Thursday, July 29, 2010

is she hypnotising you or is she hypnotised herself?

neat idea and someone should do more like this;

there could be a whole series in this format.


the tone is perfect

another wonderful caption by my Mistress.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

automated rubber sex dolls in second life

in case you were wondering what its like in there.


a hypno questionaire

as designed and set up by Lex.

go on, fill it in here.

i know you want too!


caption photo and other inspirations

there's no doubt about it - Fantastic Rubber makes some amazingly tailored latex catsuits. their mannequin catsuit is utter legend imho opinion. the neck entry idea is a challenge and almost a fetish trap that you may not want to escape from. further more there is a deep kink and utterly submissive theme to the 'face entry' catsuit which still sends shivers all over (note to self - save up for one when in the right long term live in relationship).

now they finally have a revised flash page on their site to really prove it to the world.

this image was found on the The Doll Collective yahoo groups in the inspiration folder for captions amongst others.


no, its not PVC

the newspapers still can't tell what's latex, leather, pvc or even lycra in some cases as illustrated by the new album cover shoot as detailed in an article on Katy Perry' in the UK's Daily Mail.

so much for fact checking in major newspapers. still her wardrobe is expanding to include a considerable amount and she even has her own multipage thread on to prove the point. wonder why there's no ''? was it all her idea, the syslist or even Brit commedian Russel Brand?


cliched; how to look like a dominatrix

in case you need some make up tips;

hey thats a cool idea for a t-show. Dominatrix Make Overs! of course with wardrobes too.


a new caption from TSG

based on an image i posted earlier. click on it to see full size otherwise you can't read it.


Saturday, July 24, 2010

if your in London in August

and of course the right gender then do check out Skin Two's recommendation:

Pussy Control: The New Club for Fetish Girls
Saturday 21st August

London’s fetish girls are invited to a night of sexual indulgence and dancing at the launch of Pussy Control. Expect the hottest lesbian, bisexual and bi-curious women, looking to play, dress up and have a fun night with like-minded sexual deviants.

Run by Nikki, one of London’s top lesbian promoters, Pussy Control is the missing link for women – a place where they can feel sexy, play, or just watch other women at play. The relaxed environment accommodates those looking to simply dress up, dance and feel comfortable, knowing they can indulge if they wish.

The venue has two bars, a dance floor and a play area. DJs Miss Masters and Joshyou Are will fill the room with electro-filth and trashy disco until 4.30am and the female-only play room will be equipped and monitored by Playpenz. There is a fetish dress code. Your creative choice of fetish, latex, fantasy, leather, military or body art will get you through the doors. 

Nikki is allowing men in ONLY if they are accompanied by a female. Absolutely no single men will be allowed in – if you are a single guy, don’t even think about it. Venue is: Doors Club, 217 City Road EC1V 1JN (Nearest tube Old Street) 10pm – 4.30am.

Tickets and information from

* The launch was originally advertised for Saturday July 31st  and was changed to Saturday August  21st, to avoid a date clash with Torture Garden

an advert for make up

that looks like a homage to UK pop artist Allen Jones who i've detailed throughout the blogs history.

was there more in the series? i wonder if he was involved at all?


"two more wishes now"

said the Genie after the woman asked for her first.


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

such excellent taste

i've always been somewhat enamored and entranced by Thrall's writing. she so gets it both from the subs pov as well as the mistresses actions. those are stories i really want to be in...

well her last couple of entries on Thrall's Blog shows she has such devine taste too. a find of a short film called The Waltz - you'll have to see in on her site as well as a collection of slime fashion fetish shoots. basic fetish photo's don't do anything for me, however her selection of pictures fuse so well with her writing.

i really wish she'd do more or even one for that matter - full on doll transformation stories in her usual style.


new transformation captions

the first two are from John based on Cthulu's renderings and the final chrome by TSG.

click to enlarge and please post supportive comments to keep us artists and writers going.


Monday, July 19, 2010

meanwhile in SL

not only am i Yasmin Bratz with the most amazing long legs and hair, i am also now a cheerleader! i am of course anything my Mistress Rani wants me to be. i am a good doll after all.

good dolls obey, good dolls submit, good dolls are played with however their owners like. in this case it was a machine.

an automatic doll being played with by an automatic machine. she explained as the machine as i became one:

You can feel off three of your holes being used, stretched, penetrated and filled and it's making you feel oh so good. no need to worry about anything.. a toy that can be fucked all day long and never get tired just cum

over and over and over and over and over. being watched by your mistress who is so happy to see you being used like this knowing I could leave you here for days lost in your pleasure becoming more and more an object with each orgams

you feel no pain at all- only pleasure. filling your hollow frame.
I want you to be used over and over by me, all the time. forever - bringing me pleasure
watching you cum forever
over and over
plastic and latex, all warm, loving and tender
never wanting any more than to be what she is; my doll

and as a reward for being a good dol i was able to please my Mistress further by kneeling at her chrome feet and well - the photo's pretty well explain it.

now i have heard from somewhere on the net (or was it some sort of sex documentary series?) just how intensely mind bending one of those machines. litterly relentless sex and hands free at that. if its anything like what a vacume bed is compared to wearing normal latex catsuit for instance then just W0W...

hey thats an idea - vacume bed combined with a sex machine.... someone will do it.


50's style and latex stockings

seem to be the 'risque' and attention grabbing accessory to add to any runway show over the last couple of years. latex like pvc / lycra leggings simply won't do anymore. some stylists know the real thing.

here's a full video in high def of a german designers new collection. very 50's style with the added element of latex stockings or tights do make the models all very doll like imho.

more stills of Lena Hoschek's recent collection can be seen here.

wonder when people will start buying them to wear? certainly not in the summer - even me a dedicated and obsessive latex fetishist isn't wearing them till it cools down considerably.


yasmin in SL and RL

i am now a Yasmin Btraz in Second Life and have been lovingly made by my Mistress TSG/Rani in world. so i figured it was just apt that i have a Yasmin of my own. so the Yasmin bellow off ebay and now in my possession - afterall needs to be loved and have a good home.

now i went for this version due mainly for her amazing boots. black tall and shiny just how i love them. strange thing is that they appear to be the same material or very close to the same as used by Melissa for their plastic cult shoes!! how amazing is that? do have a look at my secret origins post here where i talk about wishing i could wear Barbie's plastic boots and sticking them on my fingers.

so all i need to do now is petition Melissa in Brazil to make boots to match my Yasmin. they have to have seriously high heels, very tall (knee high) and pointy toes. on a sort of related note i've had a chat in yahoo with a hypnotesse and she said its very possible to link hypnotic commands and triggers to objects - doll shoes anyone? ;-)


more creative captions to come

as TSG has been doing all the captioning recently i figured its time to throw it open and get some reader interaction for a change. i found this nice render by the the sculptors statuary on Yahoo's Mannequin Madness 5 Group and while the image is great with so much going in the actual text to go with it didn't do it justice.

hey we all have different skills and i'd rather share and develop what i'm good at with other people than just do it all myself.

so here's the blank image which as always you click to enlarge and please add creative text in comments.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

tired dolly

i've had a looong week which ended with a late night friday for a coporate do i had to attend. so been sleeping all weekend like i have jet lag. which i don't, though it feels like it.

i'm laying low today and probably monday too and will start posting entries again then. loads are already half started but my teeny mushy sleep deprived brain simply can't string thoughts together long enough for my usual witty entries. sorry.

doll must rest so not to fall apart.


and here's a nice little short..

another brilliant caption from TSG

i am a good doll.


Friday, July 16, 2010

couture fetish and metal bikini's

with latex and hits of insect fetish and ASFR.

i think he was the first to you use black latex stockings / tights (or maybe they were just tight PVC) on his long legged models.


TSG's new illustrated story

click to enlarge to full size.

is she writing about me or her? or possibly both of us?

please post in comments if you like it - us creative types need all the feedback we can get to keep us going.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

trapped in a mind control machine

or is it just an arty advert for more perfume?

i think its probably both.


Friday, July 09, 2010

glass cases and exploring

i finally made contact wit the owner Mech Toys (sorry no slurl) and she's happy to have me model for her so thats my new home now for the time being. the cases look amazing although they lack Miss JaneDoe's clever autosit mechanism on relog. i'll see if she can share it. essentially what that does is once the code is installed in a case the doll (ie me) cannot ever escape it as it will capture me on relog and resit me.

i think its the perfect place for me and allows my creative dollish ideas to be realised and shared with people who can make them. maybe even bespoke items that Mistress Rani can use on me exclusively to make me a better doll. i still would love to see the bottle from 'A bottle of Lesbians' created in SL and there's loads of space here for it.
my Mistress found me a new pair of shoes and they're great. i've already sourced them in real life. i may need to add that to my wish and buy list. latex is however coming first in that department for a little bit yet. sadly tho while they're 5+ inches high, they are 1 inch platform taking me under my 4 1/2-5 inch limit. feel it would be going backwards for lower heels now won't it?

what would make more sense is to get my used/new wedge heels remade in SL. they have this awesome scooped wedge with light gold leather back and straps. anyone out there who can do it in world? here they are taken with my crapy cellphone against my natural latex sheet. actually would like they if they were black a bit more.

i also had a chat with a hypnotesse who said it was very possible to link trance states to objects. special high heels could actually make the doll...

Mistress also took me out to be seen by some of her friends. i'm mainly a display doll so all the fresh air was a shock. i did her proud as she shared what her plans were for me to the group which both scared me and thrilled me in equal measures.

now back and locked up in a a music box doll case.



Thursday, July 08, 2010

its happened or is it just the start?

if your in second life you will no longer recognise me. i'm now owned and leashed by my Mistress Rani Matahari at Mech Toys Doll Joint Skin, shown here shortly after the make over.

i will be this way until she releases me. i hope that's never. i will be a good doll for her. an object - a toy.

so i can't say what will be like in the future, i just know i'm her object in SL now and can't be happier.


how did i miss this commercial?

i think i know. i've totally changed my viewing habits - box sets rule is all i can say. so actual commercial tv is far and between these days.

much thanks to Mistress Keiki who can be found at Hypno Fetish for sending me the link the the video bellow.

question is where is it downloadable at a good or even HQ resolution. its so perfect; litterly a dolls dream.


Wednesday, July 07, 2010

a new doll in second life.... and...

Hello, Dolly

It has been a long time, but finally you've come to your senses and decided that staying away has hurt you more than being with me. And in doing so, you are going to become the doll of your dreams.

Dolly will have an owner. Dolly will have a body, a name, a face, breasts, hair, ass, legs . . . all that dolly could ever want.

Dolly will learn to enjoy her owner's love

Dolly will learn the submission only a doll can offer.

Dolly will learn that only be not wanting anything will she gain everything.

Dolly will discover that with an owner, there is never any reason to think about what she will do next . . .

And as we know, dollies don't think. They don't need. They don't feel. They just are.

They are pose-able, they are dress-able, they are beautiful.

Dollies are to be played with--

Only, can you know when you're owner is going to play nice?

When dolly is ready, dolly will be . . . made.


does RSS subscribers count towards hits?

does anyone know? i've always wondered?

also when i'm not posting too often due to rl work etc, do you keep checking and or do you take sometime to explore all the older posts you have not seen?

just wondering.


it must be summer... latex sales continue

when it gets too hot my common sense cuts in an my latex wearing is massively reduced. no central air, so no temperature controlled doll.

what i've noticed over the last few years is this is the perfect time for investing in new latex as all the designers start to have their sales and i just knew this one was about to happen:


Yes, it's the one you've all been waiting for, the one and only LIBIDEX GRAND SUMMER SALE.

We're kicking off with a full 25% off all Libidex clothing - that's everything from catsuits to knickers - and you can place your order right now either through our website or at our shop Liberation at 49 Shelton Street, Covent Garden WC2H 2HE (Tel 0207 836 5894), where you'll also find a range of sale stock discounted by up to 50% (it's well worth a visit!). Liberation is open from Monday to Saturday 11.00am to 7.00pm. It's been called the coolest kink boutique in town (and that's not just because of the air conditioning!).

But get your order in quickly - the 25% discount will only last until 25th July, after which the sale will continue with a different discount (no, we're not saying how much!). And for our customers abroad, you never know what's going to happen to the exchange rate, so buy now while it's still favourable!

the dollar is pretty strong to the pound so its a really good time to order.

me? well besides waiting on clients to pay their invoices i can't really splurge for awhile and my wardrobe is getting pretty large now... so much so that i could given the right combination of circumstances utterly discard anything thats not latex.


Tuesday, July 06, 2010

meanwhile in SL - lost love refound

i'm locked in a tube, slowly undergoing mind and body conversion in SL at the Theodora Countrol Couture Main Store doing my model thing again. it suits me. i love tube as i've stated before. it maybe an old sci-fi or transformation mannequin fetish that i've detailed before.

it also allows me time to chat on occasion as well as work on the blog. i am after all my own screen saver.

today i wasn't working on my blog rather my own script like short story which i've shared with a select few. noticing an old acquaintance was on i decided to tell her about it as if anyone 'got it' she would be it. actually i'm being conservative with acquaintance... she's the one who helped via email in my early days of blogging to get me into regular heel and latex wearing. crafting my seed for my fetish into full bloom which is where i am now today - head to toe latex and 5"s with pretty pronounced arches that in no way will flatten (i have tried).

she's mentioned elsewhere in the blog as being a great writer. the clues are there so go look for yourself.

during our revealing chat (which means she just pointed out things I was blind too) that i'd never really left her even after all this time.

i know my time is now limited.

i may disappear from the time locked case at the Theodora Countrol Couture Main Store and be whisked away remade into her Bratz doll. the name may remain although i am not sure what else will. its her decession, i will be her doll in SL and her putty to mold as she likes.

i can't wait. its been a long time coming and i am ready now to submit completely.


Sunday, July 04, 2010

they are still very much in - Elle knows so !!!

i was wondering recently about the latex like legging trend and if its fizzled out. its way too hot for too much latex at the moment so not seeing them in the city now. or i'm simply not getting to the right fashion hot spots.

for a press interview super model (at 47 no less) Elle Macpherson appeared in a pair of patent pvc leggings that look like they were made bespoke for her. looks like latex like leggings are still very in.

the full story is here with more photos included from the UK's kinkiest of newspapers 'The Daily Mail.


kinky shiny robot woman is a minor celeb

thanks for jean-f for the find. seems vitrine viva appears a lot on brazilian tv. will she ever make it to X-Factor? she also appears in black alongside mannequins dressed identically.

any more details? i'm not even sure if i have her name right.

wonder what would happen if she got hold of Stephen Hawkings voice chip? or for that matter why on earth do robot sounds like this now? my mac has realistic speech built into the base operating system...


a new fetish or?

not for me, though i do remember seeing a japanese style illustration along these same theme. first time i've seen a real photo exploring it.

wonder if she devours it afterward? would it be raw like sushi or deep fried?



£16,000,what a woman spends on her shoe habit

Wondering why you can never find any room at the bottom of the wardrobe?

The answer may be in research that reveals the average woman has 19 pairs of shoes squirrelled away at any one time.
A study found that over the course of their lifetime women will spend more than £16,000 on heels, pumps, boots, sandals and wedges.

A study found that over the course of their lifetime women will spend more than £16,000 on heels, pumps, boots, sandals and wedges

They buy their first pair at the age of 14 then go on to purchase seven pairs a year for the rest of their lives – a total of 469 pairs.

Spending £34.99 on average on each pair means women will eventually fork out £16,410.31 over a period of 67 years. Men shaking their head at this point should note that there is method in this buying.
The study of 3,000 women found shoes are bought for a purpose. The average female owns three pairs of heels for formal functions and special occasions.

Read more: here

of course my question is, how much does a rubber doll spend on her latex habit...? i am seriously now totally possible to give anything thats not latex away and simply not buy any normal clothes again.


Thursday, July 01, 2010

a virtual tour for virtual clothes

strict bondage and high kink latex designer Hybridz in Second Life has a new store (well its changed since I was there) and a walk through video to go with it now:

funny thing is that as Hybridz is a term used for those new dual electric cars, so it comes up with all the car videos associated with it in the right hand side bar. talk about stealth viral marketing.

you can teleport directly in SL here.