Sunday, December 10, 2017

christmas money will get diverted into...

not 100% sure as yet as don't actually have it to hand.

i've been told by a few witnesses that the Feitico Masks are amazing and thin so makes them much more wearable. of course i've never really gotten on with masks or sunglasses or anything so also on my list is more hypnosis to do with Mistress-Love/ that are made purely for 'outing' (lets call it) a latex lover so that slowly adapts to normal day wear in latex.... and more.

there's also a few more items to get from Aliexpress. a dedicated mp3 player for Mistress Love's scripts is one of them. i've re-ordered a size up in the silver ankle boots already - they fit but with no stretch at all over the too of / width of the foot i just couldn't wear them. praying one size up will do the trick.

there's also a full robot (from anime or a game) grey silver lycra catsuit - so going to add that as well.

i'm also considering putting 40$ onto SL$ to pay off a scripter to do what i've been after for years. anyone out there to automate a doll in sl?

so what do you want and praying for?


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