Wednesday, July 28, 2010

caption photo and other inspirations

there's no doubt about it - Fantastic Rubber makes some amazingly tailored latex catsuits. their mannequin catsuit is utter legend imho opinion. the neck entry idea is a challenge and almost a fetish trap that you may not want to escape from. further more there is a deep kink and utterly submissive theme to the 'face entry' catsuit which still sends shivers all over (note to self - save up for one when in the right long term live in relationship).

now they finally have a revised flash page on their site to really prove it to the world.

this image was found on the The Doll Collective yahoo groups in the inspiration folder for captions amongst others.



jsan said...

is that photo retouched? it looks like she's been stretched a little.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't doubt if it's been altered. But altered or not... That's one SMOKING hot catsuit!!! I will have to check out fantastic rubber. I have always loved lockable catuits (or any type of lockable clothing) that a sub/slave/doll can't get out of. I love the idea of a neck entry suit also... May be hard to get into.. But I love the idea if my doll not being able to easily get put of it! >:)


Anonymous said...

It's possible she might be stretched a tiny bit...

Or it might be accidental. Some of these different picture formats are well, "finicky" when you try to copy, paste or modify them in any way (yes, even when you leave trademarks and original credits intact like a good citizen). I've had Paint programs not recognize pics until I did a slight retouch on Auto-Adjust....I've also had pics distort and deform after I've made captions for them and uploaded the captioned files.

Most of the time it's a minor, temporary thing though.

And honestly, any stretching present in this pic seems like a small thing.

Just my two cents,

Bradley Poe

K-8 (conscious_object) said...

I HOPE that's been retouched, or she's going to wind up in a hospital very quickly...

Do they have a version of their site in English, or not yet?