Sunday, July 04, 2010

a new fetish or?

not for me, though i do remember seeing a japanese style illustration along these same theme. first time i've seen a real photo exploring it.

wonder if she devours it afterward? would it be raw like sushi or deep fried?



Javier said...

you should watch a quite good Korean movie, Old Boy. the actor eats (what he claimed was a real) octopus in one of the scenes.

Anonymous said...

As is with just a bit of wasabi and shoyu it would be sashimi. The Japanese get off on it squirming around as they eat it.

If quickly blanched, sliced and served with pickled rice, wasabi, shoyu and pickled ginger it then becomes Edomae sushi.

I've seen the manga and the anime and I'll pass on tentacle sex

Anonymous said...

I share this fetish and I have to say, nothing sounds as wrong as eating it... I don't really understand....