Tuesday, July 06, 2010

meanwhile in SL - lost love refound

i'm locked in a tube, slowly undergoing mind and body conversion in SL at the Theodora Countrol Couture Main Store doing my model thing again. it suits me. i love tube as i've stated before. it maybe an old sci-fi or transformation mannequin fetish that i've detailed before.

it also allows me time to chat on occasion as well as work on the blog. i am after all my own screen saver.

today i wasn't working on my blog rather my own script like short story which i've shared with a select few. noticing an old acquaintance was on i decided to tell her about it as if anyone 'got it' she would be it. actually i'm being conservative with acquaintance... she's the one who helped via email in my early days of blogging to get me into regular heel and latex wearing. crafting my seed for my fetish into full bloom which is where i am now today - head to toe latex and 5"s with pretty pronounced arches that in no way will flatten (i have tried).

she's mentioned elsewhere in the blog as being a great writer. the clues are there so go look for yourself.

during our revealing chat (which means she just pointed out things I was blind too) that i'd never really left her even after all this time.

i know my time is now limited.

i may disappear from the time locked case at the Theodora Countrol Couture Main Store and be whisked away remade into her Bratz doll. the name may remain although i am not sure what else will. its her decession, i will be her doll in SL and her putty to mold as she likes.

i can't wait. its been a long time coming and i am ready now to submit completely.



jsan said...

how is rani? tell i said hi!!

Sian/Sion Pearl said...

While you are an absolute asset to THEODORA, I think under those circumstances, your vanishing would be permissible.

But thank you, Asudem.

Sian/Sion Pearl said...

BY the way: here's a Working SLURL for THEODORA.

I honestly don't know why the one I gave you doesn't work. It works fine from my XStreet listings.

sylvrgirl said...