Friday, June 11, 2021

living doll make over ingrediants

found in aliexpress.

wonder if they can have a steel lining added and locks...? discreet one obviously.


interestingly they're doing scilicon stockings now for the full artificial look. also gloves likewise. some with and without nails. 

then there's a complete look. you'd never knew who was in there now would you?

not to sure about the gag mouth look, but the rest looks slick,  tight and perfect.

 imagine being put in this and being left. for days and days. waking up like this each morning.


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Anonymous said...

To be candid, if I woke up like any of those full-suit looks I would be so gone.

This would be partly because I'm nowhere near tiny enough to fit in those outfits, assuming that's what they are and not, you know, RealDolls or photoshops.

But essentially I can't trust other people, or hypnosis, enough to suspend disbelief, so to wake up so drastically changed? Especially if I could still see (if only straight ahead) and talk a little (if only in a very strange not-mine voice)? I can't say I could focus enough to stop being the toy-toy under those conditions.

I would be so plastic and gone. (*giggles*)

Brad Poe (yes, it's me, back after being gone so long. My health is a bit bad lately though)