Monday, January 19, 2015

any skilled photoshopers out there?

one idea i've been playing with for some time is to match real life latex to second life. i've done that bit by bit and was surprised how tricky it is to get custom latex made in world vs real world.
how about the other way around? and one more step - my AV realised in the real world? sort of very bespoke cosplay. i'm already realised in comics at Medusariffic

i'd start with the not britney mask and the have custom / correct make up applied / painted on.

here's not britney as a reminder and a quick shot from in world.

anyone good at photoshop and i can get a proper photo to work to overlay on the existing britney image.

who knows - my head could be sold one ebay....?

or easier - take inworld photos and submit here

mind you then it wouldn't be latex now wouldn't it? and of course all sort of tight straps and cute little locks could be added as well..


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