Friday, January 30, 2015

over 23 years in the past - a look at future VR sex

its from issue no 12 of leading British Festish magazine: Skin Two - the first feature from one of my more reliable contributors with an eagle eye and a 3d stills/video camera he keeps reminding me... 

i believe the issue is available to buy as a download and also here's one on right now; here for £5 while the other he wrote a feature for in number 26 is here starting at mere 1.99£.


Thursday, January 29, 2015

with a new voice over this could be a manneqin making workshop

just a bizarre thought - but then i am full of those.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

re-enforce and submit to your passions.... be their slave.... or doll

my own comments and thoughts to share will follow. by all means start the discussions in comments.


or a high speed night at Torture Garden

Torture Gardens Valentine Ball 2013 from Thomas Knights on Vimeo.

perfect day for rubber....

RUBBER CULT September 2014 from MR VON HUGO on Vimeo.

it looks like a scene and a Bane from Second Life...

or even a Photoshopped computer render. no - its a real sculpture in a park and made by Emil Alzamora.

if you like white latex instead;

got to be a seed for a story in there..


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Virtual Realiy - come just in time.....

i found this a few seconds ago which ties in perfefectly with the image i remembered and was looking for (and found)

given the amount of 'equipment and tech' involved with BDSM and latex festishists, i bet they would be faster to embrace (or be embraced) by full immersion virtual reality... 

imagine being locked into the above with a VR Headset and no way out...

meanwhile this is what normal people thought of first experience of normal VR Porn;

should i start a vote?


from second life to real life and back again

as some of you may remember, one reason for being in second life was to re-enforce, train and condition myself for more and more latex. along the way i discovered a sub side i didn't even know i had.

one of the more recent ill encounters with an in world domme had me so keen to submit, be molded and descend deeper into subspace was to further match second life clothing and restraints with ones i found online. first looking at ebay and them realising it had to come from somewhere which led me to aliexpress

in pursuing this subspace high i went ahead and bought this collar and matching wrist cuffs... Open Collar for real.

then it all fell apart. i seem i need to be a self building doll.. even in world.


Monday, January 26, 2015

are we all oxytocin addicts....

an idea i thought of a while ago....

tight and shiny....?  there's actually a real therapy called compression therapy as well. could explain the new wave of interests in corsets. a very long hug from morning till bedtime.

i do remember the one time i was able to experience a vacbed and it was - 'just leave me in here - coat me in latex glue, put me in between and leave it all on till i am trapped here'. also explains where you can find me in second life of course (at Sarah's Sanctuary - but in what)

and reportadly Lady Gaga's favourite designer likes them as well. - a way to display models on a catwalk show has more in common with mistresses dungeons..


Sunday, January 25, 2015

someone is efficient.... a new mask by Doc Vandelay

this was just spotted by regular reader and occasional contributor 'Black Ice' in the UK (who is an actual journalist for the fetish press - SKIN TWO features and shoots at clubs and films in 3d is the new mask). he thought it might be a better match to my second life persona.

what you you think? its here on ebay

he has gone one step beyond and asked about custom paint - and yes its possible!!!!!

i till need to get to a proper 'photostudio' within SL to get some images. anyone inworld can help who has one and use it? also love to see realist photoshop of the above to merge the two worlds so i get an idea what it looks like.

along the same lines he directed me towards the next Torture Garden event; Valentines: Love Doll.

whose going?


Monday, January 19, 2015

kink from Second Life has made it into reality

and even been reported in Horse News here. yes you can have sex with it.

more of their products are on their alibaba page right here

they also appear to making the previously reported clear bubble outside houses and a rather freaky looking light jellyfish for lighting said sphere houses.

i also remember there was a company that did inflatable dresses as well.... 


any skilled photoshopers out there?

one idea i've been playing with for some time is to match real life latex to second life. i've done that bit by bit and was surprised how tricky it is to get custom latex made in world vs real world.
how about the other way around? and one more step - my AV realised in the real world? sort of very bespoke cosplay. i'm already realised in comics at Medusariffic

i'd start with the not britney mask and the have custom / correct make up applied / painted on.

here's not britney as a reminder and a quick shot from in world.

anyone good at photoshop and i can get a proper photo to work to overlay on the existing britney image.

who knows - my head could be sold one ebay....?

or easier - take inworld photos and submit here

mind you then it wouldn't be latex now wouldn't it? and of course all sort of tight straps and cute little locks could be added as well..


2,443,567 hits so far... and 1,000 a day

yet so few comments.


its like a plot from a doll / afsr story; 70 Straight Days

or is it just me? NASA Will Pay You $18,000 To Stay In Bed For 70 Straight Days

even secret corporation and a nefarious purpose? you can even stay online and use facebook. how about trapped in Second Life?

just replace all the normal material with latex etc and....


Thursday, January 15, 2015

a fetish documentary that already exists and one that is planned....

thanks to occasional contributor Black Ice for the link to this youtube documentary on Fetish Subculture.


the question he asked was 'what do you think of it and what would you like to see that's different?' it wasn't just a random small talk Q; he is going to take all of 100's if not 1000's stereo 3d images shot some samples of which are on his photographic home page here
at Torture Garden as well as the 3d video across various formats - from early mirror rigs, go pro 3d and Sony TD10's as well as new material to create:

The Night of The Magicians; The Torture Garden Documentary

in both 2d and 3d. if you get out your red and cyan glasses you can see a clip here of past TG event; 

if you watch the Fetish Subculture video above - please reply in comments to his 'what do you think of it and what would you like to see that's different?'


Wednesday, January 14, 2015

360 vr sex films....

Adults only 18 xxx virtual reality

So when will the fuse the 3d headsets with leather or rubber gimp hoods? the gasmasks are already there. it won't take much

personally i think some of the designs in second life are absolutely ready to go for this and there are already ways to feed your second life existence into VR Oculus Rift headsets. 


Doc Vandelay's Mask Shop on Ebay Found!!!

as a follow on to comments on the dolls on TV documentaries entry, the famed mask maker Dr Vandelay said he's still making and selling mask and now even has a new one based on Farah Fawcet.

so if you want to see the most barbie and dollish of female masks then have a look at his profile and listings here on

I wonder if he can do custom paint jobs to his existing masks as well. just transfer the style of make up from my avatar too one of the suitable masks.

i do love the idea of turning up wearing my second life face in real life. the story along that plot line was posted earlier in draft form as Rubber Masked


Thursday, January 08, 2015

more rubber doll coverage in the Daily Mail UK newspaper....

'I think I look amazing': Essex barman reveals his secret life as a living doll whose favourite outfit is a full-body rubber suit

anyone seen the documentary? anyone was filmed for the documentary and appeared in it?

its not to be confused with another episode of the same series which is here on youtube complete;

or in fact men that love/date etc actual dolls;

are there any more doll exploitation / car crash tv documentaries out there? do they come anywhere close to the subject?


Monday, January 05, 2015

shades of second life worlds and bdsm to come

following the earlier post - there is a client right now to use Oculus Rift VR headsets to live in Second Life;

when will real life Mistresses start embracing the digital frontier?


Thursday, January 01, 2015

seasonal latex sales do exist at Breathless!

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Visit in person or their webshop; Breathless


its actually possible to wear you Second Life in real life


thanks too service at; Thats My Face....


if anyone is wondering about my stats

so if your a latex designer, webmistresses, hypno domme etc, then feel free to email me about adverts trade for products.