Friday, September 24, 2010

a funny video posted in comments

of course there was a part two

just as i predicted from TSG:


designer's caged dolls

yes you read that correctly.

in fact the entire headline is Valley of the caged dolls: Valentino celebrates 'dark side of first love' with gothic-inspired Couture show from the Daily Mail in the UK.

Babydoll dresses, caged models and romantic silhouettes were notably on display at Valentino's Couture show last night. Entitled 'the dark side of first love', Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli's fourth collection for the Italian label is reminiscent of the Twilight series, a nod to popular culture as Eclipse hysteria sets in.

But if Twilight is directed at teenage girls hoping to find their very own Edward Cullen, then Valentino's collection is equally aimed at young girls - with the legs to pull off shorter-than-short hemlines.

In-caged: Valentino's Fall-Winter 2010-2011 Haute Couture fashion collection was held in Paris yesterday. It appears the label is keen on attracting a younger set of clientele - made all the more obvious by the fashionable crowd seen in the front row.

Claire Danes, Jessica Alba and Natalia Vodionova are to name but a few of the sinewy, glamorous set attending the show. One wonders how queen of statement dress Elizabeth Hurley, who was a vision in purple, would pull off Valentino's babydoll cut but with sophisticated evening gowns, there is surely something for everybody.

the full article continues here with more photo's of the caged dolls.

black and white is so in

a great design from Mademoiselle Ilor. of course visit her site to view more from the same collection.


Thursday, September 23, 2010

for all those looking for a new RLV viewer

now that the Lindens has banned Emerald; try the Phenix Viewer which just about runs on my netbook which i work with when traveling. sadly the wifi totally sucks so i can just about log in and stand still. still not configured it at all.

speaking of which i was given and told to wear a pair of boots in sl from designer VvB and i felt obligated to match them in real life.. the order is going in now.

thank you Mistress


not an official version

looking around ebay again I remembered that someone was doing all the masks from the horror film The Strangers and yes the same seller has the unique masks up again and you can see them all here.

i do prefer for the pin up girl more than the other more overtly baby doll one also listed. although to be honest if i had the money i would simply skip the cheap plastic route anf have as spfx designer make me base one that fit perfectly and then can be painted as fancy takes me. maybe an idealised mannequin version of me.

so what have you found in the way of doll, mannequin or even robot like masks on ebay or anywhere for that matter to celebrate halloween? do post links


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

to be captioned

i found this awhile ago on Thrall's Blog and thought it would make a great caption or even mini series. oh and do visit her site anyway as her new three part series is delved into with illustrations. you can The White Album trilogy she wrote with Juke Box on her mcstories page.

it wouldn't be massively complex to fill in the areas where the skin appears or even make the liquid latex even glossier. or go even further and have the latex encompass her completely.


Monday, September 20, 2010

best woman transformation to robot....

i'd almost say ever, though best to say 'to date' as who knows, after meat bikini's maybe Lady Gaga will go all technosexual? you really can never tell with her.

and it can be downloaded of course.


halloween spotting

well its that time of year again and i'm wondering what kinky costumes from the mainstream halloween shops have appeared on the shelves?

what have you seen? i did see a martha stewart special that had a very doll-like costume made out of coffee filters to makea ruffle dress. the girls make-up was definitely doll worthy.


i think there maybe a part two...

too this new caption from TSG.


Wednesday, September 15, 2010

it could be someone's fetish

well not mine - at all, though it does cross over into dolls and marionettes and Composite Effects did make a really distressed, aged and amazingly detailed full head doll mask which i reported upon last year in this blog.

sadly it seems they've not as yet made a realistic doll life like doll head as i've suggested to them on more than one occasion.

however what they have made for halloween is the utterly creepy Buddy ventriloquest dummy.

do look at the video as it shows just how creepy it is. oh and if it is your fetish then please post in comments and explain how it started as i'm fascinated. as one example i as a general rule do not find any clowns sexy or remotely fetishistic until i found the stories of Rubberbando.


Saturday, September 11, 2010

even country singers are using latex

admittedly to look like a call girl in a police line up in this tale of stalking featuring on the actors from the great series 'Chuck'.


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

TSG's 'The Want'

i do hope she continues the series she started with the fusing of latex to wearer skin. maybe even include me as one?

she's such a good writer i can totally see a great photo series / spread that could be made if she was given a hand in directing a photo shoot. where are all the risk taking and new talent nuturing fetish magazine editors?


Monday, September 06, 2010

wandering mannequin

i have no idea where these are from - a fashion magazine somewhere for sure.

definitely would make a good story sequence.


Sunday, September 05, 2010

the woman who keeps Katy Perry in Latex

has her own blog and it can be found here. check it out as its updated regularly.

Katy Perry wear so much latex she now even has here own thread over at


Thursday, September 02, 2010

almost there with hypnosis

no, not me.

after revisiting Brenda Big Tits Blog to look for her interesting captions which definitely have latex and MC elements to them (i've sent her loads of images in hope she does more btw) i spotted this quote about her experiences with Virtual Hypnotist and a script;

Miss Brenda's Finishing School for Young Ladies
Greetings, from the brink!

(The brink of what? Good question.)

Several things have happened since we last conversed, but I shall start with the item that I know is on all your minds: my recent adventures in hypnotism.

Oh, to be young and/or carefree again, that I might fully reap the fruits of my self-inflicted brainwashing! To be clear, I went deep... very deep. I went so deeply that I actually felt myself thinking and acting like a living Barbie Doll. It was the oddest sensation, to actually feel your own body betray you: stiff plastic-like limbs, forced smile, feeling compelled to say the same words over and over again, and feeling so much better when you did.

wow - it works!!!

the doll siren of precipice is calling me too; i've pretty well finished Stage 1 and the rest is over that edge. all i can do is go deeper. in Second Life i will jump and be utterly permanently changed by my beloved Mistress Rani (aka TSG). there's even a plan for a group ceremony to mark the occasion - all SL friends will be invited.

in RL(tm) - well i can't say for sure though i am following Mistress Rani's 30 day command to the letter and will be a better doll for it. more to come...


new designs and model worn on ebay from Simon O

which can seen bellow and of course be seen on their site at

they are also clearing out Simon O's muse's latex closet with all of the items here. my favourite is illustrated bellow and can be bid on here.

sorry for the late updates, my slow month of August picked up speed with deadlines mid month and been running around like a headless chicken. this should of gone up last week.

the twenty five model worn latex can be found here. do check regularly for more listings of latex worn by Manuela.

i wonder if this adds value too the latex? from my last look at the listings it looks like it does! i hope she signs them ;-) did i just create a new collectors genre?