Friday, May 30, 2008

doll fashion spread pt 2

hoxton, london May 29th..

from Blackice:

"I was doing meetings in the old street area of London and was perched in an american styled dinner discussing organite and its effects on plant growth when I noticed that there was an American Apparel tucked in amongst the old run down shops of the area.

I spotted this couple getting something from another store and they re-emerged I had left the diner and managed to get my phone camera out to grab a snap; looks like men are wearing black leggings too now with the girl favoring the latex variate.

Next time I'm up that way I'll keep an eye peeled. In retrospect I could of asked them to pose for 'style documentation'.

Btw - the Doll Fetish feature for the leading fetish magazine is still delayed due to re-arranging of editorial staff."

Thursday, May 29, 2008

yeah me! a million + visits!!!!!

time to celebrate with a cake.... and more latex... ;-)

wonder where i will be when it hits 2 million?


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

mannequin or a model?

is it the model, the lighting, the make-up or some photoshop trickery?

this model sequence which was previewed from online fashion magazine Lucire and also appears in the current free and download-able issue of Chic Today (who btw always has something kinky in it) seems to be perfectly sculpted mannequin.

it might be all or just some of the above. i wonder if the stylist and photographer were going for that look? not being a model groupie, i don't know for sure, but maybe thats her selling point and she always looks like this.

maybe it is just that - a mannequin with make-up so good she looks almost human....


still in fashion and sought after

one of the forums i check periodically is the The Fashion Spot to see if the latex leggings cross over is still appealing to the mainstream fashionistas. surprisingly it very much is and the post continue to this day here.

most of the discussions are about how good AA ones are; what alternatives are available, how surprising that they're comfortable and that they can be mixed and matched with a lot of their wardrobe. one aspects that keeps coming up is how to clean them as they seem to have a life expectancy and after XX washes (which may not even be double digits if truth be told). one suggestion is that you freeze them in a plastic bag over night!

meanwhile in the UK a singer by the name of Fergie seems to like them for the stretch appeal. although the newspaper who wrote this 'new' up here wrongly called them leather trousers.

note: her subtle change of boots in the articles photo's - just like various heroines in TV shows and films who go flat soled for their acrobatics. this was really well illustrated by Wendy's entry on Ursa in Superman II - here.


mannequin fetish realised in film

i found this youtube trailer on one of the forums which i only check out once in a blue moon. essentially its a short edit of a longer short film about body image, though for a mannequin and doll fetishist its like a fantasy realised on film and makes use of the plot point in countless short fetish stories.

call me perverse, but it really calls to me and would love to see the entire film. it also has definite elements of the work of allen jones which i also love.


Monday, May 26, 2008

doll fashion spread

finally, the spread in April'sUK VOGUE which i had scanned in but never got around posting.

this is the first half with more to come later. as always, click on the images to make the full size.


Sunday, May 18, 2008

UK TV people after dolls

i just found this on the Dollification Forum, so i figured i'd do my duty and relay the post her so that more people will see it.

Hi Dollification members,

I've just been checking out this site and think it's amazing.
I'm making a documentary series for ITV to be shown on Virgin1 called "...and Proud".
I realise the majority of you will not be remotely interested in talking to me but the aim of the documentary is to explore relationships in all their forms. I'm investigating unusual relationships and would love to hear from a Dollification member to explain the process to me and chat about it's appeal.
I'm speaking to a wide variety of people who are proud of their particular form of interest / sexual expression / kink / fetish and who would like to dispel myths and educate the public about it.
If this sounds like it might appeal and you'd be happy to talk to me, my email address is and phone number is 0207 157 4618

Thanks very much


let me know if you follow this and actually appear on TV in the UK talking about doll fetishes?


Saturday, May 17, 2008

a new way to look at pictures

i just did some plug in updates on firefox and was really surprised how much Pic Lens had changed. its now very apple iTouch like in the way you navigate around the images.

if your not familiar with Pic Lens, its an application plug-in dohicky for various internet browsers on both the mac and windows machine that sucks up an displays a vast quantity images based on key word searches. so finding 'doll's for example in flicker is no longer something thats a pain to do as you can see from bellow.

navigating through them is all is pretty trippy and reminds me of the computer interface on Minority Report. so far the larger image archives and search engines are supported though so far not blogger...


now on wikipedia

after discovering a video clip of a vacume bed on Boing Boing here - would you believe, i had a thought to see if they doll fetish had drifted into any other mainstream sites and low and behold there's now an entry on Wikipedia!!!

wow is all i could think then examining the links discovered there was no mention of this blog. anyone care to updated it with a link to dollsrealm?

i did notice a link to a message board i had never heard of - but really should of - and thats the Dollification Forum. go check it out. though sadly there's not too much activity on it. i did find mention of my blog in a couple of entries however.

one of the posts i read which deserves publishing here is this:

Posted: Thu Dec 27, 2007 3:11 pm
Post subject: Dollification & Power: A Paradox

Why do we want to be dolls? Not to be mindless, not to give away our power. Dolls are, and have always been, a source of power in just about every culture. They have served as representations of deities, and played central roles in religious ceremonies and rituals. (Wikipedia) As a friend of mine recently said, “I think dolls, in general, are outlets … vessels for a number of different purposes, whether it’s imagination, caring for something fragile, or even perhaps to be used to express ourselves somehow in a way we normally cannot.”

Dolls are spiritual power-points. And in the desire to be owned, there is the desire to *share* that power—and to have it brought out by a complementary Other.

So if dollification is an offshoot of the BDSM world, it may represent the opposite of what it instinctively seems to (which would be the extreme subjugation of women). By the definition of this group, I am a doll. I also consider myself to be strong, to have a mind of my own, to make my own choices. If one of the choices I ultimately make is to please an Owner through a mystique I have cultivated that he could never embody himself, does that make me some mindless toy? A toy, perhaps, at times (for mutual enjoyment—a doll does desire to be played with), but never mindless, never less than extremely powerful."

which in my humble opinion sums up some of my thoughts too a tee.

another forum i stumbled across is the Dolls Pride Forum. apparently put together by the folks at Femskin who are developing a range of wearable silicon body suits and other female body parts. its starting to look like a female mask version of my space in some ways with relentless advertising for Femskin on each page.


Sunday, May 11, 2008

fashion spreads a go go

i was browsing through Kinky Gerlinky Forum again this morning and i found a spread of latex in a fashion posted. i went hmmm... to myself and did a key word search for 'fashion magazine' and low and behold there were loads of them.

i can't buy every fashion magazine from boarders (well i do flick through a lot of them first) so finding a whole collection of spreads i'd never seen before just made the day.

you can either search Kinky Gerlinky Forum yourself or follow these links
here hereherehereherehere

enjoy, and do email me with any news or other finds.


the chrome belt

the D+G chrome waspie belt or corset has been filling the fashion pages for some months now.

has any one seen in their web travels someone doing something even remotely similar? hopefully much much cheaper? even sheets of sterling silver is not that expensive.

another thought hits me. i wonder if it comes with a spare set of keys.... or if the celebs and models wearing them do so out a secret thrill of the BDSM aspects?

i think they do a matching pair of cuffs too ;-)


ps; been thinking that its time to start corset training.

the problem of being in public in latex

isn't what you think it may be.

i've mainly been wearing my skinny jeans pretty well continuously up until the recent arrival of my new latex order of brown jodpurs and a pink blouse, so that's a lot. i've been wearing the jeans out on weekends when shopping and it wasn't till pretty recently i noticed two things: 1) that smooth surface of chlorinated latex can be rubbed off and 2) that sunlight can really damage latex.

i've seen various goths around with the spikey Craig Morrison backpacks that were pretty well white form UV damage but this was the first time i've seen anything i've worn start to go that way. probably down to me wearing just inside all the time. i bet most latex wearers are in the same boat and also only wearing it out clubbing or a night.

now another thing is to be more passible in public is that i don't polish my latex. the super shinyness is lovely but just stands out that much more than semi gloss smooth latex. there's two standards used my latex lovers - the blue polish and pure scilicon spray which is more an industrial lube than fetish item.

however another option i tried and it really works well and that's the stuff for car tires called 'Armoural'. it comes in a variety strengths and spray types and will bring any faded latex back to life and add a super gloss too it as well. the silicon gloss will eventually rub off though not for at least one outing.

is anyone else using Armourall? are there tips and techniques i should know about?

needless to say its a definite must have for any latex fetishists wardrobe and its much much easier to get than the other mainstays.


Saturday, May 03, 2008

every actress in latex... it seems now that i've had a bit of time to explore the massive Kinky Gerlinky Forum. what i find the most interesting thing about it - besides the photo's themselves; is that there's just so many mainstream people who've worn latex for photo shoots. sometimes pretty regularly it seems.

this latex fetish is getting an amazing amount of media exposure by proxy. you don't need to root around and find specialist magazines like skin two or marquis, or visit niche pay sites to get your slick shinyness fix 'cos its all in the mainstream media now.

the forum itself is broken down into several main categories of: actresses, singers, models, misc, requests and art.

sorry, no category as yet for 'street latex'.

and its not just photo's, there's also links to videos of the various celeb's wearing latex or other shiny things from TV and film.

go check it out and be overwhelmed!!


a third of the year

i made several new years resolutions involving latex and dolling. the main two were to stick to 5 inches minimum from now on and try to go higher, the other was to be half latex all the time. now a third of the year has passed and i've faithfully kept to those resolutions and in the case of the latex wearing i've gone way past it.

the idea was to wear my skinny jeans or latex tights all the time and when at work they'll be safely hidden underneath my 'outsisde' clothes. since i work part time in the mornings i have been managing to get home and add a latex top and i'm pretty well there latex wise. not a totally sealed latex doll head to toe with gloves and a hood but imho i'm doing really well to acclimatise to full time in latex. so at a guess bar the 3-4 hrs of meetings and work, most of the day is in latex.

and i am getting out too, mainly in my latex jeans which i'm really running into the ground from such frequent wearing. occasionally with a jacket i'll wear my chocolate brown latex blouse, though i find managing the inside/outside heat is an issue as i tend to keep it done up and out of direct public attention.

lets see where i am in an other four months ;-)


giant doll head invaded a NYC gallery

a very interesting collection of images from an exhibition at the lehmann maupin gallery in NYC. no idea when it was so i totally missed it. no more information on it either.

maybe i should call myself a performance artist and see where it gets me? then i'd have a legit reason to have a plastic cast of myself made, which i can wear alongside department store mannequins.


why it's sore after awhile

i was recently discussing with someone in second life a collar she was considering buying and she directed me to axsmar. after a bit of a dig around i noticed the more ergonomically shaped silver collar thats not a perfect round circle, rather it conforms to the wearers shoulders so the pressure is not just on two points.

i do have an eternity collar and i do love the idea of it but wearing it for any length of time is pretty painful. its heavy and its steel after all.

so this would be the way to go if your interested in having a proper collar. do look around too as they have very ingenious fastening and locking mechanisms. one collar design is made to go on an not to come off. it simply click shut.


a much better scan

was sent in by DS. strangely its very similar to the new case i have been trapped in within second life for the last month or more.

i think the sl case designer is going to adjust the pose ball so i'm in an identical pose with in it which would be neat.

to bring everyone up to speed; i am wearing a key in my avatars back that is 'restrained life' activated which loosely means its a normal 3d object that is wearable but has the added bonus of special coding that when used with the restrained life second life client it stops me doing a lot of things unless a code is given.

eventually i'll be reduced to just an automation within second life...


Thursday, May 01, 2008

various magazine scans

here's a collection of magazine scans sent in recently-ish. there's no real theme to them so i figured i might as well get them up now.

dani minogue showing off latex stockings and long gloves which is from her latest CD and also used in the video for the same song.

not sure why this was sent in but it is kinda funny. i bet someone will wire it up for another use as people have already done with those sony robot dogs.

there's definately the basis for a transformation story here or even some photoshop work. anyone care to have a go?

a small image that went with an article on how to keep your kids occupied during vacation time. a big bucket of pink paint was involved....

really lovely shot of skinny leather jeans.