Sunday, February 23, 2020

the death of paper???

bemerry said the following: 

Hello, You don't know me, but I have been perusing your blogspot page for a bit. Just wanted give you a heads up about an image that might be of interest to you. Don't know if you have seen it yet, but the cover of the Feb 2020 issue of Harper's Bazar features an anatomically shaped plastic looking breast plate. Rather fetching and similar to the Kate Moss image you seemed to like.

and they found it and scanned! i think its an iron man reference. does it says who made it?

check out Aliexpress for the lyrca print leggings and full suit. i covered it a recent post. mine are all the black/grey printed and pvc ones.



Anonymous said...

It did give a credit on the manufacture: Tom Ford at Although I can find nothing like it on his site so it must have been an original. Always love to see fetish items in fashion, although I suspect the motivations are different.

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