Friday, December 25, 2009

if your already tired of Xmas songs

then this may be a pleasant gift as sent in by a UK reader.

you should be able to get the 24 mg zip file of MP3's by clicking here.

hint: its connected to the previous post.


a perfect latex present

now is it the catsuit, the woman in the catsuit, the hypnotised robot controls or all three?

well the answer for me is D) all three.

i've talked to some hypnotists on whats possible and they said a piece of jewelry or clothes could be made into a trigger. so imagine a latex doll suit that you could wear and after 10 seconds of it being put on the trigger kicks in and you become the latex doll....


Thursday, December 24, 2009

any UK readers can record and upload?

just spotted this entry on Conscious Object's livejournal saying that;

Neil Gaiman has a new short film called Statuesque that will be airing on Christmas Day at 10pm on Sky 1 (if that makes sense to you...our channel names are very different in the US). It appears to star his girlfriend Amanda Palmer as a living statue street performer, perhaps based on her real experiences doing just that before she did Dresden Dolls.

so does anyone get Sky 1 (which apparently is a satellite only channel in the UK and can probably be received in Europe too - and can record it to some sort of upload-able compressed format? i know that will generate a download code that can be used 100 times...

a bit more information on the short film here.


christmas window shopping

just and advertisement spread. no, you didn't miss anything in the malls. i think there's several more in the sequence but this is all i could find. do email in if you find better and larger scans.


we need more doll stories

the thing that really helped verbalize my latex, mannequin and doll fetishes was finding Robot Dolls ASFR site a long long time ago. there were a few stories there that just hit a spot i didn't really realize i had and well i've been exploring and embracing it all ever since then.

the good news is Robot Doll is back with a Live Journal Site and the bad news is that Legacy of Timeless Beauty hasn't been updated since the end of october!

so being the proactive person i am trying to do something about it. i now have interest and a donated latex military dress from Slinky Skin as a prize to a latex doll fetish story competition which i'll formally organise in the new year. i've also been promised some latex like leggings from a certain UK photographer who stocked up on them when they first came to market - worried that they'd disappear. looks like he was really wrong now doesn't it? our gain assuming he doesn't decide to give them out as Christmas presents (i'm a medium - hint ;-) )

(saying that they only seem to be selling strong in EU/UK as bug pointed out here and i've spotted on line retailers doing massive clear outs as mentioned elsewhere)

are there any more latex designers or stores out there that want to contribute to the prize(s)? it doesn't even have to be latex if it comes down to it. just something to encourage people to write new fiction. if you are reading this just send me an email.

so back to fiction; i find it much more inspiring and well enveloping than looking at photo's. yes Bianca Beauchamp is very pretty and wears latex very well but i'd prefer to hang out in borders and tease through issues of european fashion magazines to see how kink is filtering through and stylised in gorgeous fashion spreads.

i'm not a great fiction writer so i don't sit down to do it very often. last month before i got stupidly busy with work and slowed down on the blog and skipped out of Second Life, i did join the yahoo group; Women Only Adventures In Bondage and here for you - without any spelling or grammar checks is my introduction to the roll play world. i must admit its in part inspired by the last part of Nano's Slavers The Dreamer’s Masque.

where am i? what am i wearing?

the last thing i could remember was a visit the a well hidden fetish shop in germany. i had finally had enough time off and europe was the place to go to feed my latex fetish. i was a latex addict through and through. there was no way to deny it even if i kept it mostly hidden. i wear it constantly at home and even manage shopping and weekend trips in at least one basic element in my wardrobe.

the last few years my own training in latex has increased to such a point that i could burn all my normal clothes if i had the guts to do it. living on the east coast wasn't as liberal as they all they think they are. so i manage to freelance in marketing from my studio home office while head to toe in my latex. if the clients only knew... (giggles)

my diligent training was to increase the amount of latex worn and lived in till that’s all the clothes i would own. heels were of course another fixation and in 5"s all the time i was just waiting for tendons to shrink and i would be trapped in nothing else.

a big client had part paid for the trip and found the shop on the web that involved a 20 min taxi ride from the center of the city. i had no idea where i was or spoke the language beyond a few hello's and thank you's.

the chrome door of the store open and was greeted by a cut goth girl in a lot of pvc and piercings. the store was huge compared to the fetish shops in nyc. i was awestruck at not just the designs of the latex but the kinky vignettes the dozen mannequins were posed in. i declined an offer of help but took her up on a black cherry tea. sipping it slowly i wander amongst them almost jealous of their positioning, their level of servitude to each other an their eternal beauty. of course wearing such expensive latex too!

i had mapped out various stages for myself and the first one was almost complete. the next two required a lot more from me, and also someone else... somewhere else... not in the public light of day-to-day work.

there was a stunning and yet severe looking mannequin with arched eyebrows and fine billowy white latex blouse with black jodhpurs and high-heeled boots. omega! she was almost from a dream. i was transfixed. i wanted to touch her to see if she was real. more than that, much more.

looking furtively around the goth girl was well hidden around the corner, i did something i'd never done. i fell to my knees, looked up adoringly then down at her patent leather clad toes and kissed them slowly and sensually. i needed to know what it was really like.

i drifted lost in a moment, lost in time.

i was jolted out of my dream state by the goth girl going 'uh-huh' all to knowingly with a cheshire cat grin on her face.

'would u like to join her?'

looking confused and blushing profusely and nervous i asked how so? (did she know my desires, my addiction, visited by blog - she must have figured it out. damn cookies)

'oh we need a photo of her and another mannequin for our site and as the shipment has been delayed and well you pose so well. how about it? i'll offer you this HW clear faced hood all the fetish models wear as payment and you can wear an of the rack black catsuit - here'.

oooohhh.... i said loudly and slightly relieved. those masks cost a lot and the make the models all look the same so why not? no one would ever be able to tell.

she led me to get changed and helped me get changed. she smiled to herself when she found i was wearing real latex leggings under my loose slacks as well as a latex bra. stripped down to nothing i was in heaven putting on the thinnest latex catsuit i've ever tried. then came the hood which she deftly zipped in up from the back. then there was a click i didn't recognize but i was too distracted as her delicate hands firmly roamed over my new slick black skin polishing it to mirror shine.

she led me over to a full-length mirror and i stared open mouth in wonder at this rubber object that reflected back at me. OMG i so need this catsuit!!!

'you can have a discount after the photo and wear it all the time, no?' i nodded happily as she led me over to the riding mistress mannequin by one hand. i looked around in wonder at how i looked in the mirrors, as if a mannequin had come to life.

positioning me directly in front of the stunning dome mannequin, she circled around me whispering under her breath as i stood entranced. the goth girl continued her barely audible poetry like phrases as she positioned me ever so carefully, adjusting me here and there, asking me to not to move and let her do all the moving. her roving hands felt so good on the new catsuit i was slipping into a space where the riding mistress and i were all that existed.

she played with my nipples straining through the thin latex. i didn't move.

she went further played with my pussy through the thin latex. i didn't move.

'perfect' she purred in my ear. then quietly she asked 'will you submit?' here eyes sparkled with anticipation of the answer she knew would come.

half awake, half asleep with heat pulsing and burning between my legs i let out a soft 'yes...'

she touched me on the shoulder like a hypnotist act; a slight push downward and i was somehow on my knees and paying tribute to the mannequin.

a strong flash and then blackness.

i couldn't move. i was upright and frozen. dazed the cobwebs cleared from my mind and my heavy lids parted to take in the room i was in.

it was stacked with sealed white crates. a few were empty with packing white foam spilling forth and a human shaped - woman shaped - recession in the back with loose latex hanging down one side.

i'm in a crate i thought to myself. one just like those. where am i?

i could feel impossibly tight latex all over me - far tighter that the lovely catsuit i wore at the german shop. mmmmm... i wanted to saver the sensation but part of me wanted out immediately and was terrified. another deeper part that had been slowly rising in my mind was just soaking up the sheer helplessness.

i was in a crate like those around me, sealed like a doll in a latex vacbed. no way to even move a millimeter. i must be still be in that perfect sheer latex catsuit, the hood too. its soo good tho... a fantasy pulled from my dirty mind and i was living it. and that click? was it a lock? was i already locked into the hood and catstuit?

how did she do it? was it the tea? was it the strange barely heard poetry - some sort of hypnosis? how could i submit oh so easily? she must have had me pegged from the start. they knew who i was and what i truly wanted - to be taken and made into an idealized latex doll a doll for a mistress.

still bound in the case she was trapped in she wondered where she was? a shipping room of some sort obviously, however the walls were large and ancient stones? a castle perhaps?

it dawned on her she wasn't in the shop anymore. somewhere distant and cold.

she struggled against the vacbed utter embrace - no escape was possible no matter how hard she tried.

terrified and yet something deep in her wished for just this. maybe she should of been less specific in her postings on her blog.

and no one knew exactly where she was last as she'd never share with her work colleagues her latex fetish.

latex doll nominated for award

no, its not me. though i was sort of passed a spare one for 'rockin girl blogger' due to my expertise in latex and helping the fashionistas understand it all here.

seems globe trotting latex doll Steffy's participation in GwenMedia's The Portal 3 has resulted in an nomination for an AEBN VOD Award.

more on the DVD and the nomination can be found here.

if i remember correctly she won the NYC Fetish Ball last year which included filming with Gwen Media. so if this wins, will it lead to larger nominations and prizes? hey dita von tease started off doing a lot of shoots with Marquis Magazine as well as their latex catalogs.

i wonder if the Rubber Sisters will ever make a film?


dipped in latex

you would probably look like this.

something else for my to do list. however from my limited experience with liquid latex its fun to put on but the results are worse than any cheap molded latex.

maybe the formula and thickness needs to be improved.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

perfect for Christmas latex

i totally missed this very cute item from ELENA'S LATEX's in the UK on Ebay. it wouldn't of been ready for xmas anyway as it takes 30 days to make and then there's shipping time from England.

Ebay in the UK is a great place to get latex as the newer designers list there as well as both models and stores doing clear outs.

still i wonder if anyone does black stripy doll / emo latex leggings? hmm... another item to add to my wish list along with a fully ruffled black EGL dress.


Drake's twas the night before Christmas

and all the toys are booby trapped?

download the interactive flash file from Medusariffic and explore all the presents and the dangerous devices left out to be played with.


Friday, December 18, 2009

just how far behind am i?

it seems i have 37 entries partly started. eeks!

and thats not counting all the book marks i've made and not followed through on. (sighs)

so more to come and hopefully to catch up on it all over xmas period. oh and more xmas trees here.


chinese sex dolls

there was a news photo collection which i found on my daily reads of some reliable fetish sourced newspapers (besides the UK's Daily Mail) which was covering the recent sex expo; Chinese Sexual Culture Festival

and i was struck by the range of sex dolls and with the interest in the idea of wearing a latex sex doll so attractive to some, the head of this one would make a pretty good mask. no idea where you could get it or how much it would cost. please post a link if you know anymore.

hmm.. i wonder if the trend for latex dolls and zentai suits continue and gain more acceptance around the world, i wonder if actual sex doll suits will be made and sold one day? sounds like the beginning of a plot line for a fetish story unless its already been written and i simply missed it.


a living statue, a latex doll and a pony girl

were all spotted and thoroughly photographed by my regular contributer Black Ice and sent in to me promptly on monday after the even and i must apologize publicaly for being so slack in getting them up.

he said there will be a full gallery on his new relaunched magazine website which is unsurpisingly to be found at Black Ice Magazine. he's also considering a magazine format folio of the event and a print on demand styled magazine like the ones already on the main magazine site with the back issues one and four. its not there yet but please have a look.

there was also some shots of models back stage from the only fashion show segment they had which featured designer Kaoris Latex Dreams. i've not seen the full collection so will have to wait till the rest of you for him to get the gallery up at the magazine site.

from the bitchy chatter (well deserved say most attendees who paid up to 75£ to attend) on the Rubber Pal forums the event wasn't the best it could be and no where near the epic ball that the stars of the fetish world flew in for. i may have missed my chance. poop.


back down

i have been pretty busy with work for the last few weeks, just when i think i'm on top of it all something else appears that just needs to be done asap. so i do it asap and everything else shifts back. (sigh)

so at least now i think i'm on top of it all and work will be slow over the xmas period with no meetings or anything to remove me from my latex lair and snuggling under my black latex duvet.

some bad news is i did something to my right foot which feels like a thumb tack stuck in front sole directly down from my big toe. its healing and i'm now back down to my lower heel KR melissa heel. missed those as i love the look and the plastic feel on my feet.

now would Melissa please make something like these in their environmently friendly plastic and make sure they're shiny.

oh and i forgot to mention its now been a full four years i've been doing the blog with 1523 posts and a full year since i started to sleep in latex.


Monday, December 07, 2009

do i need more shoes?

well thanks to this handy chart i know.

it was found on a great site: Obsessed With Shoes and here are a couple of my fav's from the recent look see as well as the leather jacket styled heels on top.

wonder if there will be a coat that looks like a pair of heels next?

i do wish someone would make a site or store that specialized in showing and of course selling shoes that have higher 5" heels. it is a bit of trek to find ones to keep me on my toes.


too busy for my own good

well its been a very very busy few weeks. my second life activities have even suffered and all i really do there is stand locked in display cases. not even enough time to deal with the idle chats and im that appear.

i think i'm almost over the deadline hurdle unless something else comes up this week i'll be getting more entries up.

i've done the research, saved the links and images. just need a clear space to get on and write it.

at least i'm managing most of the time in latex bar times when i head to the city or locally for client meetings. though i must admit to wearing my unpolished black latex skinny jeans when its been raining as well it just makes good sense now doesn't it?

also its now been 1 year since i've started to sleep nightly under a queen sized latex duvet (black if you want to know) and in a short two weeks i'll celebrate my fourth year of blogging!!!?!!!


clockwork bird with loose feathers

thanks to blackice for sending these images in of Vicky Butterfly performing at The Torture Garden in London on Saturday night. he even managed to get a few seconds of video with his camera.

as always, click the images to enlarge to their full upload resolution.

and a very short video clip he's uploaded to youtube.

he added that she's the same performer he shot in 3d at Voodoo Vaudeville 2 years ago where her corset exploded and released mechanical butterflies. a photo and a full release is on his new magazine website: Black Ice Magazine


Tuesday, December 01, 2009

now with added shake

this video sent it of Makupartist's latest torso. for those of you who ever want much much larger breasts.

not only do they jiggle, the video gets very surreal with a pair of hands coming around the side and feeling them.


simon o new designs and model worn

my dedicated sponsor Simon O has new designs for december with a distinctly medical fetish look as illustrated bellow.

they are also clearing out model worn latex like Libidex is currently doing with their catsuit collection. to see it and bid then click on their Ebay Sale.

as latex is slipping into mainstream via all these diva's wearing them on their current tours, i wonder who is making them for them and how long they last? one per show? do they have a specialist to dress them and polish them? what happens to the left over catsuits?


skin two ball 2009

just a general email to see if any readers are going? tickets are almost sold out according to their webpage here.

a full line up is here. seems its a smaller and more private affair in central london now. a secret location no less!

a friend and latex obsessive like me in SL and RL is going and hopefully she can report back on what its like. anyone else?


Sunday, November 22, 2009

too many passwords

well i think its happened again. i've lost my password and forgotten my user name on Dollification Forum. this will be the third time as after the first time i set up a new account. so rather just having one possible name and password there's a few.

i went through hell with my ATM cards both sending me new passwords at the same time and yet not saying what they were for.

so if anyone there is in charge there and reads this, can you please email me at asudemlatex at yahoo dot com and help me get back into forum? or i'd settle for a hint on my more recent posts there and my user name.


latex boots and pink piggies

it appears that the chinese latex designers are finally moving on from stealing both the designs from European stores as well as their photos and they're now making efforts to diversify.

one example was just sent into me for a firm called Latex Boot and who would of guessed it - makes real latex boots.

there's a range of styles with most of them having a stacked sole. i've sent them an email about pricing and wether they have plans for high heel wedges in solid black or even clear plastic.

two of their links which caught my eye was "Inflatable rubber boots for fun" and "Latex pony boots". sadly no photos or information. guess its in the 'being developed dept'.

actually the site is pretty bereft of hard data like something obvious like how much were they as well as shipping costs and time. one good news is they do take paypal which makes ordering a whole lot easier.

another item stood out for its sheer weirdness. the inflatable latex pig!

now i know about the ponies, the puppies and even the cow girls. however latex pigs is new to me.


she makes a perfect doll

i keep wondering how this doll and latex fetish of mine is being reflected in mainstream media. seems every day there's something new in a surprising in print.

thanks to Jari who sent in the link to a collection of photos on a Japanese site here. all the images are on that one page. if there's more on that site then please post in comments.

there's loads more in the collection so do go have a look.


catsuit sale at Libidex

not one but two catsuit sales on at Libidex as of right now.

the first is 30% off all of their catsuits for a limited period of three weeks if you order via their website or even in person at their shop Liberation (49 Shelton St, Covent Garden, London WC1H 9HE).

please take not that these are for straight orders so nothing customised. they do warn potential buyers that it can take up to 8 weeks to get the catsuits made. express delivery is possible but will cost more.

now you can get an even better deal can be had if you a precisely the same size as the models they used for their recent summer photo shoot and are only available in shop at Liberation.

oh and the price? a steal at £99.95. just in time for the Skin Two Ball.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

shiny komon is shiny shiny

more fluffy pop from Europe with a fetishistic spin on the videos. this time from a female duo from the Ukraine.

do check out their other videos as there's more shininess as well as them made up very much like dolls.

here they really stand out against both the set of the kids tv show (i'm guessing its for kids) as well as the young presenters.


Monday, November 16, 2009

a model as a fashion victim

or at least thats what the title implies.

its just begging for a story to be written around these images. even the title has a macabre overtone too it which makes it perfect to this well special vein of fetish fiction.

see the complete set here and get your pens to paper (or fingers to keyboard).


mix and match latex styles

from a new designer recently graduated in the UK.

LCF Graduate Collection from Leanne Broadway on Vimeo.

lovely use of printing on latex and subtle as she's not pushing a head to toe latex, rather traditional clothes mixed with latex items.

more refine styling and latex is what may break it into a more mainstream retailer. i wonder if she knows about chlorinisation?


Sunday, November 15, 2009

a work in progress

a transformation delivered by Twitter. follow NikiJames as she becomes more of a robot with each entry.

is anyone else doing this? maybe corset or heel training?

voyeurs want to know.


i swear i've seen this image

have you? or let me enlighten you where i think it was. now i'm cheating a bit as it wasn't exactly the image; just the same pose, the same legs and the same heels.

of course with a much more modern car. possibly something slick and red.

now just how old are these photo's? when did they stop making cars like that. its not a Model T but can't be less than 80 years old. would that make the model ones great grandmother?

so this explains one of my fascinations of old houses and attics. you can never guess what delights are up there. imagine for the moment discovering your great grandmothers boot collection! and even better if they all fit!!!

i can day dream can't i ? ;-)


official: latex legging is now a fetish

while the latex like legging fashion trend is continuing with no sign of letting up at least on the other side of pond, its not a surprise that specialist websites are pop'ing up to feed the growing fetish to see them.

here is the above video to a real pair of latex leggings being pulled on. hope the model has cut her nails otherwise they won't last very many wears.


just add lace!

this Ebay Listing was just sent into me from a regular UK reader who thought it might be of interest to me. sadly the sizing is slightly off so i'll pass it onto all you here.

its measurements are:

Neck - 13 1/2"
Bust - 34 1/2""
Waist - 27 1/2"
Sleeve length - 18 1/2" (underside of arm seam to end of arm 'seal'
Wrist snug 'seal' - 7"
Across shoulders - 14"
Base of neck to waist - 17" (approx 2" high neck band, so waist to top of neck 19")
Waist to hem - 22 1/2"

and looking at its classic style i think if some lace in both black and white was added too it you would have a very cool EGL styled dress.

i do like the way its made from a much thicker latex than is normally used as it could pretty well stand on its own. the dress would then wear you.

its currently only 37£ and has about five or so days to run.