Wednesday, January 27, 2010

a video trailer for a fetish model

and it goes all the way up to 720p, so do watch it as large as possible. she's certainly makes latex look really slick and shiny.

have a look at her slide show and behind the scenes photo shoot video on her youtube channel here.


getting your loved one into latex

with valentines day coming up soon its a sneaky time to get your loved one into wearing latex. it maybe easier now given Laday Gaga's regular public wearing as well as latex leggings still being a fashion staple now.

Breathless is offering 20% off untill 31st of January at midnight GMT.

and if you can't get your order together by then you can also try Libidex who is giving 25% off until valentines day. however there could be some delays in getting the latex delivered due to manufactured time backlogs as always seem to happen when Libidex has a sale.

So the great wardrobe staple The Matrix Leggings in almost any colour imaginable is now only £59.96 down from £79.96. this discount is only for items ordered via their website and does not include made to measure items.


a doll transformation video

i found it on youtube when looking around for something else which is how i usually trip upon these little gems.

its called "Education of Rubberdoll Rita with Rubberdom Julia Otto" and i can't do embedding with it you will have to click on it here.

what i like about it is that its a latex doll making another latex doll, leading and transforming her into the dolls world. there's such a rich possibilities with all these fantasy narratives that imho haven't been really explored to anywhere near their potential.

its just a short clip and the full one is on Latex Julia Pay Site where it runs to 13:10 Minutes.


what are they called and where can i buy them?

there's a sheer meshed top i've seen sometimes in goth photo's and as well used as under base or sleeves in dresses.

its almost pantyhose thin and sort of like a body in style though not in weight of material.

i would really like a couple of tops like this and have no clue to what they're called.

anyone direct me to an online store, shop or even ebay?


Saturday, January 23, 2010

you know i'm not very good with math

and i totally missed a major milestone - well in part from a broken counter than seems not to have seven digits...

end of june i had just past 1.6 million as i blogged about here and checking the count with stat counter between July and now is bellow:

now add that to the stats till end of June and you get (assuming my maths are ok) is a staggering: 2,227,660.

pitty there's no dollar an access charge to look at the blog - or hey even 10 cents to look at a page.

any bets on when i will hit 3 million?


ps; another milestone was hit without even realizing it just now - this is the1,601 post!

a balloon fetishists dream

i've always wondered about the possibility of wearing balloons, being in a balloon and all those fetishistic possibilities. after all my first real experiments with latex of any sort was putting balloons on both my hands and feet. yes it was totally do-able but very tight. the colors were amazing and how it changed my skin into something so slick and artificial must of been a major seed to this fetish planted so long ago.

check out the associated links for more examples and for the main designer featured in the video then simply click here.

surely there should be more balloon fetish imagery and transformation stories out there on the web or am i simply not looking hard enough?


dancing pvc space women

a random video find of very Barbarella looking dancing girls.

its from something called a Scopitone which i've never heard of until i started to explore a 60's trash cinema obsessed blog site. essentially it is a "Film Jukebox" invented in France in the early 1960's (from surplus World War II airplane parts now less) and also the films (the precursors of todays music videos) which played on it. they are much more liberal over there in Europe.

these obscure pre-videos are available on DVD sets here as well as scattered around youtube. visit the linked blog for more information.


better with a latex cover?

i was never a fan on bean bags in my youth, however this massive one called a FatBoy is very tempting, more so when the idea of coating it in a latex sleeve. the massive and appropriately named FatBoy is available for 229$ at Amazon here.

i'm already sort of realized this idea over two years ago when i took one of those tubular microbead lycra pillows and wrapped a spare sheet of scrap latex around it where i nuzzle it in my bed with the latex pillow case on a nightly basis. (can you get these made in doll shapes?) the microbead pillow when combined with the latex is much kinkier than just a latex pillowcase imho. so a massive microbead latex cased bean bag affair would be something to really just melt into...

so the first designer who starts making them can you please called them Asudems?


finally a fetish magazine notices Second Life

i am really surprised its taken so long but finally its here - Marquis Magazine has done a feature of fetish fashions in Second Life as reported on Deirdre Young's Second Life Fetish Fashion Blog here.

on several occasions various people i know in SL have tried to link in world stores and real life fetish stores and designers. i have tried myself and i know a few other people have tried. one clever idea was an arrangement to reproduce the designs of of a real latex designer exactly in Second Life and to offer it for free in world when you buy the physical version.

there are countless number of people who want to try latex and will do so in world first - surely those people are potential buyers for real latex?

conversely i've tried on numerous occasions to get my wardrobe matched by in world stores with barely any luck at all. its been a quest i've have had in SL since i delved into it and i felt it was a way to deepen my connection to the latex doll that i am becoming becoming - re-enforcing the need for it. sort of like a training simulator or is it much closer sympathetic magic?

the past year i wanted to finally become a permanent doll in world and to seal up my avatar in Hybdriz doll suit with inflatable bubble hood and its ensemble but in black as opposed to pink which i've been locked into for well over a year - has sadly not made any progress at all. i wanted it in black as i can now totally match that outfit in Second Life to my real latex bar the ponytail on the hood. the later of which i managed to secure off last fall from Elena's latex in case your interested.

even my own thoughts on new latex designs seems to be able to be realized more rapidly by real world designers than SL ones. saying that the man behind POC is extremely fast and managed to duplicate in world my yummy and "i should wear it more often" Fantastic Rubber's legendary Mannequin Catsuit.

my motivations are probably no where near the same as sister blogger Deirdre Young's motivations which can be found in a write up here on her excellent blog.

still, with considerable design innovation within Second Life and the fact that major brands are already testing the market with in world products - i wonder how long before the latex fetish world makes the cross over or even when the Second Life designers step out of the computer into real world offerings?


Saturday, January 16, 2010

if this was latex i would own it already

its from a shop called uni-clo i believe. sadly i have not found a link to wear to buy it. i'll treasure the image so one day i maybe able to get it made custom. personally i think it would be brilliant in latex with a fabric interior lining. perfect for winter, possibly fall and spring.

meanwhile an equally gorgeous coat is clear natural latex is still on sale on ebay UK here for £230 plus £10 postage within the UK.

i don't think i'd want it myself as the latex would mark far too easily. it would be great for a special occasions and big entrances to .... well i'll leave that to your imagination.


its not a prop - its real

and not used to make mannequins, dolls or custom masks. it's just another whacky beauty aid that probably costs 30$ an hour to be applied. and people wonder where all these medical kinks come from?


big dept stores sell them

i am still following the latex like legging trend and its not dying down or going away at all it seems. even large department stores in the UK are selling them now as per this video trailer for a place call Littlewoods.

anyone in the UK or other countries confirm the level of wearing? are they replacing jeans?

it does seem there's a lot of play with their definition of "latex" these days and even "leather". basically anything with a bit of stretch and shine is now latex or leather and there's definite style impetus for the rock chick look as the designer bellow illustrates really well in their slide show commercial.

that aside they do mix and match really well with anything and kinks up even something dull like a long sweater dress.

no surprise then that they are now becoming a fetish in their own right as i discovered when i stumbled upon the aptly named Skin Tight Hotties via their free teasers clips are on youtube.


primetime dollifcation

and not in a sexy fetishistic way with love and mutual concent but of course the tired old cliche of people being murdered.

thanks to JR for sending me in the link to CBS for the show here.

he described it as i hadn't seen it at that point: last night's episode of the show has the team chasing a woman who is kidnapping women and putting them into a drug-induced paralysis so she can use them as living dolls. The episode clips show three victims arranged around a tea table completely paralyzed except for their eyes which are moving back and forth.

after some really clever googling i found a site here for those who want to see the entire episode themselves.

the dolls seemed to have more acting ability than all the lead characters was my main observation and that the dream sequence was really well done.


on sale

just had this digital flyer through so i thought i'd share it with anyone still shopping in the sales. stunning photo too - makes me want to wear latex every day ;-)

website is HMS Latex and do mention you saw it here when you email them.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

interview AOK'd and coming soon

a special thanks to ClosetMonster who posted in comments the source of the image which i'm currently obsessed by which was shot by a Stacy Leigh and who has a niche speciality of shooting silicon love dolls!!

visiting her photographic folio site i found the bellow image and her contact details so i wrote her immediately to show her my blog as well as ask for an interview and she accepted.

why did i pick this photo to illustrate this entry? well its simple - it appears to be an exact scene from Tiny Sexy Girl's great story stashed on LTBSA The Wand which i've reread oh at least a half a dozen times.


some finds

i am a keen ebayer as you've already probably figured out. not just the local .com here, but also in the uk and germany and sometimes looking for items in france too. the german and UK ones are great for latex, either new designers or larger companies clearing stock. i did go for the stripey t-shirt from Elenna's btw and will be a month or so before that arrives.

yesterday i was looking through the german ebay and found these looser latex items.

latex doesn't need to be skin tight of course, its just that is normally shown that way. i guess to get the full effect of its stretchiness. i like both to be honest although i've not gone as far as latex lady and keep on a catsuit as a base then wear looser latex on top. thats a List B stage for sure...

here's a couple of yummy catsuits. the silver looks amazing and the hooded red one is totally cute.

the above silver one sold here for a low 63 euros!

so when shoping be sure to check out people purging their wardrobes and new designers starting up. you'll never know what bargins can be had.



its probably tame by todays standards, although i do think the cover is great.

wonder what the copyright issues is with something like this for the artwork? could do a compilation of latex doll transformation stories...


finally on youtube

just found that Conscious Object's LJ had posted the youtube video of Neil Gaiman's Statuesque which played in the UK over xmas on SKY One. the link was dead and after a quick look found another one on youtube:

if this one disappears then don't worry as i've saved it with ClipNabber and it seems there's several posts of the same video.

i'm holding off watching it until dinner to as a special treat.


Monday, January 04, 2010

a wiggling latex doll in latex

this just sent in from Black Ice in the last moments of 2009; the stereo 3-D shot i had previously published is now in wiggle 3D!

and yes it does work!! unfortunately it doesn't seem to work on blogger at all - so you need to click here to see it.

more on this interesting format in a larger entry with working 3D image at 3xl's news site.


PS: just heard its been fixed so here it is. do check the entry on 3Xl's site too of course.

a short slide show of the Skin Two Ball

catch it while you can as i've been told it will be pulled down in a week. seems there's nudity and the poster doesn't want to piss off the people at youtube.

a longer version might get hosted at 3XL's site with additional real video footage inserted but he's not heard back from them yet.


balloon fetishism goes way back

a curious find. has latex, rubber and balloons been seen as erotic and fetishistic since they were discovered and invented?

i do wonder.


can he do it the other way around?

i remember seeing the clip a long time ago and might of even posted about it but the quality of encoding the video was awful.

so this is a much better one to enjoy and even download.


must be more of the series

there just has to be...

i dedicate this image to TSG... she'll know why ;-)

anyone know more about it? its very well lit and clean so not an amateur snap. a professional fashion shoot or men's magazine?


Friday, January 01, 2010

a winter fairy tale for dolls

was sent into me a few weeks ago by Ann J and i wasn't able to really watch it due to the site being in china with lags and errors all over the place. thankfully a new link from vimeo for the short animated film Alma was posted elsewhere.

its almost as if the maker had been reading legacy's archive of stories.

please note that you will need to click the link to see it as there's no way to embed it into blogger that i can find.

so how can i save it to my local hard drive?


art inspired photo shoots

i am totally fascinated by the thread of inspiration derived from songs, to art to music videos and fashions. it seems to bounce around mainstream media and what once was considered uber kinky like latex leggings is now so mainstream they're the new skinny jeans. one comment i spotted on detailed how the writers wife was now into x, y or z totally down to seeing Lady Gaga wearing it in a video.

recently when digging through my collected links on the to-do list i found an entry from a message board of a well known and published artist here.

several people had submitted images and photo shoots based loosely on Trevor Brown's doll paintings.

seems black rubber bands is the best way to go to get doll joints although when the time comes i plan on tattoo'd joints.


for the new year

what does a fetishist need for the new year besides new latex and lots of shine? a calender of course.

here's a brilliant one from High Gloss Dolls which can be purchased for 25€s here. it won't be one you will be throwing away come 2011.

there are also very nice posters available of some of the shots here if you have the wall space for it. keep in mind taking down a kinky calender is faster than a large poster when the neighbors, landlord or relatives come visiting.