the sensations.

As the intoxicating chemical smell of rubber was slowly overwhelmed by the captive musk of her own arousal, she closed her eyes and lost herself to the moment. She was, now and forever more, a happy rubber slave.

Anonymous said...

"Do you feel that?" Arissa asked, her voice tinny and metallic-sounding through the gas mask. "No cock there anymore. Now you're one of us." Max closed his eyes blissfully as she caressed in between his legs. Behind Max, a second new latex sister moaned in ecstacy, the reverberations traveling between their bound bodies and driving Max almost to the point of climax.
"Just breathe." Arissa said, "Let the gas finish your transformation. When you orgasm it will be complete. Then begins your training..."

John Evans said...

Doll Ellie continued her rounds of the factory, checking the progress of the merchandise. The humans that had been collected struggled in their reformation suits, but Doll Ellie knew the trick to seeing which ones were 'more ripe'. A gentle touch into the human's sheathed sex elicited a moan of pleasure rather than a sob or shout of indignation. The factor doll nodded with satisfaction. This batch were ready to change their gas mix. This aroused, the humans would eagerly accept the plastination vapour, and soon after that, glossy doll-eyes would be staring out of the lenses of their gas masks... much like Doll Ellie's own.

Robofish said...

A Patreon is not a bad idea.