Friday, July 09, 2010

glass cases and exploring

i finally made contact wit the owner Mech Toys (sorry no slurl) and she's happy to have me model for her so thats my new home now for the time being. the cases look amazing although they lack Miss JaneDoe's clever autosit mechanism on relog. i'll see if she can share it. essentially what that does is once the code is installed in a case the doll (ie me) cannot ever escape it as it will capture me on relog and resit me.

i think its the perfect place for me and allows my creative dollish ideas to be realised and shared with people who can make them. maybe even bespoke items that Mistress Rani can use on me exclusively to make me a better doll. i still would love to see the bottle from 'A bottle of Lesbians' created in SL and there's loads of space here for it.
my Mistress found me a new pair of shoes and they're great. i've already sourced them in real life. i may need to add that to my wish and buy list. latex is however coming first in that department for a little bit yet. sadly tho while they're 5+ inches high, they are 1 inch platform taking me under my 4 1/2-5 inch limit. feel it would be going backwards for lower heels now won't it?

what would make more sense is to get my used/new wedge heels remade in SL. they have this awesome scooped wedge with light gold leather back and straps. anyone out there who can do it in world? here they are taken with my crapy cellphone against my natural latex sheet. actually would like they if they were black a bit more.

i also had a chat with a hypnotesse who said it was very possible to link trance states to objects. special high heels could actually make the doll...

Mistress also took me out to be seen by some of her friends. i'm mainly a display doll so all the fresh air was a shock. i did her proud as she shared what her plans were for me to the group which both scared me and thrilled me in equal measures.

now back and locked up in a a music box doll case.



Mistress Rani said...

No mention of the special kiss you shared with your owner, my doll?

Asudem Latex said...

finally after being locked up so long in SL in various cases by various people (literly months in some instances), i was release by my Mistress and shown around to her friends. what i failed to mentioned to my deep crimson embaressment and shame was my 'sub hug' with Mistress, kneeling and kissing her there. it felt so right to be there, that position.

i followed was an act of submission and love. i kissed her pussy, breathed in her scent as if was perfume and continued with more kisses and then tender lapping and nibbling until she was pleased..


Mistress Rani said...

I love you, my tender little doll. You only have to fall deeper into your submission to love life.

Anonymous said...

Wow, where did those wedge heels come from?!?! They are awesome!

VanillaLite said...

Delicious comment, Asudem. And to think I nearly missed it!

Thought you might appreciate these heels – they’re also only raising the heel by 4”, but would be quite challenging to wear.

I’m interested to know whether your RL wearing includes similar restrictions to SL, ie being restricted to a 2 x 2 footprint, or even required to stand perfectly still?