Thursday, July 24, 2014

I'm still alive

i've been in second life for some time, never really left there. been taken over by work and with so little feedback I just put the blog aside. when revisiting the blog i hadn't realised i had been doing it for seven years! so here's a bit of news. an event in London. actually a cluster of them. thanks for the tip off from blackice

oh and blogger has been overhauled and looks different and i forgot all the hmtl tips and techniques so forgive me while i remember what it is i'm doing.


LatexBD said...

Welcome back to the world of blogging & your readers ;) Glad you're still around and well ... !

Meguca said...

Welcome back AsudemLatex. I miss your articles

- Parangsakti

John Evans said...

Good to see you!

Samantha deSavory said...

Great to see you blogging again, I missed your posts.

Unknown said...

Great to see you back!!! Come and take a visit at my new site, and stay a while... really, great to see you! :-)

Anonymous said...

so glad that you are back, your blog is wonderful

Anonymous said...

Hello Asudem,
good to see that you are here again.


Agithe said...

Dude I was thinking of you the other day.
and I was sad back when both you and K-8 went away.
at first I went and look every day if any of you had comeback, then it became every week and then month and then year.

so hopes all is well.
you have been missed.


KimikoMuffin said...

Ah, I'd kind of wondered if you actually had ended up becoming a doll ;)