Thursday, July 24, 2014

keeping up with latex purchases

a couple of christmas's back i splurged on a latex item i had always admired from afar and i bought this long latex coat. i believe its called a Macintosh in the UK and features a lot in early 50's and 60's latex fashions and the weird little magazines they had back then.

Ebay Item is here and it can be had in different colors.

now a few things beside the inevitable debate about chinese sourced latex quality (its highly variable) and their design techniques (they steal them from UK/German designers), i didn't feel guilty as its an old basic design.

what got me was its soooo heavy and what surprised me is that i liked this aspect of it. to quote one fanatastcal designer in the book Body Probe from Torture Garden that the costumes 'wear you'. its weight consumes you.

this was a pleasant surprise and totally unexpected. i liked how it took me over.

two things though - i wished i had been more daring with the color and it needs real lining for winter wear. oh and chinese latex comes coated with god knows what so needs to be washed over and over again and then armouralled.

so the weight and thickness was very different from what i was even remotely used too. what could i design that is wearable, all consuming and kinky. perhaps even with an element of covert bondage? and in what color?



Meguca said...

This reminds me of OsvaldoGreco's comics. Latex trenchcoats are pretty fashionable, you can even re-use it as cosplay (for Underworld or The Matrix characters)

John Evans said...

Yes, while I haven't worn a heavy latex coat before, I totally understand what you mean about things that 'wear you'. Even my corset and heels force a change on my posture and movement. To some extent, the clothes are in control.