Friday, December 08, 2017

fear, sizing and buying from Aliexpress

just some tips from recent buys on Aliexpress to feed my fetishes.

- sizes run small. go one size large. 

- if you can - ask about material and style of stretch. the silver robot leggins above are perfect because they are printed yet stretch. the leggings and top combo with a pink design was pretty solid so no go. the black leather like high waisted leggins were _perfect_ and as you know i am really down on fake leather and bad pvc. i re-ordered a pair as they were low on my size. both were on sale so 20$ max. now all i need to do is find a much smaller friend i can give the pink ones too ;-)

- shoes i'm not sure on but went up a size. still waiting for those.

- any rubber / latex - always go for custom and also wash it 5 times in hot water before wearing. there is considerable chemical residues on it. chlorination once washed repeatedly makes a massive difference. wearing my long sleeve red/orange (somewhere in between) very long top for last week when not being interupted by amazon couriers or mailmen.

they do have sales periodically. the silver catsuit a snip at 22$ with ship all the way from across the sea. however after asking and offering hard $'s they won't do a custom top and bottom. when i have enough money i'll consider getting 2x to make two piece for easier mix and match / under clothes wearing. although i do need to find as seamstress who has the right machine to deal with stretch material.

in the meantime i ordered a black suit as they were on sale of course.

feel free to ask any any Q's -


ps; being someone who shares and tries to inspire - i just msg'd the maker of the robot leggins (under 10$!!) and suggested better doll tights (ones i've seen are so washed out), high waisted as well to include corseting/waist detailing and added this photo for reference.


Anonymous said...

I can relate. First time buying from there, I was disappointed. I then learned to look at their sizing chart. Apparently my L (US) is their XXL.

They got good latex stores over there too, and unlike alibaba or taobao they can converse in English (although a little broken). One bondage artist I know, parangsakti buys her latex outfits from Aliexpress

Asudem Latex said...

thanks for the feedback and confirmation. yes on the sizing. i did get a 3 pak of dol tights and soo teeny - also didn't think they looked good compared to ideas floating around on DA.

now i found a decent stretch printed maker - can i art direct them into new products?


Asudem Latex said...

i just recieved the silver ankle boots - gorgeous - but as they have no stretch at all - one size too small. i can get into them but not with a catsuit material. seeing if i can swap.

so shoes / boots - might need to add extra sizing. i keep forgetting what i learned awhile ago that high heels need extra size up even with normal fitting.

sorta need a cheat sheet based on designer on how accurate sizes are.