Sunday, February 23, 2020

orginals cost in the 1,000$$$

would make a great over sized poster. print size at several thousand dollars is about 31 inch square.

how about as seed for a story? someone? or has Second Life consumed all the writers to do 1-1 stories and experiences?

i'm still playing around with ideas in Obey Mistresses Love mp3 about a store with love dolls.

you can see her complete collection here - and tell her you saw link here.


a hypno barbie??

the death of paper???

bemerry said the following: 

Hello, You don't know me, but I have been perusing your blogspot page for a bit. Just wanted give you a heads up about an image that might be of interest to you. Don't know if you have seen it yet, but the cover of the Feb 2020 issue of Harper's Bazar features an anatomically shaped plastic looking breast plate. Rather fetching and similar to the Kate Moss image you seemed to like.

and they found it and scanned! i think its an iron man reference. does it says who made it?

check out Aliexpress for the lyrca print leggings and full suit. i covered it a recent post. mine are all the black/grey printed and pvc ones.


Saturday, February 22, 2020

prove me wrong - the best transformation sequence in a B-Film

though WaxWorks is a good horror film, there's implied TF thats good. perhaps a few others but they're generally just cuts. feel free to jump into comments with trailers - mannequins, dolls and robots. xx

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

fashion trends.... furry and mannequin?

i was in the bank recently and spotted at an atm was a student, she had a big fake fur coat on - so semi plushie / furry but it was her legs that caught my real attention. they were off white and glossy. not pantyhose for sure. leggings? mannequin leggins?

so i looked online, loads of black glossy, aliexpress had the right color but in a lycra or cotton. nope - what i wanted were her plastic mannequin legs.

i settled on a darker pair last week. continues to be obsessed (similar to my Melissa soft plastic shoe obession i've related in the past and just explained to a friend in SL.

last pair could find were bellow. close but i think they were tanner.  more caucasion/mannequin. on order.
and one more photo of the same model but PS'd to be the color i saw. literally mannequin legs from waist / furry coat down.

 having spent 1min exactly - this is more like what i saw last week. lets see what arrives in the mail.

if not a match, then needless to say i'll keep my eyes / radar going to see what i can find. though perhaps they were left over from last season and its just luck someone pair it with a furries coat. (why does no one make furry leggings/slacks?)


Sunday, February 09, 2020

rubbersisters captioned sequence found on Deviant Art

and the caption was sooo bad i cut it out of the white block. click to enlarge.

i can do better, can you. post in comments. i'll start formulating some ideas in the meantime.

i'll email them and see if the Rubber Sisters can supply and sequences and get something where readers / writers do stories to go along with the sequence. they have a mere 3041 transformation photos ... so...

i did have a Doc Vanderlay mask made of my AV in SL - Asudem Kasei - should i have it mailed to them so i can be a guest in their photo's and vids?


it only makes sense to me

that i'd submit to a mannequinised mistress. now posed at Club Circe

back story.....

"She Sits...."

The figure clad head to toe in shiny crimson latex looks every inch the confident dominant as she sits on the couch in the club. She lounges feet up and riding crop ready as she gazes into the flickering flame of the gas lamp.

On closer inspection you realize that she doesn't move at all, doesn't make a sound, and the lenses are blank. It's a mannequin, just a fake that fooled you for a minute.

Or is it?

For now she still remembers the day she came to club and was fooled by the mannequin just like you were, how she told the owner that she wished she looked that good...if only she'd known.

Now she does look that good, exactly like that...she's trapped inside unable to speak or move, seeing people only dimly as she fools them until they realize what she is, a fake.

That's her name now, 'Fake', the only name she knows, and everyone can see that she's exactly that, a fake dominant, a fake mistress, looking the part but totally fake.

The club owner doesn't like fakes but she like to collect trophies, living helpless trophies.

Why not take a selfie with her, it's not like she can object.

The person now only known as Fake (malon.sewell) is grabbed and imprisoned in the mannequin whenever she logs on. She'll always look the perfect rubber Mistress but she'll always be a fake for everyone to see. When she's not online her rubber mannequin prison sits waiting to recapture her.


Friday, February 07, 2020

now i know where they came from

the mannequin catsuit is by the engineers at Fantasic Rubber while the shoot and model is from LXXT on Deviant Art

make  sure you send compliments there on Deviant Art and you can order from FR.

so wish they was more in a the series. also a real mannequin mask would make it amazing - like a rubber mold of a real mannequin she could wear.

interesting thing about Fantastic Rubber is they do 'neck entry' catsuits. yes its as hard as you'd image it would be. once on you really don't want to take it off as its alot of work, possibly a person job.

there is a video somewhere... but can't find it yet. so later.

this entire idea i thought would pleasing to Kumi Itoku as we've been discussing the technical aspects of living as Mistresses latex doll long term. i figure that some sort of hypnnotic state could be envoked so the doll would undress, deep wash, powder etc and then back in a fresh suit.

of course once one has the hypnosis working at that level..... and other idea i've been playing with is actual fetish hypnotic activators and traps. think of the old curse shoe plot point. but it could be ballet boots, collar or even mask. i found a cool ring on aliexpress that has the old style woman's prole 'twas a Victorian thing. will add a shot soon. just begging to be a hypno trigger for EGL doll.

the owner of course would want this to be automatic and beyond her sight so her doll in her her knowledge would always be latex. just working out the kinks really :-)


Thursday, February 06, 2020

love it - but best for cat free home

when you want all your furniture to be latex....

they did backpacks and also jackets at one point.

london is fetish land compared to here.


Wednesday, February 05, 2020

now back in Second Life... permentally?

some of you may have deduced i've had a bad year or two of health issues. so blog not being updated and rl latex wearing stopped. totally lost heel skills as well of course.

i also had to move, and now settled with a better internet connection. so back in sl to find out everything is of date and i'm appearing as a puff of smoke. can someone help me with shopping and all that?

but my real though during hospital time was wanting to automate my AV into a remote controlled doll and being able to leave myself in world. a mannequin / statue that could be taken down and played with.

second lifers who can help? msg me.

i think i should dispense free note cards, links etc etc. i could be logged in but you'd never know unless the land owner/mistress enabled me.

to that end i revisited a club and found an old friend was still there - reaching 5 years as a solid rubber statue. it made me go all weird and butterfly-ee in a good way.

 i've been by a few times and manage to communicate a bit. her style is latex art deco. i'd of course have to fit in - but with a pink bob. touch the note card to see how she ended up there.

there's loads of automatons or victims. i can't as they are mainly mute.

you can dance. dance with the latex bots. its your choice? do they call to you? if you join them do they make the judgement to join them?

i toured the place a few times, took some shots of what was there to share my possible end location - forever.

in the corner i even found a rubber domme who must of something to annoy the owner. she's trapped now as a shell. i had the urge to knee and to attend to her. trapped in a loop cleaning her boots with my tongue.

is she there willingly? is she another gate keeper to this land. another eye looking for just the right person with hidden needs to utterly and permanently surrender too as decoration? i am still not sure.

siren or prisoner?

then to show willing interest, i settled into the basic doll programing booth as a step forward.

i'm already formulating stories, scenario's etc. being the most verbose doll you'd ever meet.