Thursday, December 21, 2017

real latex wearers only

i'm designing, writing, scripting a new project and i need the help of people who do wear latex in real life - second life doesn't count at all.

what i am after and in your own words - and be please be verbose as possible - is descriptions of the different aspects of latex that you love and include how it makes you feel.

so it could be, shine, tightness, slickness against itself, trans-formative, etc etc.

i can do so much myself but some times i'm too blogger and not lyrical enough in some ways. if that even makes sense?

so post in comments or even email me - yes its in my profile but its  the google account is there but don't check it often.

that's part 1 - then after that's done i'll see how i get on with 2nd part but i suspect more input if nothing more than a different voice and tone will be needed.


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