Saturday, June 12, 2021

another cap waiting to happen


total cyber

wig - no idea where it came from. perhaps aliexpress? weirder things exist there.

i think i need one....



another image seed for a story

 has anyone seen doll face masks to buy? i've seen them used in commercials is all.


Friday, June 11, 2021

and cute but creepy goth doll?

So there's a seed of an idea there for a story. goth lolita, tricks you and stuck in her house on halloween. only to be made over by her into her clone. its a spell and it has to be fullfilled and replaced for her to escape.


youtube delivers


weird asian women revealed...

 so i wonder if one could do a form of dollification with it?


how much force is required?


a little or a lot? blackmail is always a cliche, or all the way to threat of death. 


on old image, altered buy the basis of a story

 how about you have a go? think there's loads of way to spin it off into a story.



for my bane suit. top and bottom organised and now for a mere

$5.60 I've ordered this and similarly priced color.

now can i match it in SL - tell me where to get it please. 

i've been of Second Life so long now I could use a mentor for dressing and automating. i can currently be found mounted on the wall at Sin Labs. 


living doll make over ingrediants

found in aliexpress.

wonder if they can have a steel lining added and locks...? discreet one obviously.


interestingly they're doing scilicon stockings now for the full artificial look. also gloves likewise. some with and without nails. 

then there's a complete look. you'd never knew who was in there now would you?

not to sure about the gag mouth look, but the rest looks slick,  tight and perfect.

 imagine being put in this and being left. for days and days. waking up like this each morning.