Friday, July 25, 2014

on your marks, get ready and go - time to contribute

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over two million looks at my ramblings

i've not been blogging for a good two years and still getting hits. perhaps i should turn it all into a book?

my peek was Dec 2007 when i had over 85,000 page views in a month. wow. serious numbers.

maybe i need to selling advertising or at lease have a sponsor or two? i could always use more latex you know...


skin two's latextra magazine covers the rubber sister

ok its just a bit of coverage and not the massive feature i've been helping one the writers with (never seen the light of day btw) but its sort of a start.

a nice collection of images and here's my favourites. see the full spread at Latextra here

i wonder if one day i'll ever get to do a shoot with them. i'll send them an email now...


Thursday, July 24, 2014

a glimps into torture garden london!!

keeping up with latex purchases

a couple of christmas's back i splurged on a latex item i had always admired from afar and i bought this long latex coat. i believe its called a Macintosh in the UK and features a lot in early 50's and 60's latex fashions and the weird little magazines they had back then.

Ebay Item is here and it can be had in different colors.

now a few things beside the inevitable debate about chinese sourced latex quality (its highly variable) and their design techniques (they steal them from UK/German designers), i didn't feel guilty as its an old basic design.

what got me was its soooo heavy and what surprised me is that i liked this aspect of it. to quote one fanatastcal designer in the book Body Probe from Torture Garden that the costumes 'wear you'. its weight consumes you.

this was a pleasant surprise and totally unexpected. i liked how it took me over.

two things though - i wished i had been more daring with the color and it needs real lining for winter wear. oh and chinese latex comes coated with god knows what so needs to be washed over and over again and then armouralled.

so the weight and thickness was very different from what i was even remotely used too. what could i design that is wearable, all consuming and kinky. perhaps even with an element of covert bondage? and in what color?


writing to amuse myself - here's an epic still in draft

Draft - gilded box
© Asudem Latex 2013

A gilded room, a lost European estate, a large ornate manor house with a truly decadent past, now a forgotten and unvisited museum far off the usual tourist paths in a deep in an overgrown forest.
Sophie sees blank sculpted white mannequins in amazingly elegant gowns made from the finest of materials are scattered around the main ballroom as if attending a party. According to the plaque, after the war all these dresses were found in a forgotten boarded up large closet, as if hidden on purpose. Some dresses were long, some were very short while some of the mannequins were mainly nude in gossamer undergarments. Their dresses were of the time yet somehow a few were kinked and modern at the same time with some with kid leather detailing and others shiny black patent. fashions recycles over the centuries. Some of the mannequins are in pairs, some in racy poses between each otherís open legs. While others dancing tightly together their long silken legs entwined. Others reclined watching the room on padded Chaise lounges. The poses she's never ever seen mannequins ever make in window displays even in the more daring upmarket boutiques. tarnished gold leaf detailing on all the walls the hall is long past its glory days. all appear to be women only affair with these lipstick lesbians very overt in their actions for their taboo desires.

giants mirror reflecting the empty room back from all sides to infinity. the old stately wooden house had never been kept up for a very very long time. Two wars had passed without it being touched. The Museum certainly hadn't invested much beyond the mannequins to display the range of fashions.

She wanders around the room examining the fine dresses on the blank mannequins. One mannequin in a red dress she instantly falls in love with especially her beautifully tightly corseted waist at 20 inches and stunning scooped golden heels at least 4" high.

circling the room a few times to take it all in, dreaming of what it was like to be back then, what sort of parties they were holding, how decadent were they exactly? by modern standards she doubt probably not at all in her opinion having also spent a night at a german fetish ball to indulge her fetish in a public social surrounding which was simply not possible back in her strip mall land, but she found it fun to imagine modern concepts of decadence applied back across to their age.

Still itís all much more elegant and romantic. circling the room several times she becomes obsessed with the red and gold dress and has to take a much better look at the skills and workmanship never reproduced these days bar Haute Couture. No oneís around just a guard on the door at the others side of building. He'd never hear and she'd be very very quiet. itís not like she's stealing anything. daringly crosses purple roped-off displays of the kinky mannequins to touch, and luxuriate in the red dressed mannequinís unique and rare dress. examines it closely, so closely, the material is divine, the needlework fine and truly perfect. sneakily peeks inside the dress to see deep crimson silk lining and notices the mannequins nipples their tips pointed and painted matching gold. she strokes them both playfully with an embarrassed giggle having always wanted to do that to a mannequin. They were so tempting in oh so many ways. her fingers runs down the sides of her, then cheekily on tip toes kissed the mannequin slowly and passionately.... turning away and under her breath she comments to the empty room "such a waist, i wonder if i can take her home" reluctantly she turns to leave the roped off area she faints suddenly.

darkness fills in her mind as unknown time passes with flashes of scenes as if viewed from above. the faceless female mannequins are now totally naked bar their heeled shoes surround her, slowly strip her, shredding her clothes,  while she's utterly paralysed. flash - their doing something. warm plastic hands all over her body - exploring her. exploring her so ever intimately darkness with whispers impossible to make out words in her ears. Darkness consumes here mind.

time passes in a an incomprehensible way - sensations of something being applied to her body, like a full spa day, relaxing, calming, sensual being attended too. hours of sensations pass makeup is applied in perfect detail. hair washed, bleached honey blonde, styled, darkness. paralysed yet she can everything and can see nothing. womenís foreign whispers fill her head and not a word could be understood.

darkness falls in her mind again and then blank faceless female mannequins are now back in their amazing gowns with impossible proportions circle her then darkness envelops her again it its sweet embrace. time passes in a fog. can't tell if she's awake or dreaming. time has no meaning

she awakes suddenly on one of the chaise lounges behind the roped areas with the posed mannequins. she turns to the mirror wall to see herself somehow dressed in the red and gold gown. how could it ever...? it fits like a glove. her make up expertly applied as if in a fashion magazine she almost doesn't recogniser herself anymore especially with the new colour and styled hair.  she doesn't hesitate and tries to wipe it off without thinking about the dresses value and not even a smear is left on the sleeve.  her new honey blonde hair now styled and pinned in place to match the posed mannequins around the room. the shoes are perfect beyond belief - soft kid leather lining embraces her feet and toes as if they're were custom gloves. the best ever fitting shoes she's ever worn regardless of the heels extreme height. She's rarely in anything past 3 inches. The thin red strap has no release it seems, not button and the strap itself appears to be part of her skin now.

very slowly gaining some sense of balance she rises in highest heels she's worn and very carefully and very quietly walks over to a chair and table next to one of the wall mirrors.

stepping up on the table for a full length view she marvels at her now 22 inch waist. feels ever present breathless tightness. edge of a fainting, causing her to move slowly and carefully lest she topple

examining herself in full length of the mirror she feels for a seam, a zipper. buttons even - none are visible or can be felt as she continues to luxuriate in its sensations - she's been sewn into the dress just like the mannequin she was examining.

stepping very down she lifts the volumous silk petticoated dress. underneath she sees detailed line like joints forming on the knees and ankles. sheís totally naked under the dress and her skin is now unearthly smooth and her hard won tan has faded away to nothing. managing to lift it up further still she is shocked to sees gold stripped small metal chastity belt that has sealed her pussy and bottom, as she gains more confident in her movement she starts to feels heavily weighted bells slides back and forth and around inside her making a gentle tinkling sounds while also providing a very delightful and continual stimulation. the belt continues into her equally gold waist crushing corset. she has no idea how any of it got on her.

she stops and can't lifted it further as the dress appears to be sewn into the combined chastity belt golden corset.

pulling the wrap top aside like before on the mannequin she finds her breasts also naked bellow the dress, reshaped and increased a cup size and shockingly tipped with a pierced gold cap which lifts the nipple up and out the central hole, framing it like the gilded mirrors and piercing it multiple times as if sewn on. she strokes one and an erotic shiver shoots through her. "ooohh.....i could get very used to these"

she notices doll joint like seams appearing now on shoulders, neck. more indelible makeup?

the room once so quiet suddenly bursts into noise of a party which breaks her concentration of examining herself at the table. she looks up the room falls silent as they notice her sudden intrusion.

the mannequin in the dresses now are worn by real women now animated in similar poses. there is now no roped off areas, no information signs in multiple languages now. the room glistens under bright candlelight as if its brand new. they stop their sexual entanglements and look up at her, some of them approaching her with curiosity

one of the elegant women strides forward after extracting herself from a much smaller platinum blonde woman she was kissing deeply with a riding crop stroking her pert naked bottom. She's dressed in a floor length light weight black leather skirt accompanied by a very tight over the breast leather bustier corset affair and shoulder length black kid gloves. A wide patent leather cinche added contrast to the otherwise matt leather and completed the look. Her curled jet black hair is piled high on her head with a few strands of it delightfully cascading down her long elegant neck.

"I knew the spells sewn into the dresses detailing would snare something interesting..... one day" Anastasia said languidly with a grin while circling around the stunned Sophie, touching the dress here and there and smiling happily.

She leant over and whispered in her ear a softly stated: "pose for me' and Sophie automatically shifted into the same pose of the faceless mannequin who wore the dress before her and she freezes.

"Good Doll" the leather woman says aloud to the room and the doll.

"I see the dress really likes you Doll, it has already started to make you part of it - do you like your new waist and the relentless bondage of the beautiful metal seamless undergarments??" She smiled wickedly and stated matter of factly "there's no key and itís not finished shaping you did you know?" she looked carefully for any reaction in the stunned woman and concluded: "It will be like you were always raised in tight corsets from when you were very young girl and when its finally finished - 18 inches at least, maybe even much less and still tight. An impossible hourglass shape only ever fit for a doll. The dress will look so much better then" she hmm'd with a wink. 

continuing in earnest she adds "oh and itís a permanent effect too as so much of these are. Assuming of course that you were ever to be released - these deep bodily altering changes stay with you for the rest of your life. In our world that will be...." she trailed off hoping the new girl would never think of asking.

Sophie stopped paying attention to what she was saying. Still in shock at this world, this room finally sinking it wasn't a dream she scanned the woman talking to her from head to toes, taking a detailed look at she was wearing. looking back and forth to the petite cute woman in the floaty silk negligee she had been attending too with the riding crop. She could see that her pert bum was beat red from the crop and it had even drawn beads of blood that had stained her negligee with a few small red dots.

Sophie went flush at the idea of roles they held in their intimacy on show for all and for a moment she saw herself her wrists in golden matching cuffs secured behind her back with a short chain, leaning over a table very willingly holding up the volumous gown so the leather clad mistress could have access to her mainly bare cheeks. She watched the vignette of her submission in the mirrors reflection of themselves as she was cropped merciously; sharp pain entwined with reverberating pleasure through her with every highly addictive hit... In sheer embarrassment at the thought she flushed a deeper red and diverted her attention immediately to woman's shoes peeking out of the leather dress. Not at all realising that her deeply bowed head sent another signal to the woman which pleased Anastasia greatly.

"....oh yes and they are truly divine shoes, Several of us wear similar ones " laughing joyfully lifting up her long skirt to reveal the same shoes only in black with silver scooped heels at a startling 5.5 inches; "as if we could ever be able to wear anything else now even if we could take them off."

"these magically enhanced garments actually shape the wearer permanently. We're moulded into them. More and more each day until the ideal is reached. Laurelle was the only woman so far who has managed to unlock them after some time. Not because she doesn't love them - no she simply didn't feel they would be high enough. She loves her shoes so much and especially the attention to her toes she receives from her admirers. Or is it the submissive position they are required to take when servicing her. Knowing her itís likely to be a bit of both.

These same style of heels we're wearing released her from their bondage and her foot hand been made smaller by a size, her toes bend back on themselves over 90 degrees and her arches so pronounced she is actually crippled without heels on.

She can't stand, she can't walk, she can't lower her feet at all. She does now have a shoe and boot closet to die for all with her new pronounced permanent arch and 6 1/2" heels. A truly outstanding collection even by our refined standards. Maybe Laurelle will show them all to you an even share them with you one day? She might even want to train you into her highest heels; making you just like her so you can only share her collection and never be able wear anything else. ....Or perhaps what you really desire is to be her shoe slave; collared and leashed at feet servicing her oh so cute toes..."

In her distracted state a scene was imposed upon her mind; the dress removed somehow, only her golden undergarments left with sheer smoke black stockings up to the top of her thighs with matching shoulder length slick gloves contrasting so well with her pale skin. On her feet were 5 1/2 inch Oxford court shoes which she could barely walk in. Laurelle lay smiling in a large padded chair knowing what Sophie agreed too and what the eventual end results will be. Reeling in the leash connected to Sophieís golden collar, she stumbled slowly forward in the heels. Laurelle smiled widely and pointed down with a slight tapping motion. Sophie knew what she had to do and was pleased, eyes wide at Laurelle's glossy stocking toes, she wanted to please Laurelle and share in her inescapable heel collection.

The vision faded by that time and Sophie had regained a bit of composure and was able to look up to follow the very one sided conversation.

"oh yes, we are very how would you say.... committed?.... no maybe adventurous?" Anastasia paused a moment to think before proceeding;

"We all have taken turns realising all that you already wear now. They have changed us and trapped us deeply in our fetishes" quietly almost under her breath as a whisper she added "as much as this ballroom has been designed to do too likewise..." she continued to explain returning to her normal voice "Some with the magicís dresses, a metal corset is worn by a few of us, the chastity belt locks with its various added 'extra's.

Even Blanche found a way to feed her own utterly deep submissive needs as the ultimate 'modËle de mannequin' she said as she willing committed to her own irrevocable fate. She pointed with the riding crop over to another elegant yet half-dressed courtesian still engaged in kissing a highly realistic doll who was stood upright on a T-bar, kept in place by glossy patent leather straps. Another aided her kissing the dolls perfect bottom will deep fingering her pussy from behind as she luxuriated in resting her head on it before rimming the doll with pointed tongue.

 "oh i may have not been specific enough - Blanche is the doll tied down with the straps. She always loved being our silent play doll. She could remain still and quiet for us no matter what we did to her or however we tried to arouse her. Days and weeks she would remain still and unmoving. It was a challenge for us to make her squeal when she came. She's so very good. We still don't know how she managed such control. Honestly, we did really try to get her to scream like a banshee when coming and not even a soft moan after she'd been with us for a few months. Finally she purposely took a combination of a special drink followed by injections to seal herself as a sex doll for us play with always. I guess they interacted inside her to make her the perfect 'modËle de mannequin' - would you like to play with her, share her bed or be bound in unison with her to her posing stand?.

Blanche destroyed the recipes and formula although we have noticed recently that Rene has fallen in love with her and services her completely with her deft pointed tongue and is now starting to show strong effects of the formula due to her intimate ingestions from her flower and brown bud. We'll have a new doll soon i feel.

Coming very close Anastasia rested her gloved hands on Sophieís now shapelier hips "Are you in heaven or hell is all down to you my dear Doll.  This is our special secret place and you've found way in. Almost no one does. You must be gifted or simply wanted it enough"

"Was it the dress that called to you? or possibly the shoes? They're equally exquisite and their siren song so compelling. The main attraction as it were. It shows just how refined your taste is. Honey to trap a beauty. Take some heart you didn't pick the silken silver harem ensemble as its transmutation effects were never tamed.

Pointing over to another chaise lounge was a sleeping an auburn haired very long legged woman with glistening silver legs and arms. She was wearing a emerald green beaded flapper like dress with spaghetti straps that barely covered her silver capped and pierced nipples or the series of small silver rings up and down each side of her pussy with ever so small padlocks connecting each side together. A flat wide silver collar was also contrasting her cream skin.

"Elise created the pierced nipple shield and has been very thorough with her own personal adornments... She was striving for more when she discovered an effect that she could apply to fabric and immediately added it to a pair of her favourite knee length boots and short gloves. Donning them immediately they shrank and then liquefied melting into her - quickly moved past her knees only stopping at the base of her rounded bottom. The gloves likewise kept going to the top of her arms before stopping. The collar Iím not sure about, but it does match"

Sophie marvelled at her look, the near chrome arms of the sleeping woman and legs with built in pointed heels and toes showed no sign of the anything actually being worn. Elise skin was now simply living metal and the boots and gloves part of her.

"We daren't let her wear anything else treated that way; or anything fabric at all to be on the very safe side. Of course our curiosity got the better of us and two gossamer silver harem sets were made" pointing to the silver statue of a tall woman next to a complex candle stand her mouth slightly open as in if in the midst of an deep relentless orgasm. Her half open eyes were pearl white by contrast to the silver of her body while the pointed toe of the shoe and heels simply part of her with no visible seam.

"She is alive in there I assure you. She's resonating with vibrant orgasmic pleasure although she does need attending too periodically as she drips considerably when aroused and there is a fair number of us who like to keep her very happy. We adore what she's become. We guess that bodily fluids are pushed out by consuming silver during heightened arousal and as her heart beats slower every day. She is amazingly isn't she? Sophie spotted the look in Anastasia eyes as she explained the statues history. It was a look of lust and jealousy.

"we're waiting on the 2nd of the pair to arrive one day for a symmetrical set"

"don't worry about her, the resonance effect only attracts people suited for the trap. She is a truly horny and insatiable woman even by our very 'refined' standards - the dress connected to her desire and now she's very happy this way". Though I do wonder about Elise, she may yet use the formula again to finish what the boots and gloves started and become a silver statue of timeless pleasure. Perhaps a faceless tight smooth hood with just an opening for her sharp tongue. All identity would be erased and her bald head becomes silver. Sightless, tongue seekingÖ We might all succumb to the desire one day as couples or more.... " again Sophie spotted the same look in Anastasia eyes.

She continued; "Your special - one or two adornments is a lot to be attracted too, you have resonated with all the ones we have made public and i can sense u want much more."

Sophieís mind had started to fill slowly with cotton wool like fog the moment she arrived in the gold and mirrored ballroom. She couldn't shake it at all. It wasn't painful, far from it - more like being a bit drunk - squiffy, slightly euphoric even. Being posed like a mannequin frozen in front of all these courtesan would be freakish at any other time - now it felt just 'right'. Itís where she needed to be. She didn't have to hide her desires any more. She could finally admit to them publically and express these Sapphic desires with these stunning women she had kept secret since college. The cotton wool fuzziness was slowly advancing through her mind and memories. She simply couldn't care at all about her European trip, her life back home and least of all her 9-5 work week. The scenes, the womanís, the shoes and the perfect dresses and this beautiful room echoed in her mind, ever so slowly replacing all that she ever was.

"You realize that not since Giselle came to us at the very beginning has there been anyone so suited for our "playtime interests" she said as she grinned"

She pointed at the very tall woman in a loosely inspired military outfit standing at attention next the only door. She was supermodel tall by anyoneís definition and all of her exposed skin had a deep plastic sheen too it. Giselleís outfit and long shapely legs were complimented by super cute ballet flats in a lustrous crimson patent leather that showed off her legs to the maximum. Overall it was a blend of conflicting styles that somehow just worked. Deeply laced and downy rumba panties with a short round skirt held up positively horizontally by a highly layered fluffy tutu. Her gold button black velvet sleeveless jacket affair had a row of gold buttons leading down to the skirt accentuating her narrow waist as well as adding military details and tassels on her shoulders dangled over. Large white ruffles filled the open collar V to bellow her breasts while the look was topped off by the fencing style of tight patent gloves with a loose flat pointed V shaped sleeves almost reaching her elbows. She had volumous, almost cartoon like mass of light red curly hair that flowed just past shoulders and matching round doll rosy cheeks applied in perfect circles topped by a cute round military hat high atop her head. She stared ahead blankly.

Anastasia started to explain as she took Sophieís by the hand telling her "come with me pretty doll" as she was led over to the model at attention standing next to the only door. Sophieís body complied before she could begin to resist.

"She came from a very wealthy family whose nanny always treated her as doll despite her tall height for her age. She loved riding and all those outfits they wore for show jumping and dressage and she had quite the collection of wind up figurines. Giselle had heard the rumours and tracked down our select group. "

After considerable begging from her we agreed to let her join us and to soak her in a creamy liquid that would form of semi malleable porcelain on her skin. Giselle was left soaking in a large bath of it for hours just breathing through a tube so it would coating her naked body her completely. Our judgement was off as it proved to be far too long for her to be absorbing the dense creamy white liquid. It looked to have worked perfectly: she came out of the soak fine and the excess was patted down with towels. However the coating dried so quickly and deeply that she only was only able to say how consuming the sexual arousal was from any touch or movement of her new skin. As she started to move she just slowed down, stiffening all over within in minutes. Giselle demand we quickly insert the most heavily weighted chimer in her shaved pussy we had. Within another minute she posed herself like a mannequin as her pussy sealed over from the liquid that she had very purposely let fill herself.

Of course we couldn't leave her frozen like that so we countered it with a special enchanted oversized silver key. She wouldn't be able to move all the time but it gave her limited movement for intervals as well speech. We took a tin toy soldiers key and used that as the seed. We were all very nervous when the giant key went deep into her spine by half its length. We could hear sounds of light metal on metal, clicks, ticks and clock mechanism sounds start to echo through her body as it appeared that she was becoming hollow and utterly mechanical.

When the click of the wound key stop, we pulled it out and she slowly came to life like a mechanical toy would. With halting high voice she thanked us deeply for making her this way. It was far better than she ever dared dreamed. She felt the key go in filling her like a very slow fuck. While the winding was like a repeated fast penetration. She felt the entire process of the final transformation take place too. Very hollow and light with gears and rods replacing of bones, joints and organs changing here truly into a living windup toy. These clockwork gears and rods also somehow sought out and connected directly to the heavy chimer sealed inside her pussy. A delicate slow walk won't keep it quite at all. Rather any movement feeds into the chimer from her internal gears and vice versa. You can guess what happens. So here she stands simmering until one of us wants to play with her and we wind her key and she then must move.

"Come closer doll and have a closer look. She doesn't bite; though she does like to trap us in hugs when she winds down - our efforts at escape stimulating her more" she laughs.  Statuesque and beautiful were words that barely could describe her on closer inspection. "Feel her skin, feel her body" she her commanded authoritatively. Inspecting her in a way Sophie had barely repressed doing in the museum gallery to the mannequins, she was aroused herself just touching her plastic like porcelain skin. A vision flashed in her mind - she was on her knees, the dress billowing around her, her arms wrapped loving around the windup womanís long sculpted legs, hands gently delighting in the feel and shape of them. her head then slowly reaching up to burry itself in the fluffy tutu to seek out her sealed pussy beyond the downy panties as her hand darted up to palm her beautiful ass. An onlooker obliged and wound Giselle a few turns... '

flash and she was back standing normally in front of Giselle and not submissively seeking out her balled pussy. This caused her to sighed loudly in disappointment - " Anastasia intervened seeing Sophie had tranced out again. The rooms influenced over her as Anastasia noted the both the trance and the regretful sigh as Sophie emerged from it. 

Gently she lifted Sophieís chin and said cryptically:  "look into her eyes and see your future" rising out of the dazed vision Sophie did and saw the mechanical woman up close. Still as beautiful as she was from the distance, still glossy porcelain that felt warm and living to the touch but now she could see closely into Giselleís pale blue eyes that contrasted so well against her pale skin and light red curly hair - they had been forever changed with the rest of her - they were glass. They were the eyes of a doll.

"My predecessor?" thought for a moment clarity that rose from shock and fear that rapidly moved to a deep desire for both Giselle and what she has become, trying to no avail to see the rest of the scene.

"oh and I doubt you saw the gold metal strips?" Anastasia continued moving the conversation along

She pulled out a large circular gilded mirror and slowly held it up as the other elegantly dressed (and not) women padded closer to the posed woman. Like a cat playing with a mouse she slowly levelled the mirror up to her eyes so she could see herself.

The once expertly applied makeup now started to look more solid; the colours more consistent flat tone like airbrushed paint rather than detailed makeup. Her green eyes were now somehow luminous with a slight inner shine. A slight knowing smile decorated her fixed face and voice silent. Moving the mirror around Anastasia managed to loosen the top wrap of the dress to show the collected audience her perfect breasts now had multiple piercings in areola with a detailed gold cap around each nipple tip straining against their confines leaving them to be in constant contact with the dresses butter like silk lining.

Anastasia leaned over she licked and bit each nipple in turn causing white hot flashes of pain and pleasure that mixed in a delicious manor that overwhelmed Sophie yet she still couldn't  move at all without a command from Anastasia. To further illustrate the point she grabbed Sophieís perfectly coiffured hair, pulling it off slowly to revealed a balled head.

She stared around the room widely in fear, the mirror reflecting nothing of the scene right in front of her, rather it showed an empty old ballroom with elegantly dressed blank mannequins behind roped off areas. All the mirrors were the same reflected empty room. The one wearing her dress was nowhere to be seen. The museum in its current distressed and aged condition reflected back from all of them. Silent and empty. She returned her gaze the gleaming gold room she was posed in and she saw the debauched and kinky lesbian courtiers all around her attentively following her predicament while others simply continued attending to their lovers entwined as they were in so many creative ways.

With a loud clap of her black leather gloves Anastasia called to the assembled courtiers attention. "Now" she said loudly and the watchers slowly started "dance Doll Dance" came the chorus around her and slowly, mechanically she automatically started to dance for them, the weighted bells in her making a gentle music with her clockwork movements.

She was in a daze, a spell, an enchanted euphoria as the dance took her over. She didn't dance anything she knew, rather she just did. A puppet for their entertainment playing out a dance long since forgotten. Her moves were both mechanical and graceful at the same time. The weighted chimers in her were relentlessly arousing her. A clockwork ballerina with impossible flexibility she could never have otherwise matched - all she could do is watch through her deepening green eyes as the sensations built so intensely she repeatedly blanked out from the pleasure and yet still she danced for them in their gilded box.

The room spun, she spun, pirouetted, now en pointe the dress flaring out like a tutu her golden cage flashing for all to see and delight in. They smiled very knowingly, whispered gossip amongst themselves and pointed as she spun and spun. The dual chimers continuing to stimulate her in ways no common vibrators ever had.  Entranced, the pleasure didn't stop nor would it ever stop for her... she simply danced. The chimers played wonderful music. The final orgasm built and finally peaked and simply hung in her soul timelessly. Her body could do nothing but obey the groups chanted command. She danced.

Maitresse Anastasia saw the change appear in the dolls eyes as she spun around, each turn getting brighter as she danced in her clockwork movements. The visitor from else when had submitted to her hidden fetishes, to feed her unquenched desires and to the parties collective sexual hungers for her. The red shoes looked to have gained another inch and a half; she was close to being on her very tip toes in them. While her waist tightened making her imprisoned bound nipples visibly tent the elegant dress. She danced still while light tingling musical chimes flowed from her sealed filled pussy and rounded ass. Her mind bleached she hung in the lock of a timeless orgasm.

Smiling to herself with a sense of triumph Anastasia announced to the gathered erotically charged courtiers "A perfect doll for us to play with - Don't you all agree? I think we'll keep her."

A round of joyous applause filled the room which broke her free of the orgasmic state and the doll slowly stopped her dance and bowed expertly as if she had always been professional ballerina. The doll raised herself up slowly from her deep bow at her appreciative audience to reveal a silent coy smile on her painted face - all of the lesbian courtiers could now tell what Maitresse Anastasia already knew as a fact. The dolls green eyes were not just brighter; they were now made of glass.

Too Sophie the world she was in became brighter and shinier as did her thoughts and feelings. A wide happy smile appeared in her mind and any previous thoughts, fears or questions were simply fading away into cotton wool that was seeping into her dolls mind. Her deep hidden submissive Sapphic desires were becoming solid by contrast. The flashes of scenes that had been in her mind and aroused her so much now hung like large proud paintings - solid and real too her. She could see them clearly and she desperately needed to revisit them all and seek out more.  

The long mirrors of the gilded room's walls no longer reflected the rarely visited museum buried deep in the forest of any recent tourist map. For what remained of Sophie; all she could see was the reflections of the gathered party of elegantly kinky women from all sides of the ballroom reflecting back into infinity; herself nestled amongst them as if she had always been there. She smiled to herself a broad grin in for this fact.

She finally knew in her heart and soul what she is now; the adventurous courtesans clockwork doll, their absolute sexual plaything, bound tightly into the most beautiful dress and heels she had ever seen. Her golden metal piercings and undergarments further defining and shaping her in their relentless embrace.

With this realisation another part of Sophie memories and most of her past identity came loose and simply floated away like clouds as they were no longer needed by her - why would they be? The shining word DOLL now branded centrally in her mind as her simply what she was. Their world had accepted and enveloped her thoroughly - and now it was her world as well.

Regaining some ability to think in her simmering sexual stimulation, she cocked her head cutely to the side as if seeing herself for the time and in a high breathless and yet stilted voice to no one in particular she said to the room:

"My. dress. will be. perfect. when my. waist reaches. fifteen inches",

Maitresse Anastasia took Doll Sophie gently by the hand and softly said "of course you will my sweet doll and so so much more. Soon I will forever imprint you as my doll - it will be very fun, would you like that Doll?" she asked as Sophie paused thinking and replied with her only concern: "may i play. with others here?" she said with utter earnestly and desire in her voice.

"Oh of course Doll I wouldn't possibly consider having it any other way" She looked deeply into the green luminous glass eyes of her beautiful creation.

What remained of Sophie replied "Yes please, i am your doll". she purred sweetly she led her to one of the rooms many large mirrors.

"first dear Doll letís put you away for the night, so your fresh for a new day". Sophie nodded happily in agreement. "you'll need a goodnight kiss" Maitresse Anastasia pushed her against the mirror as if playing out a seduction in a seedy nightclub, leaned into her in an overtly predatory style and started to give her a series of long sensual kisses that soon deepened into a lasting French kiss, Sophieís head swam as their tongues danced and explored each other. Lips were now locked so tightly they were breathing each otherís air. Sophie was so wrapped up in Anastasia she didn't notice that she was somehow being slowly and impossibly pushed into the gilded framed mirror as if it was now a block of soft jelly. 

The locked lips, French kissing, breathing in each otherís air continued for a minute before Anastasia suddenly released Sophie and pulled herself back out leaving the Doll on perfect display floating in Mirrors infinite reflected embrace. The courtisians gathered to admire there worldís newest acquisition. For the Doll her head still swam from Anastasie's attention, smilingly dreaming she opened her eyes and she found that she reflected back upon herself from all angles into infinity - vacuumed sealed ever so in her own captured sexual heat.

Anastasia turned in a flourish to reveal the doll suspended in the middle of mirror and round of applause filled the gilded room. Her new doll now so perfectly trapped and displayed for all to see. Submission for Sophie was now total and accepted. The party would continue another day.

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I'm still alive

i've been in second life for some time, never really left there. been taken over by work and with so little feedback I just put the blog aside. when revisiting the blog i hadn't realised i had been doing it for seven years! so here's a bit of news. an event in London. actually a cluster of them. thanks for the tip off from blackice

oh and blogger has been overhauled and looks different and i forgot all the hmtl tips and techniques so forgive me while i remember what it is i'm doing.