Tuesday, December 05, 2017

how to refine and amply a fetish - quality iamges and writing

this may just me being fussy, but i've noticed over the years that its good story telling and writing or evocative images that can seduce me so much. even to the point of stoking an ember of a new fetish.

one i've just discovered that has just done exactly that is an excellent story  xTheInvisibleHandx's "Burlesque Puppets"  found on his Deviant Art page. i am still rereading sections of it...

what makes it great - scene setting, slow build up, a real seduction, slow transformation and a vertiginous moment or two where the decent becomes... well read it for yourself.  and do leave comments and feedback as us creative types need it.

i found this on Spirit Halloween and it's not awfull but semi low res. a better dress - perhaps EGL in styling, better makeup and finer details would be good. sadly you can't buy the accessories separately. and why oh why can't you get doll tights? yes you can from china/japan but they're all so teeny in sizing. (check here if you a small woman and want to round out that EGL dress)

well the ideas are there and something to start from.

on some of my dark musings, and in the right relationship i'd be enthralled by having a doll jointed tattoo's all over my body. 



Z Space Media said...

I've seen a lot of burlesque acts at Torture Garden over the years and nothing like this. The story could be adapted to an act and more so if you can do a quick swap magic trick in there as well. Sort of like the people changing clothes very fast or disappearing and re-appearing in a box. Actually more suited as a magic segment IMHO. Of course makes a nice twilight zone short as well.

Wasn't there a cable tv series 'The Hunger' hosted by David Bowie no less that was erotica / horror? Ever see it?


Roen said...

If your looking for doll joint tights, i've found some at hot topic of all places. check their website.