Sunday, November 30, 2008

fall latex legging round up

and that was last fall - not the coming one.

maybe i should do one for the spring...


a uk ebayer with a great selection

one of those questions i get emailed regularly by people wanting to start off with something in latex is what to get and where to get it?

i generally warn them off molded items unless is something basic like gloves or a skirt. then the Q arises of where? ebay is a great source as its an international market place and with the dollar very strong against the pound you can get a really good deal.

one ebay store that has a quality range of clothes is Yap 295 - from basic stockings to full catsuits with a few items in between.

i've not ordered from them yet but they have good feedback and the catsuits start at £99 if its your size. so that's about 150$.

another trick i've found when wanting to get something for the best price on ebay is to use bid groups at Auction Sniper. essentially you make all the snipes as normal of the same product be it a catsuit or a digital camera. then you move them into a bid group and when you win the item at the right price the remainder of the snipes are cleared.

happy bidding.


pre-trend spotting of latex leggings

as found on The X File of Yulya X’s Fashion World.

the shoot was entitled “High Voltage” by Photographer Craig McDean as shown in W Magazine August 2002.

the shots are nice and clean but very basic. almost student-ish in their styling. though if memory serve this isn't the only time Craig McDean has favoured latex in his shoots. can anyone confirm this?


Saturday, November 29, 2008

inflated latex

i found this very short clip when i was randomly following through links in youtube last week - while attempting to avoid work (don't we all?).

i have tried a vacuum bed once and loved it. it was like i was meant to be in it, the latex so so tight it feezes you like a statue. like a doll in packaging.

so wonder what a inflatable something would be like to wear? there's definitely a resonance for me with my balloon fetish which is really one of the key starting points to where i am now.


all the top designers daaahhhling...

are now making super high heels. these YSL pair were found on ebay and still way to expensive for me.


plastic shoes to rubber dresses

simple gorgeous latex dress created by Brazilian designer Alexandre Herchcovitch who also designs for plastic shoe maker Melissa.

not sure where the image is from but it does illustrate that latex doesn't need to be super tight catsuits all the time.


color coded high heels

another female pop band from the uk, another fashion trend jumped on and pushed with a catchy tune.

here it's very high heels and solid colored tights.


Friday, November 28, 2008

the mannequin vibe...

has returned in a big way for me now. 

it started a week or so ago in a shopping mall where i was utterly entranced by a set of them in their chic fashions and timeless life. then as mentioned in an earlier post, i managed to d/l the episode of how to they make mannequins. i skimmed through it to get the idea and then it struck me that i could pull frames from the show and make my own little fetish story from it. my mind started racing in part as the hands are not fiberglass but the same plastic as plastic pipes. all it needs is some heat to shape it.

then an email came in this morning from a regular silent contributor from the UK with two links. Six mannequin heads on ebay in australia no less and a collectable still photo of Kim Novak posed as a mannequin.

anyone know the film this is from? is it the twilight zone episode perhaps?

then another email Arseniy with two links to taszjekt's photo's on deviant art. the first one is bellow. do have a look at the 2nd and the rest of his work.

Smooth and plastic part 1 by ~taszjekt on deviantART

his full collection is at his deviant art collection is here.

and it could be possible to feel like a mannequin according to recent research;

Volunteers experienced the body-swap illusion by receiving simultaneous visual and motor input from another’s body. In one experiment, each participant stood across from a male mannequin, and in another experiment volunteers faced a female experimenter. A headset covering participants’ eyes displayed a three-dimensional view of the other’s visual perspective, transmitted from a small video camera positioned on the mannequin’s or the woman’s head.

in the mannequin situation, an experimenter simultaneously touched the participant’s belly and the mannequin’s belly with separate probes. So the volunteer felt a poking in the abdomen but saw the poking happen as if he or she were the mannequin. In the real-person situation, participant and experimenter shook hands. Thus, while volunteers felt the sensation of hand shaking, it appeared to them that they were shaking their own hand. After 10 to 12 seconds of abdominal touch or hand-shaking, male and female participants spontaneously had the experience of looking out from the body of the male mannequin or the female experimenter. They literally felt that they were in the mannequin’s body getting poked or had embodied the female experimenter and were shaking their own hands.

the full article is here.


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

latex vs mock

i'll have to admit that my cellphone does have a built in camera although its a pretty crappy one at that. it says its 4 million pixels and maybe it is after some sort of internal enhancement. its good enough for reminder shots of this and that but not for my self portrait which i have till Dec 31st to do if i'm to keep this years new years resolution. (stops rambles here)

so here's the admittedly very crappy shot of my real latex thin black latex tights made by Libidex on the left next to my Macy's inexpensive (still on sale for $21) mock latex leggings.

both look much better on and i did use photoshop to set the white levels so the deep blue cast on the Macy's pair is accurate i think. you can also see in the enlarged photo that the texturing of the fabric shows up in the Macy's while there's no texture to the Libidex tights. they're also not polished and have been chlorinated.

really, from a purely walking along the road and seeing someone wearing something you like - its really hard to tell unless your a designer or an obsessive.

it also shows how the bootleggers can get away with it - you really need to be up close to see the difference in the quality of the materials used and the finishing touches.

of course wearing real latex vs 'latex like' is well no contest as one is just shiny and the other... has already consumed and converted me....


tall leather...

i found these when randomly searching for high heels on ebay last week. i love them!

its interesting imho anyway that you can get super kinky high heeled shoes and boots at either the mass marker 'pleaser' or 'elite' shoes made in China or the super expensive Channel or Gucci brands. not much middle ground at all sadly.

so just why is that?


Sunday, November 23, 2008

large scale latex manufacturing

it had to happen some day and the stakes are raised when modern digital pattern cutting machines are brought to bear.


must visit - the bootlovers blog

i've been meaning to make an entry about the Boot Lovers Blog since i stumbled across it a few months ago. like a lot of entries, i assemble the research, upload the images, make some notes and then something else gets done first which slides the earlier entries further into the past.

The Boot Lovers Blog is a companion blog too - unsurprisingly - Boot Loves Magazine which is up to a stunning 64 digital issues. the blog is updated pretty regularly with a combination of great fashion scans as well as shoots and information on the new issues of said magazine.

new issue has a spread on latex fetish goddess Jean Bardot and 60's boots. have a look at Boot Loves Magazine as there's both preview images and video.

the woman who runs the blog has a great eye for fashion spreads in european magazines and seems to be buying all the issues i can't afford. the results are posted on the blog.

there's also some interesting insights on her obsession with boots with her entry They never DID fit me right anyway... and highlights a curious dilemma Booted Up: Why are there so many single and female boot fetishists?.

so go over and explore the blog; there's more than just pretty pictures of gorgeous boots.


Saturday, November 22, 2008

wendy's shiny skirt

well not hers yet as far i know, though it was posted posted on her her blog here. lots of chatter in the comments about it too.

the LNA latex skirt was originally from Shop Bop and when i originally saw the entry on it, the skirt was totally sold out. guess thats the power of fashion bloggers for you.

now there's some available in medium if you want to get one. price is $66 and like the latex like leggings its best to mix and match them.

there's some debate about them over at The Fashion Police and the results are generally for it. looks like the fashionistas are for black and shiny.

you can also buy one at still available at eLuxury and Singer22 which illustrates my own observation that if something fetishy is framed in a haute couture or stylish way its much more acceptable to mass market.

is this where the latex designers are falling down and being over run by mock latex wannabes???

unsurprisingly K+T famous for their overpriced leggings are also doing a very similar skirt and why not they have the material already.

if your in the UK you can get them at Bunny Hug and on the same page check out all the different latex like leggings out there if you want to go the faux route.


soon to be used in Supernatural?

which is a gold mine of 70's rock music and one of my favourite shows too. a track listing of music used on an season by season basis is here.

the video was originally posted on;

very shiny leggings. wonder if its real latex or pvc. there's clues to show it wasn't made in the US, but rather in the UK where fetish fashion is far more available.


Thursday, November 20, 2008

model worn....

for those of you who don't own any latex yourselves and want to start of with something cheaply then i do recommend ebay as a good place to find deals for several reasons.

first its an international marketplace with a much broader range of designers than lets say your local sex shop that only has molded latex items in a place you really don't want to go into into. search locally and also in as well as the german site. with the dollar strong again, its worth looking even if the shipping is a bit more along with the time to get to you.

then there's the interaction; you can email the seller for more photos and specific measurements. Small / Medium / Large can be somewhat vague as we all know. 

the price - obviously as the items can be either new or used. some start up designers will begin on ebay so you get personalised service and a seller who wants your business rather than a chain of sex shops which just has some latex in a corner with no real knowledge of it. 

now for buying used latex - there is a trick - if you wash the latex with a teaspoon or so of normal liquid detergent in a front loading washing machine (tumble ones) at the wool setting and not too hot you can deep clean the latex to such a degree that the latex is so clean it will stick too itself when it dries. saying that i'd only go for items that looked in good to very good condition. any signs of the latex going soft then its a no go.

Xu Xu sent me in a link of the other reason to buy off ebay which is various fetish models periodically have a clear out and if your lucky enough to be close to their size then its a major scoop. in this case it was Rubber Eva has an ebay store here. the coat above is simply gorgeous and there's other items ending soon too.

another link sent in was from regular contributor and photographer Black Ice who is having a clear out of camera gear and latex items used in shoots here. listings includes several molded chlorinated molded items - worth getting if you have not tried chlorinated latex before as its totally talcless!!  sadly still no word on my freebie pair of latex leggings as his shoot has been pushed back until the model returns from south america. 


calvin klien now does latex leggings?

an advertising scan from 'AnOther' magazine sent in by Vidal Tripsa.

hmm maybe they were used by the stylist to accent the coat, or maybe calvin klien now does latex leggings? can anyone confirm this?

what next? The gap and banana republic?


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

its all in the styling..

its an area that fascinates me and i'm always collecting examples and occasionally posting them.

previous entries were the 'before and after' beauty pageant were everyone looked the same with big hair and garish make-up and kate moss photoshopped.

well here's another one from the UK with Since Cheryl from Girls Aloud. the article starts: Since Cheryl Cole catapulted to fame as an X Factor Judge earlier this year, it seems the whole nation has fallen under her spell.

Groomed-to-perfection, the Girls Aloud star has attracted an army of fans, a premiership football husband, and a career that's going from strength to strength.

But it wasn't always the case.
continues here (go read it for all the before and after shots).

and its just not her, but the entire band she's that looks liked just like normal teenagers and they've now been remade into models while one looks they went too far as she pretty well looks to be made of pastic.


germans spot latex leggings as trend

i think i already posted this but it looks like a better video and the intro's funny.

anyone spotted latex leggings hitting the news / fashion channels? please post the links if you do.


a new latex skin...

from leading latex designer Simon O.

as you can tell from the photo's its like a basic tan pantyhose with a high gloss shiny glitter effect.

he wrote:

"This colour is absolutly amazing on the skin and gives your skin a better look. The material is produced by a famous well known company for us and has the same quality and price as usual colours. Its only available in 0. 25 - 0.30 mm and several moulded items like gloves, stockings, condoms,.. are available in this new colour.

something else to add to my growing wish list.


proof! models are clones...

examine this photo carefully. there is a tell tale sign that one of these models was grown in a tube and not normal. a sign of things to come?

wonder how soon it will be before models DNA will become a sell-able asset to parents who want the perfect child. for that matter, Kate Moss could continue her reign with future generations.


state of the art 3 years ago...

i wonder what the 2009 model is like? will be able to spot them if they're walking amongst us now?

if you want to build your own then i'd suggest you save some work and start with one of these.

thanks too Il Leone for the link.


blue doll in 3d

as shot by blackice at Torture Garden in London on Halloween.

he wrote:

"You can actually see this in 3d stereo if you can do those random dot stereograms where your rewarded with an outline of a boat or some such. Its the same technique of letting your eyes relax but you need to start with the image in a photo viewing app and make it pretty small - lets say and inch across.

Once you get it to work in 3D, zoom the image larger and larger. It also depends on screen distance too of course.

The proper way to view them is as slides and in a special viewer.

Oh and found a link to a guy shooting 3D of cosplayers which I figured you would like. Use the same technique."

and the link for that is here.


Monday, November 17, 2008

latex love at F & art

i just revisited some of the fashion blogs i have been known to frequent (those with a disposition for latex of course) and spotted this brilliant and very graphic spread on F&art.

they do illustrate really well the idea of mixing and matching slick latex and other materials. i guess that's why the latex like leggings are still holding so much appeal.

the photos were shot by Mark Pillai and styled by 10 Magazine editor-in-chief Sophia Neophitou. Alyona Osmanova for 10 Magazine. More pictures at the supreme being blog.

i did pop down to borders to buy a copy but sadly the print quality wasn't much better than what's been put on the blog which is sad as i could imagine them being blown up to make great posters.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

looking thru a recommended blog

and found a sumptious collection of fashion imagery including loads of Dita Von Tease photos.

some of the images are clickable but most seem not to be.

thanks too thru for the recommendation of JUST_MONK3Y.


high heel geriatric abuse

sent in from the uk by a regular reader. super high heels and latex leggings do lead to kinky sex even amongst the older rock stars?


making mannequins

a heads up for next weeks TV:

Just thought as a viewer of your blog, you may like to know about the new episode of Dirty Jobs on the Discovery channel. Mike Rowe discovers how manufacturing mannequins can be a dirty job that requires artistic skill.


jw asked....

"Hello love the blog I'm looking for the black rubber boots in this attached image I can't seem to find anything with a nice thin sole like ones pictured any help at all would be great thank you so much "

well they are just plain rubber or pvc like molded riding boots. guess we don't really see them here as there's more cowboy boots around (and those imho were never ever sexy).

here's several on ebay here and there's way more in but the shipping will be prohibitively high as they do weigh a lot.

the best way to get them on and off is to put plastic shopping bags on your feet and then they will slide on easily. getting them off is always somewhat involved.

they're very in at the moment fashion wise but made with a higher block heel in mock leather or real leather version. if you get the rubber ones to wear around all day you'll realise that they are really 'riding' boots and not walking around boots.

oh and use armoural to give them a great shine.


inside the balloon

i so want this balloon...

wonders out loud what it would be like to be put into a balloon like that, then stuffed with smaller balloons like packaging bubbles.


kate moss photoshoped

this was sent in by another UK reader and again from the conservative yet surprisingly kinky Daily Mail.

Sprawled out in a lemon-coloured ballgown, Kate Moss strikes a seductive pose as she gazes into the camera for the cover of Vogue magazine.

The stunning image looked like a totally different person compared to the jet-lagged blonde walking though Los Angeles' LAX airport on Friday.

In full make-up, lying sprawling across a bed, Moss's skin looked radiant and youth on the new December issue of the style bible.

continues here

you'll have to go to the article to see how she looked after coming off the plane though she does look very much like a soccer mom.

the thought that hits me is when do the photoshop fees outweigh the model fees? and how long will these staples of the fashion industry last?



does american apparel sell sharpies?

a full range can be found here assuming you don't buy them a normal stationary shop. what next - golf balls at lingerie boutique?

is it to customize their plain basic clothes with personal touches? would these touches be doll joints?


in case you hadn't heard

Britney Spears wears latex in her new video 'Womaniser' which you can see on youtube here.

the Daily News splashed the headline "Oh, la la latex! Britney Spears, other stars embrace rubber clothes and the full article is here.

the article goes on to list the various celebrities and singers who have gone tight and shiny or kinky booted as well as mentioning where the vest came from. wonder how sales are doing?


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Anne Hathaway SCS (shiny clothes shoot)

found on Kinky Gerlinky Forum as posted by Biro. thanks!

which also makes me think that having a correspondent from specific forums might be a good idea? anyone one want to volunteer?


balloon room

i remember when i was really young, like just 10 or 12, i was totally fascinated by balloons.

i even managed to get a foot into one and was enthralled how my skin was no longer skin - but latex. it stayed with me and must of imprinted in me somehow.

well you all know where i am in relationship to latex - i have far more than my foot in it ;-)

another fantasy that arose at the same time as it was pretty well impossible to wear deflated balloons for more than a few minutes is to be sucked into a balloon and made into a living balloon.

here's a viral video that won an award and i'd imagine what the prelude to the transformation into balloon girl could well be like.

download the mov here.


kinkbox starts to get it right

one of the bitch sessions i've been sharing in second life and on yahoo with other latex wearers is the lack of fashion oriented clothes.

i'll admit all the basics are there. just nothing really up to date and current in latex.

so for example; flip through a fashion magazine or even the fashion supplement sections in your newspaper and tell me if you can find anything current style wise somewhere online in latex. ebay's even worse as all that's there are catsuit leggings.

one new site thats taken a fresh and modern look at fetish clothes is Kink Box simply judging from the layout and well photographed imagery on the site. the range is a bit more diverse though not as wide ranging as any modern clothes catalog by any stretch but its a good start.


Monday, November 10, 2008

the strangers masks

i've still not seen the film but the film posters and stills do have a certain dark and kinky feel too them. the two woman's masks are much closer to idealised and cartoon dolls than the female masks that are on ebay and other sites.

i had a look around as did someone else on yahoo answers for the masks.

the blonde girl mask seems to be be the hardest to find but one pop'd up on ebay here. however either the images is pretty crappy or the mask itself. can't really tell but it did sell.

the easiest Strangers mask to make by anyone with a bit of sewing skills is the bag man. more complex is the retro pin up girl. both are available at unsurprisingly - The Strangers Mask. the measurements make them look somewhat small. the same problem i discovered with the blank white masks i had posted about earlier.

so keep you eyes peeled as there maybe proper ones released in time for next halloween.


paris hilton on ellen in latex like leggings

as posted by cmcb on Kinky Gerlinky Forum.

to view go to the Rapidshare avi and download it.