Tuesday, February 11, 2020

fashion trends.... furry and mannequin?

i was in the bank recently and spotted at an atm was a student, she had a big fake fur coat on - so semi plushie / furry but it was her legs that caught my real attention. they were off white and glossy. not pantyhose for sure. leggings? mannequin leggins?

so i looked online, loads of black glossy, aliexpress had the right color but in a lycra or cotton. nope - what i wanted were her plastic mannequin legs.

i settled on a darker pair last week. continues to be obsessed (similar to my Melissa soft plastic shoe obession i've related in the past and just explained to a friend in SL.

last pair could find were bellow. close but i think they were tanner.  more caucasion/mannequin. on order.
and one more photo of the same model but PS'd to be the color i saw. literally mannequin legs from waist / furry coat down.

 having spent 1min exactly - this is more like what i saw last week. lets see what arrives in the mail.

if not a match, then needless to say i'll keep my eyes / radar going to see what i can find. though perhaps they were left over from last season and its just luck someone pair it with a furries coat. (why does no one make furry leggings/slacks?)


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