Thursday, July 08, 2010

its happened or is it just the start?

if your in second life you will no longer recognise me. i'm now owned and leashed by my Mistress Rani Matahari at Mech Toys Doll Joint Skin, shown here shortly after the make over.

i will be this way until she releases me. i hope that's never. i will be a good doll for her. an object - a toy.

so i can't say what will be like in the future, i just know i'm her object in SL now and can't be happier.



Anonymous said...

WOW - great for you. I know you've been trying to be more of a doll in SL and not getting anywhere. Have you really pursued Hypnosis yet?

Did you see this about how far she got under hypnosis:

Black Rubber

Anonymous said...

Blessings upon both of you.

Mistress Rani said...

"its happened or is it just the start?"

Oh, it's happening, dolly, it's happening. And it is only the start. When I'm done with you you'll believe you were made in a factory in China.

Don't spend a lot of time thinking about it, dolly, because . . . dolly's don't think. They just are.

Now be a good dolly and look pretty for Mistress . . ..

Anonymous said...

What a lucky doll! <3